Part 23

Gary must have thought he was being molested by some sex-crazed sea monster. He wasn't far wrong. He pushed my face away from his cock. I surfaced.

"What's the prob, man?"

"It was you!!?? Mate! You scared the bloody shit out of me!"

"I'm not gonna bite your dick off, dude! I'll try again."

"No! No, don't. Please."

"Why not? You fucking scared or something?"

The dude didn't need to answer. I could see the fear written all over his cute, freckled face. I shouted at Kyle to come over. When he arrived, he promptly goosed Gary who freaked big time and almost went into orbit. That made us crack something serious. When we'd settled, my hero and I dragged the red-haired kid to the bank of the mountain pool.

"K, Gary, just watch this."

Kyle knelt in front of me and took my throbber into this mouth. Gary immediately looked the other way.

"Hey, dude, how are you gonna learn anything if you don't watch?"

The two Pauls walked over to see what the commotion was all about. I explained, then told them to hold the kid and make him watch. They got on either side of Gary and grabbed him with both hands as Kyle resumed sucking my meat. Fuck! This guy had the most incredible lips! They were taking me first-class to bliss!

Gary's wild, green eyes began to unwillingly focus on Kyle's mouth moving up and down my hard shaft. Within a few seconds, he was watching in awe. I moved Kyle's face away and let my boner fall out of his mouth -- I wanted Gary to see my hero's tongue licking my piss hole and around the high ridge of my swollen, wet head. Then, I slid my solid seven inches back into that hot, funky face.

I started to move my hips back and forth, and fuck like a rattle snake. My balls bounced off his chin. After five minutes, I grabbed the back of his head and let out an almighty scream that echoed around the mountains. A sudden breeze moved the treetops as if to acknowledge my awesome performance.

Kyle gagged and swallowed like crazy, but kept his tongue working as my head exploded, jetting buckets of hot boy cum down his willing throat. After six or seven juicy loads had drained my body of energy, I pulled my meat out and let Kyle lick the last few shiny blobs. Gary's eyes were positively bulging.

"Does it look like fun?" I laughed. Gary didn't answer. He was too blown away. He just stood there looking like a stunned, unblinking fish with its mouth open.

"Listen man," I insisted, "we've gotta have a talk, just you and me." I asked the other guys to leave us alone for a while.

"So what's the prob, Aussie mate?"

"It's wrong."

"You mean it's too much fun?" I laughed. "You could get to like it. Is that it?"

"Well, I don't know any gay dudes back in Sydney -- at least, I don't know if they're gay. And if my folks ever found out they'd be fair dinkum spewin'."

"Are you saying you're gay? What do you fantasize about when you're milking the lizard?"

"Guys, I guess." Gary studied the ground to avoid my eyes. "Y'know, stuff like you guys do."

"Well, loosen up, man. The real thing's better than a fucking wet dream any day."

"But what about my conscience?" His gaze left the ground and searched my eyes. "What about Hell?"

"Sounds to me like your conscience has already sent you there, buddy. That's IF it's your conscience and not somebody else's."

"How’s that?"

"Well, sometimes other dudes force their opinions on us, so it’s not like we’re thinking for ourselves. Know what I mean?"

"But sex is for married people ... for having babies. I was taught that the only reason I was given this or any other problem was to resist temptation so it would strengthen my character."

"Tell that to the starving millions, pal. They can't eat character. Tell that to the millions of people at war. Character ain't bullet proof. Do you really think we were put here to follow some fancy dude's rules? I'll tell you who makes those rules. Those fire and brimstone guys who swan around in expensive clothes and wave their fucking fingers at us on TV. Those dudes who reckon they were born to tell us lowly fuckers when to take a shit. Loosen up, man. Make your own goddamn rules. Just don't ever hurt anybody, that's all."

While Gary sat there thinking about what I'd said -- and I thought it was fucking awesome, too, because the words just kind of popped into my head -- I called the other guys to join us.

