Part 28

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I demanded as I saw Dick hanging around our front gate.

"Chill, man. I just felt like a walk and some company." He petted Kyle.

"Go round the side of the house. I'll meet you in my room."

I opened mom's door a tad, said goodnight, put the dog out and went to my room. I locked the door and opened the window. Dick climbed in.

"So what do you wanna talk about?" I said as I stripped.

Dick stripped too. "I've missed you, man. I just felt like being with you ... y'know, just you and me for a while."

I sat in front of the computer and loaded Kyle's pic on the screen. I was so fucking pissed that he wasn't here, I wanted to hurt somebody. Dick was at point blank range.

"You really fell for that Kyle dude. What's he got that I don't?"

I ignored his question and flipped through some of Kyle's other pics.

"Daniel? Hey, man, he's thousands of miles away. Cocks don't grow that long." He waved his hard seven between my face and the screen. I pushed him away.

"Listen up, Daniel, I know you're pissed but you gotta get over this thing. This is the good ol' US of A, man. Life goes on."

I snapped and stood up. "No! You listen, fucker! I didn't ask you to come around here and fuck with my brain, OK? If I wanna have a case of the fucking sads I'll be fucking sad! Alright?"

Dick saw the tears welling up in my eyes and hugged me. I cried like a baby on his naked shoulder as he cradled the back of my head in his hand.

"It's OK, Daniel, it's OK. I'm your buddy. Get the hurt out, dude. Take as long as you want."

We slept together without sex. It felt so damn good to have his warm, muscular body next to mine, and to hear his soft voice soothing my tormented soul.

Pissing out the window at first light was getting to be a habit. Dick thanked me for drenching him, then left. I showered and had breakfast with mom.

"Were you talking in your sleep last night, Daniel? I thought I heard voices."

"You did hear voices, mom." I told her everything, except the part about pissing on Dick.

"Daniel, I understand that you need support from your friends, but I feel cheated that you had to do it behind my back. I think it's time we made a deal. OK?"


"From now on, I want you to share your problems with me. I'm your mother. I want to help if I can. That doesn't mean I want to interfere. I understand that there are certain things you'd prefer to discuss with your friends, but no more going behind my back. Deal?"

"Deal, mom." I paused. "Mom?"


"How much did you miss dad when he died?"

"I've told you many times, I missed him terribly. But I had a five year old son to think about. Life goes on." She reflected for a moment and looked into my eyes. "I think I know what you're trying to say, Daniel. You feel a deep loss being away from Kyle. But you have other friends. They care about you, too. They cared about you before Kyle and they care about you now. You owe it to them to be the person you were before you went to Cape Town."

Paul rode his black BMX into the street as I arrived at his house.

"Hi, Daniel!"

"Hi, Paul. I love you."

"You what?"

"Last one to school is an asshole."

I arrived at the bike rack about two seconds before he did.

"What did you say back there, Daniel?"

"You heard me, dude."

"Say it again."

"I love you. You're my bud."

On the way to class, I explained to Paul what mom had said and how I'd kind of gotten too caught up with Kyle at the expense of my other friends. His face could have put a Christmas tree to shame. It was a blast because he made me feel way fucking cool, too. The way he bounced and fooled around, he should have had a tail to wag.

That afternoon, we hit the fridge at home and drank straight from the milk carton. Mom knew the ritual and offered her cheeks to plant a couple of big milky ones on. I loved doing that. It was kind of cute. Before you knew it, Paul and I were skinny dipping in the pool. It was the bomb having my own pool at home.

I saw Paul start to heave himself out of the water, then plant one foot on the timber decking. He was about to lift the other when I swam up behind him and grabbed his ankle. I told the dog to go play with a bone. That made me laugh because that's exactly what I had in mind. Well, almost exactly.

I licked Paul's tanned globes all over. Jeez, they were horny -- firm, round, and dimpled at the sides. I took my time getting to his wrinkled, pink hole because I wanted to tease him. I knew he could hardly wait until my tongue shot between his buns. Either could I, but I loved teasing myself as well.

Finally, I put my tongue just behind his hairless balls and ran it all the way past his hole and up to the end of his crack. I did that a couple of times.

"Fuck, Daniel, you're making me so fucking horny!"

"Shhhh! You wanna go sell mom a ticket to this show? Jeez! Shuddup willya!"

