Part 16

Jo and I joined the rest of the guys under the pergola.

"What's up?" Dick seemed genuinely concerned. "You dudes look like you've been crying or something."

Paul sat alongside me and put a comforting hand on my shoulder as Jo and I told the guys what had happened. I also explained that my mom couldn't afford to support another dude at our house.

"I've got an idea," Dick announced. "I've been thinking about this for a few days." The Adonis went on to reveal how he'd also felt sorry for Jo. "Freddie told me that his parents were thinking about taking in some kid, y'know, a kind of foster parent thingy. They wanted Freddie to have a brother. They've met Jo twice and they like the little fucker. I figure if I explain everything, they'll take him in for sure. I'll do it tomorrow night when they arrive home."

It was a huge relief to hear Dick's idea and to see Jo's black eyes looking bright and happy again. I felt confident that everything would work out just fine. We all dove back into the pool and fooled around until daylight gave way to early evening. During the afternoon, though, I eventually had to start pissing in secret. Dick was driving me crazy asking for bar service which was making Paul a little jealous. What kind of guys were they? I thought. Were they perverted or was it something about me that made them behave so damn weird?

Dinner was spaghetti bolognaise. Dick and I prepared it while the other guys watched TV. I was about to ladle the bolognaise onto plates when Dick stopped me.

"We'll eat in the bathroom."

"We'll what!!??"

Four naked, tanned bodies climbed into the spa bath. We covered ourselves from head to toe with the savory meat and draped spaghetti over our hair, shoulders and cocks. It was like a mud bath except we could eat the mud. I couldn't remember such a totally erotic dinner. It was a plague of pink tongues and a licking frenzy.

At one stage, I stood up. That was a fucking feat in itself because the floor of the bath was so damn slippery. I draped a few lengths of spaghetti over my boner and watched Dick and Paul nibble the long white strands until their mouths had reached my cock, then they licked the bolognaise off my balls and throbber.

Jo's imagination was working overtime, too. He smeared the meat sauce all over his buns while we took turns licking it off. Dick weaved spaghetti between his toes and made us all lick his sexy feet. Pretty soon, there wasn't a single, tiny morsel of food left; just four tanned dudes with their skin shining from spit.

"How was the bolognaise, guys?" I laughed. "The secret's in how it's served."

Dick turned on the spa taps and we soaped each other up. After about ten minutes, we towelled each other. There was always something really horny about feeling another guy's hard cock and firm globes through a soft towel -- like it was forbidden territory or something.

After I'd phoned mom, we sat around and watched the tube for a while and drank a few beers. We were all a bit light headed when Dick offered me another. I passed. Jo and Paul turned him down, too.

"So, what do we do now?" Dick asked. "Any ideas?"

I got up and switched off all the lights, then the TV. The room was in total blackness. Naturally, they asked me what I was doing so I explained the game.

"You've got five seconds to move away from where you are now, so that no one knows where the other guys are. You gotta stand, though. OK? Don't sit. Then, we move around the room until we bump into someone. We'll take turns. I'll move around first. You guys stay where you are until it's your turn. When I feel someone, I've gotta find their boner with my tongue -- no hands, K? -- and taste their pre-cum. I'll say whose I think it is, but don't answer me until I've gotten to the third guy's cock. Then, I get a score out of three. When we've all had our turn, the guy with the highest score wins. OK? And be fucking honest, you cock suckers!"

As I moved around the room, I couldn't see a fucking thing! I bumped into some furniture until I felt the warmth of a body. I knelt down and stuck my tongue out. I sensed skin, then pubes. I moved my head around until my tongue touched something wet. I heard a muffled giggle but I wasn't sure whose it was. I savored the pre-cum for a few seconds.


It took a few minutes before I found the other two throbbers.


"Jo's! K, so how many did I get right, guys?"

As it turned out, I didn't score a damn point. We all cracked up something serious before I heard Paul's giggling voice penetrate our loud laughter.

"You've been eating too much cum, Daniel dude! You can't tell ours from your own!"

We were all complaining about wanting to blow our loads as the game proceeded and each guy took his turn. Fuck, we were hot! But, we somehow managed to keep our wads confined to our balls. Paul recognized my cum so he got one point. Dick also identified my cum so he got one point. Jo recognized all three of us, the bastard, so he got three points. I found the light switch.

"So, what's the prize for the winner?" Jo asked excitedly.

I hadn't thought about that. But, it didn't take me long to get an idea. "He gets to suck three cocks all at once."

Jo laid on his back on the coffee table while Dick and I positioned ourselves on opposite sides of the dude's head. Paul was standing just behind him. Three hot throbbers and six cum-filled balls descended toward his gaping mouth. It was an unbelievable sight. Awesome!

We'd soon discovered that there was no way the guy's lips could cope with three swollen heads at once, so we took turns at putting two cocks in his mouth at a time while Jo's fingers worked our hangers. Our boy meat was aching to explode after the excitement of the game. It took just a minute or two for our juice to start its rush down our shafts on its way to our piss holes.

