Part 46

Between periods, Nick spotted me and Paul going to our next class. "Hey, Danny boy! Wanna call it off, man? Not too late, y'know." He wore one of those smartass grins that made you totally pissed.

I gave him the middle finger sign. "See you at 3:30, dude, as fucking planned."

"Cool with me, pal. It's your fucking funeral, fag boy. I'm gonna fuck your face good."

"Go ahead, prick. All I need is one good punch, asshole. Just one good fucking punch, smack bang on your girly nose." I stared him straight in the eye and leaned toward him. "Just one, asshole. That's all I'll need." For one fleeting second, I saw the look of fear in his eyes.

3:30 came around at lightning speed. It seemed like one minute I was leaving home, the next I was in the gym. I sat in my corner of the ring while Paul tied my gloves and adjusted my face-guard. This was the first time I'd seen Nick without a shirt. Fuck! He had muscles on his muscles. This was one fit dude. I was gonna be murdered.


At the sound of the bell, we both danced into the center of the ring. He was on the attack right away. It was like trying to punch a hornet's nest. He was fucking everywhere! I don't know how I managed to fend off his fists -- I must've been on auto remembering the things that Jo, Andy and Dick had taught me over the last few days. The bell rang again. I returned to my corner in a lather of sweat.

"You're doing great, Daniel," Paul reassured me as he towelled my arms and chest. "Just keep blocking his attack and wait for your chance."


Nick was up on his feet, prancing around like he was king fucking kong, smiling like he was gonna kill me. I felt a blow to my head, then another to my ribs. I was down.

One, two, three.........

I was up again. More punches flew. He was a blur. The wind was knocked out of me with a punch to the guts. I was down again. I could hardly breathe as I struggled back to my feet.

"OK, guys, let's call it a day," the coach said, reluctantly. "It's pretty obvious that Daniel's not in Nick's league. Fight's over."

"No, coach!" I screamed. "One more round! Please! Just one more!"

"Yeah, coach!" Paul pleaded. "Give Daniel a chance!"

"Yeah," Nick laughed. "Give the fag a break."

Nick's last comment made the Coach real mad. "Go get him, Daniel."


I spent most of this round ducking and weaving. The more I avoided Nick's swings, the madder he got. I suddenly realized that he was losing his cool as I skipped and bounced around the ring like a ball. I remembered what Andy had said yesterday. "Even the best make a mistake sooner or later."

The kid lunged at me with a powerful right. It missed. His defence was momentarily down. I saw my chance and jabbed his chin with a right, then a left, then another right to the gut. He folded and hit the canvas. I danced around waiting for him to get back on his feet. I was feeling fucking awesome! Woohoo! But not for long.

"Are you OK, Daniel?"

I recognized the coach's face looking down at mine as I laid flat on the canvas. "What happened?"

"You were out for the count, man. You lost. But I've gotta tell you something -- you got three totally cool punches in, bud. You did just fine."

Paul and I dropped our BMXs on my front lawn and went inside. "Hi, mom." "Hi, Nancy."

"Hi, boys." Mom rushed over to me. "Let me look at you. Lord! You're all messed up! Are you alright?"

"Awwww, mom, chill! I'm cool. Nick got lucky with a few punches is all." I grabbed the carton of milk from the fridge.

"Daniel was awesome, Nancy. He fought like a hero!" Paul said, proudly. "He showed that Nick dude a thing or two."

"Apparently he did," mom said as she checked my face, "I got a call from Nick's mother a few minutes ago."

"What'd she say?"

"She threatened me with legal action if I didn't keep my bully-boy son away from her precious little Nicholas."

We all totally cracked up; including mom.

"I'll get it." I answered the phone.

"Daniel? It's me, Frank. I just wanted to call you and thank you tons for what you did for me, man. Did you win?"

"Noppers, but I got a few punches in. Anyways, you don't have to thank me, dude. It's all part of the Daniel-to-the-rescue service. Hey, why don't you rock over to Freddie's tomorrow? We're all gonna be there."

"You're so fucking cool, Daniel. Oh, shit!"


"Mom heard me cuss. Gotta go. Seeya!"

