Part 35

Mom and I stood at the door and waved goodbye to Andy and Greg as they walked home. Greg had made me promise earlier to sneak out at midnight and meet him outside his apartment building. That damn kid couldn't get enough of me! I mean, like I told him I had school and swim training tomorrow but it was like the only thing that mattered was his fucking dick. Anyway, he said it'd only be for half an hour.

Mom closed the front door. "You and Greg seem to get along pretty well."

"Yeah, he's meat, uh, neat. Like neato. How about you and Andy?"

"Andy's a very nice man. I think we'll become good friends." She kissed me on the cheek. "Time for bed, son. Goodnight."

I walked around the back of the apartment complex like Greg had told me to, and looked for a string dangling from the second floor window. I found it and pulled it. The place was pitch black except for a small courtesy light on the corner of the building. My heart stopped when I heard a voice behind me.

"No need for that string, Daniel. I couldn't sleep so I've been waiting for you here."

"Hell, dude! You frightened the fucking shit out of me!"

"Well, at least you're dressed for a shit. I didn't believe it when you said you'd come here naked."

"I like walking nude around the empty streets at night. It's a buzz. I've even had sex on the pedestrian crossing down the road. The one with all the lights. You wanna go there now?"

"No fucking way, dude! I told you, I don't want ANYONE to know about this stuff. OK?"

"K. Chill. Where do you wanna go?"

"There's a bunch of trees and a grassy area in the corner of the yard. I brought a flashlight."

When we'd arrived, we positioned the flashlight on a branch so that the beam shone down on us. Greg asked me to undress him because it made him feel hot to have someone else do it. I lifted his tank up over his raised arms and dropped it on the ground, then unbuckled his belt. As I knelt to unbutton his shorts, I noticed that his boner was rock solid already. I kissed the warm bulge in his baggies.

"You make me feel like a god."

"You are a god."

"No, man, I'm just a regular teen, but you make me feel like a god. That's why I wanted you to come around here tonight. You're the only person who's ever made me feel like this. It fucking rules."

"That's how I feel when my friends blow me."

I let his shorts fall down his muscular brown legs before he stepped out of them. His feet were bare and sexy. In the soft light, I noticed a dark, wet patch on his boxers. "Your cock likes me, Greg. It's leaking already." His six pack contracted as he laughed softly.

I sucked his pre-cum through the wet cotton, then slid his boxers down his thighs. His beautiful, straight six inches was staring me in the face. But, I wanted this to last."Aren't you gonna suck it?""Soon, man. Lemme do some stuff first." I stood up. "Flex your muscles like one of those body-builder dudes."

I ran the flat palms of my hands around his biceps and shoulders. The meaty bumps felt firm, velvety-smooth and hot. It was so awesome to touch his shiny, bronzed skin and feel the strength of his rad muscles.

"I don't understand, Daniel. Your body is just as muscly as mine. How come mine turns you on?"

"You're right. You don't understand. Just shuddup and fucking humor me."

I smoothed my palms over his funky pecs which were the color of golden honey. The hard edges just forward of his armpits felt like iron wrapped in soft, warm skin. I took a risk and sucked both of his chocolate-brown nipples.

"I gotta be honest with you, Daniel. I just wanna fuck your face. I don't understand all this other bullshit."

"Shuddup." I knew I had the upper hand. If he wanted me to blow him, he had to let me play with his goodies first.

I bent my knees and squatted about half way down. Up close, his six pack was totally wild. The muscles stood out like a bunch of hot cross buns, and were about the same color, too. His navel was flat and neat. I licked all over his stomach. The fact that I was working closer to his boner was getting him mighty excited. It was pressed hard against my chest and I could feel the wetness of his slippery pre-cum on my skin.

I eventually got down on my knees and looked up at his magnificent face with its small nose and full, red lips. The soft yellow glow from the flashlight made his dark eyes sparkle. His long, black hair draped over his shoulders like unwoven silk. He truly was a god to me. And I was about to drink his most precious gift, reserved for me alone.

"Go wild, Greg. Let loose. Fuck me like a straight dude does."

His white teeth flashed from behind his wicked grin. He was like a bull at a gate. He wanted to ram his monster so far down my throat, it'd poke out of my ass. I'd already teased him enough. He was aching to fuck my face.

He bent his knees slightly and arched his back a little. I opened my mouth and let his hard meat slide all the way in. He smelt as hot as fucking hell as I kept my lips tightly wrapped around his shaft, and my tongue busy with his swollen, tasty head. He loved doing all the work. He didn't want me to fuck his cock, he wanted his cock to fuck me. He was macho and aggressive, and I thought that ruled majorly.

