Part 13

It felt really weird to be so fucking mad at those guys while laughing my tits off at the same time. Maybe we were all crazy. That thought made me wonder how many other kids were like us. Were we some kind of aliens?

Freddie got up from the sofa and took a banana from the fruit bowl on the coffee table. Like all the other furniture in his folks' house, it looked way expensive.

Dick grabbed the banana from the kid before he'd gotten a chance to peel it. We watched Dick slowly peel the phallic fruit. It looked so damn horny, we all got instant boners.

The awesome blonde Adonis stood up and put the banana to his mouth, paused, looked at Freddie and smiled. There was obvious evil in his eyes. He placed the banana alongside his monster meat. His hard dick was almost twice as long, which made us all crack up.

Our jaws hit the floor when Dick put one foot on the coffee table and spread his buns. We watched as about an inch or so of the banana disappeared up his hole. About three inches of the white fruit was left protruding from his crack as he backed up to Freddie's face. Paul and I scrambled up close to Freddie so we could watch him eat it. Then Dick bent down and looked between his legs so that he could watch too.

Freddie leaned forward and nibbled a little bit of the fruit. It was an awesome sight. He bit off some more, chewed and swallowed. Eventually, he'd eaten all the way down to Dick's firm globes.

"Open up, Freddie."

Dick's hole spat the rest of the banana into the dude's mouth. He glanced around at us waiting for some kind of indication as to what to do next. We waited in silence. He eventually chewed it and swallowed it which caused us all to crack up something serious. What a fucking rad sight! The other three bananas in the fruit bowl immediately got put to good use.

When it came my turn to eat a banana, it was stuck in Paul's hole. I was kind of glad because he was pissed at me for liking Dick so much. I could see his upside-down face between his legs. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I was thinking how rad his upside-down grin looked when his hole fired the remainder of the banana into my open mouth. He watched me chew, then I returned his grin as I swallowed.

Dick ate the banana sticking out of Freddie's ass. Then he licked his hole. "I wanna put my own banana in there, dude," he laughed.

As Freddie got down on all fours on the floor, I led Paul out to the pool. It would've been way cool to watch Dick's throbber sliding in an out of Freddie's welcoming hole, but I had other plans.

Two splashes later, Paul and I were up to our tanned chests in the cool water while I wondered how long it would take for our boners to heat it up. I kissed him lightly on the lips, then turned him about-face. As I held his chest from behind, I felt my meat rub against his ass crack and send thrills up and down my spine. His pecs felt smooth and firm. His nipples were rock hard. My hands explored those small but solid muscles.

He lifted his feet off the floor of the pool and allowed my grip to prevent him from sinking. His legs parted. It seemed so natural for my throbber to slowly enter his hole as I whispered in his ear. "Paul, Paul, Paul."

"Fuck me, Daniel. I want you to fuck me."

This wasn't a time for jokes. I was as randy as hell. My hard beef slid in and out of his pinkie like it was tailor made for it. Paul helped by bouncing up and down on my seven inches. Fucking this dude in the water was an awesome experience. For some reason, the water splashing around us as we writhed and moaned seemed to double or even triple the thrill. I let out a long, loud groan.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Paul! Ahhhhhh! Paul! Paul! Ooooo!"

My grip around his chest must have practically crushed him as I rammed my exploding cock as far up his ass as I could. His hole squeezed tight around my shaft. My jets of electric boy juice seemed to last for ages. I wished they could have. That was a fucking wild way to steal my buddy's virginity.

When my deflating meat slowly slid out of Paul's ass, I looked at the water line to see if his hole was gonna drain the pool. The thought of standing in this huge, dry space cracked me up big time.

"What are you laughing at? Daniel? Answer me! DANIEL!!??"


"You called my name."


"When you were cummin'. You called my name. You said Paul a lot."

"I did.?" I knew I had but I wanted to tease him.

"Yeah, man! You screamed my name! Why'd you do that?"

I smiled at him. "Dunno, dude. Maybe I like you or something."

I felt the water rush over my head as he dunked me before I surfaced coughing and spluttering.

"What's happening guys?" Dick asked as he approached us.

"Did Freddie get to fuck you as well?" I laughed.

"Nah, man. I would've had to explain to his parents why he'd gone missing. But I gave him a blow he'll never forget. Tasted great too." Dick licked his beautiful lips as Freddie's grin threatened to split his face in half.

"Hey, you guys!" Paul yelled, "my fucking balls are still full of sticky boy cum!"

Dick got Paul to climb one of the lower branches of the grapefruit tree. It bent with his weight but held. He hung there like a sloth with his legs apart, resting his feet on two other branches to support him. For some reason, I noticed how sexy his toes were. The rest of his goodies were at perfect head-height for us.

I placed my face between his legs, wrapped my tight lips around his hard six inches and massaged his swollen head with my tongue. Dick licked his balls while Freddie sent his tongue on a mission of ecstasy up Paul's hole.

I'd just swallowed Paul's last jet of delicious cum when he lost his grip on the branch. In a split second we were a small mountain of writhing, giggling tanned skin on the green lawn.

"Daniel! When are you going to learn to drink milk out of a glass?"

"Sorry, mom."

"No, you're not." Her furrowed brow gave way to a smile and her voice softened. "And if you ever do use a glass I'll spank you."

"I'm too big for a spank," I laughed before planting a big, milky kiss on mom's soft cheek.


"What, dear?"

"When you and dad did ... I mean, like nine months before I arrived..."

"Are you asking me what I think you're asking me, Daniel?"

