Number 1 - January 12, 2000

I often get email asking me about The Captain, aka Kyle in the stories and Cody in real life, so I figured I'd interview the scallywag. I've never 'spoken' to The Captain on IRC, so this interview is not 'live'. I wish it were, but I think The Captain is happy to have me at an arm's length -- the old man from across the sea, sitting in his rocking chair on the verandah. Yeah, right. How am I supposed to bang a keyboard while I'm in a rocking chair? Bloody kids! Anyway, this interview will undoubtedly attract further curiosity and questions which I will accept, collate and use for the next interview, and so on. The reason I've used this pic from Cody's web page is that his face says it all - cute, cheeky and lovable. If I'm really, really, really, REALLY nice, he might send me the original so that I can use it here. Meantime, enjoy the mind of this most remarkable young man. MrB

MrB: I met you online two years ago after I'd seen your email on Damian's Boygodz site. You'd apologized for pretending to be an American when, in fact, you were from South Africa. Your apology certainly struck a chord with me, and prompted me to write you. Can you tell me why you'd posed as a teen from Tennessee?

Captain: ive always fancied livin in the states - so i kinda lived out a fantasy. when i first got access to the net i thought that american teens preferred chattin to other american teens. i wanted to make friends - i realised l8er that this was not the right way to go about it. besides - i thought damian and tj were fuckin hunky and i wanted them to be my friend - i also realised that if they found out i was lyin that our friendship would end and i didnt want that.

MrB: You, Damian and TJ formed the EarthBoys. Why was that?

Captain: damian tj and me became very close friends in a short time and we decided to cement it by formin the earthboyz. we disbanded it after it became so damn intense and stopped bein fun. damian had a fuckin good way with olive oil tho - aaaaggghhh!

MrB: You were the one to inspire me to begin writing Daniel's Diary, but I could never have anticipated the effect the stories would have on you. Why do you think you related so closely to Daniel?

Captain: i guess - besides the fact that daniel has more sex than anyone on the whole planet - a lot of my own experiences were used in daniels diary but the way you wrote about how daniel got over a lot of his hangups and probs helped me a lot. i thought of daniel almost as a brother because of how much the same we are. he also has a lotta respect for friendships and he has the same personal probs that a lotta teens have - and i know ive had.

MrB: You and I have a very special friendship. Can you describe it?

Captain: archeology was never one of my fav subjects till i met you - now i reckon fossils arent so bad - hehehe. friendships are often hard to describe - most times theres just one little thing you like about someone and you feel closer to them than others. like tj, mark, steve and wingnut - each one of them has got somethin special that i like about them - which makes each of those friendships unique. my friendship with you really got off the ground when i saw how much you helped other teens through your stories. your no bullshit tude also appealed to me - sometimes you are fuckin impossible cos you expect people to have the same standards that you set yourself - but i think weve helped each other to see past the faults of other people and ourselves and weve taken the best from each other and built a foundation from the good stuff. mmm quite a sturdy buildin. besides - you make me laugh and you can be soooooo fullashit sometimes - ok a lotta times. the other important thing youve taught me is that life is fulla hills and valleys and that theres always good things down the road - sometimes just down the passage :) most importantly - youre always helpin people - that makes anybody pretty damn special.

MrB: I admire many things about you -- your loyalty to your friends, the way you make friends easily, your love of the outdoors, the respect you have for your folks, your sense of humor and fun. What kinda influences do you think have made you the person that you are?

Captain: one thing my folks taught me - respect everyone. i also see the way my dad chats to the old fisher folk and how they joke and laugh together. my folks also have a love for the outdoors and my dad surfs - this has all rubbed off. ive also been encouraged to be very sporty - especially water sports like swimmin and surfin. this was a way to interact with other people as well. i guess my first friend paul was also a huge influence on me - even more so after we found out that we could be pretty natural about the sex we had - which only went as far as blowjobs - and the closeness we felt for each other. he also got me my first lay with a female - ok so she was a slut but what a fuckin experience.

MrB: You once came very close to suicide, or "offing yourself" as you put it. What is your message to other teens who might consider suicide?