His fat six inches jabbed my face like a piston, and made me gag like crazy. I fondled his cum-filled balls with one hand, and smoothed his six pack with the other while his hands gripped the back of my head, holding me like he never wanted to let go.

Within a few minutes, his tight, brown balls began to empty their delicious load. It came in a torrent of juicy explosions. "Suck me harder, Daniel!" I couldn't believe he'd cum twice already that day. He was shooting buckets into my mouth and down my throat as I gulped his sticky boy load as fast as I could. How somebody didn't hear his groans was a miracle. He howled like a wolf.

I knew when he'd fired his last jet because he pulled my face hard up against his groin. My nose was squashed against his body and my mouth was jammed full of his hard beef. I couldn't breathe. When he finally released his grip, I quickly sucked in two lungfuls of air.

"Oh, fuck, Daniel, I can't tell you how fucking awesome that was."

"I've got a pretty fair idea," I laughed.

"I wanna do it every day, twice a day -- no, three or four times a day."

"Chill, dude. I can't live here y'know."

"Hang for a sec. I'll be back."

I watched his naked body disappear into the blackness. It felt really weird to be sitting here nude on the grass in the middle of the night in a strange place. It kind of gave me butterflies and goosebumps. I was wishing he'd hurry back.

Greg returned with two cans of beer and some cigarettes. "I just wanna talk for a little while."

"I don't smoke."

"Either do I," he laughed. He lit the end with a yellow disposable, took a drag and blew the smoke straight out again. "I just do it sometimes for the hell of it."

We pulled the ring tabs and sipped the beer. It always took me a few sips before I got used to the taste. The smoke from his mouth smelt kind of nice.

"Daniel," he said seriously, "meeting you has been the most excellent experience. I mean, it's awesome to think I've fucked your face three times in less than one day. Until today, I'd never had sex with anybody before in my whole life! I'd heard from other dudes that sex was pretty cool but I never realized it was this fucking cool!"

I swallowed my beer and remained quiet. I sensed that he wanted to do all the talking.

"Daniel, I've gotta get something sorted out in my head here. I mean, like I'm sticking my cock in your face and fucking the shit out of your head. I would never let anybody do that to me, ever. But I love doing it. It makes me feel kind of powerful. Y'know?"

"Yeah, I know. It's cool."

"Is it cool? My problem is I don't understand why you let me do it to you."

"Because I want you to."

"You make it sound too simple."

"It is simple. I want you to have a good time, and you've got a totally excellent bod. It drives me wild, fucking big time. Besides, I like you. It's the dope to make you feel good, dude."

"But what about you? I mean, I can't blow you. I just couldn't do it. It would make me sick. It doesn't seem fair." He took another sip of his beer and stared thoughtfully at the ground. He appeared kind of guilty or something as he pretended to be interested in a blade of grass. I figured it was time for me to say something.

"Man, I'm only a teen, so I'm no fucking professor, K?. All I know is that I dig you and I like giving you a rad time. It makes me feel good when you moan and groan and get your rocks off. I can go home and jack off thinking about it, so don't get your boxers in a bunch. OK? Not that you're wearing any," I cracked.

"You're confusing me about my feelings, Daniel. I like girls, K? Well, I've never been with a girl, but that's what I'd like to do. And yet I like you, too. You're different. I've never met anybody like you before. I feel like..." He played with the blade of grass again.

"Feel like what?"

He smiled at me and extended his hand. I shook it. His grip was strong and masculine. "I feel like you're the best friend I've ever had, and I've only really known you for less than a day. And it's not like you act like a girl or anything. I would never have guessed you were gay. I dunno if I'm explaining this right, but you rule, man. Totally."

"You've got excellent taste, dude." I cracked. He did, too, and sprayed a mouthful of beer all over me.

On the way home, naked as the day I was born, but with a much bigger boner, I went to the middle of the pedestrian crossing and jacked off under the orange street lights. I was so fucking horny after being with Greg, my balls were busting. When I felt the surge of cum, I let go of my throbber, arched my back and pointed my exploding cock head at the stars. I swear my load must've shot three feet into the air. It felt way cool to know that the aliens could be watching me. Maybe they were jacking off at the sight of me.

The coach gathered the swim team together by the side of the school pool after training. "I take it you want Kyle and a friend to billet with you, Daniel."

"Sure, Coach. That's the way we planned it."

"Do you have sufficient space and beds?"

"Sure do," I lied. "Heaps."

