Part 30

"Is Paul sleeping over tonight?" mom asked as we ate breakfast.

"Yup! It's Friday. Woohoo!"

"Boys! All they want from life is one permanent weekend."

About 3:30 that afternoon we'd just finished swim training when the coach called us all together. "You guys did well in Cape Town, but you didn't win outright. How'd you like the chance to get even?"

My heart stopped and my stomach churned. No, it couldn't be true! It couldn't be! The coach smiled and continued. "I've organized for the Cape Town team to visit us in a month from now. Next Monday, we'll organize the billets."

Coach glanced at me. He knew I wanted Kyle to stay at my house or I'd kill him! Then my heart sank. I remembered what Kyle had said in his email about his parents not being able to afford a trip to the US.

"Coach? What about the cost of the trip? Kyle said that...."

He interrupted me. "The school's paying for it, Daniel. Don't you worry your cute blonde head about it." His smile said it all.

I was so excited, I dove into the pool and swam ten laps to get rid of my excess energy. Fuck! Kyle was gonna visit! Woooooooooohooooooo!!! I swam like I was Kieran Perkins in the 1500.

As I was about to do another tumble, Paul called out. "The guys have all gone home, dude. I'll hit the showers and see you there."

After I'd done a few more laps, I was about to walk through the shower entrance when I heard voices. I stopped just out of sight to listen. Someone was sobbing.

"Don't hit me again, please!"

"You deserve it cock sucker. Any friend of that Daniel fag is dog shit."

I heard a dull thump and a cry of pain. I rushed inside to see Paul on his back. His face was all bloody. Norman was standing over him. His two hoons were just behind him. I yelled as loudly as I could. "Hey! You ugly fucking cunt, leave my bud alone. Pick on somebody you're own fucking size if you can find somebody that fucking gross."

"You got a problem, fag?"

"Yeah, asshole. You ain't dead ... yet."

I remembered what Jade had told me about Kung Fu and the snakes. I ran at the slob and kicked my leg toward his groin. I missed. He sidestepped, grabbed my ankle and twisted it. I fell to the tiles in agony. I dunno what happened, but I felt something hard hit my jaw. Everything went blurry, then became slow motion.

"Hold him down, guys. He likes sucking cocks, so he's gonna get mine." His evil laugh sounded like something out of a horror movie.

I looked up to see his hand reach into his shorts and pull out his ugly boner. If it was four inches, I was the fucking President. His hoons had hold of my arms.

It all happened so quickly, I didn't even see the girls arrive. Lindy flew through the air. Her feet landed flat on Norman's back. I rolled to one side as he came crashing down like a blimp full of sandbags. Then all three girls dived on top of him. I saw the blood ooze from his face as their fingernails scratched his skin to shreds while their knees bashed his balls to a pulp.

It seemed like minutes but it was only seconds. Paul and I jumped to our feet, grabbed hold of each hoon's hair and kneed their chins. As they fell back, we planted our heels hard into their groins. They were fucked big time, and it was wicked to watch the assholes writhing in agony.

"Just in the nick of time, Lindy."

"We saw what was happening through the..." she suddenly seemed embarrassed and bowed her head.

"Hole in the wall," I laughed. "Yeah, right."

The girls and I watched in amusement as Paul lowered his bare ass over Norman's gaping mouth and let out a loud, putrid fart. I was kind of hoping it had been a big, sloppy turd instead, but Paul's piece de resistance made us all crack something rad.

On the way home, Paul stopped to grab his gear from his house, then we pedalled our BMXs down the road to my place. We dropped our bikes on the lawn and went inside.

"Have a nice day, boys?"

"Just the usual, mom. Same old, same old," I said casually as I gulped some milk and handed the carton to Paul.

"Freddie and Jo called. They'd like you to go over to their place tomorrow for lunch."

"Great, mom! Hey, can they come over here Sunday?"

"Of course! I enjoy your friends as much as you do." She looked thoughtfully for a second. "And when are you going to invite Lindy over?"

"Soon, I guess. But we guys skinny dip and, well... y'know."

