Cape Town, South Africa
Part 128

Friday, June 29, 2001

“Code, where the fuck are you going? You’ve been given the arvie off, so let’s get the fuck outta here.”

“Seriously – give me just five minutes. Hehehe. Please? Something I must do real quick.”

OK, so now G is asking how come I’ve got the arvie off [from work at the shop], and who was giving me all that lip. OK, OK, so you’re not really guessing. G, he looks fucking fantastic – tanned – his hair’s a bit longer and his smile is the same. They arrived at the yacht club at 1 this morning and slept on board. He rocked up here at 1 [this arvie]. I was busy stacking boards and he tapped me on the shoulder [from behind].

“Hey, fuckhead. You got a board to show me?”

I turned around all pissed off cos here’s this customer who doesn’t know me calling me a fuckhead. Hehehe. I went ballistic. He was wearing a light blue, all-weather top that the yachties wear over his white t and blue Levis, with grey and blue sneakers. He is buff. So totally buff. I can see by the way his t’s hugging his pecs. So, I notice these things.

Oh, my sack! He is looking so fucking cool – and relaxed and totally fucking happy. My boss has given me the whole weekend off. I’ve gotta be back at work on Monday, though. :(

Anyway, G, I’ve gotta jet. Just wanted to letya know – my birthday pressie has arrived. Don’t sweat it about the story. Fucking hell, with all that you’ve done for me already.

Cya G
Your friend

PS: You won’t believe how nervous I am as well.

[Cody was referring to my having some difficulty thinking up a story to write for his birthday, and my apology to him for having writer’s block. But I did eventually get an idea. :) I was also totally blown away by Cody taking the time to tell me about Mark’s arrival, and including me in his excitement. MrB]

July 12.

Thursday: Well, it’s been fucking raining here since Monday morning with no end in sight. Actually, today’s the first time that the sun is actually trying to make a comeback, and then the next minute – WHAMMO – the rain comes down again. And it’s cold – seriously cold – about 1 inch cold.

So I get back [to the shop after sending you that note] and he asks me where the hell I disappeared to. Told him that there was just something I hadta do quick, and to stop bitching. Down to Cape Town train station and on to a train.

“So take the goofy smile off your face.”

“Can’t help it. I didn’t think I was gonna see you again. You’re looking good.”

Mark had changed. He had this total confidence about himself – the way he looked – the way he moved. “You, too. Different, though. Your hair’s longer. Hehehe – still can’t get rid of the top spikes, though, huh.”

“It’s the way I cut it. Shuddup.”

Then I heard about the trip down [here]. They hit a storm at sea between East London and Port Elizabeth, and decided to pull into PE and hang there for a coupla days. Mark was saying how much hard work it was cos when the weather’s crap there’s a million things to do, and they all happen at once. He was so alive with it all, though, and excited. He told me about the one time when he was at the helm and he was holding the yacht on course, and the wheel was trying to fly out of his grip, and he felt like his arms were gonna break off. I got this vision of this shirtless dude with his muscles pumped and his face muscles straining as he held the wheel. He is totally amped by the whole yachting thing. He wasn’t allowed to be on his own cos he’s not licensed, but he’s gonna be going on a mariner’s training program and it’s all gonna be paid for. His dad is gonna be paying about half of it, and Fingers is gonna be paying as well as the guys Mark worked for in Cape Town.

“Why them?”

“They reckon they’re going to use me to help crew, and get yachts delivered around the world. Fuck, Cody, do you know what this means? I would never have thought things were going to turn out like this. Now I know why you’re always in the damn ocean.”

I hadta smile at how excited he was. I would also never have seen the situation where Mark is so totally happy with everything. All too damn soon we were home. My folks were totally happy to see him, and my mom hugged him a little longer than was necessary.

“You should do modeling. All the girls would have you pinned up on their walls.” [She said].

“And my mom [would, too].” [I said].

Mark blushed, and my dad pissed himself laughing.

We were in my room, and Mark was unpacking his shit, and then my dad came in and put the spare mattress against the wall.

After supper, Mark said he had to go and see his mom, so he left and I helped my mom in the kitchen, clearing up [the dishes]. He spent three hours at his mom’s place while I was kicking my fucking heels. Yeah, yeah, I know [G] – I don’t need telling. He was pretty happy with the way things had gone. He said his mom was really excited to see him, and even shitforbrains was happy and asking all the right questions, and telling Mark how he’d filled out and how fucking good he looked. He promised them that he would spend Sunday with them.

