Part 10

I was totally pissed that mom had offered to babysit my cousin Sam when aunt Sue and uncle Bob arrived unexpectedly at the door after dinner. They were off to celebrate their wedding anniversary. What pissed me even more was that mom said Sam could sleep over in my room. Sam was a little shit. It was gonna be a fucked night.

I was at my comp when the kid walked into my room.

"Knock first, dude."

"This is my room, too," he pouted. "I'm allowed to sleep here. Your mom said so."

"Not yet, you’re not. I'm doing some private stuff, dude. Go back and watch the tube with mom for a while."

The little shit closed the door and left me alone to write to Kyle. I included the last of my cum pics with the email and sent it off. I figured he'd be jacking himself stupid when he saw them. I checked out his pic again and wondered if those awesome lips would soon be wrapped around my boner in Cape Town.

After answering my other emails, including Mike's, I surfed the Net for a while looking for rad nudies. I found a few and felt like changing my oil but that turd, Sam, would be returning any minute now. I decided to use up my energy working out with the chest expander instead. Then the kid came in and closed the door behind him.

"What are you doing?"

"Making donuts."

"Do you always work out in the nude?"

"This is my room, kid. I work out in the nude and sleep in the nude. I even piss in the nude so you'd better keep your distance."

"You've got big muscles."

Saying thanks would have been too hard to handle. I ignored him and kept working out.

"Is that a boner."

"If it were my boner, Sam, there wouldn't be enough room in here for the three of us."

The thought of my thick, five inches on the slack growing even bigger had obviously blown him away. The shit sat on his bed and watched me while his green eyes devoured my body. I didn't like him, but I had to admit that he had a cute face, with long, straight, blonde hair that made him look kind of girly.

I worked a little harder to show off my muscles because I liked being admired, even by a turd like him.

"Can I touch it?"

I wanted to say no. On the other hand, I also wanted to see his jaw drop. The fact that I didn't answer him didn't stop him from sitting on the floor in front of me as I kept working out. His fingers began investigating my meat. He wasn't satisfied with just feeling my cock, though -- his fingers ran around my hangers as well. I concentrated hard on my exercises to stop from getting a boner.

"I wish I had pubes too."

"You wish you had a cock, period."

Sam got out of his boxers and revealed his hard, four inch weenie. I threw the chest expander on the bed.

"Go back to what you were doing, kid, and I'll show you what a real boner looks like."

The kid ran his fingers lightly up and down my semi, then down and around my balls. In less than five seconds, my beef was at its proudest, stretching to its full length of seven inches and standing straight up. The kid's eyes bulged.

"Wow! That's so awesome, man."

He was absolutely correct. Not too many dudes of my age could claim a cock like mine.

"That's it, Sam." I jumped on my bed and got ready to turn off the bed light. "Show's over, dude."

It took a moment or two before the kid could drag his peepers away from my cock. Then he turned and headed for his bed. After I'd switched off the light, I was totally pissed that I couldn't give myself a hand job with that little asshole sharing my room.

I'd been asleep for maybe an hour when something woke me. Sam's shadowy figure was leaning over my bed. I closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep.

I felt his feather-light fingers in my patch of blonde pubes as his other hand lightly caressed my semi. Pretty soon my dick was as hard has hell. I kept my eyes closed because I didn't want the little shit to know that I was aware of what was happening. I figured it would be his fault.

I felt his tongue licking my nads, then work its way up the muscle on the underside of my meat. He did that a couple of times before his tongue licked around the ridge of my head and over my piss hole. I heard him swallow. It had to be pre-cum because I hadn't blown -- yet.

He must've been pretty confident that I was asleep because I felt my cock go into his warm, wet mouth. He had a wide mouth with prominent lips. They were doing a fine job of clinging tight to my shaft as his young, blonde head bobbed up and down, while his hand kept massaging my balls. Finally, his tongue had thrilled my swollen head to the point where I could hardly stand it any longer.

