Cape Town, South Africa
Part 131

[Late January, 2001, shortly after Mark had moved to his boss’ garden flat].

Steve phoned me at work on Saturday to say that he’s back in town and wanted to connect. So we went surfing on Saturday evening. Steve is looking fantastic. He’s got a totally cool tan and his hair is down to his shoulders. AND he’s now almost a head taller than me. He’s raving about Brazil and how fantastic his trip was. He said the surf isn’t that big but there are a coupla places where it really rocks. He made a helluva lot of friends there.

After surfing, we went around to his place. He gave me a bunch of stuff; stickers and a coupla Brazilian posters. They spell it ‘Brasil’ over there. We dove into his pool without our wetties on. It’s easier in the water. He was wearing American Speedos with the [stars and stripes] flag pattern that be bought overseas. And he looked totally hot in them.

He knew about Mark moving, and said that he’s gonna get his own place as soon as he finishes school. He’s going to varsity next year. Still doesn’t know what he’s gonna study. Reckons he might do a bcom [bachelor of commerce] or something. Asked if Mark and Carol were still connected and I said they were. He wanted to move in on Carol and I told him that Mark would have him for breakfast if he tried that.

“You and Steph?”

“Going totally cool at the moment.”

He swam up to me and gave me a hug. “I’ve actually missed you. Know that?”

“Yeah. Bet you were thinking of me everytime you had your dick in a wet pussy.”

“Something like that. Kinda wished it was your ass – hehehehe.” He swam up behind me and I felt the pouch of his Speedos dick [Freudian slip, Code. You meant ‘dig’.] into the back of mine. His dick was fighting for air. He put his hand around me and played with my nipples, and then down to my stomach and to the pouch of my Speedos. “That’s what I missed – some decent teen cock.”

“Must be a stack of studlies in Brazil.”

“Hey, those dudes are all into their sport so they’re all pretty fucking built, and they’re good looking.”

“Turn you on, huh?”

“Nope. Yeah, well kind of. But you’re the only dude who would know that.”

“I dig your Speedos. They look totally cool.”

“You can have them.”

“Yeah, right. Squeeze my size 30 [inch waist] into your 28? I’ll have a fucking headache for a week.”

“It’s lycra, dude.”

“No… keep ‘em. I think they look fucking hot on you. But you look sexy in a sack, anyway.”

“You want to sleep over tonight, Code? I’m into having a serious fuck fest.”

“Steph and I are supposed to be going out tonight.”

“Ah, come on, Cody. Fuck! I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“You just want a fuck, Steve.”

“That, too – hehehehe.”

“So let’s go shower.”

We took off our Speedos and climbed into the shower together. I had no intention of fucking Steve in the shower cos I wanted a condom. We washed each other slowly. I couldn’t believe that I was allowed to do almost anything to the fucking hunk in the shower with me. I got my finger right into his crack and cleaned it, and he did the same [to me]. I made him lean forward and spread his legs. I held his buns apart with my hands and explored his crack with my tongue. It had a soapy taste, and I could feel him start shaking.

“Oh, Christ, Cody! Don’t stop!” he whispered and cursed as I stuck my tongue as deep as I could. I was going mentally crazy at the reaction I was getting [from him]. I moved my hand around and grabbed his soapy erection and started to stroke it.

Steve was unable to control himself, and turned around to face me. I knew that he wanted me to blow him right then. His dick was so hard that his foreskin was already stretched right back. I enveloped it with my mouth and blew his lights out. It was more like him fucking my face than me blowing him. I knew he was gonna offload when he pulled my head into him. I almost lost it and started to gag. I hadta swallow like I’ve never swallowed before [cos of] the way his juice rushed into my mouth – not in jets but like in one long continuous stream. Steve didn’t give a fuck [about] who heard him [cos of] the way he screamed.

Eventually, he slid down the tiles and sat on the bottom of the shower. I joined him - the water rushing around over our heads and bodies. I hadta fucking laugh at him. He looked like someone who had just smoked three reefers in a row. He didn’t say a word, and just sat there. Time was running out for me cos I hadta still go home and change, and catch up with Steph.

“Fuck Steph, Cody. Stay here.”

“I’m gonna fuck Steph, which means I can’t stay here.”

Even under the water the two of us were covered in a shiny layer of sweat. “Lay down on your back, Cody.”