"Yes, I see."

When I opened the back door, Kyle broke the land speed record all the way to the front door before he broke it again on the way back. You couldn't help but love him. He was an ace friend. His tongue and tail said it all.

Paul, Kyle and I went to my room to check for email while Paul wrestled the dog on the floor.


hiya Daniel

have you heard about us visitin the US? WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we swam against our different school teams today and i came in 5th in 100m butterfly, 3rd in 200m butterfly, 4th in 100 freestyle and 1ST IN 200M BUTTERFLY - I BEAT PAUL BY LESS THAN A SECOND FIRST TIME EVER. he was quite pleased for me tho. i bombed in the breast stroke - i woulda won if it was chest stroke - hehehehe. my times have improved so damn much. jerry was goin crazy when i won the 200m cos there were three turns in that swim and he reckons thats what won me the race - i thought he was gonna hug me to death - shit i could feel his cock thru his and my speedos - i hadta think about somethin to stop gettin hard hehehehehe -

hey! im gonna kick your ass when i get there ... in more ways than one ;) pity paul will be in england then tho. :(




"I hope you like Daniel's meatballs," mom said to Paul as she stirred the pan on the stove.

Paul could hardly keep a straight face. "Sure, Nancy. I like everything you make."

"Well, these are special. Daniel loves them."

When we were seated at the dinner table, mom handed me the gravy boat. I poured heaps of her delicious brown sauce all over the meatballs and baked potatoes, then passed it to Paul. He flooded the gravy all over his, too. "This looks totally rad, mom."

Mom swallowed her first mouthful. "So, Paul, what's this Lindy girl like? Daniel never tells me anything."

"She's way cool. Helped us out big time today, Nancy."

I choked on my food before I'd had a chance to chew it properly. "He means with our homework. She's excellent with math, mom." I gave Paul one of those 'shuddup' glances.

"Well, I've been trying to get Daniel to invite her over but he keeps making excuses."

I hammered the last of the tent pegs into the ground, stood back and admired our handiwork. This was gonna be rad -- sleeping out in the yard with our very own pool right alongside. Paul and I decided to skinny dip until bed time. Kyle joined the fun, which made me wonder what it was about dogs that made them feel welcome whether they were or not. I guessed it had something to do with having no hangups and just being natural.

After an hour or so, we sat on the timber decking and drank a Coke each while Kyle's ten-foot tongue almost emptied the pool.

"What happened with Norman this afternoon was totally awesome. Thanks for rescuing me, Daniel."

"No prob, dude. Anyway, it was Lindy and her girlfriends. They totally ruled."

"Did you see all the blood on Norman's face?"

"Yeah, wild! I don't think that shithead or his fuckwits are gonna bother us anymore."

"How much do you like Lindy?"

"A bit."

"A big bit?"

I grabbed Paul's jet-black hair and forced his face down to my semi. "What do you see?"

"Your cock."

"Sure it's mine?"

"Yeah," he laughed, "I'm sure."

"Well, dude, it's all yours tonight. So don't go thinking about anything else, K?"

He started licking my knob, but I stood up and dove into the pool -- I was gonna tease the fuck out of this kid tonight. I was gonna have some rad fun! Every time he swam up to me, I swam away.

As I laid on my back in the tent, I lifted my boner off my stomach and made it stand up straight. It was an awesome piece of meat, even if I did say so myself. Straight, smooth, a big sculptured head and a nice little blonde garden at the base. A meal fit for a king -- or queen --whatever. Paul was laying on his side, facing away from me. Outside, the crickets were chirping like crazy.

"Hey, Paul. Check this out."

"I'm tired."

"Just for a second."

He rolled over, looked at my monster seven and rolled back to where he was.

"Paul! What's the matter, man? This is your supper."

"Too tired."

I pressed my body against his and put my arm around him. My fingers played with his nipple while my throbber slid up and down his ass crack. I whispered in his ear. "You like this?"


"What do you mean what? My fucking boner up against your hole, you fucking dickhead!"

"Too tired."

