Cape Town, South Africa
Part 121

[Hey, Code. Happy birthday! :) It’s kinda coincidental that this chapter should be #121 on your 21st. MrB]

The [swim] meet started at nine o’clock with the junior races. Just a school thing with the juniors swimming against each other.

Wingnut won all his races, and then swam the 100 butterfly and totally impressed me. That is such a hard race, but he managed to keep just ahead of the guys. All of them were pretty good. He was beaming at me and his folks each time he got out [of the pool]. Then it was time for the old boys to come up against the school seniors. There were a few guys who were there that were seniors when I was still a junior – Darren for one. Ross and Kevin and another guy were there from my class.

Cos of the number of guys, we had to swim heats and I got knocked out of the 200 freestyle. Yeah, no kidding. That’s when Fuckwit rattled my cage. He slapped me on the back. “Hard luck, Cody. Guess you might as well just be here for the fun of it.”

Wingnut just sat [next to me] and glared. “Can’t believe you’re out of the first race already.”

“Yeah, well, the guys are good and Ross is still in.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Hey, shut the fuck up.”

I only ended up in two finals – 100m freestyle and the 100m butterfly. Ross was next to me in the 100m and telling me that we’re gonna whip some butt. The old boys were not doing too well. I was enjoying the whole vibe, though.

Ross and Fuckwit were the first two to turn at the 50 [meter mark] and I was hoping that Ross would win, but Fuckwit beat him by about a length. That SOB is fast. I ended up sixth. Wingnut didn’t say anything – his whole mission was to see Fuckwit lose, and it wasn’t happening.

The 100m butterfly came up and I had Fuckwit in the lane next to mine. I remember the coach saying that I hadta make up three seconds in my time. YEAH, RIGHT!

At the 50 meter turn, I had Fuckwit’s Speedos in line with my head, and I realized that I could take him. I found every bit of strength I had, and I lunged forward. I touched the wall about two seconds ahead of him and the place went ballistic. I could hear Wingnut screaming above everyone else.

Fuckwit got out of the pool and went to his buddy, and the two of them started arguing about some shit. Me? I felt on top of the world. It was the best swim that I’ve ever, ever had. Ross and Kev were all over me, and so was Darren.

I went over to Fuckwit and put my hand out [to shake his]. “You were right, dude. I am here for the fun of it. You enjoying it as much as I am?”

“Don’t be a smartass, Cody. One race was all it was.”

“That’s all it needed to be.”

“You guys want to take us on in a 200 relay?”

“Are you pissed off about something?”

“Are you scared?”

“Let me chat to Ross and check whether they’re scared.”

Ross wasn’t school swim captain for nothing. He put himself, Darren, me, and another dude from Darren’s year in the team. It musta been like a highlight race for the crowd cos they went totally ballistic the whole time [during the race].

Darren swam first and touched the wall a few seconds behind the school guy. His buddy made up more time and touched the wall at the same time as the school dude, and then it was me against Fuckwit’s friend. I thought my arms were gonna fall off. I lost some time, and the last length was between Ross and Fuckwit. Ross must’ve been saving something cos he creamed him – not just by a few seconds – I mean, he creamed him solid.

We went totally beserk. The juniors were around us like a rash, with Wingnut. My folks couldn’t believe that we’d won the relay. My dad was convinced that was the one race that we couldn’t win.

I just had to put in my penny’s worth so I went up to Fuckwit and asked him if he was still having fun.

“So you think you’re a big fucking deal now? You want to take it out here or in the gym, huh?” Then he shoved me and walked away.

Ross stood there [in front of me]. “If you follow him, Cody, I’m going to have to kill you.”

Wingnut piped in. “Go, Code! Let him taste a knuckle sandwich. He shoved you. Go get him!”

“Shut up, grunt.” *Ross to Wingnut*. “You’ve still got to stay here at school with him.”

