Part 56

After Dick and Greg had dressed and gone home, Kyle and Steve chose what pics they wanted. I zipped them and emailed them to Kyleís addy, which was way safer than taking floppies on the plane. He could look at them again when he got home, the dirty-minded little shit.

"How about some extra special pics?" he said, grinning like the devil himself.

"Like what?" As if I didnít know what he was thinking. Doh!

Steve sat on the side of my bed while Paul worked the camera. We had a fair bit of late afternoon sun coming through the window, but Paul used fill-in flash as well. The series of pics began with Kyle and I hugging and kissing. I gradually worked my way down his funky, muscular body, licking his ripe nipples and firm pecs until I arrived at his six pack where I twirled my tongue around his innie. Kyleís rock-hard boner was between my face and the lens as I licked his balls and the length of his veiny shaft until my tongue reached his knob. There was a drop of pre-cum forming. Paul clicked the shutter just as the pearl of cum landed on my outstretched tongue.

Weíd arranged for Kyle to tell us when he was about to blow so that we could get cool pics of his cum shooting into my open mouth. Meantime, I let his throbber slide between my lips until it was half-way down my throat, and his balls rested on my chin. He laid one hand on my head and the other behind his back so that the camera could get a good view of him fucking my face. I could hear Steve saying things in the background like, "Woohoo! This is so damn awesome!" as Kyle sent his six inches back and forth between my tight lips. I reached between his legs and massaged his nads while I kept my tongue wrapped around his cock head and running along his shaft as he thrust it in and out. After a few minutes, we heard him groan.

I grabbed the base of his cock, drew my head back and aimed his knob at my open mouth. I felt a couple of wads splatter on my tongue while another couple hit the corner of my mouth and my upper lip. His final jet of thick, sticky boy cream found my chin. Kyle reached down and scooped up the juice that had missed its mark and let me lick it off his finger before I swallowed every delicious drop.

We couldnít wait to see the pics on the comp screen so we checked them out before it was my turn to fuck Kyleís face. Well, I couldnít believe how hot they were. Paul had taken some totally awesome close-ups of Kyleís tasty juice spurting into my mouth and draping over my face. The other pics of me licking his chest and boner rocked too! Woohoo! We all agreed that nothing weíd ever seen on the Net could come close to this! They totally ruled!

When Kyle blew me, I kind of wished we were doing it in private because it was a special moment for me. Maybe it would be the last time in my life that this would happen with my South African bud. But I knew it was important for him to have the pics, so I did my best to make the blow job as hot as I could, hoping that Paul would take some really rad shots. When I felt the rush coming, I looked down at Kyleís handsome face and watched my truck-load of boy juice explode out of my piss hole and between his fleshy, sexy lips. When Iíd emptied my balls, he faced the camera with his cum-soaked tongue sticking out. Then he swallowed the lot, stood up and kissed me. I tried to imprint this magic moment onto my brain like an indelible stamp. I wanted to remember always how it felt to have his soft, full lips pressed against mine, our boners locked together and our arms tightly wrapped around each other. The warmth that radiated from his smooth skin was like a cloak of supreme bliss that relaxed my whole being and made we want to stay there forever in the safety of his embrace.

After weíd checked the pics on the comp, Steve was hornier than a rhino. "How about some pics of me pissing on Paul?"

"Hey! Fuck you! Not in my room, dude!"

"Outside, then. By the pool."

"Too risky. Mom might bust us. Letís see if the coast is clear."

Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. "Hi, mom. Whatís cookiní?

"Well, I see that you young savages are still running around the house naked," she laughed. "But youíd better be respectable for dinner. Iím making something special for Kyle and Steve since itís their last night here. Now, you boys go swim or something while I finish up here. Oh, and give this bone to Kyle. The four-legged one."

"K, mom."

It took a while for the dog to settle, but he eventually put the bone between his front paws and chewed his way to canine heaven, which meant that we could take a few more pics without him trying to hog the fucking camera.

Paul squatted on the lawn while Steve stood over him. I got into position with the camera and gave him the OK to start pissing. His yellow stream began as a dribble then suddenly lengthened into a strong jet of warm liquid which splashed all over Paulís tanned skin, from his face to his crotch. I darted around trying to capture as many different angles as I could before Steveís waterfall retreated to a trickle. He managed one last squirt, then shook the remaining drops from his dick.

When we got back to my room to check the pics on the comp, Steve was shaking his head. "Man, if I wasnít seeing this I wouldnít have believed it. This is so fucking cool." He paused for a moment as I clicked through the pics. "Hey, guys, can I ask you something? Itís gonna sound kinda dumb, though."


"Well, remember that talk we had in the tent the other night, and how Iíd kinda fantasized about sucking Kyle and all. And then how you guys made me feel cool about stuff like that ... what Iím trying to say is, well..."

"Spit it out, dude."

"K, but donít laugh. Promise? I just wanna know something." He took a deep breath. "Do you guys think Iím hot?"

We all cracked up something serious before I answered the little Adonisís question. "Hey, dude, your bod rocks big time. Youíre about as hot as they get."

