Cape Town, South Africa
Part 132

Yeah, I know. It’s not Friday. Cool, huh? Bonus mail.

So now G’s thinking – WASSSSSUUUUPPPPP! Thought I’d just letya know about the swim meet, not that it’s a big deal or anything, but just in case you want to know. You’re not the first to hear about it, though. Sorry about that. Mark phoned me and I told him all about it. I think he felt really disappointed that he missed it. [Cody went on to tell me about the meet, and how he beat Craig in the 100m butterfly, and how the old boys relay team beat the seniors. I wasn’t in the stands watching him, but I was just as thrilled as if I’d been there. My hero! MrB]

Tellya what, though. I went into the school comp lab and tried to get into the fucking FunTB chat, and I’m really sick of those guys taking their time approving my membership. I’ve got two of them pending now. I thought I’d giveya a surprise before the meet started, just in case you were in the chat [room]. [Chatting with you in real time would’ve been sooooo cool, Code. What a bummer.]

Anyway, G, I’m in the good books at work so I’m gonna jet.

[I think I wrote to Code to tell him there was something wrong with his site. He wasn’t a happy little scallywag that day.] Yeah, I’ve just found out now when I was gonna upload the latest [Cody] news page. I’m having fucking shit here on my dad’s comp as well. Just got back from coaching the kids at school and I’m so pissed off with Wingnut. He took a fist to Jason and thought I was gonna back him up. That and Mark, and now the fucking page. I’ll haveta think about what I want to do with the page. There’s years of work gone into that, and I’m not so sure I’ve got the fucking energy for it.

Yeah, well, I’ll writeya again in the week.

[The following Thursday] Well, I guess the great news is that Tripod didn’t trash my web site. They had a prob with their servers and had to reload a lot of the sites that were down. Managed to get the latest news page loaded just in time before the damn end of March.

After dinner I went around to Steph’s place. Her folks were having a barbecue for some family friends. Had a nice evening, and every fucking opportunity Steph had she would put her hands down into my cargos. She had me so fucking horny by the time I was about to go home that I was ready to fuck her in the street.

“You’re gonna be sorry. You know that.”

She grabbed me and then told me how much she loves me. “Actually, I love this thing.” *Hand into my boxers and gripping my sticky boner*.

“Fuck it, Steph. I’m gonna have to jack all night to come right. Can’t you come over [to my place] for the night?”

“You crazy? My dad will go ballistic.”

*My boner could be seen cos of the way my damn cargos were tenting. That’s the prob wth cargos, cos the material’s soft, and if you’re wearing loose boxers underneath the damn things hides nothing*.

Her hand strokes my boner through my pants* “And it’s not that I don’t want to [come over to your place] … good grief, that feels good.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Just keep going and I’ll be swimming in my pants.”

“Gotta go. Loveya, babes.”



“I’ll scream! If you leave me hanging like this, I am gonna scream!”

“Hehehe. You’re not hanging.”

“I’m going to jack off right here if you don’t come back here.”

“Dare you.”

*Yeah, well, you know me, G. Can’t resist a dare. I unbuttoned my cargos and gave my boner some air, and started jacking it*

“Cody! Hehehe. What if my folks come out here?”

“I’ll tell your dad you didn’t want to satisfy my sexual urges.”

*By now she’d come back to me, and was stroking me big time* “I’d love to, but I’ve gotta go, and there’s no way you can do it here. I wish. Damn! I wish.”

“Tell me – I can make your wishes come true.”

*Kiss* “Loveya, big boy. Bye.”

“Aaaagggghhhhh! Bye.” *Sniff*


I just about ran all the damn way home so I could jack off. It was great. :) [Next morning, Wingnut woke Code early and insisted that he should help the grommet with a gardening job; moving a ton of bricks]

Hope everything is going cool. Saw a really cool web site on Saturday. They’ve got some really neat dudes on it. Can’t get into the hot pics but a lot of the G rated ones are pretty OK.

Had a mail from a young guy who sent me [after reading my #20 news] the Yahoo news things about the school shootings in the USA. He ended the mail, ‘please, Cody, can you make it stop’. Yeah, with a wave of my magic wand. Two things hit me with that line: one is that there are kids out there who are really terrified about what’s going on, and probably not speaking to a helluva lotta people. The other thing is that someone thinks that much of me that I can make a difference. As if I can. [If only you knew, Code. If only you knew how much difference you have made and continue to make].

