Part 38

Mom put the box of cornflakes on the breakfast table, then watched me heap them into my bowl until it was practically overflowing.

"I can't believe your appetite, Daniel. You eat like a horse!"

"I'm a growing lad, mom."

"Yes you are, and I suppose it won't be long before you'll be all grown up and gone. I'll miss you, y'know."

I poured milk all over the crackling flakes of cereal. "Do you think I've grown much lately, mom?"

"Which end are you talking about, son?" she laughed, and nearly fell off her chair.

I blushed slightly. "No, seriously, mom. Do you think I'm OK for my age?"

"Of course I do, Daniel. You're a fine specimen for a young man of your age."

Damn! I was hoping she'd say something about June 1st, but not a fucking word. I wondered if she'd really forgotten that it was my birthday soon. How could mom forget? I shrugged as if I was pleased. "Thanks mom."

Our teacher, Mr. Wridgeway, pointed to the blackboard in biology class. We were studying the human reproductive system. Actually, we called him Mr. Whichway because he wore thick glasses and each of his green eyes was aimed in a different direction.

I took my cock out of my shorts and whispered across to Freddie who was sitting at the desk adjacent to mine. He looked at me as I pointed to my dick, then to the board, then to my mouth. He whispered to Jo. The two of them started to crack something rad. Within seconds, half the dudes in the class were straining their necks to see what was going on.

"Daniel? Am I missing out on something here? Stand up, please."

"Oh, uh... sorry Mr. Wridgeway. I can't." I rubbed my leg like I was in pain. "I've got a cramp."

The teacher walked to my desk and glared at me. "A cramp? That looks more like a penis to me, Daniel." He turned to the rest of the class. "You're in luck, students. Daniel has volunteered..."

"Volunteered, sir?" I interrupted.

"As I was saying, Daniel has volunteered to demonstrate the male reproductive organ. I believe in progressive teaching methods. This is a wonderful opportunity to observe nature rather than just read about it." Whichway grabbed me by the shirt collar and took me to the front of the room, then faced me toward the class. "Now, Daniel, kindly drop your shorts and underwear, and lift your shirt. I'm sure the entire class will be interested in this fascinating and illuminating demonstration."

I felt kind of dumb standing there in front of the class with my cock and balls on show. It wasn't like it was sexy or anything. Besides, the students were cracking up something serious, trying to hold back their laughter with their hands over their mouths. The teach was doing a fucking good job of humiliating me as punishment for disturbing the class.

"Now class, what you can see here -- and Daniel seems to have quite a natural abundance -- is the outer portion of the penis which is composed chiefly of cavernous or erectile tissue that becomes engorged with blood to produce considerable enlargement and erection. Perhaps Daniel will demonstrate penile erectus for us later on. At the head of the penis is the glans from which the semen is ejected."

I couldn't believe the expressions on the guys' faces. They were totally entranced, like I was River Phoenix or whoever.

"Also visible is the scrotum, a pouch of skin which contains the testes and the lowest parts of the spermatic cord."

The teacher asked all the kids to file past me as he raved on about corpus spongiosum, lobules and other stuff that made me sound like some fucking scientific specimen. When I saw Lindy coming closer, my cock started to harden.

"And now class, here we see a wonderful, real-life demonstration of the erectile tissue being engorged with blood to produce an erection." He studied me through his Coke-bottle lenses and smiled. "What caused that to suddenly happen, Daniel, or shouldn't I ask?"

I noticed some of the kids, who'd already filed past my throbbing seven inches, get back to the end of the queue for a second peek. When Lindy arrived in front of me, she squatted and scribbled some stuff on her notepad, but her eyes never left my boner until the teach moved her on. I reckoned if the teach hadn't been there, my teen beef would've been sucked by at least ten of those dudes.

It was only when Whichway noticed that some of the students were coming around for a second or third gawk that he made the class sit down again, and thanked me for my "important and innovative contribution to education".