I laid down and hadta try and focus cos the water was falling in my eyes. I felt Steve’s hands on my chest, and they moved across my stomach, and he grabbed my boner in both. I kept my eyes closed as I felt his tongue ride down my shaft. His one hand lifted a leg and his finger went up my crack, and slowly into me. He finger-fucked me while he sucked and jacked me at the same time. He must’ve felt my balls tighten cos he moved his face away, and he watched my cock as he pistoned it. I arched my back as my juice left my dick. Steve’s hand was still going like fuck as I offloaded. He held it until it started to go limp in his hand, and then he laid on top of me. I put my legs around his and then we kissed. I’d forgotten that Steve was a lot like me. He didn’t give a fuck that I was a guy [he was kissing]. We laid [there] and kissed and fondled each other until the shower ran ice-cold.

After we’d dried ourselves, Steve pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. He held my arms up above my head, and slid down. “Stay here tonight, Cody. We can have such a good time.”

“I can’t. I promised Steph.”

He never argued with me. He slid down and took my semi into his mouth again, and gave me a second BJ, which was as intense as the first. This time, he kept my juice in his mouth and kissed me, letting the juice mix in both our mouths. I’ve gotta tellya [G], that is one horny kiss.

It was a quiet evening with Steph. We went to a movie, and then stopped off for a pizza. Mark has stopped his pizza job cos of all the traveling. It was cool, though. We enjoy talking to each other.

We got to her place early – around 12 – and we got naked on her bed. One of the nicest things that we do is when I’m inside her, without actually having sex, is we just lay like that and talk about stuff. Steph can talk dirty sex when she’s in the mood, and then she’ll wrap her legs around me so I can’t move. I remember the one time we were talking and I must’ve gone into auto mode, cos all of a sudden I offloaded into her.

I left before he folks arrived home – around 2.

Sunday was a work day at home. My dad woke me up early and the two of us climbed into all sorts of jobs that my mom had lined up for us. I had no time to think of anything except getting the work done, and it was stinking hot. We worked until about 4 in the arvie, and then we packed our boards, and my mom packed a picnic cold chicken and salad supper. We drove through to Long Beach. That was really one of the coolest times of the weekend – watching my dad rip the Long Beach surf with me.

He got out [of the water] early, and he and my mom shared a bottle of wine on the beach while I carried on surfing. At least he had a few beers packed in for me when I got out. I was totally fucked when we arrived home, so it was an early night for me.

After Wingnut left, I went around to Steph’s to find out how her first day back [at school] was. She already had homework. I couldn’t stay cos her dad said that the hols are over and Steph’s gonna have to concentrate on her studies. He wasn’t heavy or anything. But now I was like a lost fart in a thunderstorm. Next stop: Steve. His folks were out but the housekeeper let me in. Steve had one of his buds there and they were smoking reefers at the pool. I’d met the dude before at a party. They were both wasted and really laughing at total shit. I sat around like a spare wheel for a while, and then got pissed off and left.

I’m actually thinking about not trying so hard to get hold of Mark. I’ve been thinking about his new job, and maybe he’s getting into a new group of yachtie friends. By the sounds of it, he’s also into his new boss and wife. And I’ve also been thinking that maybe I’m just fucked off jealous that things are turning out so cool for him. I guess I’m happy that he’s having it better – if it is like that.

I’m gonna send this now. It’s Wednesday arvie. The wind is blowing up to shit over here. Hope your arm gets better soon. [It was after that that Mark phoned, wanting to know if Cody had asked Carol for his telephone number at the garden flat, and if he had called her a fucking bitch.]

Mark didn’t make it to coffee this morning. I’ve decided that I need to get over my love for him. That’s the problem. I am madly fucking in love with him and it’s on a road to nowhere cos it’ll never happen. I think he’s had time to think about what happened the other night, and it’s totally freaked his brain that he actually had a guy’s cock in his mouth.

I need to have a look at what’s going on at the moment. I’ve got a fantastic relationship with Steph – BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Steve and I use each other when we feel like it, but that kinda works – strangely enough – and we’re good friends. It’s really a physical thing with the two of us. I’m seeing less of Wingnut, but that’s understandable. He’s getting into his group of friends, and he and Candy have got their friends that they hang with. I love him to bits, though, and it’s always cool when he comes around [to my place]. He’ll probably come around for some help with his homework soon.

