Part 25

Kyle was still resting on his elbows and looking down at me with those big, irresistible eyes that could melt an iceberg with ease. We were on the top bunk and both naked. Boners, by this time, had become an obligatory part of our standard uniform. It was about 1am but, at that point, we didn't care about the big day tomorrow. Somehow, this moment seemed far more important. Kyle's hazel eyes sparkled and I could tell that he was about to transport me to somewhere fantastic.

"And how do you want to remember me?" he whispered.

I gazed into his eyes like some smitten groupy. I couldn't think of anything in particular, only everything in general. This guy could read me better than I knew myself. He lifted my legs and draped them over his broad, tanned shoulders. I felt the awesome sensation of his hard six sliding slowly into my hole.

"Is this how you'd like to remember me, Daniel?"

"Yeah, and with a bit of luck, you'll get stuck and we'll have to travel back to the States like this. Mom'll be thrilled, I'm sure. "Hi, mom! This is my friend Kyle hangin' outa my ass!"

I felt his throbber moving around inside me as his body shook with laughter. The sensation was so fucking rad! Then he leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues danced as he fucked me. I knew that with every thrust of his hips, he was telling me that he loved me, even though he'd never actually spoken those words. Surely nothing in my life could ever be as awesome as this.

His kissing became more aggressive as his cock head began to explode within me. He snorted uncontrollably through his flared nostrils with every jet of his precious juice and every contraction of his ass muscles. I felt his hot milk inside while I hugged his sweating body as tightly as I could. His balls were pressed hard up against my ass as he shot the last of his load. We were as one. United in love.

He slumped on top of me, exhausted, and laid his head on my chest. I was running my fingers through his spiky, black hair when he managed to get a couple of words out before he drifted off to sleep.

"I'm gonna kick your ass tomorrow, dude."

We slept as we were. United.

We were in a major hurry the next morning. It was the big day. The finals! Plus, the private race between Kyle and me. We didn't have time to give Paul individual pisses so, as soon as he'd placed the back of his neck over the bathroom basin, we let him have two powerful jets of golden piss, all at once. It was totally awesome to see so much fucking piss splashing over his cute face.

"If he looks like drowning," I said to Kyle, "you can give him mouth to mouth."

I shouldn't have said that because it made us crack something wicked. Our piss went feral and splashed all over the mirror and bathroom wall as our stomachs heaved with every laugh.

Friday morning was spent practicing and training at our private pool -- everything from laps to aerobics. We had to be super fit for tonight's finals. Just before lunch, the coach made an announcement.

"We're going to have the afternoon off. I want you guys to relax and be ready for tonight's finals. Try to get rid of any stress. Do something different. Enjoy yourselves. I want you to be psychologically prepared as well as physically fit for tonight. K?"

The kids started to drift away when I saw Kyle and Paul6 in their tanks and baggies walking through the entrance to the pool area. The coach spoke again.

"Just a second, team! Hang for a minute. I've organized a special event for today. Because Kyle's and Daniel's ages are one year apart, they can't compete in the same events in the finals tonight. They've asked me to stage this special race -- actually two races -- the fly and the free over 100 meters. Looks like Kyle only has one supporter, his friend Paul. So go easy, huh?"

After shaking our arms and loosening our muscles, we stood on the blocks. The starter's gun fired. We hit the water for the free.

I could see Kyle's wash right alongside me. We were neck and neck when we hit the wall and tumbled. As I surfaced, I gulped a heap of water and started coughing like crazy. I stopped swimming while Kyle continued to power away. I saw everybody laughing. I felt like a complete jerk.

Kyle stopped after about 20 metres and swam back. "You OK, Daniel?"

I'd recovered by then. "Sorry, man. I really fucked up. I guess you win."

"I declare a rematch," he said with a wide, toothy grin.

I watched Kyle step up on the block next to mine. The starter's gun fired. We hit the water. I was concentrating so hard on getting to the wall ahead of Kyle, I didn't even notice where he was. I tumbled, surfaced and swam like fucking hell. It was only when I got about ten meters from the finish that I saw him right alongside me. Everything went into slow motion. My hand reached for the wall. I touched it. I heard everybody yelling "DANIEL!".

