Part 43

I'd gotten an email from some dude who said that I could probably be an asshole sometimes, but also that he liked my style. It made me think about what kind of dude I was. I mean, sure, I could be an asshole, and I did stuff that a lot of guys didn't, but hey...

That wasn't my major problem that morning, though. In the bathroom mirror, I discovered a dude's worst nightmare. A ZIT!!!! Fuck! I looked at it long and hard. I couldn't believe it! It was red around the base and yellow on top, and just to one side of my nose. Fucking ugly! Ew! What was I gonna do? I'd never had a zit before. Was this what being a teen meant? I wanted to go back to being twelve. I put some skin-colored creme on it and hoped no one would notice.

Paul appeared from the gate as I neared his house. We rode to school together.

"Some dude emailed me and said I sounded like I could be an asshole sometimes."

"He was right."

"He was?"

"Yeah, you're egotistical, arrogant, self-centered, bull-headed, an exhibitionist, sex-crazed and opinionated."

"I am?"

"Yeah," he giggled.

"Where'd you get all those big words from?"

"Remember that essay we had to do in English? The one where we had to write about a friend? I looked them up because I wrote about you."

"Cool. So what about my bad points?" I joked.

Paul cracked so much he almost fell off his BMX. "I dunno what it is about you, Daniel, it's like you get away with murder. You're all the wrong things but, somehow, you're all the right things."

"Dunno what you mean, dude."

"Don't worry about it. Just keep on being Daniel."

For the rest of the trip to school, I thought about how rad it would be to become Paul or Dick or Freddie for a day and to see myself as they saw me. I wondered what I would think of myself from another guy's point of view. Would I like myself? What kind of a dude would piss on his buds? What kind of a dude would cum on his pizza? How many other dudes at school would think all that stuff was neato? I stopped thinking after a while because my brain hurt. I didn't have any answers, only questions.

Later that day, during recess, I was pissing in the school toilet when Frank walked in. He avoided me by going to the farthest urinal. "'Sup, Frank." He just kept pissing and ignored me. I thought about the day he blew me in there. Maybe he was embarrassed about it. I was done pissing before he was, and walked over while I buttoned my baggies. "Hey man, what's the prob?"

He concentrated on his weenie as he fired his last few squirts. "Nothing."

"You're not talking to me?"

"It's not you, man."

"Tell me about it."

Frank looked around to make sure we were alone. "I told a bud about what I did in here with you the other week, y'know, and he called me a mutha fucking fag." A tear welled in his eye, then tumbled down his cheek.

"Who was it?"

"A big kid in my grade, Nick. They call him Nick the Dick."

"I've seen him around. I thought he was cool."

"So did I -- I thought he was my best friend." Another tear rolled down his cheek as he put his weenie away.

I roughed up his blonde hair and gave him my winning, super-duper Daniel grin. "Listen, dude. Do me a favor, K? Meet me in the showers after school. K?"

Later, I spotted Nick in the main hall on his way to class. "Hi, Nick," I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. "You got a minute this afternoon after school? I've got some stuff to tell you that's pretty important."

"Only a minute, dude. I've got stuff to do."

"K, meet me near the pool after swim training. See ya."

"K." He hurried off and disappeared into the busy hoard of kids going to and from class.

Afterwards, at swim practice, the coach told us that everything was cool about the Cape Town team coming to Florida, and that the meet would take place straight after the last day of the school finals, at the start of summer vacation. I got hard just thinking about seeing Kyle again. I spotted Paul's smiling face, and guessed that he was thinking maybe he'd get to fuck Kyle's ass again, the horny little shit.

My times were getting better. My 100m free was down to 52 seconds and my 100m fly was down to 1 minute 02. The coach gave me a pat on the back. "You're doing fine, Daniel, just fine." Meantime, the water had washed the creme off my zit. He noticed it but didn't mention it. Dangit! I felt like the whole fucking universe was concentrating on my first and, hopefully, last zit!

In the showers, Paul was standing next to me, as usual. "What's that mark on your face, Daniel?"

"A fucking pumpkin, cocksucker! Mom's making soup tonight." I had to laugh with him but I was still pissed. "By the way, dude, I've got some business to take care of so I won't be riding home with you, K? I'll see you tomorrow morning."

After the coach and team had gone for the day, Frank was the first to arrive. "Hi, Daniel." As he watched me dress, I made sure that he got a good, long look at my semi before I pulled up my boxers. "That's a way cool dick, man. I sure hope mine gets that big when I'm your age."

"A lot can happen in a year or two, dude. Just keep jacking it."

