Cape Town, South Africa
Part 133

"So what do you want to do now? Watch a vid or something?”

“That would be cool – something with action.”

So we hired a coupla old movies cos the new ones were all out [on hire] by the time we got to the video store. I made us some bacon and egg toasted sarmies, and then we watched the vids. Wingnut fell asleep during the second one but by then it was after 12.

“Hey, bud. Want to go to bed?”

“Yeah, sure.”

He was all dozey and walked to the room and sat on the bed. “Hey, want me to undress you?”

“Only if you get naked first. I wanta watch your cock react to the sight of my bod.” *Ouch!* “Fuck!”

I gave him a slight fist in his hard gut. “If you want me undressed then you do it.” I stood and closed my eyes, and just felt his hands as he lifted my t off. Then he undid my track pants tie, and pulled them down. He let his hands rub over my boxers before pulling them down, and it took that to get my cock to start rising. I pulled off his top, and then undid the buttons of his jeans. He was wearing a pair of light blue bikini briefs, which really hugged his butt, and he had his cock folded down. I didn’t pull his briefs off at first. I put my hand in[side] and pulled his cock straight so that it laid across the inside of his briefs. “So lay on your back.”

His stomach pulled flat as he laid down, with his hands behind his head, and I started to lick his dick through his briefs. I could hear his breathing getting heavy. “That feels so fucking cool, Cody.” His cock had gone rock hard in his briefs, so when I pulled them off, his cock lifted and hit his stomach with a slap.

“Hey, seeing that it’s your birthday pressie, can I kiss you?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I put my mouth on his, and at first he didn’t want to open it. But eventually, my tongue slid into his mouth and the taste of him drove me fucking wild. His tongue started to respond to me, and my hand slid up and down his chest, abs and cock. His hand found my cock as well, and he started to stroke me. He was getting into it, and I could imagine him kissing Candy like that.

Our bods were pressed tightly against each other. I kissed his nipples and licked his abs and his bellybutton. His whole body arched, which made his abs rock hard. I then went down on his boner, taking it all in. Both of our bodies were shaking, and I sucked his nads before going back down on his boner cos I could feel that he was close to shooting his load.

I put my hand between his legs and forced them open, and slowly found his rosebud with my finger. I slid it in gently, and then he screamed and lost it. His juice shot out with such force that most of it shot out the side of my mouth. His bod was like a bucking bronco as he offloaded.

As he relaxed, I felt his hand start to stroke me in earnest. I would’ve liked him to suck me off but I thought that maybe I’d already gone too far, and I moved slightly to give his hand easier access. My cum shot across him, leaving creamy trails across his stomach. I gasped cos I was so fucking aroused by the time I shot my load.

We didn’t speak for ages, and then he piped up. “That was fucking awesome, Code.”

“Yeah, it was for me, too.”

We didn’t bother to clean ourselves. We snuggled up to face each other, and he put his leg over me, and we fell asleep. We made love to each other again that night at about 4 in the morning. I say ‘love’ because it was pretty intense what I did with Wingnut that night. It went way beyond jacking or just sucking each other off. [What Cody meant by ‘beyond’ I’m not sure. I never asked. I always left it to Cody to volunteer information. MrB]

In the morning, I left him sleeping while I made breakfast, and then woke him up. He went to shower first, and then we sat eating and spoke about surf. Not a word was said about the night before. We spent the whole day Sunday together surfing, which was really cool.

It’s weird but our friendship is still the same. I thought that maybe something would change cos of that night, but it was similar to a Steve and me type thing.

Haven’t heard a helluva lot from Mark the last coupla weeks. He phoned me twice and said that things were going pretty well. Work on the yacht was progressing well and it was starting to look like a yacht.

So that’s the latest from me. The shop? Still going OK. Oh, someone on the MrB page asked about American scholarships and whether I had tried [to apply]. Well, my swimming is good but not that good. These [American] colleges are looking for fucking Olympic swimmers. My grades were good enough but I really gave it a lot of thought. I don’t really want to leave my family right now, and it’s not just a comfort zone thing. I’m just not up to it right now. My savings are coming together – kinda – so we’ll see where it goes from there.

Anyway, G, I hope you have a rocking birthday.

Hiya G,

Hope you have the best birthday ever.

