Part 34

"Jeez!" Greg exclaimed as I downloaded another pic from the news group. "Look at those melons! She's awesome!"

"Yeah!" I lied like hell. "Fucking rad!" I was much more interested in this golden god's bulge than any melons.

He reached down and tossed my hand away from his crotch. "I don't think you should be doing that, Daniel. It's not right. You're lucky I didn't punch your lights out."

"Whatever." I opened up the image viewer and clicked on slide-show. "There you go, dude. You can wank yourself crazy while the pics go round and round." I laid down on my bed and faced the wall.

"What are you doing, Daniel?"

"Minding my own fucking business. You go ahead and jack yourself stupid. I won't watch."

I felt the edge of the bed sag with his weight. "I'm sorry, Daniel, it's just that..."

"Don't bother explaining," I interrupted. "You're fucking straight. That's all there is to it."

"What are you saying, Daniel? That you're gay?"


He rolled me away from the wall and onto my back. He had a kind of pleading look in his dark, chocolate eyes. "I have to say something. I don't have any good friends, y'know, like a best friend. I liked you from the first moment I saw you. I like the way you laugh and stuff. I want to be your friend. Will you be my friend, Daniel?"

"What if I'm gay?"

"It doesn't bother me so long as you keep it to yourself -- just so you understand that I'm straight. I had a girlfriend in Virginia before I came here with dad. That was almost two years after mom died."

"Did you have sex with your girlfriend?"

"No. She was very strict about that. But I wanted to. I've never had sex with anyone at all. I just jack off is all."

"Did you like those pictures on the computer?"

"Of course, you dumbfuck! They're totally awesome!"

"Would you like to fuck one of those chicks?"

"Daniel, what is it with these dumb questions? Of course I would! Especially that blonde one with the big boobazaroonies."

"So, why don't you then? You can use my mouth and pretend you're fucking her."

"Fuck off, Daniel. I'm straight, OK? I don't understand why you're doing this."

"Because you're awesome, is why. You're just so rad looking, Greg. Try it once, K? If you don't dig it, I promise I'll never ask you again. Word of honor."

"What if I don't like it?" His brown eyes melted me. "Then I will lose you as a friend."

"No you won't, I promise. If you think it sucks, that's cool. We'll forget it ever happened."

Greg stood nervously facing the computer as the slide show continued. I took hold of his tank top and lifted it over his raised arms. I could have counted the hairs in his golden armpits on one hand. I knelt before him and slid his shorts down his smooth, brown legs. Before I took off his boxers, I nuzzled his crotch and felt his hard monster against my face. His smell was awesome, like exotic spice.

"Are you sure you wanna do this, Daniel?"


I pulled his boxers down and watched the most beautiful throbber staring me in the face. He had hardly any pubes, just a little, thin black patch. His dark balls were smooth and tight up against the base of his cock. His six inch boner was coffee colored and a fucking work of art. Its magnificent head was sculptured to perfection, and was begging to be sucked.

"Shit, Greg, this is so fucking wild!"

"You're totally loopy," he laughed. "How can a cock look so fucking wild to another guy?"

I ignored his remark and licked his balls. My tongue travelled along the hard muscle under his stiff rod until my lips kissed his pre-cum. His cock bounced at my touch. I just knew I was gonna get two balls full of hot boy juice before too much longer. And there was something really exciting about getting it from a straight dude, especially a boy god like him.

Before I took his cock into my mouth, I looked up at him. He was watching the pictures on the screen. His well-defined chest and flat six pack rocked big time -- smooth, rich-brown and nicely muscled. I grabbed his hands and put them on my head. I put mine on his firm buns as I let his perfect meat slide between my lips and down my throat. He moaned a little.

"What if I cum, Daniel?" he said with a quiver in his voice.

My loud sucking noises must have signalled that it wasn't gonna be a problem for me.

His instinct to fuck suddenly overwhelmed him. He arched his back and thrust his boner into my face. I helped him by pulling his buns toward me, then relaxed my grip as his meat retreated in readiness for the next assault on my tonsils. His thrusting motion became progressively quicker as his conscious mind went into neutral and his primal urges took control.

I felt his fingers gripping my scalp as my tongue worked his head and shaft. His balls were slapping my chin faster and faster. His steel teen meat was choking me, but it was OK. I was loving it. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that he was, too.

The delicious taste of his thick, sticky milk filled my mouth as he groaned. His grip on my head forced my face hard against his groin as more cum exploded down my throat. I swallowed as fast as possible but still couldn't keep pace with the juicy gushes catapulting from his knob with every furious stab.

When he'd fired his final tasty wad, he looked down at my cock-filled face. His black hair dangled over his forehead and cheeks. "Why didn't you tell me before that it would be this fucking awesome?"

I smiled as much as it was possible with a mouth full of fat dick, then let it slide out of my mouth. I squeezed the last remaining drops from the head of his boner and licked them off. "Because you wouldn't listen, you dumb straight."