For his next trick, phone Carol. I could hear her scream when she heard his voice. She and Shane were going to the Paul Van Dyk gig at the Three Arts, so guess where we’re going? I’d already bought tickets cos it was only the hottest fucking gig to hit Cape Town in ages. I had a ticket for Mark, myself and Steph. [Van Dyk is a Berliner DJ who has gained fame for his re-mixes of the music of established singers and bands. MrB]

“So what’s with Carol?”

“She’s going to meet me at the gig.”

“What about Shane?”

“What about him?”

“He’s gonna be there and he fucking hates me.”

“Ignore him.”

Steph gave Mark a huge hug when we picked her up. The gig was raging by the time we got there at 10. Wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder people, and there were guys being turned away at the door and getting totally aggro cos they had tickets as well. We got sorted out with some drinks, and then Mark started looking for Carol. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Eventually, Steph found her and Shane and brought them over to where Steph and I were. Well, Carol and Mark disappeared on to the [dance] floor and got lost in the crowd, and that left us with Shane, who kept looking [around] and couldn’t find them. Steph chatted to him for a bit but he was totally distracted. Eventually, I grabbed her and we went to jive.

It was a totally cool evening. Paul Van Dyk, an international DJ, did a set of more than four hours, and some of the top SA DJs were there as well. It was raving. We totally lost everyone, and eventually met up outside. Right away, Shane and Carol got into an argument. Carol said that they had looked for him but couldn’t find him in the crowd. Then they left right away and Shane was totally pissed off. Canya blame him? I guess not. Mark was plastered in more ways than one. He hardly said a word all the way to Steph’s place and I didn’t hang about too long [with her] cos Mark was there. But Steph was cool about it.

Mark started laughing [as we walked home]. “Now THAT was a fucking rave.”

“Hardly fucking saw you guys.”

“Hehehe. Made love to Carol in Shane’s car. How’s that, bro?”

“Hehehe. You’re a dog.”

“Too fucking right. That’ll teach the fucker for being down on her.”

“So who had the stash?”

“What stash?”

“Hey, this is Cody. Remember me? I know you’ve smoked it up.”

“Carol had it. Good stuff, too. Hehehe. Oh, my fuck! What a night.” Then he pulled a joint out of his pocket and lit it up.

“Carol had it?”

“Yeah. And I rolled this one in Shane’s car as well – for right now. It’s been fucking ages since I’ve had a chance to totally chill out. Just me and my bud.” He put his arm around my shoulder as he took a drag and let out this huge billow of white smoke.

“I think you’ve gotten Carol into some serious shit with Shane.”

“Fuck him. Anyway, we both wanted it. It’s not like I tried to rape her. That wench is as good as ever.”

When we got home, I went for a shower. Mark was laying on his back on my bed with his eyes closed [as I returned to the room]. I had a paira satin sleep shorts on cos I didn’t wanta freak him out.

“You gonna shower?”

“I’ll shower in the morning. I’m too fucked to do anything right now. You’re looking good, Code.”

“Thanks. So you want to get undressed and get into bed?”

He sat up and took off his shoes, and then his jacket and shirt. I felt the stirring in my groin as soon as his shirt came off. He was like a fucking sleek animal – like a panther. Then he pulled his jeans off. He was wearing black satin boxers, which were like gym shorts, with the two thin slits on the sides of the leg, and they hugged him. The boxers moulded around his package and his buns. He pulled his socks off, and then got onto the [spare] mattress.

“Hey, you don’t need to sleep there. You know that.”

“Yep, but I’m cool here, Cody. Really.”

“Those boxers are fucking cool. Look good on you.”

“Candy bought them for me and said the same thing. Then she went out and got them in white and blue as well.” He was laying on his stomach and I let my hand massage his shoulders. “That feels cool.” He must’ve been asleep within a minute while I was still massaging him. I laid awake for ages until the inevitable happened. He rolled onto his back – his normal sleeping position.

“You sleeping?” No reply, so…………..

In the dark, I explored him. I let my hand cruise over his satin-covered furniture and down his legs. He never got a boner, even when I lifted the elastic band of his boxers and stroked his dick. I let my hands put some pressure on his stomach and I could feel his muscles even though he was totally relaxed. I tried to work his boxers down but, cos they’re like gym shorts, they were too tight and he started to move around a bit. Guess he was dreaming about somebody trying to rape him or something.

I laid on my side on the bed and jacked off, watching his rising stomach and his smooth muscled chest.

I was cleaning myself when he said, “Hey, bud, that was good, cos you’ve given me a boner.”

“You were awake the whole time?”

“Well, you woke up Mister Snake and he woke me up.”