I took my sandwiches and chocolate flavored milk to a grassy area under a big tree in the school yard. I was pissed at what had happened in biology, and maybe even embarrassed. I didn't want to sit with any of the other guys during lunch. It seemed that I didn't have a choice, though. Lindy, Jo, Freddie and some other buds had soon joined me.

"That was a wild lesson, Daniel," Lindy laughed as she sat on the grass and folded her shapely, tanned legs.

"It was embarrassing. How would you like it if the teach paraded you in front of the fucking class?"

"You cuss too much, Daniel. Besides, boys are different. Girls have internal organs -- yours sticks out."

"Daniel's sure does," Freddie interjected with a giggle. "The other dudes couldn't believe it! Man, I've never seen so many bug-eyes in one room before!"

They all cracked up which caused me to start laughing too. I guessed it wasn't so bad after all. It's just that I liked to be the one to choose the time and place to show off my cock.

"Anyway, Daniel," Lindy said, "I'm really looking forward to the party."

"Lindy!" Jo and Freddie whispered together.

Lindy put her hand over her mouth and blushed

"What party?" I insisted.

"Oh, just some guys getting together for a dumb time," she mumbled as she brushed her long brown hair over her ears and shook her head. "You wouldn't be interested. Not your scene."

"When is it?"

"Dunno. I forget."

I asked Jo and Freddie but they seemed pretty vague about the party too. It was weird that Lindy said she was looking forward to it one minute, then not the next. I figured maybe they didn't want me there for some reason. Fuck 'em.

On the way home, I called into Paul's house. He was looking a lot better. His blue eyes were sparkling again. He was naked except for a pair of old shorts. I followed him to his room.

"Are you serious, Daniel? Whichway did that?" The dude held his stomach and rolled back on his bed giggling his tits off. "What a blast! I wish I'd been there to see the looks on the other guys' faces!"

"Anyway, dude, let's get serious. I'm here to help you with your homework. Where's your mom?"

"Gone to the mall. She won't be back for an hour or so."

I handed Paul my notes from school. "Check these out, dude, and copy them into your comp. I'm gonna get some milk. That OK?"

"Sure. Get me some too."

By the time I'd returned to his room with the milk, he was typing stuff from my notes. I put his glass on the comp table and stood behind him. "That biology stuff is full of shit words," I laughed. "Why don't they just call 'em cocks and balls and boners?"

"Quit it, Daniel. I can't concentrate if you get me hot."

"K, dude. I'll go home. Bring my notes around when your done."

"No! Don't go yet!" Paul stood up from the chair and faced me. "Show me what it was like when Whichway made you parade your dick to the class."

"What's the big deal, man? You've seen it a hundred times."

"Make it a hundred and one."

Paul had that mischievous look in his dark, blue eyes again. His head was tilted to one side and the corners of his lips were curled up. His mop of jet black hair tumbled down his forehead and over his ears. He always looked so fucking cute when he did that. I knew he was aching to suck me but I wanted to tease him a little.

"Later, dude."

"No, now!"

I pulled my shorts down and gave the guy a quick peek. "There, that's what it looked like." Then I pulled my shorts back up.

"You're teasing me, Daniel."

"Am not."

"Are too."

He lunged at me and we fell back on the bed giggling like a couple of loopies. I could feel his boner pressed against my stomach as we wrestled. I managed to get on top of him and pin his arms with my hands. This time, though, I could feel his hard six against my crack. I wiggled my ass a little and laughed.

"Fuck you, Daniel! You're driving me crazy!"

"How come?"

"You know how come, you teasing asshole. You're rubbing your ass against my cock."

"Like this?" I moved my ass up and down his hard meat a few more times and watched his face contort with pleasure.

"Don't move," I ordered as I got off the bed. I pulled his shorts down and threw them on the floor. Then I got out of my clothes and shoes and straddled his bare chest. "See anything you like?" I laughed.

"Just lemme suck you, man. I'm really hanging out for your juice. You've got such an awesome fucking cock, Daniel. You know I love that damn thing."

"In a minute." I moved forward a little so that my balls were dangling over his face. "Lick my nuts first, Sir Cock Sucker."