"You really think so? OK, kewl." The kid relaxed a bit and stood with his feet apart. "So, does that mean when Iím surfing that a whole bunch of people might be looking at me and thinking about ... well, yíknow ... sex and stuff?"

"Are you for real, Steve? Man, donít you have a mirror at home?" I glanced around at the other guys. "Hey, dudes, I think itís about time we gave Steve his initiation into boy-godhood."

"What are you guys gonna do?" He seemed a little apprehensive.

"Just stand there, dude. Youíre gonna get an official boy-god tongue bath."

Paul, Kyle and I started licking every inch of the dudeís sun-bronzed skin. I lifted his arm and stuck my face in his armpit, which was a lot paler than the rest of him -- almost white -- and almost devoid of hair. His soft skin had an erotic, slightly sour odor. Just a few inches away was Kyleís face. His tongue was busy with Steveís erect, brown nipple. When Kyle moved on to another patch of perfect skin, I sucked on the nipple heíd just vacated while it was still wet with his spit. It tasted totally cool.

As Iíd expected, Paul had his face jammed between Steveís firm, round buns. By this time, Kyle was sucking Steveís cock. I looked for a free spot when my attention was drawn to the kidís foot. I asked him to hold on to something to keep his balance, then sat on the floor and lifted his foot to my face. Like all surfers and swimmers, his feet were way clean. There was no sign of crap under his trimmed nails. I supported his heel with my hands while I sucked on his toes, one by one. From down here, I had a great view of his dick gliding in and out of Kyleís face, and Paulís tongue making long, wet strokes up and down the boy-godís ass crack.

The expression on Steveís face was a peculiar mix of ecstasy and disbelief, which made me giggle -- well, as much as I could with a mouth full of toe. Then his eyes squinted as he gritted his teeth. It was a sure sign that he was about to fill Kyleís mouth with a truckload of boy juice. His hands took hold of his budís head as he rammed his throbber into Kyleís mouth all the way up to his tight balls which were hugging the base of his shaft. I watched his stomach flatten and his chest heave as he arched his back and shot his load. "Oh, jeez!" he muttered. His torso muscles were unbelievably defined, and accentuated by the thin film of shiny sweat that covered his golden skin. Man, this guy was so fucking awesome, he could have turned the most dedicated homophobe into a raging queen.

When it was all over, and Kyle had forced the last of the sticky wads down his throat, we suddenly realized that we hadnít taken any pics of the event. Doh! Instead, we recreated some of the scenes and took pics of those. Steve seemed pretty happy as we checked the pics on the comp. Once again, they chose a bunch of the best ones which I zipped and sent off to Kyleís email addy.

"Woohoo, mom. That smells way cool!"

"Youíll be smelling very UN-way cool, young man, if you donít get your shorts on. And you too, boys. Itís one thing to be swimming in your birthday suits, but theyíre not welcome at my table. Now, get cracking."
"K, mom. But is it OK if we donít wear shirts?"

"Not tonight, son. I want this to be a special dinner for Kyle and Steve, so Iíd appreciate it if you went to the trouble of being properly dressed."

"K, mom." We all went back to my room and put on our baggies and ts. "Sorry about this, guys."

"Donít be sorry, man. Your momís totally cool." Steve said. "I think itís rad that she lets you and your buds run around nude even some of the time! It rocks!"

"Yeah," Kyle agreed. "Sheís awesome. I think itís right that we get dressed for dinner, though."

We were back in the kitchen five minutes later. "Can we help, Nancy?" Kyle and Steve asked in unison.

"Why, thank you. Yes, you boys can set the table. Knives on the right, forks on the left, spoons next to the knives. And Daniel, feed Kyle -- the one that barks.

"What about me?" Paul raised his hand.

"Well, you can just stand there looking gorgeous," mom laughed.

We were all seated when mom placed a cane basket filled with crispy-brown thingies on the table. They were round and about the size of ping-pong balls, and still steaming hot. They smelt awesomely delicious but none of us had any idea of what they were. We each took one and tasted it while mom looked on. Our Ďmmmmsí soon told her that they were a big hit. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, and sooooo fucking yummy!

"What are they called?" Kyle asked. "Iíve gotta tell mom about these."

"Nancyís Fancies," mom laughed. "Actually, I donít know what theyíre called. I just made up the recipe tonight. A few potatoes and a piece of pumpkin boiled with chopped onion and garlic. Drain, add a sprinkle of parsley and ground pepper, mash, then cool. Add egg yolk, mix, form into small balls, roll in flour, then beaten egg, then a mixture of dried breadcrumbs and a little grated parmesan cheese. Deep fry in very hot oil for a minute and voila! And if you can't remember that, I'll write it all down."

"Well, maíam, theyíre just awesome!" Steve said between swallowing one and popping another into his mouth. "Mmmm! Whoa! Hot! Hah, hah, hah! Woo!" He fanned his face but kept chewing, making us all crack up.

"I hope youíre just as impressed with the main course."