We walked out of the showers to the pool and saw Nick there waiting for us. The moment he saw Frank with me he freaked. "What the fuck's this all about? Some kind of set-up?"

"Chill, man."

He stood his ground as I approached him, while Frank remained where he was, a few yards behind me. Seeing Nick this time kind of surprised me. Suddenly, I noticed that he was bigger than I'd thought, but I wasn't gonna let my little bud down. "Seems to me like you owe my bud here an apology."

"What the fuck has it got to do with you, man? I don't even know you."

"You do now, man. Name's Daniel." I poked his chest with my finger. It felt pretty solid -- too solid for a guy with a kind of wussy face. "So, dude, give my bud an apology."

"Fuck off, asshole! I'm outa here."

I grabbed him by the shirt. "You deaf or something, dude?" He brushed my arm away and pushed me, causing me to lose balance and fall on my ass. I instantly saw red. I was back up on my feet in a second. The bastard had a smirk on his face that made me way fucking mad. I lunged at him and we both toppled to the ground, wrestling on the hard cement.

"Hey! What the hell's going on here?"

I recognized the coach's voice and shat myself while Nick and I disentangled ourselves. "What are you doing back here, coach?"

"Never mind that, Daniel. What are you guys up to? You know fighting is not allowed in the school grounds."

"It's a private thing, coach, between me, Nick and Frank."

"Who's Frank?"

I looked everywhere but couldn't see the kid. Then I noticed him peek around the door of the shower block. He seemed pretty scared. "It's OK, Frank. You can come on out now." He sauntered up to us and avoided our eyes as he stared awkwardly at his feet.

"Well," the coach said, "I guess whatever it is you guys are fighting about is none of my business but, because you're fighting here on school property, it's now become my business. Understand?" He waited for us all to nod. "So, if you guys have a dispute you wanna settle, then let's settle it fairly and honorably, like men."

After the coach had explained what he had in mind, we decided to go along with his idea. We each had to nominate a sport as a kind of 'weapon', like we were doing some kind of duel, except the coach called it a challenge. I chose swimming and Nick chose boxing. We couldn't agree on the same sport so the coach flipped a coin. I lost. We would settle our argument at a supervised boxing match in the school gym next Friday, following the last period.

"You what!?!" cried mom. "You know absolutely nothing about boxing!"

I drank my quota of milk straight from the carton and closed the fridge door. "Yeah, I know, mom, and Frank told me that Nick is a pretty good boxer. I guess I've got from now 'til Friday to learn. Don't worry, though. We'll be wearing helmets and stuff and the coach will be there to make sure it's fair."

"What on earth started all this?" Mom ran her fingers through her hair to indicate her total bewilderment. Adults kind of freaked about stuff like guys fighting.

"Guy stuff, mom. Just guy stuff. Anyways, didn't you ever fight with other girls at school?"

"None of your business," she smiled. "And is that a pimple on your face?"

"Yeah, mom." I headed straight for the bathroom to check it out. Yikes! It was bigger! Fuck! I knew I wasn't supposed to squeeze it but I did. Splat! All over the mirror. Then I phoned some of the guys.


"Dick? It's me, Daniel. Do you know anything about boxing?"

"Some, why?"

I told him why I needed help, but he was doing his pizza delivery so he couldn't come around. He told me to phone Jo.

"Hi, Jo. It's Daniel. Listen, man, I need your help in a hurry." I explained the rest of the story.

Mom said it was OK to see Jo for a couple of hours but I had to be home in time for dinner at 7, then do my homework. By the time I'd arrived at Jo's and Freddie's place, they'd already roped off an area of the lawn. Dick had lent them two pairs of gloves. We stripped down to our shorts.

"This is about the only useful thing my asshole uncle taught me," Jo said. "We used to spar a bit when he was sober." The kid went on to show me how to cover my face and gut with the gloves and my elbows, and to be aggressive. "Always keep the other dude on the defensive. Keep jabbing at him, then wait for a chance to smack him hard with a right. If he falters, jab him again with a left. When you've got him on the run, keep punching."

It all sounded pretty neat. I figured I could do all that stuff, no problem. "K, man, let's get into it. Freddie can referee."

I was on my ass in a second. I stood up, forgot to cover my gut and copped a biggie in the six pack. I sank to the ground, winded. "This ain't so easy, dude." It took about ten or fifteen minutes before I started to get the hang of it, then it was way fucking cool to see Jo hit the ground twice, even though I'd fallen probably ten times. This kid packed a pretty awesome wallop!

"That'll do for now," he said, wiping the sweat from his eyes. "Practice what you've learned at home. Tomorrow, we'll check with the coach to see if we can get some time in the school gym and practice some more."