We gathered around Gary and stood him up. His six inches was steadily gaining height as I got down on my knees and licked the pre-cum off his pink, uncircumsized head. His cock bounced. It wanted more. Lots more! Kyle and Paul6 got on each side of his shaft and ran their hot tongues along it while I nibbled its protruding head. Three hands fondled his balls as my Paul got busy sticking his face between Gary's globes. I looked up at the Aussie's eyes. It was obvious that he wasn't going anywhere, except to heaven. Our heaven.

"Your pre-cum tastes way groovy, Gary. Any more where that came from?"

My lips and tongue worked the dude's head while the others licked his shaft and hole. All of a sudden he groaned like a woman about to give birth. Wad after wad of hot, thick Aussie cum shot into my mouth. It tasted wild! I waited until his tight balls had emptied, then stood up and faced him. I stuck out my tongue to let him see his boy juice. Then I swallowed it all. His grin was a foot wide as the other guys danced and applauded like they were high on something.

"How was it?"

"Jeez! Shit hot, mate! Way, way cool. I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! The best! Woohoo!"

"Well, keep it up, man. It'll improve your character out of sight." I cracked.

The two Pauls and Kyle were totally pissed that we didn't have time to blow them as we dressed, then walked back down the trail to where Alan was gonna pick us up. Gary was as chirpy as a canary. He'd been reborn. Watch out Sydney!

We all read Jade's email.
Kyle and Daniel,

Here's the information I promised Kyle about my Shaolin Kung Fu.

I have been studying Shaolin Kung Fu since I was twelve, so that's six years. Although there are no belts in Kung Fu, I am at black-belt level. My styles are Tiger, Snake, and the basic five-animal Shaolin style.

The Shaolin Temple was a place were herds of pretty boys were gathering for the study of Shaolin under the guidance of masters. You will certainly appreciate that aspect of Shaolin. :)

The mountain next to my house is my favorite training place. I usually climb it at night and often train until the break of dawn. I train alone, but it is more common and preferable to train with partners.

Over the years, I have kept snakes over periods ranging from a few days to a few weeks, and I have observed their fighting techniques -- how they hunt for food and attack their prey, and how they defend themselves in case of danger. I have learned a lot from direct animal observation, which is exactly how shaolin was developed in the first place. Yes, I even played dangerous and foolish games with a couple of rattlesnakes. Kewl, ah? I won. :)

By the way, Daniel, congratulations on your snake. It's awesome. Thanks for the pic. :)

Email me if you want further information. Oh, and don't forget to tell me what you rabbits have been up to the last few days in Cape Town since you last emailed.

"Wow! He played with rattlers?" I yelped.

"Yeah," Kyle explained, "he's a really special cyber friend and I asked him to tell me more about his Kung Fu stuff. Pretty awesome, huh?"

"Where's he from?" Gary asked.


"Wow! It would be so damn super to meet him."

"I just might do that one day," I boasted. "I'd love to learn Kung Fu."

"Me too," Paul added as he clipped me over the ear. "And you'd better take me with you or I'll fuckin’ smash ya."

Dinner was served around the pool. Gary and Paul6 were invited to stay. We all had to hit the hay early, though. Tomorrow would be the first day of the swim heats.

After we'd eaten, we practiced some more laps in the pool. We didn't clock our times, though, because Kyle and I didn't want each other to know. We were gonna save that for our own comp on Friday afternoon. But I did notice that he was working on his tumble turns.

I heard the tree trunk squeal, then snap. Kyle's mom and dad rushed out of the house as if there'd been an earthquake. They watched the two Pauls, me and Kyle crash to the ground, along with the tree. We tried to explain what had happened but they were too damn mad to see the funny side. Gary had thrown our Speedos up to the top branch.

Kyle's mom gave us an hour in his room to "talk about boy's things". She was right about the things, but not so right about the talk. We all got naked. The difference in the Aussie kid's attitude in just twenty four hours was incredible as he reminded us that the two Pauls and Kyle had missed out on a blow job earlier that afternoon.