Me? I was fucking seething and quite ready to go and get him. But I know what Ross meant about the juniors having to stay at school and put up with him. Now I could see where Wingnut was coming from [about Fuckwit’s attitude].

So now you know why you’re getting a bonus email [G]. Steph and I are going out to celebrate this evening, and she’s promised me some wild animal sex. :) Says I don’t have to do anything.

Wingnut’s gone off surfing with some friends. I’m going down to join them now. I’m amped with loads of leftover energy to spare.

Monday: Weather is great again. The fire on Table Mountain is still smouldering. I have had such an awesome weekend you won’t believe it. I think Saturday’s swim just put me in a totally good mood, which has lasted until now. The guys at the shop are all going on and on about Cody Spitz. :) And when I told my boss that I’m gonna carry on swimming at the school he gave me a brand new pair of Speedos and swim glasses for nothing. He says he needs guys in the store who do sport cos then they know what they’re talking about when they speak to the customers. I’ve been doing well with boards and suits [in sales]. It’s weird but I’m selling more body boards than surf boards. But that’s cool cos then you sell the fins, leash and suit as well. :) I’ve made quite a few friends with some of the regular guys that come in here – especially the grommets cos they can speak to me without being screwed over. The OTHER screwed over, G.

Saturday night, Steph and I went with Wingnut and Candy to the Community Chest carnival at Maynardville. It was pretty amazing that we didn’t get too trashed cos there were like beer halls all over the place. We managed to go on a few of the carnival rides, which were cool ‘cept for standing in the fucking queues to get tickets. I think that’s how we stayed sober – less time to get into the beer halls. The vibe was totally great. Met a lot of guys [I know] and also met Fuckwit from the school swim team. He was out of his bracket. He put his arm around me and told me that he was impressed by my awesome swim, and then goes and tells all his mates what an awesome swimmer I am. They were all pretty trashed, but I’m glad that he feels like that cos I like him. Like his bod. :)

We didn’t get home too late – around 1am. We first got Wingnut and Candy home, and then I went to Steph’s place. Steph was in a totally sexy mood and she made me stand while she undressed me, and kissed my bod. She played her tongue around my rod, which was splitting [its skin] by the time she got there. She said she wanted to reward me for winning the swim – woohooooo! We had awesome sex and I’m definitely gonna improve on my swimming if the rewards are gonna be so great.

Sunday, we all went through to the Red Bull Downhill Extreme and it was a wicked day. Hot as hell. Steve and Tammy went through with us. They’ve definitely become a pair, those two. And Tammy’s good for him – keeps him on the str8 and narrow. He’s looking good. His bod is becoming more solid – not that it wasn’t before but he’s put on a bit of bulk. Definitely his arms are stronger.

We saw some really cruel wipeouts cos the road is steep and the bends are really sharp. They had the sides [of the course] packed with bales of hay to stop the guys from killing themselves. Then we went to La Med and it was crazy and too packed, so we decided to head home. Steph had an awesome weekend, and I’m glad cos I always take her for granted and forget that she enjoys it when the two of us are together.

Mark phoned on Sunday night, which surprised me cos he phoned on Saturday to find out how the swimming went.

“Hey, cool. So whatsup? Is this ‘be kind to Cody’ weekend?”

“I’ve been telling Candy about your swim on Saturday. I’m so fucking proud of you, Code. I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Thanks, man. You’ve just ended a perfect weekend for me.” I told him about the carnival and the Downhill, and he really missed that. Told him about Steph and me on Saturday night.

“She’s good for you, Code.”

“Yeah … keeps me fit.”

“That’s not what the fuck I meant. She’s good for you cos it keeps you balanced. I think Candy’s the same for me.”

“Good sex, huh?”

“I think I must call you ‘one track’ from now on. And just by the way, she is an animal.”

“So are you.”

“So you can imagine [the two of us together].”

“No. Tell me.”

“She gives me a big head.”

