Cape Town, South Africa
Part 119

Hey, G, it’s Tuesday. I still need to finish [writing about] what happened when I met up with Wingnut. Last night, the grommet was waiting for me when I got home from work, and we went down to some really awesome surf. I put on my wettie but Wingnut just surfed in his boardies, and he was blue when we finished up. He wasn’t wearing any Speedos underneath, and he was displaying all the damn [ass] crack in the world. I dunno how the hell he keeps those boardies on. I’m telling you about this cos we had such an awesome time together. He was raving, and he has gotten so damn aggro in his surfing [style]. The surf was pretty bitching and clean. There were a lotta guys in the water but there was plenty for everyone. I hadta laugh when we were walking home after having a shower on the beach, though. Wingnut was shivering and trying to talk while his teeth were beating the hell outta each other.

“Tttttthhhhaaaatttt w-w-w-was p-p-p-pret-t-t-t-ty c-c-c-cooool, huh, C-c-c-code.” Hehehe. You can imagine how I was cracking up. “P-p-p-p-piss off C-c-c-cody. At least I’m only shivering. You’ve lost your dick. Hehehehe.”


Thursday: Wingnut was waiting for me last night. Said that they’ve left the [school] pool open for guys wanting to train. The coach told them that there is no way one of the old boys is gonna nail anybody in his squad.

“And I’ve told all the guys that you’re the best, so you better get some practice.”

“How can you tell them that? Ross and Mark were better swimmers.”

“Yeah, but Mark’s not here, so that moves you up a slot.”

“What are the guys like now?”

“There’s some really hot guys in the senior squad now, [including] one real fuckwit whose ass you need to kick cos he thinks he’s the greatest.”

“How the hell am I supposed to kick his ass when he’s training every day?”

“That’s why we’ve gotta go train now.”

“I’m fucked, Wingnut.”

“I don’t care. Let’s move it, Code. It’s getting late.”

When we got there, there were three other guys training. One was the ‘fuckwit’ that Wingnut was talking about. I knew him from when I was on the squad. He was always a good swimmer but according to Wingnut he’s gotten better. One guy [there] I didn’t know.

“Hey, Cody,” the one guy shouted.

“Hey, man. Howzit going?”

“OK. So you’re gonna swim for the old fogies?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Cool, man.”

Except for the new guy who didn’t know me, Fuckwit and the other [guy] made me feel quite at home again, and it was good to be back in the pool. I was wearing my black Speedos. Not too bad. :)

Wingnut took up his stroke next to me as I started swimming laps. He kept up with me stroke-for-stroke in the beginning, but eventually he dropped back as I picked up the pace. G, I felt fantastic. It was just so damn good to be back in the pool swimming.

We swam for about an hour non-stop. By the time we’d finished, the other guys had left. I lifted myself up onto the wall, exhausted, but it just felt good – like a good exhausted if you know what I mean.

“Nah. Fuckwit’s gonna cream you, Code. You’ve lost it. Totally, totally lost it.”

“Hehehe. Piss off. This is the first time since last year that I’ve swum.”

“Yeah, I could see that. You were my only hope.”

“What is it with you and that guy, anyway?”

“He’s a dickhead. Just big-headed and always fucking the juniors around. We’ve gotta get outta the pool when he’s gonna swim, or at least leave him a lane [to himself]. Why can’t he just wait his turn?”

“One day you might be like that.”

“Nope. I’m gonna be like you. A total wuss.”

Wingnut only realized what had happened when I let him go at the bottom of the pool. He was kicking and fighting for air. He gasped when he reached the surface. “Fuck! Hehehe. You’re pretty quick for an old guy.”

“Yeah, wussy boy.”

When we got home, I slept for about half an hour before supper. I was buggered but I felt really good.

Mark phoned quite late. “Hey, I was getting ready to go to bed. Thought I’d phone a friend.”



I told him about the swim training and about Wingnut going to the bottom of the pool, and he just laughed. “What’s up with you?”

“Same old, same old.”

“No, seriously. You sound different.”

“Hehehe. Would you believe that I’m homesick all of a sudden? Just happened.”

“You gonna be OK?”

“Yeah. I’m sure. Just wanted to say goodnight to you.”

“Cool. That is so awesome. How’s work and the old lady?”

“Hehehe. She’s not that old, and it’s going good. Work is hard.”

“How’s Fingers?”


“Here like in he’s there now?”

“Uh huh.”

“Can’t talk about him, huh?”

“Not really, hey.”

“Has he got a boner?”

“You’re fucking disgusting. No.”

“You just in your boxers or something?”

“Yeah. I was getting ready for sleep when I wanted to phone you.”

“He has got a boner. Just turn and check it out.” *Mark’s giggle became a huge guffaw*. “He has, huh?”

