Part 22

My crying soon subsided to a few sobs as my head rested on Kyle's warm, muscular chest. My tongue licked his brown nipple. The gentle rhythm of his beating heart relaxed me.

"Sorry, man. I feel like such a fucking dickhead."

"Yeah, that's why you're eating my nipple. Depression makes you hungry."

"No, man. It's true. I feel like shit."

"It's cool, Daniel. Don't worry about it. Really."

I felt his fingers running through my blonde hair while our boners were touching. His body heat made me feel wanted and contented. His voice was soft and sympathetic. I never wanted to leave this place.

"So, me and my girlfriend upset you, huh?"

I paused for a moment. "Paul6 reckons I love you."

"Do you?"

"Dunno. I've never felt like this before."

"How does it feel?"

I raised my head and searched his smiling hazel eyes. "Like I wanna be with you every fucking second."

"Are you jealous of my girlfriend? Or of Paul6?"

"Guess so."

"I used to be jealous of my Paul's girlfriend, but I'm not now. I figure it's better if we share our love around. It's true what they say about jealousy being a curse. I've got an older email friend who says it devours the heart and poisons the mind."

"An older friend? Is he cool?"

"Yeah. He's really special. I tell him all about my sex life. Come to think of it," he grinned, "this is something else I can tell him about."

Kyle re-positioned himself so that he was behind me. His beef was knocking at my ass door. I couldn't get it open quickly enough! My hole was screaming for him to fuck me non-stop for a month. He manoeuvred me so that I was on my knees and elbows. He licked my ass for a while to relax me. His hot, wet tongue felt so damn wild! Then, he used his finger to open my hole. I could hardly wait, dammit! Fuck me! Fuck me! Jeez!

I heard Paul jump out of bed. He slid underneath me and took my seven inches into his mouth as Kyle's throbber slowly forced my globes apart. How I would have loved to watch it all happening on video or something.

My hero soon got into a pelvic rhythm. My ass felt so fucking full! But it was HIM, so that was fine with me. His hangers slapped against my tingling skin as his thrusts pushed me forward. Paul's tight lips and tongue worked their special magic while Kyle's electric hands ran up and down my lats as he fucked like a bull. Paul's fingers fondled my balls as he sucked my bursting meat.

Our groans were muffled so as not to wake anybody. Kyle's hot load shot into my ass as mine jetted down Paul's throat. It was so fucking awesome, I didn't think anything could ever be this good. Our nuts took ages to empty their juice. The longer the better.

Paul was in the mood to be creative. We sat on the floor in front of him as he stood and jacked off. He said it was a blast to blow his load all over our two hunky faces. Occasionally, he would stop to rub the head of his hard six around our lips. Then he grabbed the backs of our heads with each of his hands, arched his spine and rubbed his tight, hairless nads all over our faces. Finally, he shot a bucket of boy cum all over us, then licked it off ... except for the blob I managed to steal for myself. The strong smell of his spit and cum was as horny as hell.

The coach asked us all if we'd been practicing over the weekend. We responded with a 'yes', simultaneously, as if we were the most innocent dudes on the planet. I didn't think he believed us, though.

"K, team. We've got today and tomorrow to reach our absolute peak. We're gonna take home those trophies if it kills us. Or I'll kill you!"

My times were getting better. A month ago my 100m fly was 1 minute 9 seconds and my 100m free was down to 58 seconds at best. Today, I did the 100m fly in just over a minute 4 seconds and the free in 54. The coach was pleased. I was fucking over the moon! I was gonna kick that Kyle's ass, for sure!

When we trained for the school meet, competing teams weren't supposed to watch the other's practice. But I could've sworn I saw Kyle's face for a split second, then suddenly vanish in the small crowd. We finished the day doing water aerobics and exercises.

Jeffreys Bay was packed with surfers. Kyle had managed to con a lift there for the four of us. I hoped he could also wangle one for the return trip! It was late afternoon when this red-haired kid walked up to me.

"G'day. You don't know me but I saw you at practice today. I won a trip here to watch the swimming. It was a school competition. Anyway, I thought you were great. Name's Gary."

I recognized his Aussie accent. He was about my age and kind of wirey, like a runner or something. He had fair skin and a few freckles. He was cute looking. I introduced Gary to the other guys and invited him to hang with us if he wanted. He walked over to his friend, said a few words, then came back to join us. Something told me that the dude had used me as an excuse to meet Kyle.

I was right! Before we'd gotten stuck into body surfing, Gary asked Kyle if he'd rub sunblock on his back and shoulders, explaining that he burnt easily. Kyle looked to be enjoying it. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea so we all rubbed the stuff on each other whether we needed it not. For some reason, Paul6 decided he couldn't rub it on his chest. Gary took for-fucking-ever to smear the stuff on Paul6's awesome pecs. I had to laugh, though, because the Aussie tried to make out like he wasn't getting horny. The tent in his shorts told a different story. Paul6 cracked.