I threw my arms around Kyle's neck and hugged him. "You're my hero, man. You gave me a second chance. Thanks tons, dude. You rock."

Kyle dived below, ripped off my Speedos and threw them to the coach. I didn't care. It was another opportunity to show off my soft five and blonde patch to anybody who appreciated them. I heaved myself out of the pool and stood up on the tiles. From the looks on several faces, I had a few fans.

The coach gave us ten minutes to catch our breath before the fly. I joined the two Pauls and Gary who each shook my hand.

"Cool race, Daniel. Congrats."

Kyle was his usual quiet self before a race, but I put my arm around his shoulder and felt his solid muscle. "This is the guy who really should've won the race," I said to the others.

"It's not over yet, dude," Kyle smiled, "I'm gonna whip your ass in the fly."

A clear vision of what he'd done with my ass last night appeared in my mind. I grinned at him. He knew what I was thinking. He always knew. He was the most amazing dude I'd ever met. He danced around and shadow-boxed me in fun, then wandered off a few paces to be alone with his thoughts. He was always tense and solitary before a race.

A fraction of a second after the starter's gun had fired, we hit the water for the fly. We were neck and neck again. We tumbled and headed for glory on the second lap. From my occasional glances through the wash, we were within a split second of each other. With about twenty meters to go, I could see him pulling away. I tried my fucking heart out. My hand touched the wall one full second after his. I was glad, though.

As the roar of "Kyle, Kyle, Kyle" erupted, I grabbed his raised winner's fist and shook it. He was my friend. My hero. I was proud of him. I laughed with him and shared his thrill.

When the excitement had died down a bit, he looked at me. "Did you really try to win that race?"

"You bet I did. I did my fucking best, man. You won it fair and square." He knew I wasn't lying.

Within seconds, we were surrounded by guys wanting to shake our hands. Gary was the first to congratulate us, then we all hung around and chatted for a while.

I noticed ten guys dressed in jeans, shorts and ts walk up to the coach and have a private chat with him. He nodded, winked at me and walked away. The guys approached our team. They were seniors from the Cape Town school. They asked Kyle and Paul6 to vanish, pronto. Then they herded us into the showers.

"Ever heard of initiations?" their leader said. He was a tall, fair-haired guy in his late teens, and built like you wouldn't want to argue with him. "If you haven't, you're about to."

We were ordered to get out of our Speedos and stand shoulder to shoulder in a straight line of ten, facing the wall with our backs to the seniors. I was at one end of the line. We were told not to turn around or we'd get our lights punched out. I heard the leader shout.

"K, bring her in."

I could hear footsteps for a few seconds, like metal on tiles. Then they stopped. The leader spoke again.

"K, you little cock suckers. Here's the deal. When I say 'now', turn around and face me. Ready? Now!"

I turned around with the rest of the team. It took me a moment to focus on the girl. She looked hot from a distance, and I heard gasps from the other guys. She had enormous norks with little sparkly things stuck to her nipples, and a small g-string that barely covered her black pubes. Her hair was long, black and straight. She had false eyelashes that could've blown us into the next province if they'd fluttered. Fishnet stockings ran all the way from her thighs to her black-booted feet. She held a long, thin stick in her hand. Something told me that this chick was no nun.

She walked casually over to our team and studied the line of cocks. Some were semi, some were hard. She whacked the boners with her stick. When she got to mine, she smiled. I got whacked all the same, and it stung like fucking hell. The guys with boners were made to stand in a separate group from the semis.

"OK, you!" the leader growled, pointing to me. "Go over to the group of weenies and wave your boner around."

I did as I was told. Actually, I kind of enjoyed it. The three guys who didn't get a hardon by looking at the girl suddenly had blood rushing south. One of them was Paul. Their cocks were soon standing at attention at the sight of my hard seven. Wow! And to think Id never even realized that these guys, apart from Paul, had lusted after me so much! Then I was ordered to return to my group.

"K, so we have three fags and seven straights," the leader said. He pulled his cock out of his shorts. The other seniors followed suit. "K, who's first?"

I was in the wrong group. The moment I saw that seven inches of perfect teen beef I wanted to eat it. Fuck, yeah! The three 'fags' all rushed at him, but Benny got there first. The others had to make do with the leftovers -- the other seniors. They weren't all that bad, though.

