Part 15

Jo kept looking quizzically at Paul and me while she waited for us to react. We were like stuck in a VCR freeze-frame.

"Aren't you guys gonna skinny dip?"

We couldn't answer. Paul and I just swapped nervous glances.

"Listen up, you guys, I've seen more dicks than a doctor specializing in circumcision. So, chill. OK?"

She must've figured it was gonna take a few years before Paul and I chilled, so she took the initiative. She knelt down in front of me and began to pull down my Speedos. My seven inches jumped out like a bucking bronco from a holding pen. Paul's did the same, except his was only six inches of hot boy meat. She stepped back and eyed our trophies while Dick watched this whole whacky spectacle with an ear-to-ear grin.

"Happy now?" she giggled.

"What about you?" I blurted, managing to squeeze a faint squeak out of my pinhole of a throat.

"What about me?"

"Aren't you gonna skinny dip too?"

Jo looked nervously at Dick who then glanced at me. I began to get suspicious. I lifted Jo's top and watched two oranges fall to the floor and bounce. I ripped down her shorts and saw a cock, then grabbed the oranges and chased Dick through the back door.

We flew around the yard like a brown blur against a tropical green background. Every time I got close to Dick, the bastard would sidestep me. Jeez, he was fast!

He dove in the pool. I followed him and discovered pretty quickly that swimming with an orange in each hand wasn't the easiest thing to do. When he'd reached the other end of the pool, I turned back and exited from the steps in the shallow water. He was at one end. I was at the other. How the fuck was I gonna kill this fucking asshole?

Speaking of murder, Jo and Paul were standing under the pergola killing themselves laughing. Dick was doubled up from the pain of guffawing. I watched them for a few seconds, then relaxed and started whistling as I juggled the oranges. Pretty soon I was rolling on the grass, clutching my stomach. It was so damn fucking hilarious!

Jo was actually a very pretty boy. But, despite his somewhat girly looks, he had a cool, well-muscled body. He had a great personality, too. His face continually dissolved into an instant, wide smile as we chatted. He had those magic, black eyes that smiled, as well. My cock wanted to spend the rest of its life in his mouth.

Dick was eligible for a discount from the pizza joint where he worked. He'd phoned an order for two large supremes with extra everything for lunch, then wrapped a towel around his waist before answerering the door. We all sat in the front room and watched. I knew what was gonna happen because I'd told Dick about Kyle's pizza email. Dick opened the door as wide as possible so that we could all get a good view.

The delivery boy was kind of nerdy looking. He seemed like the type who'd shriek if his hand accidentally discovered his mom's underwear in the laundry dryer. Dick took the pizzas and asked the kid to come inside so that he could give him the bucks. The kid walked a few paces forward. We all sat there buck naked with our boners laying on our stomachs like it was an everyday thing, then said "hi" and waved.

"Hi, everyone," he said as he used a finger to stretch his collar and allow the steam to escape. "Pretty warm weather we're having, heh." His voice was incredibly nervous. His eyes didn't know where to focus. Well, they did, but he kept them busy trying to avoid our boners as best he could.

When Dick returned with the money, his towel fell to the floor before he casually stepped out of it. His monster beef was pointed at the ceiling. The pizza kid's eyes did a fast-forward trampoline trick, alternating between Dick's seven inches of steel and his Adonis eyes.

Dick 'accidentally' dropped the money. "Oops, sorry, dude." The pizza kid was down on his knees in an instant to retrieve it. His hands blindly searched the carpet while his bulging peepers remained riveted to Dick's enormous beef. His fumbling fingers eventually found the money and stuffed it in his shirt pocket. While his body rose, his eyes stayed where they were, focused on Dick's boner. He reversed out of the house, tripped, let out a high-pitched yelp and fell on his butt. Dick closed the door. We cracked up totally for at least ten minutes.

We took the pizzas out to the pergola by the pool. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a cloudless, blue sky. Meantime, Dick had stopped off in the kitchen to get some drinks. He arrived with two large bottles of Coke and a six pack of beer. I remembered the time Paul, Freddie and I had put cum on our pizza at home. I stood up with my boner hovering over the food while Paul began taking pics with the digital camera.

"Anybody for extra mozzarella?" I grinned.

We all took turns watching each other jack off and decorate the pizzas with our wads of cum. Jo's cock was maybe a little more than five inches but he blew quite a respectable load. I watched the swollen head of his cock as it jetted its six wads of sticky milk over the chilies and peperoni, then grabbed a piece with his juice on it. I reached for the Coke.

"Try a beer, Daniel."

"Pass, Dick. I've never tried it."