A young couple with two little kids looked after our clothes while we body surfed in our Speedos. As it turned out, Gary was a shit surfer, but he tried his best to keep up with us. I'd improved out of sight since Kyle gave me those lessons the other day. And saved my life. I was really enjoying the thrill of being picked up by those big, green waves and rocketed to shore by all that awesome power. The water theme park at home was never like this!

Gary's friend, Alan, said it'd be a pleasure to drive us all back home. As it happened, Gary was staying at a place not far from Kyle's. I got the feeling that we were gonna see a lot more of this red-haired dude, one way or another.

"Thanks for the ride, Alan," we said gratefully as the car stopped and the four of us got out. Gary wound down the window.

"What are you guys doing now?"

"Dinner. Then a few more practice laps in the pool at home," Kyle responded.

"Mind if drop around later and watch? I think you guys are totally cool." He meant it. The kid was in awe of us.

Kyle told his mom that a red-haired kid would be coming around after dinner to watch us practicing in the pool. At about 7:30, she escorted him out the back door.

"Now don't stay up too late, boys. You have more training tomorrow." She went back inside.

As Gary arrived at the edge of the pool, his eyes popped when he saw our Speedos on the lawn and us skinny dipping. But his eyes were fixed on our faces like they were too fucking terrified to move an inch.

"Come on in," I yelled.

Gary stripped down to his Speedos. I checked out his milky skin, pink nipples and a hard, sinewy body before he dove in. I climbed out of the water and stood at the edge of the pool, with my semi getting ready for the show. When the kid had surfaced, I asked him to swim over to me. He tried hard to keep his gaze fixed on my face but it was too much. His eyes dropped down to my five inches of slack teen beef and stayed there, rivetted.

"Here, gimme your Speedos and I'll throw them over with the others." I caught his togs and hoisted them up to the top of a tree. The other guys were cracking up something wild. I dove back in.

For an hour, Kyle, the two Pauls and I practiced our swimming. Occasionally, we'd leave the pool and dive back in, or hold our knees to our chests and bomb each other. Gary, though, never left the water. I'd already checked his furniture under the surface. He had red pubes and he was uncircumcized. I wondered if he was embarrassed or something. The rest of us were cut.

At about 8:30 we exited the pool and left Gary to his own devices in the water. We got back into our Speedos and sat around on the lawn, chatting. Soon, Kyle's mom appeared.

"Bedtime is 9:30, boys. I want Kyle to be fit for training tomorrow."

"K, mom."

The four of us went just inside the back door, turned and peeked through the window. We could hear Kyle's mom.

"Are you going to stay in the pool all night, Gary?"

"My, erm ... well ... Daniel kind of..."

"What on earth are you talking about, young man?"

Gary covered his dick with his hands as he climbed the pool steps, then went to the tree and started scaling the branches. Kyle's mom cracked totally. So did we. The sight of his pale globes in the foliage was just so fucking hilarious! He retreived his togs, jumped down and, with his back to us, put them on.

Kyle’s mom said we could talk in his room for an hour, then bedtime. We all got undressed again, except Gary. He was busy trying to avoid staring at our boners.

"Never seen a hard dick before, Gary?" Kyle laughed. The others sniggered. "Even your own?"

"Are you guys gay?"

"What gives you that idea, man?"

"Skinny dipping, sitting around in the buff with hardons. I don't know anybody who does that kind of stuff."

Paul6 stood up. "Then you're leading a sheltered life, dude. Are you straight?"

"I don't know. I've never had sex with anyone."

Paul6 walked over to Gary and sat him on the side of the bunk. His throbber was pointed directly at the dude's face while his balls threatened to straddle the bridge of his freckled nose. Paul6 wasn't the kind of guy you messed with. He was built like a brick shithouse. He had muscles on his awesome muscles. His perfectly defined body absolutely rocked.

"When you rubbed sunblock on my chest today, you got a boner, right?"

"I guess so."

"Pretend you're doing it again."

Gary's hands faltered for a moment then started massaging Paul6's chest. Those solid, tanned pecs filled each of the dude's hands with ease. Paul6's nipples stuck out like ripe, brown berries as I watched Gary's white fingers feel every curve, every bump. Then he cupped his hands under each pec and lifted them so that they bulged even more. I was hoping Paul6 would ask me to do the same thing later. Fucking wild!

"Feel good?" Paul6 laughed.

I guess so." Gary sounded really uneasy.

"Leave your hands where they are or I'll re-arrange your face." Paul6 turned to Kyle. "Rip his Speedos off."

Gary's six inch boner was standing at full attention. Its moist, pink head had poked itself out of its foreskin. I imagined it looking around like a startled, one-eyed turtle. Kyle threw the Aussie's togs to the corner of the room.

"K, lesson number one, dude," Paul6 ordered. "Suck and swallow. And use your tongue. I like my head jobs hot."