Captain: well unless youve come close to doin somethin like that youll never know just how fuckin down you are at the time - and just how close you are to doin the most drastic thing ever - so down that you dont think str8 - fuck you just dont think. as soon as you feel like that - call a friend - your folks - anyone. you need to know that theres always somethin to live for and that theres always someone out there for you.

MrB: During the two years that you and I have known each other, you have shared with me practically every detail of your life so that I could then share it with my readers. Why did you choose to reveal so much about yourself to me, knowing that I would write about it?

Captain: well i guess that seein the way that youve written the stories and the way that it has helped a lotta guys is one of the reasons. youve always shown that theres a way to ride out the shitty things that happen in life. i think also that theres other things out there besides drugs and sex - like - celebratin life itself. every single day there is at least one little thing that should bring a smile to your face - i like the idea of sharin those positive things with people. ok - youve heard a lot of the shitty things as well but youve always emphasised the positive stuff.

MrB: When you read my stories, and recognize a part of yourself in some of the characters, how does that make you feel?

Captain: well i guess id be lyin if i said it didnt give me a big head (THE OTHER HEAD :). i also lost count of the number of times i hadta shove toilet paper in my briefs to stop the precum from soakin thru my school pants.

MrB: Obviously, you have a lotta fans who admire you, and wish they could be like you. What do you have to say to them?

Captain: when i was a little cody i believed in santa claus. i think that daniel and kyle are like a santa claus for teens - it gives them somethin to believe in. the most important thing is to believe in yourself. you say there are teens that would like to be me or kyle or daniel - all i can say is - be yourself cos youre your own best friend.

MrB: Since you and I have become such great friends, what do you have to say about the so-called generation gap?

Captain: i think the generation gap was thought of by older folks who didnt know how to communicate with teens - or who couldnt bother to give us the time of day. i think people across generations can care a lot for each other. its not so much understandin each other whether old or young - its acceptin that every person is different. i think teens get on a lot better with old folks today than when our folks were teens. i think teens communicate better with their folks nowadays as well - at least i do.

MrB: You've demonstrated that you're physically attracted to both males and females of your own age group. How do you define human sexuality?

Captain: well im not an expert on sexuality. i think its also important not to confuse sex with love or infatuation. im infatuated with the hunks that i see pics of and goodlookin film stars. the first time my girlfriend and me had sex we had already been goin out for ages - we didnt just have sex - we made love. steve and me dont just blow each other - we enjoy feelin close - explorin each other - talkin - feelin each others skin up against each other - we make love. both steve and my girlfriend make me feel good about myself and i hope i do the same for them. i think steves different - he'll screw anythin in a skirt no matter how old she is - for him its another conquest - i cant do that. i think sex is the need to feel special and make someone feel special - cos they are.

MrB: Another thing I really admire about you is the fact that you're happy to be the person you are. And, I must say, you've made me happy to be who I am. What do you have to say about that?

Captain: well we all go thru this thing about wantin to be someone else - fuck id love to have a bod like steve or mark but i know thatll never happen. id like to be like tj - i know thatll never happen. id like to be able to surf like kelly - no chance. sooner or l8er youve gotta accept that you are who you are - screw people who wantya to be somethin that they think you should be.

MrB: You've had your fair share of ups and downs, some of which you haven't been able to discuss with your folks. How important is it to have a confidant outside of the family circle, or even in cyber space?

Captain: i think its important to have someone you can offload to. a lotta time the stuff you wanta talk about cannot be discussed with your friends at school - so cyber friends are great - especially when they understand where youre comin from. i guess im lucky that ive got steve who i can talk to as well - after ive swallowed - i hate talkin with my mouth full ;) its also important to be able to listen - even if you dont understand or like whats bein said - everyone needs someone who will listen sometimes. its when people stop listenin that the problems start.

MrB: I've run outa questions for the moment. Is there something else I should've asked you?

Captain: hehehe the question a lotta dudes ask me. the answer is just over 6 inches hard and cut :) and yes - i swallow. no i havent done anal. yes i have a girlfriend and a boyfriend. no i havent eaten pussy - not so sure that im into that kinda seafood. i jack off at least twice a day if i havent had a bj or sex. used to be briefs but now boxers - preferably boxer briefs. no im not out - im not about to label myself while im still confused about my own sexuality.

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