Part 40

Lindy brushed aside the party thingy which made me even more curious. How come I wasn't invited? And how come nobody could remember much about it? Were these dudes doing drugs? They all knew I didn't do drugs so maybe that was it. Then it occurred to me that, if they were doing some shit or whatever, I'd be like some kind of outcast. How come my life was getting so complicated as a teen? It sucked serious butt.

I stood up from the bench. "Won't be a sec."

"Where are you going?"

"Behind the tree. I gotta take a leak."

"Can I watch? I've never seen a guy do it before."

"Up to you, Lindy," I said as she followed me behind the tree. "It's no big deal, babe." I took out my semi and started to spray the trunk, then lifted my cock so that my piss formed a high arc.

"That's so totally cool, Daniel! I wish I could do that."

She made me crack something serious, and my piss flew everywhere as I laughed. She didn't laugh, though. She was totally mesmerized. It was way cool to have a cock, I thought. I shook off the last few drops and put my meat back in my shorts. "See? No big deal. Just point and piss."

When we got to the school bike rack, Greg was there waiting. I introduced him to Lindy, jumped on my black BMX and rode home. I didn't want to talk to the asshole.

"Hi, mom," I said as the screen door banged shut. I headed to the fridge for some milk.

"How was your day, son? You didn't appear too well this morning."

"It was OK, mom. Just the usual."

"There's something bothering you, I know it. Do you want to talk about it?"

"You wouldn't understand, mom. It's guy stuff."

"Try me."

"That's what Lindy said."

"You talked to Lindy? She sounds nice. You should invite her over. I'd like to meet her. What does she look like?"

"Long brown hair, brown eyes, freckles on her nose, nice -- uh, breasts." I blushed.

Mom messed up my blonde hair, then hugged me. "Well, I'm glad you noticed her breasts. When you told me how you felt about Kyle, I thought you ... well, you know what I thought. Anyway, son, I don't want you worrying about who or what you are. Just be yourself. I love you more than anything or anybody in the world."

I couldn't believe my eyes when I answered the knock at the front door.

"Hi, Daniel."

"Hi, Lindy. Come on in. Hey, mom! Lindy's here."

Mom was so glad to meet Lindy. Pretty soon they were getting along like they'd known each other all their lives, talking about girl stuff and everything. I went out the back and fed the dog. Lindy joined me after a little while and got the usual tongue drenching from my canine bud.

"What's his name?"


"He's so cute and friendly!"

"Yeah, that's why I named him Kyle."


"It's a long story."

Lindy played with the dog for a minute, then looked at me kind of seriously. "Daniel, Greg walked me home from school. He's really sorry for what he said to you last night. He wants to apologize but he thinks you're mad at him."

"I am mad at him."

"He wants you to phone him."

I changed the subject. "Go ask mom for one of her swim suits."

By the time Lindy had returned to the pool, I was already doing laps -- well, short laps. It wasn't a very big pool. She dove in, followed by four legs and a bunch of black and white fur. We tossed a ball around for a while and played with Kyle. He really loved the pool and having fun. I guessed, for him, this was dog heaven. Lindy was having a way cool time, too. Somehow, she seemed more like a guy than a girl. I mean, she looked like a girl, but she acted kind of like a bud, laughing and fooling around. She was totally neato.

"How come you're nude, Daniel?"

"I always skinny dip."

She reached down and felt my boner under the water. "Seems like you're pleased to see me," she laughed.

Her hand on my cock was making me fucking hot. "Have you ever done it with a guy, Lindy?"


"Do you wanna?" I was hoping she'd say yes.

"When the time's right."

"But what about the times you blew me at the movies and in the showers?"

"That was different. It's not like the real thing, y'know. I mean it's not like fucking. It's sort of just fooling around."

"How many other dudes have you blown?"

"None. Like I said this afternoon when we were under the tree, you're sex on two legs. You rule. It's just something about you. There's no way I'd go around blowing other guys. I don't know if I'm explaining this right, Daniel."

"I don't get it, Lindy. You're talking about me like I'm something special or whatever. I'm just a guy."

"No, you're not. You've got charisma."

"There you go with that charisma thingy again -- you didn't tell me what it means."

"Look it up."

I was hoping Lindy would blow me again but she didn't wanna take the risk with mom being in the house. We took separate showers, then she went home. After dinner, the phone rang. I answered it.

"Don't hang up, Daniel."

"I don't wanna talk, Greg."

"Listen, man, Lindy told me stuff and I just wanna say I'm sorry, OK?"

"Sure, dude. Is that it? See ya."

"Wait! Daniel? You still there?"


"I'm coming around later. See ya then."

While I did my homework, I became more and more convinced that hell was a place where you had to do math all day. It was about 10:30 when I'd finished all the school stuff and checked for email. There was a bunch of stuff from Danny, Duncan, Mike, jojo, Thomas, Kyle and the other guys. Mom knocked and opened the door.

"Greg's here. He says it's important. Don't stay up too late now."

Greg walked in, closed the door and sat on the edge of my bed. I continued reading my email. It was a full two minutes before he spoke.

"I'm sorry for what I said last night, Daniel. Lindy and I had a good chat about stuff."

I ignored him and kept scrolling down the screen.

"You're not making this easy, Daniel. I'm trying to apologize."

I turned and faced him as he brushed his long black hair out of his eyes. "Who was that dumb chick you were talking to on the comp?"

"Just some girl I met. She was cool at first, then she started giving me shit about sex and marriage. I'm like whoa! I gotta stop this stuff with Daniel."

"And what did Lindy say?"