I was surprised to see Benny sucking that monster cock. He always seemed to be a pretty straight kind of dude, even though he was normally quiet and shy. He was one of our best swimmers too, and had a way cool bod; taut and trim with all the muscles in the right places.

The girl handed out the condoms, dropped the g-string and laid on her back. I was looking at a live, hairy oyster for the first time in my young life. I was hoping that Kyle would rush into the room with his cape still floating in the breeze, and a big red K emblazoned on his chest. I wanted him to pick me up in his arms and carry me off to the clouds away from all this fucking shit. But he was nowhere to be seen. I made up my mind there and then never to eat another oyster in my whole fucking life.

I stared at those plastic eyelashes while I tried to fuck her. Close up, her makeup looked like it had been heaped on with a trowel. Her breath smelt of tobacco and alcohol. She was a lot older than Id first thought. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Kyle. That didn't work. My cock quit. She pushed me off her.

"You'd better join the other fags, boy. Pity. You looked promising." She glanced up at the boy queue. "Next!"

The senior's leader eyed me up and down. "Hmmm, you don't look faggy. Or maybe it's just because you're a scared little virgin."

He grabbed hold of Benny. "Thanks for the blow, dude. Haven't had one that fucking good in ages. Here's your reward."

The big dude put his hand on my shoulder and forced me to my knees. Benny's excellent throbber was staring me in the face with its piss-hole eye. His meat was a fat six inches, straight and cut. The head was beautifully shaped and begged to be sucked.

I looked up at Benny's eyes. He was nervous. I placed my open hands on his narrow hips, then gently ran my fingers up and down his hairless legs as I checked his pecs and six pack. They'd always looked good, but they seemed much better from down here. The shadows cast by the ceiling light accentuated his muscle definition.

"You really wanna do this, Daniel?"

"All the shops are shut, man. You're the only joint open. Just my fucking luck." I cracked.

Benny's lips curled into a boyish smile as mine welcomed his hard cock. He tasted funky. My tongue was enjoying the flavor his way groovy pre-cum. I grabbed his hands and put them on the back of my head. He got the message and started thrusting his pelvis while I massaged his buns with one hand and stroked his balls with the other. His hot, smooth teen meat started sliding in and out of my face at a faster pace. I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft while my tongue worked his piss hole. His nads battered my chin like two little cushions.

His grip on my hair increased like he was gonna rip my head off. I felt his cock head ram the roof of my mouth, and gagged. An explosion of boy juice shot down my throat. Another splattered over my tongue. More followed. Then more. My mouth was overflowing with a bucket of his delicious thick milk as he looked down and watched me swallow it all. I let his cock go soft in my mouth while he fondled my hair.

"That's the first time anybody's ever done that to me. I'm glad it was you, Daniel. Awesome!"

The two Pauls, Gary, Kyle and I got a lift back with both sets of parents. We all went to Paul6's house for drinks and a few mid-afternoon snacks. The parents did the chatting while we fooled around in the pool. Later, the adults drove down to the mall to do some shopping.

"Yowww!!!!!!" Kyle's finger up my ass came as a shock. I swam after the bastard but he clambered up the pool steps and ran around the perimeter of the pool. I chased after him for a while until I was totally fucked, then fell on my back on the grass and tried to catch my breath. My chest was heaving between laughs. He planted one foot either side of my pecs, put his hands on his hips and looked down at me with a wide, cheeky grin. His chest was heaving too.

I could never ever tire of looking up at him. My eyes wandered up his muscular thighs to his hangers and semi, and his neat bush of black pubes. I could see the firm roundness of his lower buns through his parted legs. My gaze continued up to his stomach which was still contracting with laughter. His powerful chest puffed and deflated as he tried to catch his breath. After half a minute, he bent his knees and squatted over my stomach. His throbber was lying in the groove between my pecs. I could feel his nads resting on my skin.

I used the heels of my hands to push my pecs together so that the channel between them deepened. He placed his knees and flat hands on the grass for support, then started fucking between my velvet tits. I watched his piss hole come to within an inch of my open mouth and then retreat. It was the bomb to watch it sliding back and forth between my squashed pecs, and to feel his hangers brushing my breast bone. The other guys gathered around to watch and started jacking off.