By the time weíd finished the roast turkey breast with cranberry sauce, corn on the cob with lashings of butter, potato salad, mixed beans and hot, crusty bread, our bellies were stretched to the limit. We sat there like blimps unable to eat another morsel.

"Well, seems you boys have enjoyed your dinner. When would you like your home-made apple pie?"

"Maybe a little later, mom. Iím kind of full right now. Right guys?" They all agreed, but also thanked mom for a fantastic meal. We decided to clear the table and do the dishes, then have dessert in an hour or so. While we were cleaning up, mom asked the guys a bunch of questions about their stay in the States.

"Well," Kyle volunteered, "I think the first thing that hits you is your accent. I mean, itís like you hear on TV and in the movies, but to hear it in real life is amazing. Itís so different. Itís the way you guys roll your Ďrí sounds and use short Ďaí sounds instead of long ones -- like in canít and caaanít. It sounds neat, though."

"And all the cars and freeways," Steve interjected, excitedly. "Iíve never seen so many cars or big roads, especially on our trip to Disney World. And the crowds of people! Awesome! Iím just glad they donít all go to Long Beach at home."

"Iím intrigued about your surfing lifestyle," mom said above the clatter of dishes as she stacked them in the cupboard. "It seems more than just a sport. Itís as though it were a cult or something."

"It is!" Steve and Kyle answered together, but it was Kyle who continued. "All the surfer dudes speak the same language, get excited about the same things, dress the same. Itís like a club with no doors. The club room is the surf. We call it the green room when youíre crouched on your stick and spearing through a totally rad tube."

"Well, green is a nice color for your club room. But Iím not sure how Iíd look crouching on a whatever it was you said through a ... what was that again?"

We all decided to take another look at Kyleís and Steveís home videos -- not just to give mom an education, but to enjoy all those great shots of surfing. Where we lived, on the Gulf of Mexico, there was no surf, so it was cool to watch all the rad action on the box. For Paul and me, it was extra special because it brought back great memories of our stay in Cape Town a few months back. Once again, it was Steve who acted as commentator while he mimicked the actions of the board riders and explained the lingo in his uniquely funny style.

"Well, Iím glad you all enjoyed the apple pie and, I must admit, Iíve enjoyed watching your home videos. Actually it was pretty damn rad and way cool," she laughed. "Iíll leave you boys to clean up. Iím off to bed. See you in the morning." We all gave mom a big hug and kiss and wished her a good night.

Iíd managed to talk Paul into sleeping with Steve in the tent so that Kyle and I could spend our last night together in my room. The first thing he did when we were standing face to face alone was kiss me. It wasnít a passionate kiss, more like a soft, friendly kiss, just his lips gently touching mine. Then he kissed my face all over, a peck on my nose, a touch on my eyebrow, a nibble on my cheek. He drew his face away from mine, placed his hands on my naked shoulders and gazed at me with his awesome hazel eyes. I studied them for a little while, as his studied mine. The message was obvious despite our silence. We were buds for life.

"I want to fuck you, Daniel."

"Have you made an appointment? Iím kinda busy yíknow."

His smile wasnít enough to contain his delight at my smartass comment. He fell back on my bed and cracked up big time. "Youíre so damn funny, Daniel. Youíre too much sometimes."

I laid on top of him and put my lips to his for a long, passionate kiss. When our mouths peeled apart, I studied his eyes for a moment. "I guess I can fit you into my busy schedule, dude."

"You wanna know something weird? Fucking you is not enough. I wanna do something more but I donít know what. Itís like that time I saved your life in the surf. I mean, that really meant something, yíknow? I mean, anybody can fuck, but not everybody can save your life. Am I making sense here?"

"I think so. But thereís not a lot of water in my room, man, so I guess a fuck will have to do."

"You fucking jerk! Youíre crazy, but I guess thatís what I like about you."

All the way to the airport the next morning I thought about how it felt last night to have Kyle inside me. I remembered each of this thrusts, each of his passionate kisses, each of his groans, each of the times he snorted uncontrollably as he reached his climax, each wad of his milky warmth that exploded into my willing ass, each stroke of his lips around my boner as he blew me afterwards, each tender word as he cuddled me before we drifted off to sleep, and how it felt to open my eyes and find his legs and arms wrapped around me as the sun heralded a new but sad day.

"Have you got everything?" Dick asked just before he locked the Voyager. Steve and Kyle did a last-minute check to make sure they hadnít left anything behind. Well, except for me.

So much of this scenario reminded me of the time I left Cape Town. The coffee, the sound of aircraft, the faceless bustling crowd, the lack of convo at our table, the sadness of parting, the feeling of having a part of you torn away by a departing plane, the total emptiness in your guts, the feeling of being completely helpless in a situation that was being controlled by FATE.

Before Kyle boarded the plane, we faced each other and searched each otherís eyes for some meaning. In silence, we were asking the same questions. Why couldnít we be together? Why were we born half a world apart?

As I watched the plane roar down the runway and lift into the sky, I put my fingers to my lips where Kyleís had been just a few minutes before. "Seeya awesome. Stay cool, man. Iím gonna missya tons."

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