"I was just kind of wondering if it was like normal or whatever."

I thought mom would never stop laughing. She finally did.

"Well, I'm not sure of the exact time you were conceived, but I'd like to think it was the time your dad and I were skinny dipping alone in a friend's pool. And that's all I'm saying."

"K, mom."

My email to Kyle thanked him for his folks offering to billet me at his place in Cape Town for the school swim meet. I couldn't help imagining what might happen in his bedroom. I told him about what happened today at Freddie's pool and asked him to have a big bowl of fruit in his room when I got there.

About an hour later, after I'd finished my chest expander exercises, I received Kyle's reply.
hiya daniel,

WAY COOL! i loved all that stuff at freddies place - specially what happened in the pool with you and paul. and the bananas! awesome! did i tell you weve got a pool at our place? hehehehehe

i gotta ask you somthin - get pauls camera and take it to freddie's place. i gotta see that dick dudes dick. hehehe

your friend,
I laid naked on my bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about everything that had happened that day. It was way past midnight but I couldn't sleep. I glanced over to the open window and imagined Dick climbing in. He was such a rad dude. Then I got an idea.

I jumped off the window sill. My bare feet hit the stone path which I followed to the drive, then all the way to the front gate. I was starkers and had this enormous horn. Being totally naked and having a huge boner made it really exciting to be walking down the street. Most of the houses were in darkness but some still had on a light or two.

I stopped and looked up at the twinkling stars, then arched my back and pointed my throbber to the sky. "Check this out, dudes." I lifted my arms and spread my buns so that the cool night air could embrace my whole body. It felt so fucking awesome!

My heart stopped. A sudden shrill noise was instantly followed by the blur of a cat racing past me. A light came on. I heard an adult voice not far away.

"I'll kill that fucking cat!" it yelled.

I froze. The light went out. My boner was still as hard as a rock. Every nerve in my body was tingling with excitement. I walked on.

As I approached the intersection with all the street lights, I paused. "Should I?" I kept walking. My rock-hard meat was bouncing around like it had just won a free pass to Disney World. I walked across the pedestrian crossing under all the lights as though I was daring someone to bust me. This was so incredibly fucking wild!

I turned into the next street. The tall trees made it almost pitch black.

"Hey, man!"

I died. The voice spoke again.


I recognized the face as it emerged from the shadows.


"What the fuck are you doing?"

"What the fuck are YOU doing?"

"I felt like a walk."

"Me too."

"With no clothes -- 'cept your bball cap? And a boner?"

"Yeah. It's way cool. You wanna try it?"

Paul threw his jeans, boxers and t over his front fence. We walked down the street trying to get our boners to bounce in unison. The fact that we couldn't cracked us up something wicked.

"Do you really like me, Daniel?"

"I guess."

"How much?"

"Ask my cock."


"Kneel down and ask my cock. If you see pre-cum, you'll know I like you."

Paul sucked my head and swallowed. He stood up.

"That was a lot of pre-cum, Daniel."

I smiled.

We kept walking until the trees thinned out and there was more light. I grabbed Paul's arm.

"Wanna suck me, Sir Cock Sucker?"

"Here? It's too fucking light, man! We'll get busted!"

"Maybe. Remember what you said that time in the comp room at school?"

As Paul's awesome lips welcomed my swollen beef, I looked nervously around at the houses. This could have been a fucking stupid idea. But it heightened the excitement of Paul's busy tongue and soft gagging. He would have sucked my cock in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Not that we'd ever been there. But it kind of gave me an idea. Whoa!

Paul's tongue was just too much. My cock head exploded. I hoped my groans weren't as loud as they seemed to be. Every drop of my juice drained from my stiffened body and flooded into the dude's mouth. He lapped it up like a beggar's last meal. As I looked down, my solid meat sprang out of his mouth. It was always so damn cool to watch the way he enjoyed squeezing my knob to get the last precious drop of cum and eat it. He loved me.

"Why are we going back to your place?" he asked.

"You'll see."

We walked naked back to my house. Even though I'd shot my whole juicy load down that gorgeous kid's throat, I still managed to keep a respectable semi. Paul's boner was pointed at the stars as we walked back across the pedestrian crossing under the lights. When we'd arrived at my room, I climbed through the window but stopped Paul from following me.

"You want me to go home?"

"Nope. Just stay on the outside and poke your weenie in."

His eyes lit up as a huge smile spread across his face. "This is rad!"

I rested my arms on the window sill and let his hard six slide between my wet lips. I would have given my left nad to be outside so that I could see him fucking my face through the window. His boy taste soon became a series of hot jets as his wild cock head thumped the roof of my mouth. His fingers dug into my scalp. How I loved the taste of his cum. It was awesomely delicious. I swallowed every sticky drop.

"Can I borrow your Speedos or something?"


"But I can't go home like this!"

"You came here like that."

"Fuck you, Daniel!" He was still laughing like crazy as he disappeared down the drive and into the night.

I dropped my school bag on the kitchen floor and sat at the breakfast table.


"What, dear?"

"About dad's friends. Y'know, the ones who were kind of strange."

"You mean the gay ones?"



"What were they like?"

"Like? Well, they weren't like anything. I mean they were all different. Some were a bit effeminate...."

"What's effeminate?"

"Well, imagine the queen of England sounding like Lee Marvin, or the President sounding like Michael Jackson." Mom had to hang on to the fridge door to keep from falling on the floor. I cracked up too. "But most of them were just regular guys", she continued. "The one thing I did notice, though, was their sense of humor. They were often very funny. Maybe that's why your father liked them so much."

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