"She said I wasn't the only dude to be attracted to you. She said lots of peeps dig you because you've got animal magnetism. You get guys' juices going. She said I shouldn't feel guilty because it's only natural to think about sex when I'm around you."

"She said all that? I dunno what the fuss is, man. I'm just a regular dude is all." I really didn't believe a word of what I'd just said.

"Modesty doesn't become you, Daniel. You must know that you're special. The other guys treat you more like a hero than a bud. Anyways, I'd better jet. I just wanted to apologize to your face."

"Cool, Greg. I'll walk you home. We'll take Kyle with us."

By the time Friday had rolled around, Paul was fit enough to visit. He was waiting for me when I got home.

"Hi, mom. What's for dinner?" I said as I headed to the fridge.

"Yes, I've had a very nice day, dear. How was yours?"

"Sorry, mom." I laughed, then planted a big milky slurp on her cheek.

"Home-made pizza."

"Way kewlios!"

I opened the back door and saw Paul and Kyle swimming in the pool. It took just seconds to ditch my clothes and join them. I flew through the air, holding my bent knees in my arms, and bombed the water. Kyle dog-paddled over to me and practically licked me to death. "Hiya, bud." I gave him a huge hug and roughed up his floppy, wet ears.

"Howya doin', Paul?"

"Great, man. Brand new."

Mom made us put on our shorts at the dinner table. She thought it was cool for us to be skinny dipping and being naked, but not at the table. I couldn't figure why. Anyways, the pizza was totally awesome. Paul had hardly finished swallowing a huge mouthful before he spoke.

"I've gotta go home tomorrow night, dude. Going out with the folks on Sunday."

"That reminds me, Daniel," mom said. "I must have had a hundred phone calls this afternoon from your friends. It seems everybody's going away this weekend. Oh... and I'll be seeing your grandmother this Sunday."

Well, at least Kyle wasn't going anywhere -- looked like I'd be spending Sunday with my furry friend. That was cool. He was neat fun.

After doing the dishes, Paul and I went to my room and got out of our shorts. He flipped through my CDs and picked Third Eye Blind. I checked for email and wrote back.

"Fuck, you get a stack of email, Daniel. But I'm not surprised that so many peeps think you're special."

"Funny you should say that. Greg and Lindy were going on about that shit the other day. I've gotta find some dudes who hate me otherwise I'm gonna get a big fucking head. Oh ... and what's charisma mean?"

"Dunno. But I hope you get a big head tonight," he laughed. "Besides, Norman and his jerks hated you and you fixed them pretty good."

When I'd finished answering the email, I worked out with the chest expander. Paul was sitting on the floor gazing wistfully up at me which made me realize that a guy couldn't have wished for a better bud. Every time a bead of sweat trickled down my chest, he scooped it with his finger and ate it. Then he got between my legs as I worked on my back muscles. A little river of sweat ran down the channel between my pecs, then over my six pack, through my patch of blonde pubes and dripped off the head of my semi into his open mouth. It was totally fucking impossible not to feel special with a dude doing that kind of thing. Anyways, he was making me as hot as anything and my meat just stood to attention.

"Your dick's trying to tell me something, Daniel," he giggled, then laid down on the floor. He took hold of my left foot and held it over his face as he licked between my toes.

"You wanna lick all the sweat off me?"

"I thought you'd never ask," he beamed.

I threw the chest expander on the bed and stood there, with my hands on my head, while Paul's tongue dried my armpits. I could smell his spit mixed with my odor. He licked all over my chest like a puppy, pausing to suck on my nipples, then down my six pack and navel. I turned around and felt his tongue all over my back, while his electric hands rode up and down my lats. My boner was busting! He eventually worked down to my ass. I spread my legs and squatted slightly to let him at my hole. His hands parted my globes as his face pressed hard between them. His tongue was as far inside me as he could get it. "Fuck, Paul! That feels totally awesome!" I had to hold back a fart so as not to spoil the fun.

The thought of farting in his face suddenly made me start to chuckle. He pulled his head away from my ass. "What's so funny?"

I let it go. Brrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttt!

"Oh, shit!" Paul totally cracked.

"I feel like fucking your lights out, Paul."

"Uh oh."

"Chill, man. I'll be gentle."

"Yeah, right. Sure you will. Mr This-Won't-Hurt-A-Bit with his seven inch weenie."

Paul jumped on the bed, moved the chest expander out of the way and got down on all fours. I spat on my hand and rubbed it all over my boner, then spat some more and rubbed around his cute, hairless pinkie. I used my fingers to relax his hole. "You ready, bud?"

"Kind of."

I bent my meat down, eased the head in, then put my hands around his small waist. I was as horny as a rhino and wanted to fuck this dude stupid, but I took it slowly so I wouldn't hurt him. When my dick was all the way in up to my balls, I paused for a moment to let him get used to seven inches of hot teen meat in his ass. "You OK?"

"You sure that thing is only seven?"

I started to slide in and out. Fuck, his ass felt awesome! It gripped my solid shaft tighter than a fist. Pretty soon, I was pumping him like a steam train at full speed. I had to hang on to his hips to stop him from being catapulted through the wall. It wasn't long before I had to clench my teeth and keep my groans inside. I could hear myself snorting through my flared nostrils as I rammed my throbber home and blew my first huge wad of boy juice. I pumped again and blew the second, then the third. My balls thumped his ass. My explosions of cum just kept jetting out of my knob with each thrust of my crotch. Finally, my balls were dry. I eased my dick out of his ass, turned him on his back and collapsed on top of him. I let him kiss my mouth and my face as I regained my strength.

"I love you, Daniel."

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