Paul6 grabbed the back of Gary's head as I watched his silky-smooth six inches glide between the dude's quivering, red lips. Gary's hands, meantime, were still clutching at those awesome pecs like they were gonna stay there forever.

Kyle and I both made a dash for Paul6's firm globes but I got their first. I spread them apart with my hands and pushed my face hard against his warm skin. My tongue found its tasty target. After about five minutes, I felt Paul6's ass squeezing my cheeks. Gary was gagging and swallowing. I kept on licking until the teen volcano had finally subsided.

During the next fifteen minutes, Gary ended up getting another three generous courses of hot boy juice. By the time it'd come around to my turn, his technique was awesome. It was hard to tell whether he was pleased or not, though, especially when he wouldn't let one of us blow him. He said it was against the way he was brought up. He said that he felt guilty.

Paul6 walked our red-haired friend back to his lodgings down the road. I guessed we'd find out soon enough what they’d talked about.

We were up at first light. Paul, as usual, insisted on getting a face full of our morning piss over the bathroom sink. It was cool that Kyle seemed to enjoy giving the kid his golden spray as much as I did.

Kyle was first in the shower, and purposely left the door open as I brushed my teeth. The hot water cascading down his shiny brown body looked fucking hot! I noticed the water tumbling off the head of his semi, which turned me on something serious, and the teasing fucker knew it.

When it came my turn to shower, he hung around with Paul and watched me. My cock was as hard as steel. With my back to the wall, I tilted my head and let the water splash over my face. Then I straightened up again and looked down. Kyle was drinking the water running off my swollen head. It was such a horny sight! Hot damn!

He stopped, rose to full height and fixed his eyes on mine. "Well, it's not like it's piss or anything."

"Maybe," I smiled. Suddenly, I was sorry I’d given it all to Paul.

The coach was really pleased with my times. I'd managed to shave half a second off both my free and fly. Paul was doing pretty well too -- not as fast as me, but pretty close. I noticed Gary in the small group of spectators and asked Paul to hang while I spoke to the Aussie dude privately. I walked over.

"G'day," he said. "Shouldn't you still be training?"

"Got a ten minute break. Let's walk and talk."

Nothing was said for a minute or so. Then Gary spoke.

"About last night..."

"Oh, so you remembered?" We both cracked.

"Well, to tell you the truth, it was awesome. Nothing up until now, then four wild throbbers and eight balls full of hot cum, all in half an hour. It fair dinkum blew me away."

"So, you liked it?"

"Yeah. I'd only fantasized about it before when I wanked. The real thing is way cool."

"Have you still got the guilts?"

He paused for a second. "Yeah, I feel kind of guilty. But it's not so bad because it's not like it was my fault. That's why I didn't wanna let you guys do stuff to me. Then it would’ve been my fault."

"Whose cock was the raddest?"

"Not saying."

I looked at him with my big, brown eyes and melted him.

"Well, yours is the biggest," he laughed. "It fair dinkum rocks. By the time you got to me, my jaw ached and my tongue was just about worn out. But, I took one look at your awesome boner and couldn't say no."

"I wouldn't have let you say no, anyway." I grinned.

His broad smile spoke volumes as I turned and went back to the last part of the training for the day. Tomorrow would be the first day of the school meet.

Kyle had organized for us all to take a quick hike up the nearby mountains that afternoon. Alan dropped us off and told us he'd be back to collect us in two hours. Cape Town was such a cool looking city, much bigger than my town. Even better, it was surrounded by ocean as far as you could see. We stood on a rocky ledge admiring the view while Kyle got all smarty-pantsy and blabbed on like some tour guide with verbal diarrhoea. Then Paul6 decided to give us a better view. He whipped out his cock for a piss when Paul rushed up.

"Don't waste it!"

There was nobody around except us, so we waited for my Paul to rip off his clothes and lay on the grass. Gary insisted on looking the other way, but I noticed him sneaking the odd quick peek. Three torrents of piss covered Paul from head to toe. When we’d finished shaking off the last of our drops and putting our dicks away, the piss-soaked kid got up and ran around the place with his arms outstretched, making dumb airplane noises. He was a crazy guy, but you couldn't help liking him.

Gary didn’t wanna believe what his innocent eyes had just witnessed. "He actually likes being pissed on?"

"No, he's just practicing his character role for the school play."

Kyle and Paul6 led us to a mountain pool fed by a spring. I put my hand in the crystal clear water. Whoa! It was fucking freezing! Surprisingly, Gary followed our example and stripped all the way to his birthday suit. After we'd all stared in wonder at his hooded dick and red pubes, the five of us dove in. As soon as I'd hit the water, I thought my cock would shrink to total oblivion. Shit, it was cold!

The two Pauls and Kyle were jumping off a rock into the chilly water and fooling around. This was my chance! I dove in and swam underwater toward Gary, then put his frozen cock into my warm mouth.

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