Part 21

Early the next morning, I felt something annoying my nose. I opened my eyes to see Kyle's balls resting on my face. I was tempted to lick them, but I knew that's exactly what he wanted. I closed my eyes again and pretended to be asleep.

His hangers drifted lazily around my face as he knelt above me. This was one awesome alarm clock! When I pretended to yawn, he dropped his smooth nads into my mouth. The smell of his crotch and pubes was way fucking hot! Jeez!

"I know you're awake, Daniel. You can't fool me."

I opened my eyes. "So?" It was almost impossible to speak with a mouthful of his nuts.

"So, I've been thinking. Do you really think I'm a hero?"


"Liar." He laughed. "Lick my balls."


"Lick my fucking balls!"

I had a major problem here. I wanted desperately to lick his hot, tasty nads but I also had to prove that I was no wuss. What was I to do? His balls spread over my face as he lowered his crotch. I was having trouble breathing. His warm, spicy scent was driving me wild.

"Well, are you gonna lick 'em or not?"

"What's in it for me?"

"Breakfast, dude. Fresh, hot boy juice, just the way you like it."

My tongue had a mind of its own, and started licking his perfectly round hangers. Right above my eyes, I could see his throbber bouncing around. It was smooth, cut and straight. Pale blue veins showed beneath his creamy skin. Pre-cum dripped from his slit onto my forehead.

He moved slightly forward and presented his asshole. My tongue ran around the rim of his wrinkled pinkie and made long wet strokes along the soft, warm skin of his crack. It tasted so damn beautiful! My tongue finally entered him as far as it could go.

Kyle rolled over and got into the 69 position above me so that his hard six dangled in my face. My mouth opened automatically. His balls soon rested on my nose as his hard beef took up all available space in my mouth. His hole was still glistening with my spit as I felt his awesome lips envelope my throbbing meat. It was like I'd stuck my finger in a power point. My whole body was instantly electrified. His tongue was setting my cock head on fire.

The mattress suddenly sagged with extra weight. Paul had arranged himself behind Kyle's ass; his knees settled either side of my face. I watched his hard six slowly slide into Kyle's hole just above my eyes. Kyle kept sucking me, as I did him. But, I had the most incredible view! Kyle didn't protest as Paul began fucking like a crazed rabbit. This was Paul's first. What a way to go! Go Pauly! Woohoo!

The taste of Kyle's pre-cum became more intense as I looked up at Paul's meat sliding in and out of my hero's ass. His taut balls thumped against Kyle's cute, muscular globes with every savage thrust. I'd never seen a fuck from this angle before, especially with my throat jammed full of red-hot cock. It was the most wild experience!

My mouth was filling with jets of Kyle's juice as I felt my balls tighten, then empty their sticky prize into his face. Paul was groaning like crazy. The three of us could have filled a swimming pool with our cum. It rocked something rad!

When our three tanned bodies had finally untangled, I looked at Kyle and told him I needed a piss.


"Well, I thought you might be interested."

"In what?"

"My piss."

"Sure. And don't forget to let me know when you file your nails and pluck your eyebrows. I can hardly wait," he cracked.

I got the distinct impression that Kyle could do without my piss. He was different -- sexy as fucking hell, but not a worshipper. I couldn't quite figure him. Paul just sat there listening and taking everything in.

"I'll bet Kyle feels like a piss," he said.

"Yeah, I do. I'm bustin'." Kyle smiled at me. "You interested?"

"In what?"

He grabbed my shoulders and guided me down the hall to the bathroom. Paul followed. He closed the bathroom door.

"No way, man," I protested, "no way! Get fucked."

Kyle waved his semi around. "It's gonna be one of those long morning ones, and it's gonna be hot and tasty. Sure you don't want it?"

"Positive," I answered firmly, although half of me wanted to say yes.

"I'll have it," Paul cried.

"K, man. Daniel can watch and see what he's missing."

