Part 24

I'd gone to sleep on the top bunk in Kyle's room when I felt a heavy weight on top of me. I looked into his sweet eyes.

"Hi," he whispered, so as not to wake Paul.

As my eyes drank in his beautiful, masculine but boyish face, I felt his boner against mine. He was resting on his elbows and just looking down at me with his dreamy, hazel eyes. His face wore that funky half-smile that always promised something special and made my stomach churn with anticipation. A few minutes drifted by without anything being said or done. Just eyes drinking eyes, and searching for the mystery that lay behind their moist, physical exterior. Finally, he spoke.

"I just wanna make sure I've got this image of you permanently in my head when you're... Well, I wanna remember the heat from your body, your blonde hair, your brown eyes, your awesome mouth, the blush in your cheeks, your eyebrows, your cute nose..."

He paused to kiss me lightly on the lips. When he raised his head, our lips were kind of stuck. They stretched a little before they peeled apart. It was as if they never wanted to leave each other. He studied me for another minute or so, then kissed me tenderly again. His touch was so gentle and sweet, not like I'd thought a boy could ever do, especially a hero like him. His breath was hot and sexy. I wanted this to last forever. After a little while, we both drifted off to dreamland in each other’s arms.

"Table 14 is ready!"

It was our opening night. We'd worked all week to set up 'Daniels', the restaurant to beat all restaurants. It was rad. We had wild, colored graffiti all over the walls, and tables and chairs brought from second-hand shops. Nothing matched. It was so damn cool!

The five of us were in the kitchen getting Table 14's meal ready to serve. We were all dressed in our uniform -- a bow tie. That was it. Just the tie. The rest of us was nude, tanned, glorious skin. It rocked!

We grabbed the dishes of food and formed a line. I was at the head and walked through the swing doors of the kitchen as the others followed me into the restaurant. The joint was empty except for two people sitting at Table 14. "Oh well," I thought, "it takes longer to build a business than to crack a boner." I suddenly recognized the guys at the table. The fucking Brewer twins! Whoa!

"Nice uniforms," one of the Brewers said as we arrived at the table.

His brother agreed, and added, "should we be dressed like this in jeans and ts?"

The five of us simultaneously chorused, "NO!" then realized how overly enthusiastic we must have sounded and went as red as beets.

The Brewers tore off their clothes and threw them in a heap on the floor as we placed the silver trays and bowls of food on the table. Before they sat down again, I got a good eyeful of those unbelievable physiques. They looked fantastic in the pics I'd seen on the Web but, in real life, they were just too awesome to be true.

Both of them had deep, well-defined, hairless chests, edible brown nipples, muscular shoulders and solid arms. Their faces were made in heaven. Their straw-blonde hair rocked big time. They were true gods! And they were in our restaurant! Yes!

My eyes drifted down to their tight, cobble-stone abs and narrow waists, then to their black bushes, perfect cocks and hangers. Their thighs were muscular without being too thick, I couldn't find a single thing about them that wasn't totally awesome. My eyes travelled back to their faces and those fleshy lips and flashing white smiles. I wanted to be raped twice on the spot.

"Nice restaurant guys, but where are the knives and forks?"

I jerked my hips and waved my semi around.

"Oh, I see. How innovative." The Brewers couldn't stop laughing for a full minute.

"And what about sauce?"

The five of us jacked off all over the plates. Hot blobs of sticky juice landed everywhere. There was almost more boy cum than food! The brothers said they'd also brought their own special sauce and jacked all over the plates as well. Their cocks were fucking awesome. Long and smooth with big, cut heads. I watched the juice spurt from their throbbers in long, white strands. Woohoo! This was serious fun!

The twins spent the next ten minutes draping their food over our boners and eating it off. Sometimes they'd put a dish under our balls and use our cock as a spoon. One of them actually dipped my balls in the mornay and licked it off. The other smeared food all over my feet and sucked my toes as I planted one foot at a time on the table.

Paul6 obviously needed more training in the art of restaurant decorum. He got so excited about one of the Brewers licking food off his cock, he blew a bucket of boy cum in the guy's face, which made us all crack something rad.

I noticed more people coming into the restaurant. It was a group of about four or five. I left Table 14 to attend to them.

"You're Peter Glawson, aren't you?" I also recognized one of his friends, Marco. I showed them to Table 13 so that they could get an idea of how we ran the restaurant. They had their clothes off in seconds. I handed Peter the menu. He chatted with his friends for a while and they all nodded in agreement.

"We'll have the Dick L'orange, the Dick Bolognaise, the Cock au Cum, the ... oh fuck, we'll have the damn lot. Oh! And plenty of Sauce de Daniels."

"Anything to drink?"

Peter ran his finger down the beverage list. "Yes, this one."

I asked the two Pauls, Kyle and Gary to leave the Brewers for a moment to help me pour the drinks. We pissed long jets of yellow in five glasses and put them back on the table.

"Daniel? Hey, Daniel? Are you awake?"

I looked into Kyle's eyes, yawned, stretched and mumbled. "Hi. Are you gonna be around forever, dude?"