Kyle put on his shorts and left the room. He came back in 10 seconds with five donuts and a large bottle of Coke, then got naked again. The two Pauls and Kyle put their semis through the hole in the donut and pushed it back to the base of their shafts. The two remaining donuts were left beside the Coke.

"K, Daniel and Gary, time to eat. Whoever finishes his donut first and swallows it, gets to eat the second donut. That means he gets to blow those two guys. The loser blows one. Choose your donuts! And may the best dude win!"

I dove for Kyle's six inches. Jeez, it was fucking gorgeous! I ate that donut so quickly, I practically choked. I'd be choking later anyway, so what the fuck. I was done before Gary, and slowly nibbled Paul6's donut. I knew that I could take my time with this one. The smell of his nads and black pubes was totally wild as I studied his long white shaft and its blue veins slapping my face. The head of his cock was perfectly shaped with a prominent ridge and smooth, velvet skin. His piss hole was big enough to stick the tip of my tongue into. Oh yessss!

Since I was already an inch from Paul6's thick throbber, I decided to start there. Kyle would be second. I was worried about that because I was hoping that he'd have enough cum left to fuck me stupid during the night. I looked up at Paul6's chest. Shit, he was awesome! He knew exactly what I was thinking, the vain fucker, so he put his hands behind his head and flexed his biceps. All that tanned, hairless skin, muscly pecs and shallow six pack ruled absolutely. I counted the muscles whose definition was totally awesome. If I’d been a girl, I figured I'd have fainted at the sight of all that perfect teen flesh.

I took a quick peek over at Gary. He was on his back on the floor, with a pillow folded under his head. My Paul was kneeling over his chest and fucking his freckled face while

I remained where I was, kneeling in front of Paul6. It felt so rad to be dominated by this way groovy dude, I grabbed handfuls of his firm globes and helped him slide his straight, hard six between my lips. I gagged. He smiled. I let him all the way in until his pubes tickled my nose and his hangers dangled on my chin. I gagged again. I didn't care, though. Either did he.

He kept his hands behind his head so that I could admire all those acres of funky, golden skin. Instead of fucking my face, he let me bob my head around and work my tongue. I kept my lips tight around his silky shaft as I went from the high ridge of his head all the way down to his black bush. As I increased my speed, his balls bounced off my chin while the delicious taste of his pre-cum grew more intense.

After some minutes, I watched his eyes squint. His biceps bulged. His six pack contracted. He gritted his teeth. I squeezed his globes. Then several buckets of thick, sticky boy juice shot out of his steel canon and down my throat. I hoped it would never stop. I kept swallowing until I felt his thick beef begin to slowly relax inside my mouth while his body slumped. What a fucking blast!

I saw my Paul pulling Gary's head to his groin. His face was contorted with ecstasy. A mixture of cum and spit bubbled out of the corners of the Aussie kid's mouth, then Paul used the head of his swollen cock to spoon it back to where it belonged. Gary happily swallowed every juicy morsel.

"K, guys," Kyle announced, "we only have fifteen minutes left before we've gotta hit the sack."

Kyle asked me to lie on the floor on my back. He got down on all fours as he pointed his ass at my face and straddled my chest. How I wished at that moment that I'd had a frog's tongue to zap into his wicked brown and pink hole. It looked way tasty, and was moist with sweat. I dwelt on his vertical, dark hole, the wrinkled pink skin surrounding it, and the light brown circle that framed it. It was a masterpiece of eroticism.

I watched his hangers lower and drape over my nose. They felt light and cool. My mouth was already open as his hard six filled it to capacity. I was so fucking glad that I’d had the good luck to finish Kyle's doughnut before Gary had eaten Paul's.

Kyle's ass began to rise and fall as he fucked my face. I smoothed my flat hands over those wild, round globes and used my thumbs to massage his hole. I was gonna choke any minute from his monster beef but I didn't care. What a fucking way to die! While he kept pumping my mouth, I kept my tongue working like a lizard’s. The taste of his pre-cum was delicious. Totally ace.