Paul placed the back of his neck over the rim of the hand basin and opened his mouth. Kyle straddled his chest. The gods piss hole erupted. I watched his powerful, yellow stream fill my bud's mouth and spill over the sides of his face. It seemed to take forever. As the torrent of piss finally began to subside, Kyle squeezed his ass muscles. The last five or six squirts splattered Paul's face. Kyle stepped aside and motioned me to take over.

"Your turn, Daniel."

I threw one leg over Paul's chest and aimed my semi. It began with a couple of drops. Then, the flood gates opened. Last night's Coke jetted out of my piss hole and filled the dude's mouth to overflowing. Piss bubbled from between his lips like a yellow spring. I was enjoying it as much as he was. It was totally rad to have somebody love your piss. I followed Kyle's example and squirted my last five or six jets all over that gorgeous face.

Poor Paul. He had to settle for pissing in the toilet.

We all showered separately. If Kyle's parents had spotted us together in the bathroom, we'd have had some difficult explaining to do. Kyle eventually returned to his room dripping wet. He threw me the towel. I could have spent the rest of the week towelling his boner and buns. Fuck! This guy was really getting to me. He was so incredibly hot!

After breakfast, we practiced our freestyles and butterflies while Paul and I clocked each other's times. I was doing pretty well. I really wanted to kick Kyle's ass in the comp. He was starting to make me feel inferior. It was a strange feeling to have him save my life and make me want to do anything he asked, but I had to prove I was at least his equal. At the same time, I wanted to idolize him. I thought about his piss again. Maybe I should have said yes. Weird.

A brown blur flew through the air, followed by a huge splash. It surfaced and I recognized Paul6's face. No wonder Kyle liked him so much. He had one of those impish grins that could melt the coldest heart. He flicked his wet, black hair out of his eyes. "Feeling horny, guys?"

I cracked. "Dumb question."

"I've saved my cum for this," Kyle's friend laughed. "I've got an idea."

"Hey, Paul!" Kyle freaked. "Don't fucking talk like that when my parents are around. They'll fucking kill me!"

"They told me to tell you they'd be back in an hour or so," Paul6 smiled. "Gone to the mall."

Four sets of white teeth sparkled as four pairs of lips turned into four huge smiles. I never want to go home, I thought ... except for mom.

Water cascaded off Paul6's shiny, bronzed body as he lifted himself from the pool with his strong arms. Years of riding a surfboard had given him a perfect physique. He laid on his back on the grass. We all gathered around him, our boners bouncing and threatening to explode there and then. He had such a funky body -- firm, muscular, lean and tanned. He explained our positions.

"Daniel and Kyle, you guys kneel on the grass either side of my chest. Paul, you kneel between my legs. I want you guys to wank. When you get close, I want Kyle and Daniel to rub their piss holes on my nipples. Paul, you rub your cock head against mine. Then blow like crazy."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. I've got plans."

Watching Paul6's awesome chest and six pack swelling and subsiding as he breathed, plus the other guys jacking, had my juices flowing in record time. I was gonna blow the biggest load ever.

I sensed the rush coming and pressed the head of my cock against his erect, brown nipple. It felt totally awesome! His nipple fucked my piss hole as my truck load of hot boy cum exploded onto his magnificent pec. My eyes had trouble focusing but I saw Kyle jetting his load, too. The sensation of Paul6's nipple rubbing against my knob as my juice spurted was just so damn cool. My whole body was red hot! Paul6's chest was soon smothered in our sticky, white wads.

My Paul was slower, though, so we sat on our heels and enjoyed his show. He started to groan. He held his swollen cock head hard against Paul6's dick as he emptied his tight nuts in a series of violent eruptions. His screams could have been heard in Australia! I watched his juice trickle down Paul6's shaft and balls. Some dribbled onto his black patch of pubes. But it wasn't over yet.

"K, guys. Start licking."

We changed positions. I got to lick Kyle's delicious cum off Paul6's pec. The sensation of his hard nipple against my tongue was so fucking wild! Paul licked my cum off the other pec. Kyle licked Paul's juice off Paul6's boner and balls. Wow! I'll bet mother's milk never tasted this good. Fuck!