Who am I kidding? I think about Mark all the time, and I’m missing him. But I can’t tell him that. I’m not handling this at fucking all.

Wednesday arvie: I’m back here [at the net café]. It helps to write about it, I guess. I’ve just phoned Steph at home. I’m glad that she was there. We chatted for a little while. She knows that I’m missing Mark. She’s also being helluva patient with my moods. I’ve gotta jet. I’ve been staring at this screen for five minutes and my mind’s just a mess.

Thursday morning: Looks like the wind is dying. Last night I went around to Steph’s cos I hadta see her. She said that Steve came around there after school. He was telling her about Brazil and his trip. We had a long chat about Mark, and she knows how much Mark means to me as a friend. OK, so she doesn’t know physically how much he means to me but she understands my friendship with him. I just had to speak to someone about it. She says that it’s the same thing with her and Carol. They have been friends ever since before grade 1, and she would hate not to have that contact where she can speak to Carol about anything she wants.

Wednesday: Wind’s picking up. Worked my ass off yesterday. I think the boss is quite impressed that I just carry on working all day. When there’s nobody in the shop, I tidy things up and fold stuff that customers have just thrown on the shelves. One of the guys that works here asked me if I was brown-nosing the boss. The fucking trouble is that they stand around, and every half hour they’re on the street smoking cigarettes. They really don’t give a shit and just hang around to get paid. Don’t get me wrong – I get on OK with them. Have to. But it pisses me off that they can just hang out when there’s stuff to be done. And they’ve got fuckall patience when the little guys come in and ask questions about boards and stuff. Hehehe. OK, so I try and pick the cute ones. Only kidding. Well, if they’re cute like Wingnut, then…… Shuddup, G. He came around last night to collect his stick [after I’d repaired the ding], and I gave him some fine glass paper to sand down the repair. He was pretty chuffed. He has totally looked after that board.

By the way [G], what’s this shit you were writing about having one foot in the grave? Haven’t you heard? Old writers never die. It’s just their pencils that run outta lead. ;) Enough of that bullshit now. You’re still a spring chicken – even if the spring has bust.

[The complete convo between Code and his dad about Wingnut’s falling grades at school.] Actually, he came over during supper. We were having grilled chicken and veg and he sat down at the table next to me. My mom asked if he wanted some [dinner] and he said no, he’s just eaten. My dad quizzed him about school and how it was going. He said it was going OK. My dad told me later [in my room] that Wingnut’s mom had spoken to my mom about Wingnut’s falling grades at school. He’s barely getting through his subjects.

“Apparently, they are thinking about suspending him from swimming and cricket until his grades improve.”

“Come on, dad. That is such a load of shit. The only thing that keeps him at school is his sports. You know what he’s like.”

“His mom was hoping that you can help him. When they try and talk to him he apparently gets out of hand and starts sulking and just becomes uncooperative. They’re even thinking that he’s taking drugs.”

“He did but he stopped a while back already.”

“He’s thirteen years old, Cody. What the hell are you kids up to?”

“Hey, don’t get heavy with me. I talked to him about it. He’s stopped.”

“Hasn’t stopped drinking, though. And don’t look at me like that. There’s no difference between getting trashed on drugs or alcohol. And you’re just as bad.”

I just sat there at my desk. How the hell did we start getting into this convo? “OK, so now it’s my fault that Wingnut gets trashed?”

“He looks up to you, Cody. And if you do [it], then it’s cool [as far as he’s concerned].”

“Is that why you really came to speak to me, dad? About my drinking?”

“I came to speak about Wingnut. All I’m saying is that he looks up to you. About your drinking? I don’t say much, but you worry us sometimes.”

“OK, fine. I’ll speak to Wingnut.”

OK, so what the hell was I supposed to say? It’s not like my dad’s a teetotaller or whatever the hell they call it. OK, so he doesn’t get carried home by his friends but he told me about some of the shit they used to get up to [when he was a teen], and now I’m supposed to be a saint? I know I get trashed a lot but it’s not like I’ve gotta reach for the damn bottle as soon as I open my eyes [in the morning], and it’s normally only on a Friday or Saturday. [The next day, Cody did talk to Wingnut about his grades, as well as drugs and alcohol, and planted a few seeds in Wingnut’s brain that made a difference. MrB].

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