The Cody Tribute Movie

July 2003

Hey, Code, youíre in the movies! Greg from Texas has made a Cody Tribute Movie. Actually, itís not so much a movie as a series of stills that dissolve from one to the next, accompanied by music from one of your fav movies, Titanic.

Hi Greg. The vid is fucking amazing and brought a huge lump to my
throat. A million memories came flooding back to me. The big one
didnt come thru cos my mail size is limited with outgoing and
incoming stuff. So thanx for making it smaller. It is still amazing.
Im not sure when Ill get a chance to upload it. Is it possible to
get it to Gary and ask him to put it with Cody Stuff on Mr.B? I think
Code would be pretty stoked with what you did.

Thanx bro
Peace, Love, Respect - Always

If the embedded player above did not load in your browser,

Click here to download a copy the Cody Tribute Movie  (Requires Windows Media Player)

And hereís something that Richie wrote:


Please, if you can... forward my huge thanks and compliments for Greg in Texas for putting together that incredible little movie tribute... maybe little, but gigantic in awesome quality and that wonderful sweet music. That was so incredibly great. Absolutely kiff to the core. The music and the classic images were stunning.

Unlike Steve.... it did not QUITE bring a lump to my throat. More like... it made me a lump. I'm not writing this to provoke any melancholia for you... just how I felt about it. I watched it maybe 6 or 7 times... and probably lost count.

The first time or two... simply stunned at the things I was seeing, and wanted to view it again. The next two... I was getting really in tears about some stuff, and past Dawn Patrol and that pic of Cape Town and the Cape Peninusula... I pretty much just lost it. The next round I was crying my eyes out, and feeling some total gut and soul wrenching grief which I don't think I have had since I learned of Codes passing.

I tried to remember my own words about a celebration of a LIFE LIVED... and that helped me to find some things to remember and smile about. Maybe the visual imagry was more powerful than I'd thought. The Kid in the Treehouse.... the life and times, wonderful graphics, and "watching over you". That was just a brilliant tribute that Greg put together.

Well, I don't know exactly how it made you feel, Gary... but I gotta damn good guess. Understand, yes... I understand.

That WAS a tribute... nothing commercialized in the least. Thanks, Greg... you did awesome. And to Steve for helping it make it to the rest of us. And you, Gary. Thanks.


And a huge thanks to Greg for going to the trouble of doing something so wonderful for my scallywag mate. Hey, Code, Iím not the only one who loves you a stack. We all do, strangers and friends alike. You really are One Awesome Dude. MrB

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