Cape Town, South Africa
Part 127

Thursday, and there is an ice-cold mist over Cape Town. Guess it’s gonna clear up later and warm up a bit. Not much, though. Weather’s been pretty cold, specially at night.

Surf has been rocking. Tuesday night I was out with Wingnut until late, and it was cooking at the local. Not mush. Really bitching clean sets. We were raving. Well, I was surfing while my little dude bro was raving. It was really that good. There was no waiting for the next one. You paddled out and were on the next ride as quick as a flash. We were totally fucked by the end of the session. Hehehe. Wingnut stood under the shower at the beach and screamed his lungs out.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“That’s how I’m feeling. Stoked, stoked, stoked!”

We were both blue as we walked home. It was so damn cold, and my feet were falling off cos the ground was like damn ice. But it was one of those really cool feelings where it didn’t matter. Anyway, I was getting off watching Wingnut’s muscles jive with the cold. :)

You asked about Wingnut’s dad. Well, if you saw him now you’d never understand how Wingnut’s got the bod he’s got, but I saw a pic of his dad when he was younger. The little dude is pretty proud of his dad, and he was a fucking hunker. The pic is of him at school, at a pool wearing Speedos, and he musta made the girls go crazy cos he was a fucking looker with muscles in all the right places, and you can see where Wingnut inherited the furniture from. This is weird. I’m getting off on Wingnut’s dad. Shuddup, G. Now he’s got a paunch and he’s got a lot more face to wash – hehehehehe.

Friday: Clouds around and it’s cold. Could be in for more rain this weekend but the cold front brings in the [ocean] swell. We’ve got a bunch of surfers waiting for the big one. There’s a spot called Dungeons that the guys surf, and it gets way over 20 feet. They’ve been waiting for two weeks now with only one week to go for the deadline before the comp is called off, and they wait until next year. Oh, if you want to check what the surf is like [at any time] in Cape Town, go to [A guy called] Spike does the surf report and he’s a hoot. There’s also a link there to the Red Bull Big Wave Africa Comp at Dungeons. Some really hectic surf pics there.

I think Steph and I have sorted things out for ourselves, which is pretty cool. I need to do something about my website. One guy sent me an email saying that since I haven’t added anything it’s like going into a house with no one living there. Oh, Steve, my Canadian buddy, is in Oz. I told him to try and look you up when or if he goes to Sydney. There’s a link to his site on my Friends page. It’s a really interesting site, and he’s in Oz for a three month hol[iday]. I don’t know if he will [write you] but if you hear from a dude called Steve (he’s pretty hunky as well, so get the toilet paper out) then at least you know who he is.

[Steve did write but I didn’t get to see him. He was based in Melbourne and did a whirlwind tour of Sydney with no time to spare. He kept a journal of his travels on a site that I linked to, but it no longer exists. MrB]

So what’s my plan for the weekend? Well, I’m waiting for a tall, well-built, athletic, fucking good-looking, spiky-black-haired dude to knock on my door and say, “Hi, Code”. I haven’t heard from him this week, and I’m hoping it’s cos he’s gone to Durban and he’s on his way down [to Cape Town]. I’ll wait and see. :)

Anyway, put a smile on your dial, G. I’m sitting at the back of the internet café and it’s pretty fucking empty ‘cept for the guy who runs the place, and he’s fucking around with one of the comps. He’s got the insides ripped out of it and he’s trying to fix something –


I’ve whipped out my thingamajiggy thingy and I’ve stroked it to a boner, and now I’m fucking battling to get it back [inside my pants]. Hehehehehe. Oh, my fuck! I’ve gotta go before someone comes in. How the fuck do you stroke these things DOWN? See what I do for you? Dammit! DOWN BOY!!!!!

[Code, has the reason I called you a scallywag ever crossed your mind? MrB]

[About 2 weeks later]

I’ve been away on a surf trip with visitors [to Cape Town]. Sorry this is late. Mark still hasn’t come down. He’s got stuff to finish on the boat first. SHIT!!!

It’s been hard to get writing. I’ll try and write soon.

Hope the [MrB] anniversary was great and I hope you enjoy this.

Thursday: raining – storming, actually. Thought I’d get here quickly and send this email that I wrote already [on disk] on Tuesday.

Smile. It gives your face something to do.


Tuesday: This is cool. I’ve actually got some time to relax and write some email. My buddy over here at the net café told me to go ahead without me paying anything. How fucking cool is that? He’s a total guru with the comps here. Always got one open and digging around inside the damn thing.

On Sunday night I went around to Wingnut’s place. He’s writing his last exam today [for the half yearly] and he’s been working his butt off. Fact is, I’ve hardly seen the little runt out of the surf. He’s been hitting the books and he’s done a turn-around. It’s Jason that’s done it for him, though. Jason’s one of these dudes who’s not got a photographic memory but he works hard at his school work, and it’s rubbed off. He’s been pretty good for Wingnut. The two of them are pretty tight and hang out a lot together. OK, so I don’t see as much of him as I’d like to but I’m happy for him.