Paul's and my cocks were wrapped in Jo's wide lips when our nuts tightened. Our torrents of milk filled his mouth as we groaned in ecstasy. The dude was gagging and swallowing like crazy. Two giant wads of sticky boy cum fired at once. And fired again. And again.

Our cum was still exploding when Dick couldn't hold on any longer. His mighty jets of white lava splattered over Jo's face as well as our cocks. There was so much damn juice, it took the guy a full thirty seconds to swallow it all. Then we used our boners to gather the cum off his face and let him suck it off our knobs. The fucker deserved every drop of our jizz after getting three points.

Jo hadn't shot his load yet. His request seemed kind of weird. Then again, maybe it wasn't. I felt like a god with these dudes. He got me to stand with my legs apart, and raise my arms so that my biceps bulged. He stood in front of me and thrust his raging cock between my upper thighs. I could feel it rubbing my balls. Dick positioned himself behind me and sucked the dude's throbber through my legs. Meanwhile, Paul knelt behind Jo and serviced his hole with his tongue.

Jo licked my bulging biceps and around my armpits while the other guys set his hole and cock on fire. When he began to moan, he sank his teeth into my iron muscle and put his hands on my shoulders for support. Pretty soon, he was drained of every drop of his juice. He kissed me. His black eyes smiled that lazy kind of smile like when you're totally fucked but feeling way, way cool.

We fell in a heap and slept where we’d dropped until morning.

When I woke, Paul was missing from the dishevelled pile of naked boy skin. I rubbed my eyes, then staggered out to the pool where I saw him leisurely swimming a few laps. I was content just to watch him for a while. The wake gliding over his wet, brown skin looked way groovy as he freestyled back and forth. His jet black hair shone with silver highlights in the early sun.

I walked over to the edge of the pool, sat down and dangled my parted legs in the cool water. He turned and swam toward me as I reclined and rested on my elbows. He smiled as each stroke brought him closer to my morning, pre-piss boner. Before he reached me, he dove, somersaulted and used his feet to push himself off the wall as if he were gonna swim another lap. Then, he stopped, surfaced and faced me.

"You didn't really think I'd leave you to jack that awesome thing off all by yourself, did you?" he laughed.

He swam the few remaining feet toward me as I leaned further back on my elbows and enjoyed the sun warming my chest. He put his hands on my thighs and swallowed my meat. I was too tired to fuck his face, so I just let him do all the work. His lips and tongue felt magic as they rode my hard cock.

I let my balls empty their juice into his mouth as I groaned with each of about six jets. When I was done, he kept my lazy dick buried in his beautiful face. I looked down at his wicked blue eyes as my meat began to soften. I knew what he wanted. He must have closed his throat because my hot piss spilled from the sides of his mouth and into the pool. I was glad it was a long piss. I wanted him to enjoy it.

After breakfast of cum and eggs -- well, their cum, Paul stole mine -- we'd spent until mid morning in the pool when the doorbell rang. Dick wrapped a towel around his waist and answered it. He returned to the pool in a few seconds.

"It's for you and Jo. George wants to apologize."

I tried to grab Jo's arm but he evaded me and ignored my warning. He went to the door, still naked. Dick and I could hear them talking, with George doing most of it. After a few minutes, Jo emerged from the back door, followed by George. We exited the pool and joined them under the pergola. George’s eyes were glued to my semi.

"I have to say, Daniel, if I'd known what was in your Speedos when we shot the Burger Palace ad... then again, it wouldn't have made it to TV."

If he expected me to laugh, he got it wrong. I was still mad at the asshole.

"Listen, guys," he continued, "I came here to say I'm sorry. Sorry about everything. What you said to me on the phone yesterday, Daniel, was something I've been needing to hear for a long time. I'm so glad you said it. And I'm glad you're Jo's friend. He needs a friend like you. I want to make it up to Jo somehow. And to you."

"Somehow?" I asked.

"Yeah, just tell me what I can do to demonstrate my sincerity."

We got the rope and tied George to the garden chair while Jo unzipped the old guy's fly and took out his soft meat. I figured the kid knew the geography better than we did. I explained to George that we would carry on like we normally do, but if he got a boner he was never to see us or phone us ever again. I was sure he'd lose.

For about half an hour we pranced around making sure George got a good look at everything we had to show. His cock didn't budge. It just laid there like it'd been shot by a short-sighted duck hunter. He grinned when we untied him.

"It wasn't that there was too much traffic or people yesterday," he said. "I just didn't want to abuse Jo anymore. I'd been having a major case of the guilts about the whole damn thing."

We all shook hands, then he left. I phoned home and told mom I was OK, and that I'd be home late that afternoon.

"What's for lunch, guys?" Jo's black eyes twinkled.

