The Continuum
by Cody
 (for my friend Gary – the old fossil of Oz)

Shiny skin,
Flying –
Muscles taut –
A foot movement,
Direction change,
Hit the lip and turn,
Bottoms up,
Floater comin’
Glide and Zip
Matted hair dripping,
A hand clears the vision,
A golden vortex appears,
Fly in fly in…
The voices call.

A careful balance,
Sturdy feet,
Cover up

The hush
The whisper of the gods
The solace
The friendship
The roar and rumble
The rush of air
The take-off and spit-out.

My arms raised in triumph.

I have not conquered the wave,
She has allowed me to experience her thrill
Once more.

My blood racin’
My stick stylin’
A wavin’ hand
A smile

From a friend.
In the surf?

A friend in the spirit,
Across the wide wide sea.
I see him and he sees me.

The old man of the sea?
A friend in the spirit,
But - he does see
Right inside of me.

The wave peels,
The concentration falters,
The sand below,
Over the falls.

I hear my friend,
It won’t be the last –
The pain and the hurt,
But learn you will.

My eyes cast out –
I see him,
My invisible friend
Across the sea.

I reach out.
The golden wave tumbles,

I turn,
This is where you left off -
I hear the voice say –
Don’t start over..
Start from here.

My arms move
The stick starts flyin’
A push,
My feet stand firm,
A vortex appears…

Yes – this is it –
The continuum of nature
The continuum of life.
Another challenge –
and yet another.

I look over my shoulder
at my invisible friend
He sits on the chair on his verandah.
He smiles –
I smile back, the Captain of my stick.

A voice calls out…
Write your name, Cody –
Write your name upon the waves –
And find the solace you so crave.

Thanks, my friend.
The surf is my haven and my inner thoughts but,
my solace comes from knowing you.