"Daniel, you have to promise me something. Swear never to tell anybody about this. Never. Promise?"

"Sure, no problem."

"I don't mean 'sure, no problem,' I mean NEVER. I'm straight. Do you understand? I've never done anything like this before."

"Did you like it?"

"That's not the point."

"Don't gimme that shit. You loved it. I've got a belly full of your cum to prove it."

"OK, I liked it."

"Would you do it again?"

Greg put his hands under my armpits and lifted me to full height. He stared me straight in the eyes with his big, brown peepers. "Daniel, I don't know what it is about you, but you're different. If it'd been another guy who put his hand on my crotch I would've broken his arm. Just understand this, OK? I'm straight and I don't want a word of what happened here to get out. It's between you and me. Got it?"

"Chill, dude. I understand. But you've gotta realize something too. You're not just some ordinary guy. You're a fucking hot look."

Greg laughed out loud. "Hot? Me? You need glasses, man. I'm not even white. I'm not even Asian. I'm a big, fucking nobody. I don't belong. It was OK when mom was alive. I felt like I was part of her. Now she's gone and I'm not part of anybody any more. Even my girlfriend in Virginia didn't like going out in public with me. She thought people would talk." He used the palms of his hands to brush his long hair back over his shoulders. "And you've seen my dad. He's white. He doesn't even look like my dad. I don't belong, man."

I took hold of Greg's shoulders and manoeuvred him in front of the full-length mirror. "Take a look, dude. Are you trying to tell me you're not awesome?"

He gazed at his reflection for a little while. "Do you really think I am?"

I stood between him and the mirror and focused on his soft, round, almost black eyes. I took a moment to study his perfect eyebrows and long, black lashes. I lifted his shiny hair from his muscular shoulders and let it drop again. I ran a finger around the outline of his full, moist lips. "Yes, I really think you are." My eyes narrowed as I focused on his lips. "Can I kiss you?"


"Just a teensie weensie, iddie biddie one?"


"Just for a second?"

"One second. And no fucking tongue!"

When my lips touched his, it was like an amazing calmness overcame me, a sort of low-voltage thrill that made me relax and want to be in his arms. The kiss lasted a helluva lot longer than a second. More like thirty. When our lips peeled apart, he smiled at me.

"It's weird, Daniel. It's not like I wish you were a girl or anything. I'm glad you are who you are. Does that mean I might be a little bit gay?"

"Nah. You've just got excellent taste in guys." We both cracked. "Besides, I'm glad you are who you are, too. I don't want you to be gay. I want you to be exactly who you are."

"Thanks, Daniel. You're the first person other than my mom to make me feel really important." He gave me a quick peck on the lips, then took a deep breath. "Well, I guess you want to get your rocks off. Do you want me to jack you off or something? I'm new at this stuff."

"Greg, you've gotta promise not to get mad at me."

He didn't respond to my remark. He just looked at me like I was gonna say something totally out of line. He could see that I was way nervous. He finally broke the silence.

"I can't promise I won't get mad. Tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you to jack me while I lick your ass."

"My ass!?! You can't be serious, dude!" He put his hand to his forehead and spun around. "Daniel, that's where I shit from. It's disgusting. Only my enemies would ever get to lick my ass, and it wouldn't be for fun!"

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, I'm not mad at you. Just disappointed. I can't believe you said that. Jeez! I have too much respect for you to let you do something that fucking gross. Is this some dumb trick to make me feel good?"

I sat on the side of the bed and put my head in my hands. What was the use of trying to make a straight guy understand? It was too fucking hard. Greg sat alongside me and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Tell me, Daniel. You weren't serious, right? It was a joke?"

I looked at him with my teary eyes and sighed. "Greg, it's not an ass, it's your ass. It's not a cock, it's your cock. Don't you understand? It's fucking YOURS." I put my head back in my hands.

There was a long silence. "Mine? You really think that much of me?" There was another long silence. "I know what to do. I'll show it to you and then you'll realize how damn gross it is."

He stood in front of me and bent over. His honey colored cheeks parted and I looked at his hole. It was perfect. There wasn't a hair anywhere, just a small ring of wrinkled pink skin. I leaned forward and smelt his spicy scent.

"It fucking rocks big time!"Greg fell in a heap on the floor, laughing his tits off. "Rocks!" He rolled around in hysterics before he finally sat up and looked at me. "Rocks? You are totally off the planet, Daniel! Nature didn't design assholes to be pretty!" He cracked again.

I lifted my legs onto the bed and laid on my back. "OK, Greg. You go your way, I'll go mine. This friendship was doomed from the start. Seeya."

He got dressed and left my room. I switched off the light and thumped the pillow. Shit! I'd never get involved with a fucking straight dude EVER again.

I was half asleep when I opened my eyes to see the pale light from the hall spread across my bedroom wall.