"Hey, dude. You've got pubes. Time for a beer."

The bitter taste didn't agree with me but I swallowed it anyway. The next sip seemed a little better. The third wasn't bad at all. The other guys grabbed a beer each. Pretty soon we were all a bit light-headed after washing the cum soaked pizza down our throats with the amber ale.

"I meant to tell you, Daniel," Paul said. "You've gotta watch showing off like that to the j/o club at school. You'll get busted for sure, man."

"Sure, Paul. One of the guys is gonna go tell his mom what happened. Get real."

"But what if one of the teachers walked in?"

"They don't come in to the showers. Anyway, if the coach saw me, he'd wanna watch."

I satisfied Jo's and Dick's curiosity by telling them about the show I put on for the j/o club. They made me promise a second performance that afternoon. A minute later, Dick and Paul jumped into the pool. I wanted to let the effect of the alcohol wear off first. Jo stayed with me.

"Do you work out?" he asked.

"Yeah. A bit."

"You're fucking awesome."

"Not as awesome as Dick."

"Yeah, but he's older."

"Hey, man, I'll catch up."

Jo told me how his parents had been killed in a car crash three years back. His uncle had raised him since then. A month ago they moved here. That's when he met Dick.

"I hate my uncle. He's never around, and when he is he's fucking pissed as a fart."

"What school do you go to?"

"I don't, man. I dropped out."

"At your age?"

"My uncle couldn't give a shit. Anyways, I can do what I fucking wanna. It's cool."

"That costs money."

"So, I make it." He paused. "I gotta dude who helps me out. He's my sugar daddy. He gives me a hundred to let him blow me."

I watched Paul and Dick having fun in the pool for a few seconds while I tried to come to terms with what Joe had just revealed. "I've heard about that kinda stuff. You're a rent boy."

"Nah, man. It's only George. He's OK. He's in the TV business. Makes ads and stuff."


"He's coming around here this afternoon. I need the bucks."

I got up to leave. "I'm outta here, man."

"Chill, dude. He honks his horn out front and we go for a drive. It's like it never happened. No biggie."

As the four of us fooled around in the pool for the next hour or so, I kept looking at Joe. His angelic face seemed way out of place for a rent boy, even if his only customer was George. The more I studied him, the more I liked him. His smile was magic and his laugh was infectious. There had to be an excuse for the stuff he did with George. After a while, we heard the car horn. Joe exited the pool, wrapped a towel around his waist and left. Dick swam over to me and roughed up my wet, blonde hair.

"Don't worry about it, man. You'll get used to the idea. He's a great kid."

About an hour later, Dick answered the door and returned with Joe. They joined Paul and me on the patio. Joe took off the towel and swivelled his hips so that his cock did an erotic dance. He hoisted five twenty-dollar bills proudly into the air.

"Hey, guys! Woohoo! One hundred big ones and I didn't have to do a thing! We couldn't find a place without people or traffic. He paid me anyway! Yes!"

I was glad. The thought of sucking his cock after it had been in George's mouth would have put me right off. I got an idea.

Dick did what I asked and brought a piece of black cloth from out of the house. I blindfolded him and used some rope to tie his hands behind his back -- the same rope he used to tie me up last weekend when they all pissed on me, the bastards.

I explained that this was my version of "pin the tail to the donkey" except it was called "stick your cock in the hole". The guys cracked up. This was gonna be rad.

Dick asked Paul to get more beers from the fridge. They'd help make us laugh a lot more, he explained.

We spun Dick around so that he lost his bearings, then stepped back and kneeled in a row. Our faces looked like those sideshow clown faces you throw balls at. Meantime, I was hoping that Dick's throbber would find my mouth.

The blind Adonis stumbled around crashing into things. He couldn't use his hands, so he had to rely on the rest of his body to find his way. He eventually found a clear space in front of his swollen seven and slowly pushed it toward us. He paused just inches from my face. I was dying to lick his pre-cum.

He moved ahead, an inch at a time, using his boner the way an insect uses its feelers. His pre-cum smeared over my cheek. Then he thrust his hardon forward and it grazed my ear. He pulled back and wobbled his awesome beef from side to side hoping to find something familiar. Its head touched my forehead, then my nose. It lost its way again and veered over to my other cheek. I was desperate to help but that would have broken the rules. I had to stay perfectly still. My face was wet with pre-cum. The other guys had closed their mouths 'cause it was over for them. While they watched, Paul grabbed the camera.