Your bud,

Hiya Gary,

What a fucked up lot the people of this planet are. I wrote to TJ to let him know that I was thinking about him and asked him how everyone over there was coping. You can just imagine how pissed off they are over there, especially guys like TJ. Maybe pissed off is the wrong word, but what is the right word? I dunno.

I first heard about it from Steph. She phoned me at work and I thought she’d lost it. Her folks are in Europe for a week, so she was all alone as well. I cleared it with my folks - my mom spent the whole night in tears – that I spend the night with Steph. We spent most of the night watching CNN and Sky News, and throughout the whole thing it was like watching a Bruce Willis movie. It just couldn’t be real.

When we were laying in bed – no, we didn’t have sex, who could’ve on that night, I wonder – but, yes, we were naked and just comfortable with each other. We couldn’t sleep so we spoke through the whole night before I hadta get up and get to work.

Mark phoned early in the morning at work. He’s just amped to get into some army and kick some butt. The convo didn’t last too long cos the boss was giving me the hairy eyeball story. Mark was totally shouting on the phone about nuking the bastards and, well, you can imagine how he was carrying on. I never told you about the email saga.

I wrote an email to Mark a coupla weeks ago. I don’t know what made me do it – a moment of madness, I guess. In the email, I told him how much I loved him, and then I wrote a whole para[graph] about us having BJs, and how I loved his hard dick in my mouth and the taste of his juice.

Well, he fucking freaked. He phoned me at home. “Are your folks there?”

“Nope. Hi, by the way. You get my mail?”

“Are you out of your fucking skull, Cody? Huh? How the fuck can you write about that stuff?”

“Whoa! Sorry. Fucking hell, I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“Hey, I know how you feel about me, and I love you, too, and I enjoy being close to you but I don’t want you fucking talking about it. OK?”

“OK, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sure you are, Cody. Do you get off writing that shit? Huh? Jack yourself at the comp after writing all that crap?”

“I just wrote how I felt.”

“About my cock in your mouth? Are you mad?”

“Calm down. I hear you.”

“Yeah … whatever. You really know how to piss me off. Know that?”

“I said I’m sorry. What else must I say?”

“Say goodbye. I’ll chat to you sometime.”

“Wait a sec …..”

The [phone] line was dead, and I went into a total fucking downer – again. And the only other time he’s phoned was about [the terrorist attack on] New York, and then he sounded like he was on something, anyway.

My dad seems to think that he won’t see the end of this [terrorism] in his lifetime. How shit is that?

We have our own drama here. Cape Town has a very large Muslim population and everyone is suspicious of everyone else, and wondering what sides are going to be taken when something starts happening. We worry about more bombings in the city maybe – targeting places like McDs and KFC. Like the Planet Hollywood bombing. Planet Hollywood has closed down now but I think that’s a worldwide thing cos they were losing money or something like that.

Paul wants to join the army if anything starts. [Interesting. I wonder if he was part of the British contingent in Iraq]. He says that it shouldn’t be too hard for him to volunteer. Mark? [Paul’s younger bro who had a major drug problem after moving to England]. He has his good days and bad days – more good days now according to Paul.

Saw your pic that you put up with the two little guys. On the Cody’s Pad page I put a pic that TJ sent me of an eagle. You can grab it and use it if you want. I cried when I saw it.

I worry about guys like Wingnut. Will he and his friends end up in an army fighting an enemy that they cannot see in a country that they don’t belong to? My dad often speaks about the war on the Namibia/Angola border that SA fought. He lost a good friend during the fighting. What for?

There’s no fucking surf in Afghanistan. Shit!

I haven’t read all you wrote about this yet, G. I’m still trying to make it real to myself.

I found out something from a Muslim girl who’s a friend of Steph. Did you know that if a Muslim is sitting down and a funeral procession passes by – it could be Muslim, Christian or Jewish – that according to their religion they have to stand and show respect?

What is this [terrorist] madness all about? I’d like to say ‘heaven knows’ but now …….

A lot of us are just waiting now, and we’ll take it from there.

I haven’t read your mail yet. Will, though – promise.

Sunny and awesome day in Cape Town. Really totally outasight.

Nothing much is new – just getting on with things. Haven’t been on the net for a while, and now I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I’m gonna haveta try and get on sometime this weekend, especially to see what cool rude dudes you’re posting. :) And also to check out the World Boys.

On the sex front? Well, it’s all pretty quiet. Only made love to Steph once and Wingnut twice. Like I say, pretty boring. Hehehehe. Fuck, I can just hear you mouthing off there. Shuddup. Hehe.