"I get it. You figure I was teasing you in the pool and now you're teasing me. Is that it?"

"Stick your finger in my hole and let me watch you suck it."

"Fuck off!"

I rolled over and faced away from him. Who the fuck did he think he was? Lick my finger after it'd been in his ass? No fucking way, man. I tried to sleep. Images of his cute pinkie flooded my mind. Damn! I rolled over and faced his back again.

"Listen, Paul. Truce, K? No more teasing. Let's just have sex like we usually do."

"I wanna see you suck your finger after it's been in my hole."

"What the fuck for?"

"I wanna know how much you love me."

A minute or two passed while I thought about it. Hell, my tongue had been in there. My cock had been in there. The only thing that bothered me now was that he was in control, the fucking little shit. How did this happen?

I reached down and slowly slid my finger between his cute buns. Not too far -- just a half inch or so. He lifted his leg.


My finger went into his warm hole up to my second knuckle. I pulled it out as he rolled over to watch me, then put my finger to my nose. It didn't smell too bad. Pretty nice, actually. I looked for any signs of shit. Nope. None. His electric blue eyes were fixed on mine. I poked my tongue out and took a quick lick.

"All the way in, Daniel. Suck on it."

He watched as I closed my lips around my finger and sucked. Then he dived on top of me and giggled himself stupid. "Daniel's got a boyfriend, Daniel's got a boyfriend," he sang. He was pissing himself laughing. Dammit, I couldn’t help cracking up, too.

Paul was laying between my raised knees. I felt his rock hard cock against my ass crack. It was sending messages that electrified my entire body. His jet black hair dangled over his forehead and made him look so damn cute, while his blue eyes gazed wistfully into mine. His lips slowly formed a wicked smile. His face was fucking gorgeous.

"I've never fucked you before, Daniel."

"What makes you think that you've got a fucking snowflake's chance in hell now?"

His body shook with a mischievous laugh before he answered. "The look in your eyes, dude."

I watched the spit fall from his pursed lips. He rubbed it over his hard six, then around my hole. His fingers felt so fucking wild as my pinkie opened and closed at his magic touch. He was making me feel so damn horny, I was pretty sure that my ass could have accommodated the US Enterprise plus a couple of jumbos. I wanted him in me so fucking bad.

He lifted my legs and draped them over his shoulders, then I felt the head of his cock pressing hard against my hole. I instinctively relaxed and let him slide all the way in. Man, it was way awesome to have my horny little bud inside me.

Paul threw his head back as he fucked me harder and harder. He was in another world. His chest and stomach muscles were shiny with sweat. My ass was jammed full of his meat at the end of every savage thrust. His hands gripped my hips. I was loving every second of his primal lust. "Fuck me harder, man."


I watched his stomach muscles contract and become perfectly defined with each of his ecstatic groans. His hot cum started to fill me. His head jerked from side to side as he jetted his boy juice into my ass. His face screwed up with pleasure at every explosion of cum. His fingers dug into my hips. Finally, he collapsed on top of me like a dead weight. I held his head to my sweaty chest and fingered his soft hair. I could feel his hot, rapid breath on my hard, brown nipple.

"Awesome, Daniel. Fucking awesome. Thanks a bunch."

After a short period of silence, he spoke again. "Do you want me to suck you? Or do you wanna fuck me?"

"No, I just wanna lay here with you and feel your body on top of mine. I just wanna think about how fucking rad that was."

We fell asleep.

I rubbed my eyes. The morning light streaming through the open flap of the tent was blinding. When I was able to see clearly, I noticed Paul had gone. I crawled through the tent door and saw him sitting on the grass just a few feet away. He was petting Kyle.

I stood over Paul with my half hardon pointed at his face. "Is this what you're waiting for?"

"Yeppers. And I hope it's a really long one."

I ordered Kyle to vamoose, then watched my yellow morning piss splatter over Paul's sweet face. He took my cock in his fingers and aimed it at various parts of his naked body, but mostly at his open mouth. He was lucky. It was a long one, and lasted a full minute or more. It made me glad that he was really enjoying it.

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