Part 52

It was Saturday morning, the day of the swim finals. I was in the bathroom at home with Kyle who was rubbing zit creme on my neck.

"Iím really sorry about this, dude. I didnít mean to bite so hard."

"Lucky it was my neck and not my dick, man. I could be in hospital right now getting the fucking thing sewn back on."

"Theyíd need a lot of fucking thread, dude. Check it out."

I looked in the mirror at the place on my neck where the love-bite was and couldnít see any sign of it. The zit creme had worked. "Cool."

The rest of the day was spent practicing laps in the pool, helping mom and Andy in the garden and just fooling around. About every hour or so, Iíd go to the bathroom to check my neck and put some more zit creme on. Mom noticed the frequency of my visits and asked if anything was wrong. "No big deal, mom. I guess Iím just a little nervous about tonightís finals. I need to pee a whole lot."

"Well, Kyle is not peeing a whole lot so maybe you should chat with him about how to calm your nerves."

"Maybe heís peeing in the pool," I laughed.

It was another really hot day so lunch was lots of salad with hamburgers grilled on the barbecue. We were all sitting around under the shade of the pergola except for Steve who was at the other end of the pool eating his lunch. I walked over to him and sat down on the lawn.

"You OK?"


"If you wanna be alone, man, just tell me to piss off."

"Itís not that, itís... well, itís being naked in front of your mom. Itís kind of embarrassing, yíknow? And if I put my Speedos on, itíll look like Iím ashamed or something."

"You donít skinny dip at home?"

"No way, man."

"Well, it looks kind of weird you sitting over here all by yourself. Hey, itís cool. Mom sees us guys all the time like this. Itís no biggie. Címon, sit with us. Pretty soon youíll forget youíve even got a dick."

When Steve joined us under the pergola, it was Andy who focused everybodyís attention on the dude, which made me laugh like crazy since Iíd just told him not to worry about being naked.

"You must do a lot of surfing, Steve. And whatís so funny, Daniel?"

"Nothing. Just thought of something."

"Yeah," Steve grinned, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. "We brought some home videos if you wanna see them later."

"I mean your build. For a young fellow, youíve got quite a physique. You must spend hours in the surf."

"Every day." Steveís face was a little flushed because of the attention. "I guess itís all the paddling and stuff." He jammed the hamburger into his mouth in an attempt to avoid any further interrogation, and focused his gaze on the dog rolling on his back on the lawn.

I stood up and flexed my biceps. "Hey, what about this? These ainít ping-pong balls, yíknow. Wanna arm wrestle, Steve?"

Steve put the remainder of his burger on the plate and rose from his chair. "Any time, man." Suddenly, his self-consciousness seemed to vanish as he stood there in all his magnificent, tanned, unclothed glory.

We both laid chest-down on the lawn and assumed our positions -- elbows close together, hands locked in a tight grip, one arm behind our backs. Andy yelled "go!" It was totally awesome to see Steveís bicep pop like a football, and the all muscles in his forearm stand out like steel rods. This dude was fucking strong! Our arms wobbled under the tremendous strain but failed to move either way. Since his arm was way too powerful to move, I decided to let him run out of puff, then give him a quick blast of Daniel Ďkapow!í I waited for the right moment, then let him have it. It worked! His hand got to within a few inches of the grass but stayed there. As hard as I tried, I couldnít get his arm to lay flat. Then, slowly, he forced my arm back to center. Damn! We wobbled there for another few minutes until I felt my strength slowly start to ebb. Our veins were standing out like blue spaghetti. He smiled at me as if he knew I couldnít last, then gradually forced my hand to the ground. As we both stood to the cheers and applause for Steve, I felt as if my arm would be totally useless for the next year, at least. Nevertheless, I managed to summon enough strength to shake the victorís hand. "Wow, man. Youíre way awesome."

Mom summed up the whole event with a one-word sigh and a shake of her head. "Boys."

I didnít mean for the wrestle to be anything other than a contest, but it turned out that it worked wonders for Steveís feeling of acceptance among us. Gone was the paranoia about being naked. He was now totally at ease.