Friday night there was no swim training so I went around to Steph’s. She asked if I wanted to go out with Carol and Shane. They were going through to some friends of Carol’s and Steph’s, and then to Corners. Steph said it was cool if I didn’t wanta go cos she knows how much I care for Carol’s fuckup bf. But I also knew that she wanted to go, and anyway it sounded like it could be a rave.

Actually, the evening was OK but Carol’s bf is a total fuckup. He is one of those big-headed guys who likes everyone to hear his voice, and likes to be noticed. He also flirts around with all the girls and doesn’t give a fuck about whether Carol’s watching or not. He actually put one girl’s hands right down his pants, and she was stroking him while Carol was fucking watching them for fuck sake. Fact that I got a boner was beside the point cos he is a fucking hunker. He has definitely subdued Carol cos if Mark ever did something like that there would’ve been a major fucking argument.

I slept over at Steph’s and went to work from there. Had a hehehehehe raunchy evening. I think there’s something wrong with me, though, cos I was hot cos of watching Shane. Maybe it’s the forbidden fruit thing. :)

After work on Saturday, I helped my dad change a flat [tire] on the Kombi. What a bitch to get the spare out from underneath the front of the damn thing.

Hey, you need to cheer up a bit. There are hundreds of guys out there who think your stories rock, G. I’m not just saying that. Yeah, so they don’t go on about [telling you] what they do [in order to] to cover up the fact that they’re getting excited at school when they read them, or at home sitting in the den, but the effect is the same. I can’t believe I’m that insane that I’m the only guy who shoves toilet paper in his briefs. Fuck, I could never wear boxers if I know I’m gonna read your stories cos then I wouldn’t be able to hide my damn boner anywhere.

[That about takes care of the pickups. From here on, it’s back to where I left off at chapter 129. MrB]

Hiya Gary,

I’ll writeya a longer note l8er. [Hand-written note attached]


That note is still pinned to my notice board - June, 2010. MrB

Hiya Gary,

Almost your birthday again. Canya believe it? 21 AGAIN !!

Hopeya enjoyed the note I sent. The dude at the internet café was busy putting a scanner together and I asked if he would scan in a note for me. It’s the least I could’ve done, anyway, cos I hadta redo your birthday graphic.

He asked me what AOD and LYT means. So I told him ‘Awesome Old Dude’ and ‘Loveya Tons’.

“He an uncle or something?”

“Something like that.”

Steve and I had one helluva fucking fight the other day [in my room]. I had all my files – I mean, ALL my fucking files on a hidden file on his hard drive. All my web pages. All my graphics. All my Egor pics that I downloaded, plus a million other things. He had to reformat his drive and FORGOT about my hidden folder.

“How the fuck could you forget about something like that?”

“Hey, I said I’m sorry for fuck sake. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Steve. Do you know what was all on there?”

“Hey, fuck you! Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

“Fuck, Steve. There was a graphic there for G that took me hours to do.”

“So do it again.”

“You know it’s not like that.”

“So write to him. He’ll understand.”

“You’re such a fucking lamo. Know that?”

“And you’re a fucking girl. Check yourself out, man. You’re almost fucking crying.”

“And you don’t give a fuck.”

“You’re having a nappy [diaper], Cody. Stop throwing a fucking tantrum.”

I smacked him so hard that he went flying back onto my bed. I didn’t mean to connect him that hard, but I was so fucking mad – not so much at him but because of the years of stuff that had now been screwed up. He wiped his lip cos he thought it was bleeding, and then he charged at me. Hehehehe. He was pissed off big time. He smacked me, and the two of us got it on. We were throwing each other around the room. I was worried that I was gonna trash something. Wingnut waltzed in when Steve was sitting on my bed, and I was trying to grab his wrists cos he was smacking me like I was just a sitting – or laying – target.

“Cool. A barney [fight]. Can I play, too?”

We both stopped and looked at Wingnut standing in the doorway, and I don’t know why but we both just started to laugh cos we must’ve imagined what Wingnut was seeing.

“You guys are bleeding all over the carpet.”

