Awesome Old Dude Award
(by TX Greg)  June 2010

And presenting tonight's award please welcome......Daniel!

Hi ladies and gentlemen, oh yeah you too B. Wow, B I didn't know you owned a tie.

Very funny Daniel. And I'm surprised you didn't embarrass me by wheeling out here naked waving a boner around the stage.

Not tonight B. This is your night.

Then get on with it Daniel. I left Bluey running, you know I got a Odyssey to start.

Ok, ok. Chill B.

Tonight on behalf of all the peeps that have crossed your way, Cody, Steve and the hundreds of others, I have the great honor to present this award. This award is inspired by Cody's own words "Awesome Old Dude". Thru out the years the highs, the lows,...the laughter, the tears,...the scallywags,...the rockets up the ass,... the Cya L8er's have been there behind that keyboard pecking away zillions of words to share with us. And for that...Thank You B!!!

As you embark on your new odyssey, yes one door closes yet another door opens. A new morning, a new adventure. We all wish you a happy and safe journey.

I'd like to conclude with a quote from Steve,

"Peace, Love, Respect"

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