Paul and I went to my room and downloaded a heap of email. One of them was from Danny. He was a seventeen year old part-time model and singer from California. His English was shit because he was Spanish but, as a dude, he rocked big time.
hiya daniel dickie and pablo dickie hehe

I give you and idea for tonight try to get a feather any size or a brush small and soft ... :) you most to brush the hole body of paul with it any thing else most to touch him only the feather or brush, but do it slowy. Start with his face, then the chest, the niples and the navel. go back to his arms.

now jump to his upper legs stay ther for a time, go down to his foots. dont touch his ball yet. laid him in his chest and do it in his back first and them his cutes globes and crack. laid him in his back againg and put his legs up and do it in the pink asshole... and now.. the balls, the base of his meat.

well he most to be hot enoght right now to you suck him. :)

now your turn Daniel!!! :)

bye tarzan
Paul's wild blue eyes lit up. "Sounds totally fucking awesome, man! Let's try it!"

"Laters. Gotta feed Kyle first, then we can cool off in the pool. This hot weather sucks."

We figured we'd better practice our swimming because Kyle and his buds from South Africa were gonna be in town in a little over a week and we wanted to seriously kick ass. I noticed that Paul's time in hospital had slowed his swim times a bit but he was doing pretty well, considering. I was still sore from today's boxing so I also had an excuse for being slow.

"Thanks for helping me do the dishes, boys."

"No prob, mom. The meatloaf and salad was awesome!"

Because the weather had been so damn hot, mom said it was OK for us to pitch the tent in the backyard by the pool. It was much more fun than sleeping in my room -- kind of like an adventure -- and we had Kyle to protect us from aliens and bogey men. It was getting pretty late when we quit the pool and decided to hit the hay. We were still wet when we crawled into the tent and lit the lantern.

"Where'd you get the brush from?"

"The kitchen. Mom uses it for basting stuff when she's cooking. It's all I could find."

"Lemme do you first."

Paul followed Danny's instructions to the letter. The sensation of that brush teasing my skin gave me goosebumps -- not to mention a raging boner. But it was when I laid on my stomach that I was really shot into orbit. I spread my legs and felt the brush tickling my ass. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

"Raise your butt, Daniel."

I obeyed my bud's command and stuck my rear in the air. He moved the brush delicately all over my back, then down to my crack and around my globes. I spread my cheeks as far apart as I could so that the bristles could get right between my buns. The feeling was totally electric! "Tickle my hole, Paul!"

"In a minute, dude. Roll over."

I was no sooner on my back than he was brushing my hole with feather-light strokes. Fuck, it was so damn awesome! Then I felt the tingling sensation on my balls and along the base of my shaft. That was it! No more! "Paul! Fuck, man! I can't stand it! Suck me now!"

I got to my knees, grabbed his head and rammed my throbber into his face. It was like I was raping the poor dude but I was so fucking hot I couldn't control myself. Within seconds my knob was thumping the roof of his mouth and shooting a truckload of boy juice down his throat. "Jeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His finger was up my ass as I blew wad after wad of my thick, sticky milk. I could hear him gulping like crazy as I pulled his face hard against my groin. "Ahhhhhhh!" The feeling of his soft, silky hair in my hands while my hot seven kept exploding seemed to make the whole thing even wilder. Eventually, when my balls were empty, I kept fingering his shiny, black hair while his tongue played with my softening cock. "That was totally fucking awesome, man."

I'd seen Paul's face a million times but when I started to lightly brush his eyebrows, lips and cheeks while he laid on his back, I took the time to study his features. He was almost too pretty to be a guy. Everything about his face was as cute as pie -- almost like an angel's. I suddenly thought about all the times I'd pointed my semi at him and pissed into his mouth. At this moment, it was hard to believe that I'd actually done that. He seemed too beautiful and innocent to piss on. But then I remembered how he liked my doing it, so I guessed it was OK.

"How come you like my piss?"

"Dunno. Just do."

"Deep answer, dude."

