Part 37

It was so wicked to see Paul home again from hospital. He was still a bit bruised and sore, so he was taking the rest of the week off school. I dropped by his house on Tuesday afternoon to help him catch up with his home work. We went to his room where he copied all my notes

"Thanks, Daniel. You're a way cool friend. I'm really worried about my swimming times, though, especially with the school comp less than a month away and Kyle coming to stay."

"Chill, dude. We'll double our practice at my pool when you're fit enough. You'll be OK, just leave it to me." I studied the dark blue swelling around his eye and the cut on his bottom lip. "You know something, dude? You're way fucking ugly."

He cracked totally and held his stomach. "Don't make me laugh, Daniel. It still fucking hurts."

"Not as much as I hurt that asshole, Norman. I haven't seen him at school lately -- or his hoons either. I reckon they've taken a long hike."

"Hey, Daniel, before you go, can you do me a big favor? I haven't even wanked for fucking days, man. I've got a bucket load all saved up. I spent all those boring hours in hospital thinking about you blowing me."

"You did? Jeez, I thought you'd be reading National Geographic or something."

I got Paul to sit on the edge of his bed while I knelt on the floor between his legs. I massaged the hard bulge in his shorts with one hand and undid his buttons with the other. He leaned back on his elbows and lifted his ass off the bed so that I could pull his baggies and boxers down his smooth, brown legs. His throbber was as beautiful as ever -- each perfect six inches of it. His small patch of black pubes smelt way sexy as I rubbed my face in his warm crotch.

I knew my bud was itching to blow his week's worth, so I didn't waste any time putting his smooth meat into my mouth and sucking hard. He remained leaning back on his elbows, watching my head bobbing up and down on his throbber.

"That feels so fucking cool, Daniel," he groaned. "Seems like I've been waiting a month for this. But it was worth every second. Jeez!"

It was less than a minute before his cock hardened like steel and rammed the roof of my mouth. I tasted his first gush of boy juice. He lifted his ass and pushed his boner deeper into my face. My nose was pressed hard against his groin as volley after volley of his tasty boy milk exploded down my throat. I saw his knuckles whiten as he gripped the edge of the mattress. Finally, he collapsed on his back on the bed, exhausted. I licked his cock clean and kissed it before I stood up.

"Will there be anything else, sir? Socks? A matching tie, perhaps?"

Paul laughed and pulled me down on top of him. Because of his wounds, our lips touched softly. He knew I loved him as a great bud, and I knew he loved me the same way. There was nothing we wouldn't do for each other. We were bros.

"Hi, mom! That smells great! What's for dinner?"

"Fresh garden worms in rat-tail sauce," she laughed. "How's Paul?"

"He's a lot better, mom." I sniffed the air again. "No, really, what's for dinner? Smells awesome!"

Bolognaise. It's easy, and I know you love it."


"Steve called just before you arrived. I took the liberty of inviting him over for dinner. He should be here any minute."

"Cool! I haven't seen him in ages."

"Oh, and Dick called asking about Paul. He wants you to phone him back."

I punched in Dick's number. When he answered, it occurred to me that his voice was getting deeper by the day. I told him how Paul was a lot better and that I'd helped him with his school work. It was a short convo because Dick had to do his pizza delivery run and he was late already. No sooner had I hung up, than there was a knock at the front door.

Steve was in his usual uniform -- blue jeans, with his shirt tied around his waist. I eyed his tanned pecs as we slapped hands. He liked being admired. I noticed that he had a bunch of papers in a plastic folder.

"Hope it's not a hass, dude. I've got some homework I want you to help me with after dinner."

Steve followed me out back while I fed Kyle. "Do we have time for a quick swim before we eat?" he asked.

"Dunno. Go ask mom while I feed the dog." He was back in a flash and said that we had fifteen minutes, and that mom would bring the meals out to the poolside table. Within seconds, we'd stripped naked and were splashing around like a couple of loopy brown seals -- in fact, I barked like a seal which sent Kyle totally troppo, and made Steve and I crack something rad. He was a way cool dog.

It seemed more like fifteen seconds instead of fifteen minutes when mom called from the back door asking us to give her a hand. I heaved myself out of the pool and ran into the kitchen, dripping wet. Steve appeared a moment later with a towel wrapped around his waist. We helped mom carry the plates of steaming bolognaise, Barg's root beer and glasses out to the garden table. I was starving and the food smelt so damned excellent. I could've eaten all three servings!

The second Steve put his plate on the wooden table, I grabbed his towel, ripped it off his hips and threw it at Kyle. The dog caught it like a stick in mid air and tore off up the yard, followed by a pair of pale, naked boy buns below the tan line. It really cracked me up. Mom was more sympathetic. "That was cruel, Daniel. The poor boy is probably shy."

But even mom started laughing at the sight of Steve playing tug-o-war with Kyle. There was no way he was gonna get that towel out of those powerful canine jaws. "Hey, Steve! Don't worry about it, man. Mom's cool." My friend walked back to the table looking a little self-conscious but smiling. I watched his bouncing semi and figured I'd get my lips around that juicy piece of teen meat before the night was done.