Steve’s face was covered in blood but it was from a cut on his lip, and the blood was spread all over. It [the cut] wasn’t that bad. My cheek was swelling up cos I caught his fist a coupla times.

Wingnut’s 14 now. Had his birthday on August 15, and he is looking really hot. Just getting better with age.

Steve and I were still giggling and guffawing in the bathroom while we tried to clean ourselves up. Wingnut was laying on my bed listening to one of my ‘Live’ CDs.

“Fuck, Cody, you’ve got a boner.” *Steve saw it in the mirror*.

“Can’t help it. Always happens when the two of us get it on like that.”

“So get rid of the grommet and I can sort it out for you.” *He rubbed his crotch, and he was also coming to life, which made me even more horny*.

“Hehehe, I wish.”

“Serious. Make up some damn excuse, or come to my place. Pleeeeeeeez.”

“Don’t beg. Makes you look stupid.”

Wingnut must’ve seen my hardon when I walked in the room, and I just thought, ‘what the fuck?’ I wasn’t gonna hide it. Both he and Steve left about the same time, and then I just went into a total downer thinking about all the files that were lost. The new story that I’ve been working on about me and TJ in Singapore – GONE! The graphic for your birthday – GONE! But I’m working on another one. Won’t be the same, though.

[Since getting to know Steve, and telling his story, his version of that event had Wingnut busting him and Code actually having anal sex. If that’s the true version, then I guess Cody didn’t tell me because he figured I’d freak. I was always a bit nervous about Cody’s relationship with Wingnut, especially after Cody had turned 18. But my fears really had no justification because those two guys had great respect and admiration for each other. Their bond went far beyond the physical. MrB]

Gave Wingnut a package with Dr Zogs Sex Wax [for waxing surfboards], a new board leash and a Quicksilver poster from the shop. He was totally stoked. I told him if he wanted his real birthday pres he could sleep over on Saturday night. That was Saturday 18th. My folks had decided to go away for a dirty weekend so it was realy cool and organized. Told Steph I wanted to take Wingnut out for his birthday and she was cool about that, too.

Saturday, after [school] rugby, he came over to my place, and then I made him clean the mud that he tramped through the damn house.

“Why don’t you just shower after the game or something?”

“Cos the chicks dig it when I look like this. Anyway, I’m gonna shower here so I don’t mess up my place – hehehehe. You can make me a sarmie or something.”

He followed me into the kitchen, and I told him to undress there so I could throw his kit out the back door.

“You wouldn’t do that.”

“Try me.”

He undressed and kicked his clobber [clothes] off on the kitchen floor. His lazy dick hung over his boxing-ball nads, and then he moved his cute ass outta there to the shower cos it was cold. I picked up his gear and threw it outta the [back] door. I made us some sarmies while I heard the shower going, and then made myself some coffee and poured him some juice.

He came back wearing a towel around his waist. He must turn the girls fucking crazy cos it’s obvious he’s got a dick to die for [judging] by the way the towel bulges around his crotch. His legs are strong and muscular, and his bod is a V [shape] with cut abs and nice meaty pecs. And on top of that, he’s good looking as well.

“Where’s my stuff?”

“Out the back door.”

“My tog bag, too?”


“You’re such a dick, Cody.”

As he walked out the back door, I grabbed the towel and slammed the door behind him, leaving him standing naked in the cold air. He knocked on the door, but I just stared at him [through the glass pane] and laughed. “Go around to the front door.”


I pretended to walk outta the kitchen, and when I came back he was gone. Then there was a knock at the front door. He didn’t! Oh, shit!

I quickly opened the front door, and he came in[side] cursing. He was holding his tog bag in front of his dick.

“Did anyone see you?”

“The whole fucking world saw me, and they’re all playing with themselves now. No … there was no one around. Think I’m stupid or something?” He pulled on tracksuit pants and top, and then we ate the sarmies. “Hey, Code, let’s the two of us go surfing this arvie. It’s cooking.”

“No shit, Sherlock. I’d planned that, anyway.”

“Way cool. I’ll go home and get my stick.”

Wingnut brought his spare clothes and stuff around [as well as his board], and then we hit the surf. The afternoon surf rocked. Quite a few dudes [were] out in spite of the size [of the waves]. We surfed well until dark, and then walked home.

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