Keeping the screams in my mind from exiting through my mouth was almost impossible. I had to grit my teeth as my hot boy juice escaped from my nuts in a rapid frenzy of jets. Every muscle in my body was rigid. My exploding meat was still in his mouth as my cock's fury eventually subsided, and I heard the kid swallowing my thick, sticky juice.

Next morning, Sam insisted that if we didn't use the bathroom together we'd be late for school. After he'd watched me piss, I stepped into the shower, leaving the door open so that he could see me soap myself up. "Suffer, you little shit," I thought.

Paul and I rode our BMXs to school while mom drove Sam back to his place. Paul couldn't believe everything that had happened to me yesterday. First of all the coach, then Sam.

"Shit, man, I only get to jack off during the week."

"It's Friday, Paul. You're sleeping over again tonight. Right?"

After swim training, the coach approached me and took me aside. He put his hand gently on my shoulder. "Listen, Daniel. I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. I feel really guilty about it, especially with my being the coach and all. I'm supposed to have a professional responsibility to you guys. What I'm trying to say is that I'd like to apologize."

I'd noticed Paul watching us even though he was too far away to hear us. He was wearing a big smirk on his mischievous face.

"K, coach. It's not a problem. I don't even know what you're talking about."

The coach smiled at me, turned away and raised his voice. "K, team, that's it for this week. Remember to practice in your pools at home. See you Monday."

On the way home with Paul, I told him how I wished there was a pool at my place, but that I knew mom couldn't afford one.

"Freddie's got a pool," Paul smiled."Maybe we can get him to invite us over on the weekend!"

"Last one home's an asshole," I said as I sped off on my BMX and left Paul in my wake. Paul was only a couple of seconds behind me as we rode up the drive and dropped our bikes on the front lawn.

"Hi, mom."

"Hi, boys."

As soon as our school bags had hit the floor, I opened the fridge and we drank our usual quota of milk.

"There's a letter for you, Daniel. It's got Thompson Productions printed on the front."

I opened the envelope and saw the check for $100. "Woohooooo!" I read the accompanying letter. "Hey, mom! George says the ad starts on TV Friday. That's today! And he says he was so impressed he wants to give me more work!"

I handed mom the letter, then watched her eyes scan it.

"Daniel, that's fabulous news! I'm so proud of you!" Mom handed the letter to Paul, then gave me a huge hug.

Sure enough, during the first ad break on the 4:30 afternoon show, the ad for Burger Palace came on. We were all glued to the TV screen. It was totally awesome to see myself on the tube.

"You look very professional, Daniel," mom commented proudly.

"I've seen better," Paul joked.

I dove on top of him and we wrestled on the carpet. Mom just sighed "boys!" and went out to water the garden before sunset. Meantime, I'd pinned Paul's arms to the floor and sat on his chest.

"You've seen better?"

He smiled up at me with his adoring blue eyes, and wore that mischievous look again. "Not really."

I made Paul kiss the crotch of my baggies before I got off him and went to the phone. I punched in Freddie's number. Freddie said it was cool to come over and use his pool tomorrow. His parents would be out for the day.

"What's for dinner, mom?"

"Well, since it's such a special occasion today, what with your TV success and everything, how about we order pizza delivered? There's plenty of ice cream in the fridge for dessert. And it'll save you boys from having to wash the dishes."

"You're the coolest, mom."

Paul and I used the time before the pizza arrived to fire up the comp in my room and download email.
hiya daniel,

is paul there with you? prolly is cos it's friday and i know what you guys get up to on fridays hehehe

i gotta tell ya, those pics of yours are WAY FUCKIN COOL!!! i musta wanked 3 times today already. the way you shot your load at the camera was A W E S O M E!

got any more? hehehe
8============> -----
your friend
I replied to Kyle's email and told him that we didn't have Paul's digital camera this weekend, but that he'd get to see plenty of live stuff when I landed in Cape Town.

I arrived at the front door and turned the lock. Fuck! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Kyle's email about the blonde pizza boy zapped through my mind. I took the pizza box off the guy and handed him the money mom had given me.

"Thanks," he said as he flashed his perfect teeth.

He was blonde and sort of late teens. He was wearing a tight t and jeans just like the one in Kyle's story. He turned around, jogged back to his car and sped off to the next customer.