Looking down past my patch of blonde pubes at his tongue wetting my hangers was way damn cool! I moved forward a bit further and felt him licking my crack and, eventually, my hole as he used his hands to spread my buns. I felt his face press hard against my ass and his hot tongue moving around inside me. After the humiliation I'd gone through that day at school, Paul's attention was like therapy. I felt happy now, but I was getting close to cumming. "You'd better suck me now, dude."

I rolled off the bed, stood up and asked him to sit on the edge. He wasted no time in filling his face full of my bursting teen meat. As it slid in and out of his tight lips, his delicate fingers were running up and down my chest and lats. The sensation of his feather touch sent wild tingles through my whole body, especially when he fondled my hard, brown nipples. His tongue was doing totally unreal things to my shaft and cock head, and I was getting pretty close to blowing my load.

I ran my fingers through his soft black hair and pulled his head to my crotch as I felt the rush coming. He gagged but I knew he was loving it. He instinctively grabbed my balls with one hand and stuck a finger up my ass with the other as I put one foot on the bed to spread my buns. I arched my back, moaned like my parachute wouldn't open and let my balls unleash a truckload of boy juice. I could feel my ass muscles squeezing his finger and his tongue setting fire to my cock as my sticky milk exploded into his mouth. His hand was massaging my tight nuts and felt like a million volts of electricity. At this moment in time, my crotch was the absolute center of the fucking universe.

I watched Paul lick me clean and swallow the last of my load. Fuck, this kid gave good head! He stood up and threw his arms around my neck, but didn't say a word -- he just hugged me and kissed me lightly on the lips. I grabbed his firm buns and held him close.

After a minute or so, his face moved away from mine. He looked a bit sheepish. "Daniel?"


"Do you feel like a piss?"


Paul sat on the floor of the shower and started jacking off while he looked at my cock. He told me not to piss until he said he was ready to cum. It was lucky for him that I wasn't in a big hurry.

"K, Daniel. I'm ready."

I let my piss flow free. At first, I aimed it at his face then, when I saw his throbber spitting boy juice, I aimed my stream at his cock. Watching my piss and his cum splattering all over his boner, hand and stomach totally rocked! I'd never seen anything like that before in my life! Whoa!

He'd already done cumming but I still had some piss left to go. His mouth opened and I directed my golden flood there until the last few drops. Then we showered and soaped each other up. He must've told me a hundred times that having me piss on him while he blew his load was one of the raddest things he'd ever done.

Before I left, I told Paul about the party Lindy mentioned. He said he didn't know anything about any party. I also dropped a few subtle hints about my birthday coming up but he didn't take the bait.

"Hi, mom! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I had to help Paul with his homework."

"How is he?"

"Fine," I said as I checked to see what mom was cooking for dinner.

"Roast lamb. And Andy and Greg are coming over at 7."

"K, mom, I'll just finish up my homework."
hiya daniel,

i know ya birthdays comin up soon and i got just the prezzie for ya - i'm gonna cum in my old speedos - the ones with the ass outa them - and send em to ya hehehehe

ya gotta wear em for a whole day okay?

anyways, write back and lemme know how ya doin - things are pretty cool here - and my swimmin times are improvin so you betta watch out when i get to the US! i'm gonna stick it right up ya in more ways than one hehehe


kyle 8===========> --- O:)
So, Kyle's a fucking zillion miles away in South Africa and he's the ONLY one [apart from my Cali bud Danny] who'd remembered my birthday! This was getting pretty serious. What did I have to do? Wear a sandwich board with DANIEL'S B'DAY written on it and walk all over town banging a fucking tin drum?

I wrote back to Kyle thanking him for his totally rad taste in gift selection and told him I'd thrash the fucking crap out of him at swimming when he got here. But at the end of the email I couldn't resist telling him that he was a way cool dude. He ruled, and I was really looking forward to seeing that wicked hunk again and getting my mouth around his awesome boner. Yes!

I heard mom through the bedroom door as I was finishing my homework. "It's almost seven, Daniel."

"K, mom."

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