About mid afternoon, Andy and mom drove to the mall. Kyle and I were laying on the lawn when we noticed Steve pissing on Paul, just as casual as you like.

"Steveís getting to like doing that," I laughed.

"Yeah, well heíd better not get any ideas about pissing on me."

"You like him, though."

"Heís OK."

"Donít gimme that shit, Kyle. You organized to bring him here, so you must like him a whole bunch."

"We surf together. Itís like weíre bros in a way. Itís hard to explain to guys who donít surf."

"He told Paul and me the other night that you were a god."

"You remember that surfing pic you sent me? The chopper shot? What would you call that guy?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Totally awesome pic. By the way, I had a dream about you last night. I wasnít gonna tell you but..."

Kyle lifted himself up on one elbow. "Tell me."

"Well," I began, taking my eyes off Kyleís and pretending to be interested in a blade of grass, "I dreamt that youíd disappeared."

A few seconds passed before Kyle responded. "And?"

"Well, it was like I didnít know where you were or whatever. I was worried that you might be dead or something."

Kyle and I instantly scrambled to our feet as we felt the wetness from above. Paul was giggling so much, his piss was spraying in all directions.

"You little shit!"

The school grandstand was absolutely packed to capacity for the finals. The school brass band played. The crowd buzzed with excitement. This was the moment. The coachís voice came over the PA system. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, before we begin the finals between our respective schools, we have a special event. Two good friends who are unable to compete in the same events because of their age difference, will compete in two special events; the 100 meter fly and the 100 meter free. May I introduce Kyle from Cape Town and Daniel from our home town."

Kyle and I stood on the blocks for the start of the free. At the sound of the buzzer, we hit the water. I could see Kyleís wash every time I gulped for air but I wasnít sure how close we were as we tumble-turned at the 50 meter wall. The moment I surfaced, it was obvious that he was in front by half a body-length. I swam so hard my arms felt like lead but he beat me by a full two seconds.

After a ten-minute break, during which Kyle pretty much kept to himself and spent the time limbering up, we hit the water for the fly. We came out of the tumble-turn neck and neck but, with about 30 meters to go, his superior strength inched him ahead. He won by almost three seconds.

On the one hand, I was really pleased for Kyle. He was my hero and a far better swimmer. On the other hand, I was totally pissed at being humiliated in front of the whole damn school and all my buds. I got so damn angry that, when it came time to compete in the regular school races, I won both the free and the fly in my own grade. Man, I felt so fucking proud when I saw my name up on the big board, I could have burst! In both races, Paul and I stood on the dias to collect our medals. Paul got a second and a third. Apart from the medals, the biggest thrill was seeing mom, Steve and Kyle in the crowd rootiní for me and Paul.

I also had my chance to root for Kyle. He won a gold and a silver for his team. By the end of the night, our school had won the comp by one gold, two silver and one bronze. Woohoo!

"Iíve had this bottle of champagne for almost ten years," mom said as she popped the cork. "Danielís father bought it for a special occasion but never lived to see it. I think this is an appropriate time to use it to toast your fine efforts tonight."

"But mom! This is only a school swim meet! Save the champagne for my 21st or something!"

"Relax, son. Your father bought a dozen," she laughed. "Thereís plenty more for other occasions."

The bubbly hit us all like a bomb. Mom, the guys and I were so tired, we hit the sack within minutes of drinking it.

"I wanna report a missing person."

"How long has this person been missing?"

"Two months."

"Can you describe this person?"

"Sure. His dick is about six and a quarter inches but itís also about six inches when itís soft -- it kind of gets harder instead of longer."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, heís got a foreign accent and his lips are kind of bigger than normal and theyíre real sexy. And his hair kind of sticks out of the top of his cap."

"Height? Weight?"

"Yeah, heís got both of those."



"Daniel? Daniel? Wake up, man."

"Shit! ĎSup?"

"Steve and Kyle are outside the tent. They wanna go for a walk."

"A what? What time is it?"

"About 3am."

I crawled to the open flap and recognized two shadowy figures in the soft moonlight. "What the fuck are you guys doing?"