By the time we'd almost finished the pizza, the Burger Palace ad came on the TV again. The three of us watched it. It was still totally awesome to see myself on the tube. Mom made a big fuss about me again before Paul and I went back to my room. I locked the door in anticipation of what might happen.

"Hey, man, can I see those pics I took of you last weekend?"

Paul took off his clothes as I clicked the mouse. I got naked too. We both had boners.

"They're way wicked, Daniel. Raddest pics I've ever seen. I'm so fucking horny after just wanking all week. I want something real."

"You do, huh? Well, man, I don't feel in the mood right now."

"What the…!!?? C'mon, Daniel, I'm busting for sex, specially with you! It's been ages, man."

"Maybe later."

"Don't gimme that shit, you fucking tease."

"Would I lie to you, dude? Besides, I wanna work out first."

Paul sat on the floor soaking up every move I made as I worked out. My cock was about two-thirds hard and bounced around like a frisky pony. The kid stroked himself just a little now and then so that he wouldn't shoot his load. He was saving it for later. When I was done, he stood up and grabbed the chest expander.

"Lemme see if I can do what you do."

I sat on the floor and watched him. Paul was pretty well built. He had a nice, lean, tanned body with plenty of muscle definition. His brown, fleshy nipples were perfectly placed on the outer corners of his pecs. His armpits were creamy colored and almost hairless. I couldn't help getting mighty hot and it showed.

"See, man," Paul giggled, "you're not the only one who's fucking awesome."

Paul threw the chest expander on the spare bed, then jumped on mine. I stood over him and ordered him to roll over onto his chest. I laid down on top of him and felt my boner press between his ass cheeks. His jet black hair smelt sweet and horny.

"Are you gonna fuck me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Not sure, man. It's a bit scary."

I figured Paul wasn't ready to have his virgin hole plugged just yet, so I settled for fucking the crack of his ass. I kept rubbing my fat seven between his firm globes while I inhaled the natural perfume of his hair. It totally ruled! Then he turned his head to one side and I licked the cavities of his ear. By then, my throbber was ready to explode big time. My breathing became rapid and incredibly intense.

I grabbed hold of Paul's shoulders as my boy juice shot out of my beef with a vengeance. How I wished mom wasn't home so my moans could have been shouts. I blew about six or seven sticky wads before my entire dead weight flopped on top of him, exhausted. We laid there for a minute enjoying the touch of our bodies. Then I asked him to kneel on the mattress and spread his buns before I licked my cum off them. Fortunately, there was a bit stuck to his cute, pink hole. I licked it out.

"My turn, Daniel."

I did as he asked and propped myself up on a couple of pillows at the head of the bed. He wanted to straddle my chest and fuck my face like Freddie had done that time when they were mad at me. That sure was an amazing turning point in my young life. I took off my bball cap and threw it on the spare bed.

Paul wanted to tease me, and maybe himself as well. He let his hard six inches hover over my face for a while and watched his pre-cum slowly drip onto my lips before I licked if off. He smiled, and I couldn't help smiling back.

He took his cock in his hand and rubbed his wet knob over my eyelids, nose, down my cheeks and across my lips. I could feel his pre-cum evaporating and cooling my skin. It smelt delicious. Then he pounded my face with his rigid peter.

"You gonna suck me now, dude."

His voice was kind of menacing. He was obviously enjoying the power. I opened my mouth and felt his velvet meat slide between my lips and fill my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum was only a taste of what was about to come, I thought.

I kept my lips tight around his shaft and my tongue working his head as he rammed his pride and joy down my throat. I'd learned by now to control my gagging and to breathe through my nose. His grip on the back of my head assisted his pelvic thrusts as he fucked my face like it was gonna be his last. Soon, he started groaning.

His delicious jets of juicy boy milk flooded my mouth. I swallowed them all until his cock was spent, and started to go soft inside me. He held my face against his springy patch of black pubes while his balls rested on my chin. We stayed like that for maybe five minutes.

I liked the sex I'd had with everybody so far but, somehow, it was kind of more special with Paul.

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