“So why didn’t you answer me?”

“Would’ve spoilt the fun, then. Anyway, bro, now I’m gonna get some sleep. Cya in the morning.”


It was around 11 when my dad came in [to my room] with some coffee for us. He had to find his way around our clothes, which were all over the floor.

Mark was half asleep when he sat up; his stomach muscles contracting into tight lines. I wasn’t much more awake either, mindya.

“Looks like you two had a good night out.”

“Morning.” *Mark’s voice was all croaky*

“Hi. Have a good evening?” [Dad asked].

“Yeah. It rocked.”

After my dad left, I asked Mark how he slept. “Good. I needed that. Now I need a piss.”

My eyes followed the v-shaped back and hard buns as they went through to the bathroom, and I heard him pissing like a horse that hadn’t pissed for a week. He came back, picked up his cup of coffee and sat on the bed next to me.

“So what are your plans today?”

“Not sure yet. I want to catch up a bit with Carol. Said I’d see her this arvie.”

“Is it clever?”

“What? Seeing Carol?”

“Yeah. It’s just that soon you’re gone and Carol’s left holding the can – or the baby.”

“Shane will be cool about it. He knows I’m not hanging around, and he doesn’t know that I fucked her last night.”

“What about this Candy chick – in Joburg?”

“She’s no chick. She’s a real lady. You’ll meet her one day, Cody. She is absolutely totally beautiful, and she’s done a lot for me.”

“Hehehe. Old lady.”

“She may be almost 30 but she can teach both Steph and Carol a few things. She’s total class, and she doesn’t treat me like a kid, either. She treats me like a damn god. And, boy, can she make love! She’ll exhaust you.”

[That confused me. Cody wrote earlier that she was 24. Maybe that was a white lie from Mark who may have been embarrassed at the time about Candy’s age, or maybe it was Cody’s typo. Anyway, now we know how old she is. MrB]

“That’s why you’re looking so good – all the exercise.”

“Hehehe.” *Smack* “Pervert.”

“So tell me about Fingers.”

“He’s very cool. A bit twisted but cool. Best boss a guy could wish for, I suppose.”

“’Cept he’s a pervert.”

“Nah, he’s OK. Yeah, he loves to touch me but he knows if he makes a break for my boxers he’s dead. I’ve already told him I’d break his neck if he put his hand anywhere near my dick or my legs and chest.”

“You’re harsh.”

“So far it’s cool. Every morning MY BOSS wakes me up with coffee – sits on my bed and rubs my shoulders, and he gets a lift out of it, and it feels good. Besides that, he’s a totally cool dude … bit messed up cos he gets depressed when I go off for a weekend with Candy, and that really fucks his girlfriend’s brain as well. Loves to wrestled with me and try to tickle me … pissed me off at first, but then I thought ‘what the fuck?’, as long as he doesn’t try anything [more than that] with me. His girlfriend hates the way he is with me. Asked me to fuck off once, and I told her to tell him to tell me that. Now we [she and I] just tolerate each other. She’s got him pretty well taped, though.”

“You touch him?”

“Sometimes – when he’s working at his desk at night I’d make us something to drink, and then stand behind him and give him a little shoulder massage or something. He likes that. That’s it.”

“What do you mean ‘that’s it’? Fuck, for you that’s loads!” *I put my hand on his leg and let it cruise up and down from his knee to his crotch*. “I remember when this would have earned me a week-long shiner.”

“Yeah, but I understand you, and you’re a pervert.”

Then he jumped me and started to tickle me. You know how sometimes when you get tickled you can’t breathe anymore? That’s what it was like. Every muscle was tight from laughing, and his fingers were like digging into my ribs. Eventually, I managed to get my one leg around and I kicked him off me, and he went rolling onto the mattress, laughing his tits off.

We had breakfast, and then Mark went to see Carol. Then the grommet paraded in.

“Hey, Cody, was that Conan who just left here?”


“Cool. Is he back?”

“Nope. He’s just here for the weekend. Thought I told you that [already].”

“Nope. I haven’t been around [here] this week ... surfing, skating and hanging at the Mall with my buds.”

“Surf’s been huge.”

“Yep. Too huge for me. But [I’ve] still been out in the middle getting nailed.”

“So whatsup?”

“Nothing. I just saw Conan and wanted to make sure it was him. Looks kinda like him but different so I hadta check if you had a new bud or something. Anyway, I’ve got some stuff to do and then I’m gonna go surf. What are you doing?”

“Stuff around the house as well, but I’ll just hang out here today.”

“OK. Tell Conan I said hi.”

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 Codeman Part 129