"Remember when you wrote me and told me about you walking around the streets nude? Well, I was telling Steve about it and he..."

"Forget it, dudes, Iím too tired."

My argument was obviously not all that convincing. Within a few minutes of my being dragged out of the tent, we were all walking down the street buck naked, with huge boners bouncing around in the midnight air. It didnít take long for me to start getting horny again. "So, is this it?"

Kyle smiled. "No. Steve and me wanna blow each other at the pedestrian crossing like you did with Paul and your Steve."

We walked a little further down the road until we arrived at the yellow pedestrian crossing with the orange overhead lights. It must have been an incredible sight for anybody looking through their bedroom window at four naked teens standing in the middle of the road. Fortunately, there was no traffic at all. It was like the whole neighborhood had been evacuated because of a bomb scare or something -- almost like we were the only people in the entire world.

"So, whoís doiní who?"

"Iíve got a confession to make," Paul said sheepishly. "You remember that time in Cape Town when... whoops! Sorry."

"Donít worry about it, Paul," Kyle laughed. "Iíve brought Steve up to speed about everything that happened."

"K, well remember that time when you were sucking Daniel and I jumped on the bed and fucked you?"

"Youíre asking me to remember insignificant little details like that?"

"Donít gimme that shit, asshole. Anyways, Iíve been having these fantasies about fucking you right here, on this pedestrian crossing."

"Hey!" I said. "You never told me about that!"

"I donít have to tell you everything, dude. So, how about it, Kyle?"

We all looked at each other as though the most awesome event in the history of teenkind was about to happen. The prospect of those two guys fucking in the middle of the road under the glare of the street lights was too much to resist. Our excitement had reached fever pitch. Our boners were threatening to split their skins.

Steve and I watched Kyle get down on all fours and spread his perfect buns. Paul knelt behind him, used his spit to lube his boner as well as Kyleís hole, and got down to business. The possibility of our being busted only served to heighten the thrill. Electricity was running up and down our spines. Our stomachs were alive with a million butterflies. I watched Paulís hard six slowly disappear into Kyleís rosebud.

"Wanna suck me?" Steveís voice seemed to be coming from another place. It was like a dream. I looked at his totally awesome body which reflected a spooky yellow/brown color from the overhead lights. It made him appear surreal -- like he was in some music video clip. Iíd admired this dudeís bod from the start, and the fact that heíd beaten me in the arm wrestle added to his seductive charm.


We stood beside Kyle and Paul as they fucked like rabbits. I knelt, then focused my eyes on Steveís perfectly straight boner and the pearl of pre-cum glistening on its beautiful head. I opened my mouth. Within a second, I felt his soft pubes pressing against my nose, and his hard rod threatening to choke the fucking life out of me. He was sweating from the heat as well as the excitement -- his scent was salty and pungent.

I reached around to his firm buns and took two big handfuls of his muscular flesh. He responded by gripping my hair and sending his fat six inches as far down my throat as he could get it. I kept my lips tight around his shaft as it slid backward and forward. I was beginning to savor the creamy taste of his teenhood.


We all froze as if somebody had pressed the pause button.

"Shit! Steve! Chill!" Kyle ordered.

"Sorry, man."

After our eyes had scanned the immediate vicinity for trouble and found none, Steve resumed fucking my face while keeping his groans to a low whisper. When he was ready to cum, he pulled my face to his crotch and rested his balls on my chin. I felt the explosions of his juice sliding down my throat as his pubes tickled my nose. He was so damn excited that he lifted one leg and threw it over my shoulder. I took advantage of the situation and ran my fingers up and down his sweaty ass crack, then down to his balls. I could feel his ass muscles contract with each jet of his thick, sticky wads. By the time Iíd swallowed every drop of his precious cargo, Paul had emptied his into Kyleís willing ass.

When it was all over, we walked back to the safety of the shadows under the trees and looked back at the pedestrian crossing bathed in orange light. We hesitated for a moment to imagine what it must have looked like just moments before when we were fucking and sucking right there for all the twinkling stars to witness.

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