"So, who's for freshly grated parmesan?" mom asked as she offered the bowl of cheese and a spoon.

"Me!" Even though it smelt a bit like spew, I loved the taste of parmesan, and heaped it over my meat sauce and spaghetti. Steve did the same as he thanked mom for inviting him over. The bolognaise tasted fucking awesome, and I could tell that mom had added a hot chilli or two. Whoa!!! Both Steve and I gulped our root beer.

After dinner, my bud and I helped mom clean up and do the dishes. We were still naked but Steve, by this time, was feeling pretty comfortable with the idea. Mom made it easy because she was so cool about the whole nude thing. To her, it was like kids were naturally meant to be that way.

It was about 9:30 when Steve and I had finished our homework. Mom was watching TV as I went to the kitchen for some milk and cookies. When I'd returned to my room with the snacks, Steve was working out with my chest expander. I put the food on the bedside table, laid on my side on the floor -- using one elbow for support -- and sipped my milk. Steve reached for the plate, then stuffed his mouth full with a whole choc-chip. He tried to say something, but I couldn't understand a word, until I realized he was complaining about me taking up too much room on the floor. He wanted to stand where he could see himself in the mirror.

"Stop whingeing, you skinny fart," I laughed. "Gimme a show."

Steve planted his feet either side of my waist and continued working out as he towered above me. His muscles were actually pretty neat, but it was his dick that caught most of my attention. It was about three quarters hard, and hung down in a long forward arc toward my face. I watched it bounce from side to side as he stretched his muscles. Small beads of sweat trickled down the groove separating his tanned pecs and formed little rivers between the muscles of his six pack. Eventually, the sweat made its way through his patch of black pubes, then along his curved shaft, and finally dripped off his cock head onto my stomach. Whoa! That was one fucking horny sight!

I couldn't resist playing gently with my beef -- just enough to gimme a thrill but not enough to cum -- as I watched this hunky teen show off his bod. He glanced down for a second and saw what I was doing.

"Daniel's getting horny, Daniel's getting horny," he sang.

"No way, man. You're as ugly as sin."

He laughed with his soft, brown, cocker spaniel eyes, lifted a foot and rubbed it over my throbber for a few seconds. "Daniel's got a boner, Daniel's got a boner." Then he raised the chest expander over his head and started doing shoulder and back exercises. By this time, his cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. I was fucking dying to suck that seven inches of delicious teen meat but I figured I'd just watch him for a while longer and let him tease me. It was way cool fun!

I laid there on the floor, resting on my elbow, just watching his brown body stretch and contract. Every time his muscles strained, his face would screw up in pain. His tanned skin was shiny with sweat that trickled down his body and made his wet bulges seem even more awesome. His boner swayed from side to side, flicking sweat on me and the floor. A blob of pre-cum dangled from his piss hole, so I gathered it up on my finger and licked it.

After a couple of minutes, Steve was totally fucked. He threw the chest expander on the spare bed. "That's it, man. I'm wrecked." He reached for the icy cold milk and gulped it down.

I got to my knees and started licking the sweat from his balls and throbber. It was hot and salty, but tasted way sexy. "Wanna be in a porno movie?"


"Just look in the mirror, dude."

I manoeuvred Steve into a semi-profile position so that he could see the reflection of me sucking his cock. I wanted to watch it too but it was impossible from where I was kneeling. Anyway, I'd get my chance when he blew me. I put my flat hands around his slippery buns and nuzzled his nads. I could feel the weight of his heavy meat against my forehead. Then I licked the hard muscle on the underside of his cock.

"Fuck! This is so damn wild, man! I can see everything!" He started moving his hips so that his iron rod slid backwards and forwards along my nose and forehead. I decided to remain still and let his beef and hangers glide over my lips and tongue.

"Lemme see what it's like when you suck my balls."

He stood with his feet apart and knees slightly bent as I tried to get both his nads in my mouth. I managed to get one in, but only part of the other. They tasted hot and sweaty, and smelt like sex.

"Shit, Daniel! This is the dope! Lemme see you lick 'em."

I arched my spine and bent my head back so that he could get a good view of my tongue making long, wet strokes up and down his bouncing hangers. After a minute, he lifted his leg nearest the mirror and rested his foot high up on the polished wooden frame. He didn't have to say anything. I instinctively knew that he wanted to watch me lick his crack. I cupped his balls with one hand and pushed his throbber up against his stomach so that he could see the reflection of my tongue fucking his tasty pink hole.

"Jeez! This is soooo damn rad, Daniel! You'd better blow me now, man, before I shoot a bucketful in the air."

"K, dude. Flex your muscles while you fuck my face, and use your hips. I'll keep my face still."

I opened my mouth and let his smooth, slim seven inches glide between my firm lips. I looked up to see him bending his arms and making fists. His head was turned toward the mirror. His biceps bulged and his lats stood out from his ribs while his six pack formed a neat depression under his rib cage. He slowly began moving his pelvis backwards and forwards. His solid beef hit the back of my throat before it retreated for the next assault. Meantime, he was too busy enjoying the show to notice that I was gagging my fucking tits off.