I paused my tongue at his hole and dug deep. My face was pressed hard against his globes as I probed his inner sanctum. It was warm, soft and spicy. I was surprised at how far my tongue went in. Maybe he was making it easy for me.

I asked him to turn around and sit on the decking with his legs dangling in the water, then put my face between his thighs and let his hard six slide all the way to the back of my throat. I loved the feeling of his cock head passing between my lips. It was a beautifully sculptured cock -- thick, straight and smooth. It didn't take long to savor the taste of his pre-cum. I kept one hand busy fondling his nuts and the other playing with his rubbery, brown nipples.

I sucked so hard that my cheeks collapsed in the vacuum. My sucking noises sometimes sounded like they could have been heard a mile away. My tongue massaged his rock-hard shaft on the down-stroke, and his ridge and piss hole on the up-stroke. He put his hands on my head as I watched his abs contract. His blue eyes closed. He gritted his teeth. A flood of tasty boy juice filled my mouth. There were so many wads, I wondered if they'd ever stop. I swallowed hard to force the sticky cum down my throat as each delicious jet exploded from his swollen knob.

"Two tickets to Titanic, please."

We'd gotten Wednesday afternoon off because of some teacher's meeting at school, so Paul and I decided to take in a movie. We moved down the theater aisle until we found some spare seats. It seemed like half the world was there. I noticed two girls sitting behind us as we took our seats, and thought I'd recognized one of them from school. Her name was Lindy.

About an hour into the movie, I smelt perfume. A voice whispered in my ear from behind.

"Daniel? It's Lindy, from school. How ya doin'?"

"I'm trying to watch the movie, Lindy. Later, K?"

After a few seconds, I felt fingers unbuttoning my fly. A small hand reached in and found my semi. I was hard in an instant.

"Follow me," she breathed.

I waited for a little while, then told Paul I had to piss. I stood up and crabbed my way through the seats until I got to the aisle.

The lights in the foyer blinded me for a second. I blinked a few times and saw Lindy by the door of the ladies room. She beckoned me with a nod of her head. Nobody else was watching that I could see.

The first thing I noticed was that there were no urinals. Weird. No, not weird. I'd never been in a girl's toilet before. Lindy closed the stall door behind us. Her long, brown hair draped over her shoulders. She had no make-up on and looked kind of tom-boyish, with a sprinkling of freckles over her small nose. Her brown eyes were soft like melted chocolate. She looked so young and innocent.

"I've been dying to see this up close," she whispered.

"Up close?"

"Yeah, we drilled a hole in the wall between the girl's and boy's showers at school. We check you guys out all the time."

"You do?" I wondered if she'd seen me shaving the coach or tongue-bathing Paul that time.

"Well, only when we get a chance. I think your body rules, Daniel. It's so awesome."

I watched her small, delicate fingers undo my buttons and take off my baggies. My boxers slid down to my ankles as my seven bounced and kissed my stomach. She grabbed the bottom edges of my t and pulled it over my head, then let it fall to the floor. Her lips curled into a wicked smile. Her twinkling eyes were full of mischief.

Her flat hands ran over my pecs as her pink tongue licked my nipples. I watched her tongue work from the channel between my pecs slowly down to my navel where she stopped for a few seconds. My boner was gonna fucking burst!

She took hold of my hands and put them on her blouse. I started undoing the buttons and lifted it over her arms, then let it drop on top of my t. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits were small and neat, like two, firm melons that fitted perfectly into each hand. Her nipples were pink and prominent. I felt them tickle my palms.

"Stand on the toilet seat, Daniel."

I did as I was asked and watched my monster meat bounce on her pretty face as she licked my hangers. Pre-cum dribbled over her forehead. I ran my fingers through her long, soft hair and smelt her perfume rising from the heat. Her fingers explored my blonde pubes.

"Tell me when," she said softly before she took my iron boner between her red, angel lips. Her head moved back and forth as she head-fucked my cock. This was so incredibly awesome being in the girls' toilet and everything. It was totally out of this world!

My voice was strained and thin. "I'm gonna cum!"

Her long, shiny hair flew over her shoulders as she pulled her head back. She closed her small fist around my shaft and opened her mouth. I felt my ass and balls tighten, then watched my hot, white milk explode out of my swollen head onto her tongue. There was fucking gallons! My knees threatened to collapse as my strength and energy evaporated. She smiled up at me and swallowed.