The best was with Steve cos I slept over at his place on Saturday night, and we got assholes and adventurous. Got into a wrestling thing and had to try and get your opponent down, and try and get your stiffy into his crack. Once there, he had to submit doggy style. So I lost – more out of just total exhaustion cos we were at it for almost a half hour, and I was totally stuffed without any more energy. I think Steve was terrified that I was gonna hurt him in that situation, though, so he fought like a fucking bull.

The rest of the night we spent having sex every hour almost. We giggled cos we battled to get our boners going towards the end, and we were sucking each other’s limpies to get something going. It was cool, though. We don’t really get a chance to get that crazy that often, so that’s Steve and me. When we do get a chance, we know where it’s headed.

Wingnut. Well, the first time was me giving him a BJ in his bedroom while I was supposed to help him with his studies. Clearing his head – so to speak. No, his mom wasn’t around. Jacked him off, and then be bitched cos he juiced all over his top. The best was feeling him squirm, and those cute muscles contorting while I cleaned him off in my mouth.

The other time was in the swimming pool at home with both of us naked and jacking around. We went down in a 69 in the pool just floating around. Every now and again we would come up for air. I’d done that once before with Steve, but with Wingnut it was a bit more special. I dunno – I’ve got a love spot for him which scares me cos I know that to him our sex is a major game right now.

He’s starting to pop in more regularly now again, too. Tries to come in every day when I get home [from work] to say hi, or the two of us will go surfing if it’s working. He’s got a nice group of friends now, though, and he and Jason are pretty tight. Wingnut doesn’t say too much about their goings on but I’m guessing that when they get a chance they do a Steve and Cody – ‘cept for the rosebud bit.

Mark? Who the fuck knows? I go through stages when I think I’m handling him being away, and then I think of us together and get all depressed. Everytime he phones, and I put the phone down [after the convo] I feel totally lost. It’s not a sex thing. It’s way beyond that with Mark. I’m seriously in love with him and he knows that, but I’m also honest enough to know that nothing is gonna come of it.

Steph and me? Probably getting too damn serious about each other at the moment. Steph feels about me what I feel about Mark. I do love her but it’s different if you can catch the drift. The other night we were getting off in the pizza joint. She was massaging my boner with her foot, and I ended up shooting my load in my jeans. And then we went to the movies. Don’t fucking laugh. Do you have any idea what it’s like when you’ve got a truckload of cum getting all syrupy inside your boxers? It’s fucking gross, and starts to smell – that smell that gets all the girls in the joint playing with themselves, and they don’t know why. Steph was pissing herself laughing throughout the movie, with me trying to get her to shut up. Wingnut pissed himself when I told him, but by then I was laughing as well cos I could see how funny it musta been. That was the day we ended up in the pool. Wonder why. :)

How’s the house hunting going? Hopefully, OK. I guess it’s a big thing moving around like that. Glad they sorted your site out. The guy here at the internet café said they were hit by a virus as well, and they were closed for two days before allowing people to use the email systems. Now they’ve updated all their virus alarm engines or something.

The talk over here is still about the States [and the attack on the WTC towers] but that’s to be expected.

I just wanted to letya know that I’m still OK. Hope everything is good with you, G.

Hiya Gary,

I’ll writeya soon, but I wanted you to have this to give to our bud [October 20].


Hiya Gary,

Taree sounds like some magic word, like something out of ‘A Town Like Alice’. You Aussies know how to give places kiff names. I know that this is close to something that you have been talking about for years now, and I hope that it turns out to be closer to what you want to end up with. I’m chuffed that you like the ‘secret’ background in the Kot pic – hehehe. Fact is, I look at pics of Kot’s boner, especially the close-up ones where he’s got a skin-stretcher, and I figure that his boner should be modeling condoms or something – or stretching lycra Speedos :) cos he’s got a really good looking dick. Now I’ve got a boner. Thought I’d just share that with you.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to sit down and relax and just write stuff [to you]. The guy here at the net café said he figured I’d died or something.

I’ve had some scanned letters from a guy [named] Kim who writes to you. Haven’t had a chance to reply to him yet but it’s pretty cool. I dig it when people massage my ego. :) Well, amongst other things. But I’ve got Wingnut, Steve or Steph to do that.