I thought about Kyle coming to stay. It was gonna be so rad. I mean, back in Cape Town, he only had his bud Paul6 to fool with before he left for England. Here, he was gonna have more cocks than he could count! Freddie and Jo also offered to billet some of the South African swimmers. I told the coach that my Paul would be out of hospital in a day or two, and that he would billet some guys as well.

I was last out of the showers because I wanted to give the girls a good look at my equipment through their spy-hole in the wall. The rest of the team had already gone home. Just as I was about to leave, Norman and his hoons walked in. The big shit still had a black eye and bruises from our fight on Saturday. He extended his hand in a gesture of friendship.

"What's that for?"

"I just wanna say I'm sorry dude."

"Is this some dumb trick?"

"No, man. We've just come back from Saint Tristans to see Paul. We said we're real sorry."

The moment my hand touched his, he pulled me off balance, kneed me in the face and threw me against the wall. The back of my head hit with such force I was stunned. Everything went black as I slid down the tiles and ended up in a crumpled heap on the floor.

My blurred vision gradually came back into focus as he took his weenie out of his shorts. "Sit up, cocksucker, and get your fucking fag lips around this."

His hoons were giggling like those hyaenas from the Lion King when I noticed we had company. "Hi, Lindy. Hi girls. Hey, come closer and check out this asshole's excuse for a cock."

Norman spun around to see the girls pointing and cracking up like crazy at his baby dick. His face was crimson. He lunged at one of the girls who easily sidestepped.

"I wouldn't mess with them, shit face, they do martial arts," I said as I got to my feet. "They'd cripple you in seconds."

One of the hoons didn't believe me. He grabbed Lindy in a headlock and was on his back screaming in agony in the blink of an eye.

I strutted up to the other hoon. "You wanna do me a favor, cunt? Slam that limp-wristed fist of yours into Norman's face. And I mean right now. That is if you wanna get outa here in one fucking piece."

The hoon looked at Norman, then back at me. His eyes were as big as plates. One of the girls gave him a quick kick in the balls to let him know I was serious. He made a fist, pulled his elbow back and gave Norman a smack on the jaw.

"No, man, not some fucking little whimpy tap. Give him one like this." I powered my right as hard as I could straight into the blimp's stomach. He doubled up and wheezed. "K, hoon, try it again and, this time, I wanna hear bones crack. Unless, of course, you'd rather crawl out of here than walk."

When the hoon's fist connected with Norman's jaw, we all heard the bone crack. The asshole put his hands to his face and hit the deck. The hoon took off out the door, followed by the other hoon, limping and clutching his guts. I kneeled over Norman.

"Lemme tell you something, asshole," I growled in the deepest voice I could muster. "Every chick in this school is gonna know you've got a baby dick. They're gonna be pointing and laughing every time they see you. You know what I would do if I were you? I'd quit this school and go to another one a fucking million miles away. Like tomorrow. Are you with me, shit face?"

We watched the big turd stumble out the door and disappear.

"Are you OK, Daniel? We'd better check."

The three girls knelt in front of me and started feeling my cock and balls, checking for 'injuries'. Yeah, right. "It was my head that hit the wall, guys!"

"Yeah, we know. We'll get to that part later on. Don't rush us."

I looked down past my little patch of blonde pubes at their cute faces licking and sucking me. It was like Greg said, it made you feel powerful. I was gonna have to tell him about this, and how they all took turns at sucking my iron rod.

Lindy was the last to wrap her lips around my boner. She wanted my hot juicy cum, for sure. The other two girls licked my balls and around my inner thighs. The electric sensation in my loins was totally fucking awesome as my fingers played with Lindy's soft brown hair. I could feel her head moving backwards and forwards, while her tongue worked the muscle under my throbber as well as my piss hole.

I let out a long, loud groan as my juicy load jetted into Lindy's face. I threw my head back and got totally off on the feeling of my cock head pressed hard against the roof of her mouth, and my cum shooting down her throat as she swallowed. Her tongue was still working my head as it fired wad after wad. My fingers were buried in her silky smooth hair as I emptied my balls of every drop of boy juice. Man, that was the fucking bomb!

Greg was waiting for me outside the school.

"How long have you been waiting?"

"An hour."

"An hour? You're crazy, man!"

As we rode our bikes home, I told him what had happened in the showers.

"That's so fucking cool, Daniel! So excellent! Woohoo! You really are some dude! I've got a whole new respect for you now, especially after those girls blew you. It'd be rad to meet them," he laughed.

"Well, man, you gotta have that certain Daniel magic, y'know."

He looked at me with his smiling, chocolate eyes. "I guess you've figured why I waited for you for an hour, dude."

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