"Daniel? Are you asleep yet?" Greg came over to my bed and switched on the light. "Dad and Nancy are watching a movie on TV. It won't be over for half an hour."


"I've been thinking."

"About what?"

He returned to the door and locked it. I watched him undress. There was no way I could stay mad at him. He was just too fucking awesome looking. He stood there in all his V-shaped, bronzed glory and smiled at me. He raised his arms and brushed his jet black hair over his shoulders, revealing a pair of armpits were virtually hairless. His biceps bulged like two footballs. The muscles from his shoulders down to his nipples were thick, firm and meaty. His strong lats ran down to his narrow waist. His stomach was flat and his six pack perfectly defined. The long curve of his thighs ended in two prominent muscles just above each of his knees.

He walked over to my bed and dangled his semi-hard cock just a foot from my eyes. Without a word, he about-faced, lifted his leg and placed his knee between my chest and the wall. He raised his other knee onto the bed and squatted over my face. I felt his hand start to jerk my tool.

I put both my flat hands over his tanned buns as he lowered them closer to my mouth. I watched his globes spread further apart and his pink hole open. My tongue made contact with that beautiful, private spot and licked it. His boy scent tasted so damn rad.

I licked all around his firm, nut-brown ass with long, wet strokes, then dragged my tongue all the way from his smooth balls to the top of his crack. I did that a couple of times, pausing to tongue-fuck his soft, tasty hole on the way. I was hoping it'd take a long time before I blew my load. I was really enjoying this.

He must've had his own special technique for wanking because he was using his thumb as well as his fist to massage the head of my cock. His hand felt slippery, so I figured he was using his spit.

My whole focus suddenly went to my groin as I felt the rush of cum about to erupt. I opened my mouth wide and pressed my face against his asshole to muffle my groans. I heard Greg yell 'shit!' so my boy juice must've been jetting out of my throbber big time. I felt some of it splash on my stomach and chest. Greg said 'fuck' a few times so maybe he got hit with a couple of my sticky missiles.

When my cock had exploded it's last blob of milk, Greg rolled off me, grabbed my shirt from the floor and wiped his hair and face. I couldn't help but laugh. Then he wiped my chest and stomach. He threw the cum-soaked shirt back on the floor, then stood there with his perfect teen beef pointed at my face. It was as hard as a rock.

"Will you blow me again, Daniel? You don't have to if you don't wanna."

"Will you get something through that awesome thick head of yours, Greg? You can shove that delicious piece of meat in my face anytime you want. The more, the better. Got it?"

He smiled at me. "It's just that it felt so fucking excellent the last time, I wanna do it again. But I don't want you to think I'm using you."

"Use me, dammit! Jeez!"

I propped myself up against the head of the bed. He straddled my chest.

"Do you wanna look at more nudie pics?" I asked.

"Nah, I'd rather watch my dick slide in and out of your pretty face, man."

I decided to let him do all the work. He grabbed the sides of my head and rubbed his tight, coffee-colored nuts over my lips. The broad smile on his face told me that he was getting a big buzz out of watching his heavy, thick boner bouncing around on my face. I returned his smile, reached up to his funky chest and played with his muscly pecs and firm nipples.

My lips parted to make way for his six inches of brown rod. It went all the way to the back of my throat and made me gag a little. His small patch of black pubes were pressed against my nose when he asked me if I was OK. I nodded. I was in heaven.

I could taste his pre-cum as his thrusts became faster and more aggressive. I didn't care if he was gonna make my face look like it had been hit by a train, all I cared about was giving him a wild time. That monster beef filled my entire mouth and felt so damn big! After a couple of minutes, he stopped.

"I was nearly gonna blow then, Daniel. I stopped because I wanna make this last as long as I can."

My jaw was getting sore but I didn't care. He started thrusting again. On the backstroke, his throbber would almost leave my mouth, then he'd ram it all the way to the back of my throat again. His hands gripped my head like a vice. His nostrils flared with his rapid breathing. It totally rocked to feel his firm chest rise and fall every second or two.

The first of his sticky wads jetted into my mouth as he moaned softly. He kept his mouth closed but threw his head back so that his long, black hair hung in the air. The next wad hit the back of my throat as his solid beef rammed home. His cock got harder and pressed against the roof of my mouth as the next four or five explosions erupted. I was gulping like crazy, forcing his thick boy milk down as fast as I could. He finally slumped, exhausted, and sat on my chest. I licked his cock head clean.

"I didn't think anything could be so awesome," he sighed. "I wish I could do this every day."

"Fine by me."

"But you must never tell anybody, not even your best friends. Never! Please?"

"I swear I will never tell anybody, ever."

"Great. But I still don't understand why you wanted to lick my ass. I would never do that to anybody."

"Did you like it?"

"That's not the point."

"Yes it is. Well, did you?"

His smiling, black eyes said yes.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 35