Mark is doing really well and enjoying himself. He and Candy have really got a tight relationship now, and I even spoke to her on the phone the other day when she was with him. She sounds really cool, but you can hear that she sounds a helluva lot more mature than than any of the chicks we normally hang with … just the way she talks. And, fucking hell, has she got a sexy voice! Said Mark talks about me a lot and [she] needs to meet me sometime, and maybe she’ll drag Mark away from the yacht and the two of them will come to Cape Town in December. How cool is that?

Steph and I had a helluva scare a few weeks ago. She’d missed her period and we both freaked cos we thought she was pregnant. You’ve no idea how depressed I was. I never slept for two nights, and I cornered my mom and told her what was going on. I could see she wasn’t happy at all about it but said she wouldn’t tell my dad yet. When Steph had her period I couldn’t wait to let my mom know, and then she let me have it with both barrels. Told me how stupid I was to think that a condom would stop me making Steph pregnant, and asked if Steph was on the pill. That was the bust cos Steph is on the pill and we stopped using condoms ages ago. So you can imagine how I freaked out at Steph, and quizzed her about not forgetting to take them. We had a royal barney, the two of us, and then had royal sex – hehehehe. Steph and I have our best sex after our worst fights. Steph’s become pretty creative in her lovemaking, which is really outasight. [I wonder if your folks now wish that Steph had been pregnant with a little Cody. Oh, well… too late for that.]

So what else has been going on? Shit, I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I wrote to you [about a month]. Did I tell you about the fight that Wingnut got into at school? He was hit by a basketball in the quad and threw it over the fence cos he was mad. Two of the guys playing basketball climbed into him and really worked him over. His folks were really pissed off about it. I’ve got some Arnica oil that I use for muscle injuries and it takes bruises away as well. So I offered to massage him with it. Made him get totally starkers while I spent about an hour rubbing him down with the oil. Yep – including his dick. I didn’t know until then what a mess Arnica oil and cum make. Yuck!

Wingnut and I are really getting on too damn well. Our BJs are getting pretty regular, and it’s not me pushing. It’s coming from him. Oh, another thing I didn’t tellya; Candy gave him a birthday present that he’s not likely to forget in a hurry, either. She blew his lights out. The two of them got into the whole oral sex thing and he was giving it to her as well. No, he didn’t really like it that much but he says he enjoyed it cos it drove her totally wild, and to have her totally naked drove him mad [crazy]. They’ve got a pretty cool relationship building up. He says that she was drooling and telling him how macho he looked without his clothes on, and she never realized that a guy’s dick could look so cool. So where did she learn about BJs? She didn’t. They talked each other through it all, and he told her where he likes her to put her tongue, and she did the same thing.

For his birthday, I bought him a paira outasight baggies from the shop. They just hang on him, but the material is soft so it flows over his dick like silk, and it emphasises his narrow hips and broad shoulders, and it’s cool the way the lines from his hips disappear down into them. Now he lives in them. He is still one of the only dudes who still goes out [in the surf] without a wettie. Says the wettie made me a wuss, and he doesn’t want to be one. So when he does wear one – when it’s like half-inch cold – I take the piss outta him and he gets so damn mad.

“Cody, you can be such a cunt sometimes.”

Then he runs cos he knows I’ll clobber him [if I catch him], and he’s only a little shorter than me now, so I don’t hold back. Problem is he’s got such a short fuse that he loses it, and then tries to belt me around, and then I needle him until he’s almost in tears cos he gets so damn mad – hehehe.

“You’re cute when you’re mad, bro.”

“Fuck off, Cody.”

I spent the night at Steve’s for his birthday. It wasn’t as wild as the previous time. We just got down and naked. Steve’s dick is starting to look like a long, thick, bloated sausage. I told him he’s deformed. He said he’d shove his deformity up my ass but I rather jacked and blew him. Much more fun to see him squirm before he jets his load.

Things are pretty laid back at the moment. Had a cool dawn patrol with my dad the other day. We haven’t done that in ages and it was really awesome. It was good to see him relax a bit cos he’s been stressing quite a bit recently.

Anyway, G, I’m not even sure when you’re gonna get this [mail] cos you’re probably moving [house] or something. Enjoy the new place. TAREE. Sounds just like your kinda place. GAREE!! Actually, I know that when you get there you’re gonna give the place some class. So go for it!

Your friend,

That was October 26, 2001. The last mail Cody wrote me. Eight days later he was killed.

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