“Good head?”


“How so?”

“She reckons it’s the best sex she’s ever had, and most of her boyfriends have been older than her.”

“I think she likes that thick sticky telephone pole inside her. Maybe her other guys were weenies.”

“You’re disgusting. But you know that [already].”

“Yeah. Cool, huh? Eat her out yet?”


“She blow you?”


“Want me to blow you?”

“Maybe I can send her to you for lessons.”

“She that bad, huh?”

“Hehehe. That’s not what I said.”

“So what are you saying?”

“You’ve given me the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. Happy now? Huh? Huh? Huh? Aquaboy?”

“That’s cos I can at least get half your monster in my mouth. How’s Fingers?”

“Hehehe. He’s cool. Heavy sometimes, but cool.”

“Tell him not to rest all his weight on you.”

“Fuck you. Fuck you, Cody! Jesus!”

“Hey … kidding. So he still massaging you with coffee in the morning?”

“No. He massages me with his fingers.”

“Har-de-fucking-har. Wish it was me doing it every morning. But I know you’d let me go into your boxers.”

“He said to me the other day [that] he was gonna wake me up by putting ice down my boxers.”

“So you told him you’d break his arms.”

“Nah. Never said anything. He wouldn’t dare try that.”

“How’s his girlfriend?”

“Up and down. Some days she speaks to me and other days she treats me like shit, but, hey, she must deal with it. Her boyfriend and I are good friends. That’s it.”

“He must be doing shit to make her go off like that, though.”

“Yeah, well, the other night Candy and I had an argument on the phone, and I went out for a walk, and stayed away for a few hours. He was out in his car looking for me, and then burst into tears when I got home cos he was worried that something had happened [to me]. He gave me this huge hug while she was just sitting there [watching].”


“Yeah, well, I feel for him, you know. He treats me like a king here. And, yeah, maybe he feels more for me than he should but I can’t hurt him, either.”

“He still talk about the two of you? Like in touching and shit?”

“Yeah, but he says it more in jokes now – like the ice in my boxers.”

“Hey, if he’s good looking, he can put ice in mine.”

“Isn’t that thingy small enough already? Hahahaha, hohohohoho, hehehehehe.”


“Hehehe. I’ve gotta jet, Code. I just wanted to tell you how awesome I feel that you won that race.”

“Thanks for calling. When you getting your cell [phone]?”

“Not sure.”

“OK. Loveya.”

“Me too, bud. Cya.”


Wingnut’s training this whole week for the cycle tour. The only days he won’t be going out will be Friday and Saturday. The race is on Sunday. I heard him going out at about 5:30 this morning. I was soooooooooo happy he didn’t come and wake me up. Besides that, I’m going to have to help him with homework. I told him I’d try and help him to find a way to study. I was so impressed with him on Saturday [at the swim meet]. I didn’t think he was gonna come anywhere [cos of] the way the coach was talking. I think even the coach had his socks knocked off [cos of Wingnut’s performances]. I’ll tellya something, though, all the girls that were there were talking about him. He has got to be the best looking 13-year-old on the planet, and he’s got the bod and jewellery to go with it. It’s like when I jack him – I don’t give a shit whether he touches me or not. I get off just being able to put my hands on him. I guess I’m a bit like Fingers in that way.

I’m gonna send this to you now. I’ve spent the whole of my lunchtime typing this up, and I guess I can just logon and send the damn thing rather than wait ‘til Friday. [Thanks a stack, Code. Giving up your lunch hour to write me was pretty damn special. :) MrB]

I’ll put Joshua’s link on my page as soon as I can get time to update everything. There’s a stack of links that aren’t working but I just can’t find the time to go through all of them. That pic you put up is pretty cool – the one of you and that guy – hehehehehahahahaha. Only kidding. Yep, pretty cool. [Can’t find that pic now – a pic of me and a woman I knew when I was about 40. MrB]

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