June 2003

This is one from me, Gary. Just a thanks again for last year. Also the Cody Wall game is a gift to Mr B readers. You can list the items and they can find them. Itís a huge thing but there is a thumb as well.

Have a good one
Peace, Love, Respect

Thanks a stack, Steve. Iím sure MrB readers will have a bit of fun with this. Blondie showing his boxers? Hmmm. And Steph? I think youíre being a tease, mate. Anyway, readers, below is the thumbnail. Click on it to get to the full-size pic. Then swap between that window and this to check the find-list and look for the clues. Some of them are easy, and some are not. Good luck!


01. Icarus
02. Diver - diving away from you into pool
03. Compass
04. Cody and Mark boxing
05. Cody leaning against his cupboard
06. Codys folks vehicle emblem
07. Endless Summer
08. Gymnast
09. Wanker
10. Levi posing with loin cloth
11. Lovers kissing
12. Cockhead
13. Dawn Patrol
14. Mark cheering - Ill leave you guessing
15. Note from the Codeman
16. Diver into pool - abs facing you
17. Steph :) This is the hard one and yes it is her
18. Mark facing his future
19. Nudy cute leaning on wall
20. Skateboarder on wall
21. Nudie relaxing on wall
22. Teen bodybuilder, posing
23. Glove
24. Cody Angel
25. Table Mountain
26. Diving for backstroke
27. Biplane
28. Diving into pool ?
29. Pool of brew
30. Blondie showing his boxers :)
31. Surfer Air
32. Lovers BJs
33. Cody Santa
34. Mr B
35. Cody Tarzan
36. Codys World emblem
37. Cool fucking pecs in b&w


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