We stripped and hit the pool. I didn't know if it was the sight of those two hot dudes or if it was the boxing that got me so fucking horny but my seven inches was bursting. "What time are your folks due home?"

"Not for a while yet."

"Feel like some fun, guys?"

I climbed out of the pool and stood on the grass. Watching the other two exit the water, with their tanned skin all wet and shining in the late afternoon sun, was totally wild. I was feeling so damn hot, I reckoned I was ready to blow the load of the century! As they came toward me, I put my hands on my hips, arched my back and made my throbber bounce up and down. Their eyes were glued to it as they knelt in front of me.

"K, guys, both of you suck me. I wanna see two faces eating my teen meat."

I wondered how many other dudes had seen such a fucking awesome sight as that -- two totally groovy faces licking and sucking me like I was some kind of god. It felt so damn good to be treated this way. While I watched their tongues and lips making love to my monster beef and balls, I ran my flat hands over my pecs and felt my hard nipples rub against my palms. "Hang, guys. I want this to last. Lick my chest."

Jo and Freddie stood up as I locked my hands behind my head. Then they ran their tongues around my nipples and armpits with long, wet, sensuous strokes. Occasionally, they would glance up at my face to check if they were pleasing me. What a fucking turn-on!

Bit by bit, they worked down to my six pack and, finally, back to my raging cock which was dripping like a faucet. It was totally wild to see their tongues sharing the pre-cum oozing out of my swollen, cut knob. That made me wanna hold their faces to my dick. I put one hand on the back of each of their heads and watched them lick my shaft and balls. They seemed to be loving it every bit as much as I was. "I'm gonna shoot a bucket any second, guys. Jack me off and aim my throbber at your mouths."

To watch both their hands wrapped around my meat at the same time was so fucking wicked! Only the head of my dick was showing as they jerked my shaft while Jo's other hand played with my hangers and Freddie had one finger stuck up my ass. It was totally rad to feel it moving around inside me. The sides of their faces were joined and their mouths were open, ready for my sticky flood to explode.

I could sense the electricity in my loins, and started to moan. The dam gates were open. I arched my back but kept my chin on my chest. I wanted to look down the length of my body and past my blonde patch so I could see my boy juice splatter all over their lips and tongues as my ass squeezed Freddie's finger. They were practically ripping my cock off! Neither of them closed their mouths to swallow because they didn't wanna miss getting each and every wad of my hot boy lava.

"K, cool it, guys. That's it, dudes! Whoa! Balls are empty. Jeez!"

What cum didn't shoot into their mouths, they licked off each other's faces, then they cleaned my cock with their tongues.

"Mom? What's a god?"

"Just a moment, Daniel, I don't want to burn the fish." She swirled the food around in the pan for a moment, then turned down the heat. "Well, that depends on what kind of god you're talking about -- human or supernatural. But, basically, a human god is a person who is perceived as being somebody who is gifted with supernatural powers."

"What if he isn't? What if he's just a normal kid ... uh, guy. What if some peeps thought a guy was a god but the god dude knew that he really wasn't?"

Mom took the pan off the stove, set it aside and laughed. "Why the questions?"

"Because there's a dude on the web who's got a page about gods and he talks about those ancient Egyptian dudes and how they were kind of worshipped and all."

"Have you finished setting the table?"


"Worship is a strange thing, Daniel. One piece of fish or two?"


"It's a matter of perception."

"What's perception?"

"It's the way some people choose to see or perceive things. I mean, I adored and worshipped your father -- and I adore and worship you -- but that doesn't mean I think of either of you as a god. But some people ... is this enough fries?"

"Cool, thanks.

"Lots of people need to believe in something greater than themselves. Primitive people worshipped the sun or the moon or even a stone statue. What I'm trying to say is that ... well, I'm not sure that you'll understand this."

We sat at the table and began to eat dinner. "Try me."

"Hmmm, this fish is delicious, even if I do say so myself."

"Awesome, mom."

"Well, Daniel, a human god is one that is created by other humans, but is not necessarily a true god. Do you understand that?"

"I think I do. But if some dudes treat you, I mean him, like a god, and he isn't really a god, what does that mean?

Mom took her time chewing a mouthful of food before she answered. "Daniel, I think I'm beginning to understand your motive behind all these questions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my guess is that you have friends who elevate you to a position higher than you feel comfortable with. Am I right?"

"Sort of."

"Well, son, enjoy their attention and be thankful that you have such wonderful friends. If it ever inflates your ego beyond what I consider to be healthy, I'll let you know."

"K, mom." I grinned. "You're the bomb, mom."

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