“Hehehe. How the fuck did you know?”

“Cos I would’ve had one, too.”

“I’ve gotta go, Code. Jeez.”

“Yeah. Cool for the phone call, man. That is so fucking stylish.”

“Cya, Code.”

“Cya, Mother Hubbard.”


“Shame on you – giving that old dog a bone.”

“Hehehe. BYE!”


“What, Cody?”

“I’m gonna jack thinking about being buried down your throat.”



It’s been a good week – so far. Two calls from Mark, and him phoning just to say goodnight is a total fucking plus.

The guys at work all arranged to go for a wave tonight but I’ve already promised Wingnut that I’m going to train with him [in the pool]. I think he wants it more to push himself than anything else. After surf, we [my workmates and I] would’ve gone for drinks somewhere and then I would’ve gotten a lift home, too. Shit.

Friday: You wouldn’t guess who was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday.

“You coming for swim training or not? You need it if you’re gonna beat that creep.”

“I’ll never beat him. Did you check how fast that dude is?”

“You’re losing already.”

“Hey, I’m pretty chuffed just to be able to swim again.”


“I’m gonna smack your head off.”

“C’mon, Cody. Please?”

Well, the cool thing was that the coach was still there when we got to the school. He was pretty chuffed to see me before telling me that there’s no way I’ve got a chance against his new senior squad. I told him that the one guy who’s come into the seniors [squad] was pretty impressive.

“How’s Wingnut doing, Coach?”

“Pretty damn good. Lazy shit, though. He could be the best junior if he worked harder. Powerful bugger.”

“Have you told him?”

“Hey, remember the crap that you had training him? He hasn’t changed. Gives lip all the damn time. You want to train him for me?”

“Hey, Coach, I’m not sure about the time [I have available].”

“Just asking. You were the only one that got him to work. You and Mark.”

“More Mark, I think. Used to beat him up if he never listened.”

“Want me to check you [your times in the pool]?”

“That would be cool.” So, cos the coach was watching, I pushed as hard as I could in butterfly for 200 meters. Hey, that’s my distance. I felt totally fucked after that.

“Damn good, Cody. You haven’t lost it. You’re going to need two seconds to win the fly on this one.”

“Two seconds? Not bad.”

“Two seconds might as well be two hours. Watch.”

The coach got Fuckwit and another of the seniors on the blocks. They were blitz in the water – like they had damn outboards attached to their asses. You’ve no idea how hard it is to put on that kinda speed in ‘fly. Your whole bod is working overtime.

“Make that three seconds, Cody. And I can tellya, they weren’t pushing.”

“Thanks, Coach.”

Wingnut asked me to pace him for 400 in the pool, and he really pushed himself hard. But when we got to the last 100 he started flagging and just lost all his steam. We were the last to leave again, and I tackled him on the way home about the smoking.

“Haveya thought that maybe it’s the reefers that’s stopping you from reaching your best times?”

“I don’t think it’s that. Anyway, it’s like once in a while. You must check how many guys smoke on the team.”

“Those two I watched?”

“No, not them.”

“That’s my point. They’re hundreds fit. The coach said that you could be the best junior but you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.”

“He’s always on my case about that.”

“He’s right, though. It would be fucking stylish for you to go out there and cream the opposition. You can do it.”

“Yeah, yeah. But so can you, ‘cept you’re a wuss.”

“How’s your running?”

I’d no sooner said that than he was running like shit away from me cos he knew I was gonna beat him up. Hehehehe.

Not sure what’s happening this weekend. Steph and I will probably go out somewhere. I don’t feel like a club tonight, though. I just feel like chilling out. Wingnut’s mates are all having a party so he and Candy are going there. I hope he thinks about what I told him. He is so damn fast in the water, and he’s got so much potential. When you watch him, his legs work overtime, and his shoulders, back and his Speedo butt are right out of the water. And he’s got a good working style now, so he’s obviously been working on it.

Oh, I registered for Kostik’s chat page but it’s still pending from Saturday. Tell him to wake up. My handle is codysw1m. I also went into the Kostik [web] cam. It’s helluva slow, though, but Tolik was there typing away. I think it was him. So, maybe I’ll see you in chat there sometime - if I can get onto the damn comp at home. [Hey, Code, did I tell you that I’ve chatted with Steve on FunTB? His nick was surfersausage or something. I didn’t recognize him right away, so he typed his secret code – “hahahahahaha”. Hehehe. He’s a bit of a worry, Code. You’d better watch that blonde himbo. MrB]

Been catching up on your Feedback and Thoughts pages. They’re just as good as the stories, and I’ve been pretty chuffed about the response you’ve had to the Mark story. You’ve put a lot into that.