"You must have had some fucking awesome dream, man. You were laughing like crazy. Tell me about it in the shower. We've gotta get our butts moving. Semis are on today."

Paul appreciated his usual face full of hot, morning piss from Kyle and me. Afterwards, I drank the fresh water that ran off Kyle's throbber while he was in the shower. There was no time for fucking or sucking, though. Big day ahead.

The grandstand at Newlands was packed with even more peeps than yesterday. Half the fucking world was there! Kyle leapt off the block and hit the water in the butterfly heat. He was third as the ten swimmers headed for the wall on the first lap.

He managed to be second after coming out of the tumble-turn. The first guy was only half a body length in front. Kyle's head dipped as his powerful arms pushed his body as fast as they could. With fifteen meters to go, Kyle was within a spit of the other guy. I stood up and raised my fists. The coach put his hand over my mouth. The two heads were equal. Five meters to go. Kyle's hand reached out and touched the wall. KYLE FIRST! 62.05.

I pushed the coach's hand away and jumped around like I was going crazy. "Kyle, Kyle, Kyle! Fucking awesome! Way cool, man! Kyle rewlz!"

The coach took me aside. "You love this Kyle kid, don't you?"

"Does it show?"

The coach cracked and roughed up my blonde hair. "You're gonna be a mess when it comes time to leave, Daniel."

I didn't realize it at the time, but the guy that Kyle had beaten was Paul6. So, they'd both made the finals. Later in the day, I came second in the fly at 63.71. I'd be pushing shit uphill to beat Kyle tomorrow in our private race. Fuck! But, I shrugged and laughed anyway.

I'd always wanted to drive a car, not just up our drive at home, but on a real road. Alan drove me, Paul and Gary to an isolated spot. Kyle and Paul6 had already gone home after the swim semis with their parents. I got behind the wheel.

"What kind of car is this?"

"BMW, six cylinder. She's pretty quick so take it easy."

I released the clutch pedal too fast, causing the car to jerk clumsily along the empty road. The assholes in the back were laughing their tits off. Alan explained how to ease the clutch pedal out as I changed gears. I soon got the hang of it. Then Alan reached over to the dash and pressed a button. The hood went down. The wind was in my hair. Fucking awesome!

We were heading toward a fairly tight corner at about 40 m.p.h. when Alan told me to change down to second, then power into the curve. I turned the wheel and planted my foot. The tyres gripped like glue. The engine roared. The car went exactly where it was supposed to. This was so damn wild! Power, man, way cool power!

We eventually turned onto a straight stretch of road. Alan asked me to get up to about 50, pull the handbrake and turn the wheel hard. The car spun 180. Dust and stones flew everywhere. Rubber squealed. The trees became a blur. I glanced in the rear-view and saw Paul and Gary in the back seat. Their expressions looked like wide-eyed kids on a roller coaster. We all cracked for a minute, then I drove back to the starting point where Alan took over and drove us home.

Kyle's eyes were popping big time. "He let you drive?".

"Yeah. It was the bomb!"

"How come I wasn't invited? Huh?"

Kyle heaped handfuls of water over my face in the pool, which prompted the other guys to follow his example. They grabbed me by the wrists and ankles and dragged me out of the water and on to the grass. They swung me back and forth, then let me fly through the air before I came down with a huge splash. They all dove in and started tickling my underarms and stomach. I was laughing so much I couldn't breathe, but it was way cool fun. They were the best buds a guy could ever hope to have. They ruled, totally.

The finals were due tomorrow night so we were allowed to stay up until about 11. We were all naked as usual in Kyle's room when my hero said he had an idea. Each of us helped to attach the bed sheets to the walls so they looked like stage curtains. Paul6 and Kyle got dressed in their shorts and ts and stood behind the sheets. The rest of us sat on the floor, ready for the show. This was gonna beat the fuck out of any porn movie. I just knew it.

I pulled the string and the curtains opened. One fell on the floor but nobody gave a fuck. Kyle started undressing Paul6. It was then that I realized how tantalizing a funky body could be when its clothes were being slowly peeled off.

Kyle lifted Paul6's t until it was just below his pecs. Every muscle in his six pack was perfectly outlined. He raised the shirt a little more until it was just covering his nipples. Then Kyle got behind him and put a finger over each of his friend's nipples. Paul6 ripped the t right off and threw it at us. I'd seen those nipples a hundred times but I wanted to see them again NOW! Gary grabbed the shirt in mid flight, put it to his face and sniffed the t's armpits.

Kyle lifted his fingers from the boy-stripper's nipples, one at a time, to reveal those fleshy, brown berries perfectly placed on the outer edges of those excellent, tanned pecs. The audience had one thing in common -- boners. Fucking monsters!

My hero reached down to Paul6's fly from behind and took his time placing his thumb and forefinger on the buttons. Then he slowly undid them. I could just make out a few black pubes, but the real prize was still hidden. Kyle undid the main button and the shorts fell to the floor. An awesome throbber with its juicy slit and enlarged piss hole stared us in the face. We all wanted to attack it but Kyle made us sit where we were. Damn!