I'd run out of ideas. We all had. So, we had a competition to see who could come up with something totally fucking rad. As Dick raised his hand, I watched his awesome lat bulge down the side of his ribs. Fuck, it looked hot! He suggested eating hamburgers and spewing them up again. We pushed him into the pool. He surfaced laughing his tits off.

Hamburgers were a good idea, though. Paul and I went into the kitchen and started to prepare the patties and buns. Dick joined us, switched on the oven and got a pack of fries out of the freezer as Jo walked in.

"Fries! I love fries! I always dip mine in mayo at Maccas."

We each gave the other a telepathic glance. Nothing more needed to be said.

About ten minutes before the fries would be ready, Dick and Paul argued about who was gonna taste my hole. Dick won. Paul got to jack my meat. Jo was satisfied with licking my hangers.

I held a bowl under my throbber, lifted my left leg, planted my foot on a chair and let the guys send their electricity through my body. Six jets of boy juice spat out of my knob and into the bowl.

I got to lick all three holes when it came their turn to shoot their loads. I loved the warm, savory taste of guys that were clean from swimming. Pretty soon, we'd filled the small bowl with hot, creamy boy cum.

"What herbs should I add?" Dick asked.

"Fuck herbs, man!" I yelled. "This is fresh, A Grade boy juice! You don't mess with that!"

We took our hamburgers, fries and ‘mayo’ out to the pergola and enjoyed our feast. We had way cool fun dipping the fries into the bowl of cum and tilting our heads back as we dangled each fry above our mouths before letting it drop. Sometimes, we sucked it like a small, brown cock, then washed it all down with a beer each. Paul took the pics with the digital camera.

As we stood at the front door, it was plain to see that Dick and Jo were sorry to see Paul and I leaving. It'd been a fucking awesome weekend, but it felt kind of weird to be dressed again after spending so much time naked. We reminded the Adonis to talk to Freddie's parents about adopting Jo, then I took one more long look at Dick's cool bod before I jumped on my BMX and fled. A few moments after Paul had peeled off into his drive, I dropped my bike on my front lawn.

"You must tell me all about your weekend over dinner, Daniel."

"Sure, mom. Every detail."

I went to my room and downloaded Kyle's email.
hiya daniel

listen i saw the fixture for the swim meet up on the school notice board and i see that youre swimmin in the age group just below me and paul. thats the pits cos i know i can beat ya and its not just cos youre younger. i spoke to the coach and hes agreed to have a special race durin one of the breaks with you and your paul against me and my paul - it wont be for any prizes or anythin but its gonna be like a SA teen vs your teen thing. you and paul had better put in some hard practice. the winners get to do what they like to the losers - hehehehehehehe - IM GONNA WHIP YER ASS!!!!

hey, those pics of you are really hot - i wanna get that monster beef down my throat, youre gonna get a blowjob like youve never had in your life before.

your friend

I wrote back and told Kyle that his mail had given me a serious boner, and that it was pretty wild getting another hardon after I'd spent a whole weekend with half my blood supply stuffed into my seven-inch throbber. I told him I was really looking forward to meeting him and whipping HIS ASS! But, either way, he could blow me. Yes!

I took another look at Kyle's pic and imagined those juicy lips stroking my solid shaft. Fuck! I could hardly wait!

"So, Daniel, did y'all have a nice time? Is Freddie's house still standing?"

"Yeah, mom, it was way cool."

"I love your detailed descriptions, sweet heart. You should be an author."

Between mouthfuls of tuna casserole, I told mom as much as I could about the weekend without getting myself in the shit.

"Poor Jo," mom said, "he sounds like such a nice boy. It's wonderful that Freddie's folks want to be foster parents. And I'm glad you understand our situation, Daniel. Your father and I wanted to give you a brother or a sister, but ... well, it didn't happen. But you tell Jo he's welcome to visit here when ever he wants."

"Thanks, mom. But if Jo heard you say that, he'd be here eight days a week."

"He obviously likes you a lot. So does Paul. He often tells me how much he likes you. Does Dick like you too?"


"Well, I can't say as I blame them. But it's like you're some kind of a boy god. An idol."

Mom gave me one of her penetrating looks. I glanced back down at my food hoping to avoid the inevitable inquest.

"Daniel, exactly how much do these boys like you?"

"How do you mean, mom?" I knew exactly what she was driving at.

"Well, I mean, do they ever ... I mean, do you ever get the impression they want to... ?"

"What, mom?"

"Well, fool around."

"We fool around a whole bunch."

"No, son, I mean fool around. You know, fool around with your, uh ... private parts."

I looked straight into mom's eyes and tried as hard as I could to appear stunned. "Private parts? Mom? You mean like sex?"

"I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to offend you or them. I should never have raised the subject. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, mom. I guess moms are supposed to think crazy stuff like that. It's not your fault."

I'd just finished doing the dishes when the phone rang. It was Dick. Freddie's folks had agreed to be Jo's foster parents.

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