The wind has picked up to gale force again. That puts paid to another [SCUBA] dive trip. I really want to go again, even if it’s just the reefs. I’m not that amped about diving a wreck, especially after what I’ve read about wreck diving. Besides, my breathing is not up to scratch yet and I’m using more air than I should.

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta jet. I still want to try and get a cuppa coffee before work. I must try and read your Daniel/Joshua story this week coming. I’ve been saving the eps [episodes on floppy disk].

Another Monday. Hot as hell here today, and the aircon [in the shop] is not working. The manager gave us each a Billabong tank top to wear and keep. That is so fucking cool cos they’re pretty expensive. Hasn’t helped much, though, cos they’re soaking wet [from perspiration] and it’s not like you can stand outside and get cool. Actually looks pretty cool cos the wet top hugs the guys’ abs. :)

Got the school swim comp on Saturday, and I am totally amped for it. Wingnut has been drilling me and keeping me in training almost the whole damn weekend. The little shit has not let up at all. He is so determined that I must beat this dude with the big head.

Steph came through to town with me on Saturday morning cos she needed to get a few things. Then she waited for me to finish work. The guys at the shop all think she’s pretty spunky. :) Gave me a helluva big head, but I kept it behind my fly buttons. :) When we got home, the grommet was waiting to ambush me.

“Hey, Steph! Hey, Code, get your ass moving. You’ve got swim training.”

“It’s Saturday arvie.”

“Steph, tell him how important it is to train. He’s getting all soft.”

Steph knows how to rattle his cage. She puts her hand on my crotch and says to him: “Just have to be patient. He’s getting hard already.”

Wingnut went red from the neck up. “You know that’s not what I mean. He’s swimming next week for the old boys, and he’s gotta beat somebody.”

Steph stayed at my place and chatted to my folks. Wingnut had forgotten to organize the pool, so the [school] gates were locked and we had to jump the wall to get in. I ended up training him more than myself. Before going home, he challenged me to a 50m sprint. I’m always going on about his talent but he creamed me [over] half the distance before I left him behind me. If he’d won that I would never hear the end of it.

“Don’t take that dude on in the 50, Code. If I can do you in 25, he’s gonna clobber you in 50 cos when I swim with him he leaves me at 10.”

“I gave you a chance. But you’re fast.”

He shook the water off of his head. I watched his pecs and ab muscles ripple as he dried himself. His black Speedos did nothing to hide his furniture package. Little drops of water shone on his smooth legs. Hey, I notice these things. I kinda worked myself up to get physical with him, so I grabbed him from behind and carried him to the pool.

“Fuck off, Cody! Put me down!”


We buggered around and wrestled with each other, and then I managed to grab his Speedos and drag them off him. He tried to swim away from me and made it as far as the wall. He was trying to lift himself outta the pool when I came up behind him and put my arm around [him] and grabbed his semi. He just stopped struggling and hung on the wall. I had my bod touching his as I jacked him. He moved slightly and fucked my hand at the same time. Every muscle in his bod was tensed as he hung on the wall. Then he buckled forward, giving little grunts as his cock bounced in my hand. I watched as the thick wads of jizz shot into the pool water. He hung onto the wall for a while. His whole bod was quivering.

“Thanks, Cody. Jeez. Awesome hand job.” *His breathing was really hectic, like he’s been running a race*.

“Hmmm. You’re getting pretty large in the toy department.”

“It’s a hassle, though.”

“Fuck, bro. Bet all the guys would love [to have] it.”

His muscles bulged as he lifted himself out of the pool, giving me a nice view of his Speedo untanned ass and rosebud. “I’m sick of guys passing comments about it, and I think Candy’s scared of the fucking thing.”

“Yeah, but she plays with it.”

“I don’t think she’s gonna let me fuck her.”

“Hey, stop being paranoid. I told you – I doubt any of your friends have fucked anything other than their hands. Maybe she’s just not ready yet. Don’t try and rush her, else you’re gonna lose her. The main thing is that you guys are such good friends.”

“I dunno. The guys are always talking about how they fucked their girls, and I join in and lie about it.”

“Come on, Wingnut. They’re doing the same, probably to impress you more than anything.”

“How old were you when you had your first girl fuck?”

“Fifteen. She was a whore that Paul organized for me. It was terrible.”

“Hehehehe. Does Steph know?”

“I’m not sure if I told her or not.”

Wingnut started to quiz me about the details of what it’s like to have your dick inside a pussy, and how it felt, cos the guys were telling him how tender your cockhead gets in there. So I guess one or two of them have done it if they know that much, else they’ve got older friends who’ve told them [about it].

Steph and I spent the evening listening to music and talking in my room, and then I took her home. Not too late. Well, it was about midnight, but for a Saturday it was early.

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