When we'd finished our feast of boy juice, Paul6 stood up. His boner threatened to visit the house next door. "K, you guys. Don't think I don't notice things, OK? You've all been looking at me like your eyes wanted to spend eternity stuck to my skin. So what do I get out of 10 for hot?"


"Nine and a half."


Paul6 whacked me around the chops with his throbber.

"K, twelve," I admitted.

"That's more like it, dude. Now, I want three tongues to tell me how hot they think I am."

We gathered around Paul6's feet as he raised his arms and flexed his muscles. Three tongues went crazy. At one stage, I stood up and licked his armpits and biceps. He waited a whole two minutes before he yelled an order at me. "Get back down, boy.

I resumed licking his awesome shaft and balls. Kyle's face was opposite mine. Our tongues often touched. Paul was busy sending his tongue up Paul6's hole. If this was the religion of boy god worship, I was definitely a follower.

I heard Paul6 start to groan and was too quick for the other guys. I wrapped my lips around that enormous swollen head and drank its thick, sticky gifts. All of them. I thought I'd never stop swallowing. Fucking awesome!

Wed only just started practicing our swimming again when Kyle's dad stood by the edge of the pool.

"You guys look totally worn out. If you're not careful, you won't have any energy left for the school meet! Have you guys been practicing all morning?"

"Yeah, dad. All morning."

Kyle's dad didn't quite understand the joke but he laughed with us anyway. Or maybe he did understand the joke. You never really knew about dads -- or what they did when they were teens.

We were all so tired, we sunbaked on the lawn for an hour and slept. Kyle was first to wake.

"Fuck, I'm hanging for a piss."

We all cracked as he dived in the pool and left a cloud of yellow pee in his wake. I studied it for a while, not quite sure what I was thinking, then we all decided to practice our swimming again. After about half an hour, Paul6 and I swam to the spa end and sat on the tiled bench.

"Enjoying your stay, Daniel?"

"It's awesome."

"What do you think of Kyle?"

"He's cool, I guess."

"Sure," he laughed, "it's written all over your face."

"What is?"

"You love him."

Memories of that time I'd pissed all over Freddie at the school j/o club and had a fight with Paul came flooding back. I still found it difficult to deal with wussy fag stuff. "Bullshit. That's for fucking fags, man. I like him, that's all."

"You got a girlfriend?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, Kyle and me and our girlfriends are gonna have a bit of a rage at my place tonight. Just a bit of music and stuff. Nothing too rad. But I've asked our girlfriends to bring a few of their friends, y'know, girls. The folks will be out for the night. Wanna come?"

I couldn't believe the way my heart sank when I heard him say that Kyle had a girlfriend. What was happening to me? "Yeah, sure, Paul. Neato."

The music was blaring. I expected to see a pair of speakers break loose and start rap dancing on their own. There was no point in trying have a conversation with my date. I could have screamed my lungs out and nobody would have heard me.

She was pretty enough. Long brown hair, brown eyes, nice tits. We just sat there like we were waiting for a bus. Paul got stuck with her nerdy girlfriend. Poor kid.

I watched Kyle cuddling his girl. Her hands reached down and unbuttoned his fly. His boner flopped out. She licked the shaft. He laughed and glanced at me. I hated the look of fun in his eyes.

I heard footsteps behind me. Paul caught up to me on the road. He was puffed.

"What the fuck are you doing? Where are you going?"

"I'm tired. I need fucking sleep."

"But the party's still happening, man!"

"So I fucking noticed."

I slept in the top bunk that night when Kyle came into the bedroom and woke me. Paul was still sound asleep.

"What's up, Daniel?"

"Nothing, man. Just tired."

"You should have stayed, man. My girlfriend gave me a great blow job. First time, too! It was a blast!"

I think my silence must have gotten the message across.

"Are you jealous, Daniel?" He paused. "Daniel?"

He pulled me off the top bunk and dragged me over to his bed. He undressed and laid alongside me, then ran his fingers through my blonde hair and looked at me with those awesome hazel eyes. I laid my head on his chest and bawled my fucking eyes out.

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