Anyway, when I got to his place he was laying on his bed with headphones on, and reading his geography notes. He was dressed in trackpants and a white t, which flowed from his chest down to his flat gut. His furniture made a nice bulge in his trackies. OK, so I notice these things. He smiled [as I came into his room] and pulled off his headphones.

“Hey, Code. Howzit going?”

“You missed some awesome surf yesterday arvie. 3 to 4 [feet] and bitching.”

He put his headphones on his head and turned up the volume. “I’m not listening to you.” I tickled his stomach and felt his sixpack contract as he laughed. “Stop, Cody! Hehehe. OK, OK, I’ll listen!”

“Working hard?”

“Bet. But it’s cool. I’ve heard [about] some of my grades already and it’s up there in the Cs.”

“Hey, that’s pretty kiff, bro. I told you that you could do it. Didn’t I?”

“It’s hard work, though, and I’ve been missing the surf. Made a deal with my folks to work hard.”

“So what’s the chance of seeing you once all this hard work is done? I’ve missed you, man.”

“Hey, me too. But you were away [on the surf safari] for fucking ever.”

“A week and a bit.”

“Yeah, like I said – forever.”

“Oh, cool. So you missed me.”

“Yeah. So?”

“How’s things with Jason?”

“He’s cool. Also working hard for [his] exams. Hey, how’s this?”


“His bro Craig is shit scared of you.”

“Crap. I think he’s cool.”

“Yeah, but we were rapping the other night at Jason’s and talking about Alan and how fucking strong he is…”

“When he’s got his fucking bodyguards with him, yeah.”

“Shuddup. I’m talking here. Anyway, I said how scared Alan was of Mark. Craig said that Alan was scared of you as well. So I told him that’s bullshit cos Alan beat you up. So Craig told us that he saw you beat the shit out of Alan in the [boxing] ring one day, and how he’d hate to face up to you when you’re mad. And I mean – fuckit, Code – Craig is built like Mark, and he’s strong. He wrestles both me and Jason down.”

“Yeah, well, I won’t ever be in a fight with Craig, anyway. I think he’s cool.”

“We want to arrange a friendly fight, though. Just for fun, huh?”

“No way. Friendly fights turn into serious fights.”

“Oh, fuck. Yeah, so I was right.”

“About what?”

“I told Jas that you would wuss out.”

“Serious? You told him that?”

“No. But I was thinking it.” I grabbed his nads through his trackies and squeezed. “Fucking hell, Cody! Ouch! Shit that’s sore!”

“You thought what?” *Squeeze*

“Stop it, Code! I’m gonna scream and my folks will come in here.”

I stopped squeezing and just let my hand rest on his lazy dick. “So now who’s the wuss?” *I let my fingers trace the outline of his dick through his trackies and felt it harden. I found the head and massaged the soft material around it*.

“I’m only kidding, anyway. We did talk about it, though, and Craig said there’s no way he’d face up to you. I think he’s scared you’re gonna damage his looks or something.” *Giggle*. “Told him that he couldn’t do much more damage to you than’s been done already.”

I slid my hand under his t. Fuck, his skin felt so fucking good. His pubes are a bush now, and I slid my hand under his trackies and stroked the thick hard muscle running up [the underside of] his boner. His dick bounced as I touched the tender ridge.

“My folks might walk in, Code.” I could see he was worried about that so I took my hand away. His boner pushed his trackies right out, and it aimed towards his head. “I needta sleep over again. I miss it when you do that.”

“Do you and Jason do that kinda stuff?”

“He toldya anyway, so why are you asking?”

“I dunno. Just curious.”

“It’s not the same, though. We’re kinda more rough with each other. It’s not like you cos you make me feel good about it. With him it’s kinda like … let’s jack, orrrrr … and then let’s see who cums first. Then we just do each other and it’s over.”

“Jack orrrr what?”

“We suck each other off sometimes. But Jas toldya that, too … anyway.”

“So what? You didn’t wanta tell me [about it]?”

“It’s kinda different, Code. Jason gets into it. I can’t explain it, but we could never do it when there’s people around or in the house cos he fucking goes off and screams when he cums. And sometimes he pisses me off cos it’s like all he wants is for us to suck each other.”

“Worries you, huh?”

“Yeah, cos it’s like a fucking gay thing.”

“Yeah, but what about us?”

“That’s different. I dunno why. But with Jas it’s … I dunno how to explain it. He likes to undress me and play with my dick, and it’s not always cool.”

“And you with him?”

“Only when he starts. It doesn’t bother me to touch him or not. Yeah, I know that the girls would go fucking crazy to be able to but I’m not a fucking girl.”