"Fucking long piss," Paul whispered angrily as I took my seat.

I totally cracked when I heard Lindy's girl-friend say exactly the same thing to her.

When wed arrived home, mom was swimming in the pool and playing ball with Kyle. For a moment, I felt as if my own private space had been invaded. Then I realized it was mom's pool, too. Paul and I decided to keep our Speedos on and dove in.

I'd never seen mom in a swim suit before, only photos of her when she was younger. I was kind of surprised at how good she looked for a woman in her mid-thirties. She was trim and had long, well-shaped legs. I watched her try to outrun Kyle across the timber decking. She lost, of course, but she was pretty agile. She threw the ball into the middle of the pool. Kyle took after it with a flying leap, having no regard for my health. A ton of drenched fur landed right on top of me which made Paul and mom crack something rad.

I hated homework. I wasn't the least bit interested in anything except swimming and sex. Why couldn't they have been my electives? I'd have passed with honors. I finished my homework, read and replied to email, then helped mom in the kitchen. She gave me the really exciting job of peeling the fucking potatoes. Paul had already gone home.

"Have you ever thought about getting a boyfriend, mom?"

"Sometimes. Why?"

"You looked pretty good in your swim suit, y'know, for an oldie."

She laughed and flicked me with the dish cloth. "I'm glad you think so. I like to stay in shape."

"So, do you think you'll ever fall in love again?"

"Maybe. I don't really look for it. Nobody could ever replace your father, but I do get kind of lonesome sometimes."

"What would he be like?"

"Let me see." She stared unfocused into space for a moment. "Well, he'd have to look like you and your father. He'd have to be kind and considerate, exciting and adventurous, he'd need to be gentle but strong -- you know, the kind of man you meet every day."

We both cracked. "He sounds like an older version of Kyle. You'd really like Kyle, mom. He rules."

"Rules what?"

Mom wrapped her hand in the dish cloth and opened the oven door. The smell of roast lamb with rosemary and baked potatoes was totally wicked. I was instantly starving.

"Go easy with the mint sauce, Daniel. I'm here too, you know."

"The funny thing about Kyle is that his father's not like him. I mean, well, I dunno what I mean."

"Something happens when a boy becomes a man. He changes."

"Like how?"

"Well, take the dog for example. One of the reasons I bought a two year old dog was because, if he'd been a puppy, we wouldn't have a single unchewed shoe in the house. And there'd be holes in the garden going all the way to Australia."

I shoved a fork full of food into my mouth, raised my eyebrows and gave mom one of those 'please explain' looks.

"Well, boys are different to men. I kind of think of it like this: Back when we were all leaping from vine to vine, nature gave boys an instinct to bonk everything in sight." Mom rocked back in her chair and laughed like crazy. So did I. She composed herself and continued. "But there comes a time when boys become fathers. They need to change to accept the responsibility that parenthood brings with it. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

"Well, somebody's got to look after the mortgage payments and play golf on Sundays. That's not the sort of thing that's uppermost in a boy's mind. Are you with me?"

"Yeah, I understand, mom. So how can I fix it so that I can stay being a boy all my life?"

I put my knife and fork down and answered the knock at the door. Steve had his t wrapped around his waist again. The sight of his bare, tanned chest and long brown hair falling over his shoulders looked way fucking hot. I led him to the table where he sat down. Mom asked if he was hungry.

"Thanks, Nancy, but I've already eaten."

"Then have some dessert with us," mom insisted. "Do you like blueberry pie and ice cream? I don't think there's a single boy in the world who doesn't."

Steve helped us do the dishes, then joined me in my room. I stripped.

"You should join a nudist colony," he laughed.

"My room is one, dude. Throw your clothes on the spare bed."

I watched him slide his jeans down his smooth, brown, muscular legs. Then he sat on the side of the bed and ripped off his Nikes. My nostrils filled with his warm, footy smell. Next came his socks and the rest of his jeans. His boner was smearing pre-cum on his tight six pack. My meat stood at attention right away. Fuck he was hot!

When I was done telling Steve all about my trip to Cape Town, he asked me what it was like to be fucked.

"Kinda painful at first. You gotta be loose, and you gotta like who's doing it."

"I like you," he said. "I like you a helluva lot."

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