"This is just too fucking excellent, dude! I can't believe what I'm seeing in the mirror!"

His thrusting soon became faster and more aggressive. Suddenly, he lowered his arms and grabbed the back of my head with both hands. A split second later, I heard his soft moan. I quickly reached around and stuck my finger up his ass. "Fuck! I'm cummin', man!" The first explosion of his juicy boy cum hit my tongue. He pulled my face to his pubes, bent his knees and rammed his cock head against the roof of my mouth. He was blowing buckets! "Oh, shit!" His asshole was squeezing my finger with every jet of his thick, sticky milk. My adam's apple was working overtime trying to force his huge load down my throat. Finally, he slumped to his knees in front of me and kissed my lips.

"Way, way cool, Daniel," he whispered as his long, brown hair flopped over his face. "Way, way cool."

We took five while Steve had some more milk and a cookie. He was gonna need to be wide awake for what I had in mind. I used the time to check for email. Kyle was getting all excited about coming to the US and told me how he'd thrashed his friend Ross in the 100m butterfly. Ross got really mad which made Kyle way horny, and made me crack. That kid could get horny over mowing the fucking lawn.

Gary from Oz also wrote. He told me about the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney a few months back, and how 700,000 people turned out to watch 1000 floats, including one with a bunch of cops! Wow! Cops marching in a gay parade! Now that was awesome! Sydney sounded like a fun town. Gary said he'd come out to his folks and was having a pretty rad time with his new boy friend.

When Steve was ready to blow me, I stood side-on to the mirror like he'd done before. He knelt in front of me and started licking my boner and nads. Then I lifted my leg so that I could see him tonguing my crack. He was right, it was way fucking awesome to watch! It was like I was the star of some porno movie. Woohoo!

I flexed my muscles while Steve's face was busy eating my crotch, and I thought how guys would be wanking themselves stupid if this was a video they were watching. I was proud of my body. It rocked, even if I did think so myself. It was sure as hell as good as anything I'd ever seen on the net.

The sight of my tanned skin and contracting muscles -- together with the wild sensation of Steve's busy tongue and lips between my legs -- got me as hard as a rock. I'd never realized how fucking big my throbber was until I saw its mirror reflection laying across his face. It looked way too huge to fit into his mouth, but I was about to be proven wrong.

It was just so damn excellent to watch my throbber glide between Steve's tight lips. I put my hands on my hips and got into a fucking rhythm. He kept his head still as my seven inches of hot iron slipped in and out of his cute face. I could feel his tongue sliding up and down my shaft, and massaging my bursting cock head. Every muscle in my body was taut. My balls were gripping the base of my shaft. I was gonna let loose a fucking torrent of boy juice any second. He sensed that I was almost ready, and stuck his finger in my ass.

I was still watching the reflection in the mirror when my whole focus centered on my groin. My knees buckled. The rush before the eruption felt like my balls were gonna unleash a truckload of cum. I forgot about the mirror and grabbed handfuls of his soft, brown hair as I closed my eyes and rammed my cock as far down his throat as it would go. He gagged as I moaned, "eat me, man! Eat me!" I felt my meat stiffen and explode with jet after jet of my thick milk. I opened my eyes again and studied our reflection in the mirror. The image was a little blurred because I was still cumming, and at the mercy of total ecstasy. Steve's eyes were bulging. Spit dribbled out of the corners of his mouth as he swallowed like crazy. My balls were resting on his chin.

"We're done with our homework, mom. Is it OK if I see Steve home and take Kyle for a walk?"

"Don't be long, Daniel. And I'm glad you have Kyle for protection. I wouldn't be happy with you out at night, otherwise."

A few yards from home, I dropped the leash and let Kyle free to investigate the tree trunks and poles with his black, wet nose. What ever it was he was sniffing must have been totally awesome to canines. Steve and I cracked as we watched him bound from one post to the next.

"You're one amazing dude, Daniel. I don't know anybody like you, man."

I stopped for a piss. "Really? Well most of my buds are pretty horny as well. What are your friends like?"

Steve whipped out his cock for a piss, too. "Just the usual. Y'know, watch TV, play comp games, surf the net, talk about girls -- and I mean 'talk'. I don't think any of them have ever had sex before."

"So, why do you hang with 'em?" For some reason, we started trying to see whose piss could go higher. I won.

"Dunno. They're just like there, y'know? -- filling up a space. I mean, they've always been there. I just never thought there were guys like you until I met you."

"Hey, I'm no big deal, man. I'm just me." I shook the drops from my cock and stuck it back in my shorts. I didn't really believe what I'd just said to Steve. I seemed to be different. All my friends thought so. I wondered what it was that set me apart. I mean, it wasn't like I'd read some manual about how to be Daniel or whatever. I just turned out this way.

"Well, I don't wanna crowd you, man, but it'd be way cool to hang with you guys."

"Any time, dude. You're OK, y'know. You'll fit in with the other guys, no problem."

Before I went to sleep, I wondered about my birthday. It was coming up pretty soon but nobody had said anything at all about it, not even mom. I wondered if they'd all forgotten.

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