Paul6 stepped out of his shorts and about-faced. He bent forward and spread his firm globes so that we had an eyeful of his pink hole. Kyle got underneath him and licked his ball sack. We watched his wet tongue dance, causing those awesome balls to lift and bounce. I wanted to join in but Kyle stopped me. My place was in the audience. Fuck!

Paul6 started to undress Kyle. He pulled his t up through Kyle's raised arms, then paused to lick his friend's armpits and nipples. This was driving me fucking crazy! Then Kyle put his hand down the front of his shorts as Paul6 unbuttoned them and slid them down his sexy thighs to his ankles. My hero's hand covered his cock as he stepped out of his shorts, then hooked them with his toe and tossed them to me. I caught them and held them to my face for a moment, taking a deep sniff to savor the warm, spicy aroma of my hunky bud.

I knew that there was a rock-hard, six inches of delicious teen meat being hidden behind Kyle's hand but I couldn't see it -- just glimpses of his black bush. The fucker was teasing me to hell, and loving it. The two of them glanced at each other and nodded, then sang "da, da!"

They pranced around among us as we sat on the floor, dangling their boners in our faces and rubbing their balls on our lips. We weren't allowed to move. Paul6's cheeks parted right in front of my face. His sweaty hole was just an inch from my nose. It smelt wicked! My tongue wanted to fly out of my mouth, but it had to stay where it was. This was killing me!

As Kyle stood over me, I looked up at his smooth, tanned body while he rubbed his cock head around my lips and smeared his pre-cum all over my face. His scent was so damn awesome, I wanted to rape him on the spot. My cock was gonna burst any minute. He smiled down at me, knowing how much he was tormenting me, but the killer dude was enjoying every moment of his power. I had to admit it -- so was I. Being teased by this magic god was so fucking wild.

Both guys went back to the 'stage'. "Please remain seated dudes, the grand finale is about to begin," Kyle grinned.

They stroked each other's cocks while they kissed. After a few minutes, they took turns rubbing their throbbers up each other's cracks, then went back to stroking. They timed the moment perfectly. They turned toward us with their hands behind their heads, arched their backs and let their feral boners shoot boy cum anywhere it wanted to go. Their hard teen meat bounced with each jet of thick juice that soared through the air. Milk flew everywhere. It was all over us. I couldn't take my eyes off those bucking boners exploding cum like loose canons. It rocked fucking big time! Whoa!

Within seconds, we'd turned into a twisted pile of tanned flesh licking cum off each other where ever we could find it.

It was such a blast, Paul, Gary and I decided to do the same thing to Kyle and Paul6. They sat down while we stood over them and stroked our meat. We were so fucking horny, it only took about thirty seconds or so. We all put our hands behind our heads and let our exploding cocks run wild. I looked down at my seven inches and watched it fire awesome wads of juice in all directions. I could see the other guys' wads landing all over the place, too. Man, this was such a totally radical trip.

The moment the torrent of boy cum had subsided, we became another twisted pile of sweaty, tanned skin and busy tongues until Paul6 and Gary had to leave for the night.

Kyle waited until Paul was sound asleep before he climbed up to the top bunk and laid on top of me. We gazed into each other's eyes for maybe a minute. I felt his steel-hard boner against mine.

"Do you really love me?" he asked.

"I think so. What happened tonight was just so damn awesome. I can't believe I'm having such a wild time with you."

"What is it you love about me? I wanna know the detail."

"Everything, I guess."

"I said detail, dude!"

"Well, I gotta tell ya, it's the way your mop of black hair falls where it wants to. It kind of represents the way you are -- like free."

"What else?"

"Your lips, man. They’re so fucking rad. Juicy and fleshy and red. And I love the little vertical groove above your top lip, under your nose."

"What about my nose?"

"It's way cool. Straight and strong like a man's, but cute like a boy's."

"Would you eat my snot?"

"Fuck off! No way, man!"

"Yes you would. I know you would," he laughed.

Kyle put his finger up his nostril and smeared a bit of watery stuff on my lips. He looked down at me for a few seconds with that wicked half-smile. I just let it evaporate and smiled back.

"So, what else?"

"Your eyes, I love the color, and how they're wide spaced. And how your hair falls into them sometimes. And your eyebrows. They're so neato."


"Well, your dick ain't too bad, either," I giggled.

He lowered those funky lips to mine and kissed me lightly on each closed eyelid. Then, on the tip of my nose. Then my mouth. They were a silent rocketship that took me to the stars. It was the most magic place I'd ever been. He backed off and looked me in the eyes again.

"Do you really have to go back to America?"

"Do you really have to stay in South Africa?"

We didn't have any answers to those questions. We didn't even wanna think about them. I suddenly thought of a way to explain things.

"A really special friend of mine on the Net sent me a story he wrote. It was about two guys like us, y'know, who liked each other a real lot. When it came time for them to part after a week of rad fun, one of them asked if they could be together forever. The other guy said that it would be impossible, and that it would spoil the perfection of the time they’d had together."

Kyle's eyes misted over. He kissed me again.

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