I started on his hard, brown nipples. His eyes were closed but the corners of his sweet, ruby mouth were curled up. I could tell that he was loving every second of the sensation made by the brush as it barely touched his tanned skin. Then I worked my way down to his navel. He was normally a ticklish dude but, this time, he just laid there lapping up the pleasure. The only part of him that moved was his throbber. It was laying along his stomach and, every now and then, it would bounce. A little pool of pre-cum glistened on his abs.

After I'd brushed his inner thighs, I got him to lay on his stomach and stick his ass in the air. "I know what you're thinking, Daniel. You're not allowed to lick my ass. If you do, I'll tell Danny you cheated."

It was damn hard trying to resist tonguing his cute pinkie. It looked so fucking inviting just winking at me as his hairless hangers dangled below in their neat pouch. I brushed the smooth, flawless skin on his back, then his perfect globes and crack. He didn't say much but I knew how he was feeling. When he'd done it to me, it was like I couldn't speak. The feeling was so fucking intense that I just shutup and let it all happen. "K, Paul, time for the big finale. Lay on your back and raise your legs."

I poked the brush into his rosebud and gently swirled it around. From there, I moved the soft bristles over the hard part just below his nads, then around his neat ball-sack and along the muscle on the underside of his hard six. The swollen head of his dick looked like it was gonna burst. "Are you ready now, Paul?"

He sat up, pulled my head down to his crotch and started to fuck my face. Then he rested back on his shoulders, drew his heels up and arched his spine. His grip on my head was something fierce as he pumped his throbber into my mouth and fucked like a wild bull. Pretty soon, his torrent of delicious boy juice splattered my tongue and throat. He was making a helluva noise as I swallowed his sticky load as fast as I could.

"Fucking jeez, Daniel! Ahhhhhhhh, fuck! Ooooo!"

After I'd licked his cock clean, I got off him and laid on my back. He threw one leg over my hips, rolled on top of me and held my face in his hands. He gazed into my eyes for a minute as his thumbs smoothed my eyebrows. "I love your brown eyes, Daniel. And I love your mouth." Our lips met and our tongues danced.

He pulled his face away and smiled down at me. "And you know what else?"

I knew he was gonna tell me he loved me. It was written in his sparkling, blue eyes. "Yeppers."

"What, then?"

"You don't have to say it, Paul. I know what you're thinking. But, you can say it if you wanna."

"K, then. Here goes. Don't forget to wash the brush in the morning."

"You little shit," I laughed as I pushed him off me. "Night, Paul."

"Night, Daniel."

Next morning, Paul had hit the pool by the time I'd woken. The heat from the summer sun was already making the tent humid and uncomfortable. It was only then that I began to feel really sore after the fight with Nick yesterday. My stomach hurt as I got to my knees and crawled out of the tent. My bud saw me standing by the edge of the pool with my piss boner sticking straight out. He swam over and looked up at me with that cute grin of his. I couldn't be bothered aiming my dick at him so I just let my piss stream go anywhere it wanted while he chased it. Then, I joined him for a swim. The cool water felt so damn fine. Kyle obviously thought so too as he dog-paddled and barked like crazy.

After breakfast, Paul and I roller-bladed down to the mall to get a couple of groceries for mom, while Kyle followed us on four busy legs. We met Steve on the way and told him that we'd all be at Freddie's later. "K, guys, meet you at your house!"

It was just after lunch when we arrived at Freddie's. Paul and I bladed while Steve rode his bike. Jo greeted us at the front door with his big, toothy smile, then escorted us through the house. He was buck naked and dripping wet from swimming. I didn't know what Paul and Steve were thinking, but Jo's tight little buns were turning me on something wicked as we followed him.

"Where are the folks?" I asked as we arrived at the patio.


All the guys were already there, except Dick.

"Where's Dick?"

Jo grabbed the base of his semi with his thumb and finger and twirled it around. "You mean this dick?"

"You call that a dick?"

Just then, Dick climbed over the fence that separated his house from Freddie's. He was carrying something in one hand. When he got closer to us, I recognized what it was.

"Hi, dudes. Check this out! A video camera! Woohoo! We can make a movie!" Dick went on to say that he bought it at a used camera shop for a song. It wasn't the latest model but it was still way cool.

"What kind of movie?"

"Just us fooling around in the pool and stuff. Get your clothes off man, it's showtime!"

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