Kyle's face grimaced. His tanned body stiffened as he let out a loud groan. His first juicy wad landed on my tongue. Some dribbled down my chin. The next jet flew out of his cock head on the forward stroke and zapped straight to the back of my throat. Six more shots of his cum found their marks as he dragged his boner and balls over my chest -- some hit my cheeks, some my nose, some shot into my mouth. My hero licked them off my face one at a time. His pink tongue passed them to my lips and I swallowed each delicious sticky blob.

It was raining boy cum. The other guys were moaning like crazy as they stood above me. I looked along my chest and saw boy milk everywhere. It didn't stay there long, though. An army of tongues soon arrived for the clean-up.

Newlands grandstand was packed to capacity. It was a technicolor sea of people. A school official made an announcement over the PA system, congratulating all the guys who'd made the finals and wishing us the best of luck.

I did my usual war dance when Kyle came second in the fly, just half a second behind Paul6. Our team managed to get third. Kyle actually won the free ahead of two of our guys. I went ballistic. When his name lit up on the board, his eyes searched for mine. He found them in the crowd and grinned. The coach reminded me that I was rooting for the wrong team.

Paul, Benny and I did pretty well in our events. I got a fourth and a second, the others got two thirds, a fifth and a second between them. At the end of the night, the home team had won the most races, but only by two. The coach was pretty pleased with us.

"Well done, guys. They may have beaten us, but we get to take home a stack of medals. You guys did extremely well. I'm proud of all of you."

It took for-fucking-ever to get out of Newlands. We'd all gotten separated. Outside the gates, I spotted Benny.

"Hey, dude! Have you seen the others?"

"Over there!"

We headed for the two Pauls, Kyle, Gary and the parents. Everybody was talking at once. The excitement of the night was still with us all. Benny accepted our invitation to have a late supper at Paul6's place. Tomorrow, we'd catch the flight home. I didn't wanna even think about that.

It was getting close to midnight when Kyle phoned an order for three large supreme pizzas with double everything. The adults decided to skip the pizzas and declared it was their bedtime. We convinced them to allow us to sleep out on the lawn by the pool. After tomorrow, we argued, we'd never see each other again. It was a warm, balmy night and a zillion stars punctuated the velvet black sky. The sounds of splashing and teen giggles drifted into empty space for the aliens to figure out.

Kyle opened the front door. I stood behind him, naked of course, to help him carry the food. He couldn't believe it when the pizza boy was the same one who'd seen Paul6 drop his towel a few months back. It was his last delivery for the night so we paid him and invited him to join us around the pool. I followed his blonde hair, tight t and blue jeans through the house and out the back. He was maybe seventeen and fucking awesome looking. His jeans stuck to his globes like they were a second skin. His name was Jason.

Kyle opened the first pizza box. "Not enough mozzarella. Did you bring any extra, Jason?"

Jason looked puzzled. Not only that, he was helluva nervous about being the only one of us wearing clothes. "There's already double cheese, man. That's what you ordered."

"Make it triple." Kyle grabbed Jason's zip, pulled it down, then reached in and flopped out the guy's cock. It was totally wicked. Six inches soft, easy, with a thick, smooth shaft and prominent head.

"Hey, dude. I'm not gay, OK?"

"No problem, man. You've got an awesome cock, two balls and lots of mozzarella. Go for it."

Kyle began to stroke the Adonis's beef while Jason looked like he was torn between wanting to run and wanting to stay. His cock made the right decision. It was up to its full seven inches in seconds. We all gathered around to watch our third helping of cheese smother the pizza.

Kyle's fist was obviously doing an excellent job. Long torrents of white cum exploded from Jason's rock-hard boner and splattered all over the olives and peperoni. One end of his final string of juice clung to his swollen, moist head while the other end stuck to the pizza. He used his forefinger to lift the cum off his cock and smooth it over the peperoni. We all knew he was enjoying this. He couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from turning up and forming a wicked smile.

Jason declined to eat the cum-soaked food. Instead, he watched us devour it with gusto. His wide eyes darted around not believing what they were seeing. Six funky faces eating his juice.

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