“Sounds like it bothers you.”

“It’s screwing up my mind, Cody, cos you and I do it and it’s cool. So why shouldn’t it be cool with Jas? And he likes to wear my clothes, too, especially my briefs and stuff. Freaks me totally.”

“But you’re still friends.”

“Yeah, cos I dig him a stack. We can talk about stuff. It’s not like it always freaks me out cos sometimes we lay – like you and I do – naked and together, and we talk about stuff; like girls and stuff, and what we’d like them to do to us. And then we pretend to do it to each other. It’s just sometimes.”

“Well, I just got into your pants, too. Does it hassle you?”

“You make me feel good, Code, cos I know you tell me how cool my bod is and everything, and I feel really good when you do that, and tell me stuff. And I like you, too. If we were bros it would’ve been sooooooo fucking cool cos I think you’re awesome. And I like to touch you, too, cos you’re so fucking strong. And one day I wanta be like you – or like Conan. Also I don’t haveta worry about you saying stuff [about what we do] to anyone [we know].”

“What about when I giveya a BJ?”

“That’s special, and I like doing it to you cos you’ve got a python there and it feels fucking awesome – hehehe.”

“You’ve still got a boner.”

“Yeah, cos you’re talking so much. Anyway, I wonder what you think sometimes … like maybe I’m a gay boy or something like that.”

“I’m sure some people would giveya that label if they knew about it. Just be careful with Jas if you’re uncomfortable. Have you tried to talk to him about it?”

“I can’t talk to him like I talk to you – about sex. To him it’s like a huge game; like a power thing.”

“Try and rap to him about it, and just tell him how you feel.”

“Maybe … I’ll try.”

“I’ve gotta jet, little bro.”

“Oh, hey! Can’t you help me with studying a little and ask me questions?”

“Only if you keep your boner.”

“Shuddup, Cody. You’re giving me a compy [complex].”

“With that monster, you shouldn’t have a compy. You should be showing the fucker off somewhere.”

I stayed for another hour asking him questions, and he knew most of it, which was pretty cool, and made me feel proud cos of how much work he’s obviously put into his studying.

By the time I got home, I was fucking hornier than a rattlesnake. It’s Wingnut’s fault. I find everything about him attractive. It’s hard to explain, and I’ve tried this before. He’s a fucking good looking dude with a great bod, and a dick that just rounds it off nicely. Remember my old fur hat? Well, I’ve still got it and I hauled it out of my wardrobe. At first, I just kinda hold it lightly and let it drift gently up and down my boner. Then I turn it inside out and push it under the pillow, which I put under my gut, and hold it in place with one hand while I fuck it … all the time thinking about Wingnut, and imagining him in all sorts of fucking positions. I sometimes scare myself with the way I think about him.

Everything’s been pretty quiet. I only saw Steph on Friday night cos she’s also busy studying. She finishes exams tomorrow. Steve’s also writing exams but he’s in the surf all the time, anyway. He was bitching the other day about Tammy, and I thought, ‘well, that’s it. He’s gonna dump her’. But they’re still together so she’s obviously got him under some control.

I haven’t heard a fucking word from Mark. The last time I heard was on Monday last week, and he was flying out of Johannesburg the same day, and they were gonna be sailing out of Durban on Saturday [a few days before my 19th birthday]. I phoned Joburg and some dude answered the phone, and said that Mark was in Durban. He couldn’t – or wouldn’t – give me his contact number down there. So hopefully he’s gonna be in Cape Town today or tomorrow. If he left on Saturday he should’ve fucking been here already.

Hey … saw the new Egor set. Pretty damn awesome. He’s a good looking dude with a really hot fucking body. Sorry for all the ‘fuckings’. A coupla those pics of Ivan laying on his back with his boner lifted away from his gut reminded me of Wingnut cos that’s how his boner points as well.

Sorry the [MrB anniversary] graphic was so late. The surf trip that I was on was pretty damn cool. I hadta try and teach one of the dudes to surf, but the other three were OK. And they were Germans. How the fuck do Germans learn to surf like that? Anyway, they were pretty impressed with me. NO, NOT MY DICK!!! I actually wondered about them getting into each other ‘cept one of them was a bit chubby – actually, a lot chubby – but he surfed OK. I hadta find some grass for them cos they were all into it but didn’t know how to get it here. Fuck, it was so easy. I went up to a colored dude at one of the markets and just passed him the bucks, and he knew exactly what I wanted. He gave me an arm, so they [the Germans] were shitfaced every night at the campsite.

I met up with a chick I’d met before, and spent the night with her. Her boyfriend was away on some business in Durban. He’s some data comms project leader or something. Anyway, I gave her something to remember. :)

Anyway, G, the dude here [in the net café] is getting all chatty and I need to move cos this has taken a lot longer than I thought [it would].

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