Dick suddenly had a bright idea. He arched his back slightly, moved his pelvis forward and sent his perfect hangers crashing onto my chin. His boy scent was heaven. Whoa! He then lowered his body so that his thick, hot shaft slid down my face. The moment his cock head was just below my top lip, I let his throbber glide into my waiting mouth until his nads rested on my chin and his blonde pubes were pressed hard against my nose. I was choking.

Paul and Jo cheered! But, they didn't waste a second. Jo licked Dick's hole while Paul's tongue worked its magic on the Adonis's balls.

Dick's throbber seemed to take up my whole damn mouth. My face felt so fucking full! He smiled every time he heard me gag. I knew he was aching to get his hands around my head, but the rope around his wrists stopped him. That made it all the more exciting! I moved my tight lips up and down his shaft, taking long strokes, and using my tongue to set his sensitive, swollen cock head on fire.

It was like New Year's Eve fireworks. Dick's awesome load of sticky cum jetted into my mouth and down my throat as he groaned with each massive wad. Every muscle in his body was strained. His juice tasted so fucking rad!

We all took our turns. Paul ate my boy juice while Dick licked my hole and Jo tongued my hangers. Dick swallowed Joe's load. Jo drank Paul's.

"Fuck tails and donkeys," I cracked, "this is way damn cooler!"

After I'd phoned mom to let her know I was OK, the guys and I'd been sleeping for an hour on the grass in the shade of the palms beside the pool when cold water dripping on my face woke me. I looked up to see Jo standing over my chest. My eyes worked their way down to his semi and his cute bush of pubes.

"I was thinking about that show you put on for the j/o club. Can you teach me?"

"Sure, man. Gotta take a piss first, though."

Our conversation had woken Dick who reminded me about what I'd said on the phone earlier. "You said you'd be happy to serve me drinks from your bar anytime, Daniel." Jo stepped forward as Dick raised his hand. "Sorry, Jo. Go piss on Paul. There's only one barman who knows how to mix a Daniel special."

I planted my feet either side of Dick's awesome, tanned chest, raised my arms and placed my hands behind my head. I knew that he liked looking up at me when I did that, as if I were some god-hero. Then I watched my piss fill his mouth to overflowing and spill down the sides of his handsome face.

The beer must've been too much for Paul. He didn't even wake when Jo pissed all over him. Dick went back to sleep. Jo and I went into the house.

The dude was a pretty quick learner. He didn't have my muscles, but his 'show' was way cool. He knew how to tease.

"Not bad, dude. So, when's your debut?"

"George wants me to do a video. Just me, jacking off and teasing and stuff."

"You're fucking crazy, man."

"Two thousand bucks."

"Maybe not so crazy." I paused. "But you could be recognized where ever you go!"

"So, who's gonna recognize me? My uncle? He's always drunk. There's nobody else."

"Listen dude, we gotta have a serious talk."

It was a pity that it was daylight. I would have preferred if Jo and I could have walked around the block naked. But, we wore our shorts. As we chatted, we kicked stones and shoved each other around a bit.

"Listen up, Jo. You need a good friend, somebody who cares about you. You're going off the rails, man."

"Like who?"

"I dunno," I mumbled as a stone bounced along in front of us.

We kicked a few more stones, then swung off a low branch on a tree.

"How about you?" he said.

"What about me?"

"You could be my friend."

As Jo and I walked into the kitchen, we saw Paul and Dick fooling around in the pool. Jo took the business card out of his shorts and handed it to me. I punched in George's number.

"George? It's Daniel, the kid in the Burger Palace ad."

"Hey, Daniel! What a surprise!"

"Now! You listen up asshole, and you listen fucking good, y'hear? Stay away from my bud Jo. Got that? Just leave the kid alone or I'll fucking kill you. And I couldn't give a shit about being in any more TV ads! Fuck off!"

I hung up. The tears welled in Jo's eyes and spilled down his cheeks. He threw his arms around me and we wept on each other's shoulders. Nothing further needed to be said. Some minutes later, we joined the other guys in the pool.

For the rest of the afternoon, as we practiced our freestyles and breast strokes and goosed each other, Jo wouldn't leave my side. He stuck like glue which made me wonder if I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

At one stage, Paul asked me what was going down. I told him, and he seemed to understand. At least, I hoped he did.

As the sun was setting, we all dragged our tired bodies into the back room of the house and flopped on the couches. I was about to fall asleep when Jo sat next to me.



"I was thinking."

"Yeah, I know. You think Iíve got a great cock."

"No, seriously, man."

"You mean I don't?"

"You already know I think it's awesome."

I looked into his black eyes. They weren't smiling. They had a pleading look.

"I was wondering if," he continued in a faltering voice, "well, I don't have a brother or anything and..." His eyes became moist. "Can I live at your house?"

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