His buns tightened and I saw the dimples form in his ass. His perfect balls were hard up against the end of his shaft and ready to release their load. I slid my finger into his hole and felt it squeeze as the first of many jets of his creamy boy juice filled my mouth. I hoped he had heaps more. He did! Seven juicy wads jetted down my throat as my adam's apple jerked up and down, trying to cope with the flood.

He flopped, exhausted, on top of me, but let his killer beef remain in my mouth to slowly subside. Meantime, I was still massaging his globes and enjoying the feeling of his nads draped across my nose, as well as the taste of his excellent cum.

I'd never seen a place like Newlands before. It was near the famous South African cricket and rugby grounds. I didn't know much about cricket but Kyle had told me that it was something like an English version of baseball, or the other way around. Rugby was football. Anyway, the place had a 50 metre main pool plus a diving pool, with a big grandstand to one side. Kyle said that they put up extra stands on the other side for big comps. This was a school comp, so I guessed it wasn't gonna make world headlines.

He also told me that it was a tradition for all the guys touring for the first time to go through an initiation thingy by the home team. That kind of worried me. He didn't say what it would be like, but that it was planned for Friday afternoon before the finals at night.

This was the first day of the heats. Coach gave us a verbal warm-up, then threatened to cut off our balls if we didn't do well. There were ten competitors in each heat. The swimmers who filled the first three places in each heat would go through to the quarter finals. Tomorrow's heats would determine who made the semis. Friday would be the big day -- the finals.

From my spot a short distance away, I watched Kyle in his tracksuit at the lineup. He looked way nervous. His face was deadpan. He wasn't talking to anybody. I wanted to beat the ass off that kid in our private race, but I was really rootin' for him in this heat. Yeah, I did love him. Heaps.

He and the other nine guys got out of their tracksuits and started warming up by stretching and shaking their arms and legs. As Kyle exercised his arms over his shoulders to loosen his muscles, I wanted to eat them and rip off his Speedos, but this wasn't exactly the right time or place. The grandstand was packed, mostly with friends and rellos of the home team. Our guys had only a few supporters who could afford the trip to Cape Town. I really wished mom could have been there. The thought gave me a lump in my throat.

Kyle was last to hit the water in the 100m freestyle. Fuck! He was tenth! He had no fucking hope. The pool was a mass of arms and legs and wash from the swimming bodies as they neared the first 50 metres. By that time, Kyle had caught up a bit. He was about equal seventh, but only a few feet from the leaders. He tumble-turned and came out sixth.

I stood up and waved my arms around, shouting, "come on Kyle! come on Kyle!". He'd moved to fifth with about 25 metres to go. Then fourth. My heart sank as he didn't seem to be making any more headway. Then, the other guy started to tire with 10 metres to go. Kyle inched ahead. His arms were like a paddle-wheel in top gear. My heart was in my mouth. Five metres to go. I leapt a hundred feet into the air when Kyle's hand touched the wall a split second before the other guy's.

"FUCKING AWESOME!" I screamed. The coach covered my mouth with his hand even though he knew I had every reason to be over the moon. My heart was racing. Kyle looked at the score board and grinned like crazy. He made the quarters in the free. My fucking hero! Woohoo!

My body hit the water. I was about third off the blocks and could only see the wash from the guys either side of me, but they weren't too far ahead. The wall loomed and I did a tumble. I was second out. I could hear the crowd roar, and was hoping like hell that Kyle was yelling my name. My arms felt like lead. We touched. I finished second. My Paul finished third.

Later in the day, we competed in the butterfly. Kyle came third in that too. I also managed third. At the end of the day, every one of our team had qualified for the semis. The coach was jumping around like a big kid. But, there was still tomorrow, so we couldn't relax too much. And then, there were the finals on Friday.

Gary pushed his way through the crowd to congratulate me and Paul. He'd already congratulated Kyle and Paul6, who’d also qualified for the semis.

"Awesome, mate! You guys rule majorly!"

Kyle's mom and dad put on a special barbecue by the pool for dinner. They were pleased with us and we were pleased with ourselves. It had been a fucking blast of a day. But, it wasn't over yet.

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