Part 57

hiya daniel

thanks again for showin me and steve such a rad time in florida - it was just so damn cool. it was great havin steve with me on the flight back home tho cos we talked about all the fun we had with you and paul and that kept us from feelin too sad about leavin :( - steve wants to know if he can piss on me hehehehe but i told him id punch his fuckin lights out if he tried - weve just been lookin at all the pics - theyre so damn awesome! but i didnt jack off or anythin cos im still missin ya tons - its a bit windy right now but were goin for a surf as soon as steve gets back here with his stick - anyways daniel you rule big time - and say hi to nancy for me :)

ps: i lied about not jackin off hehehe 8=========D-------
As soon as I'd read Kyle's mail, I checked the pics again. He was right. They were totally fucking awesome. I chose one that showed the head of his monster just before it slid between my lips. I loved looking at his knob. I loved the shape of it, and how his shaft was as straight as an arrow all the way to his black bush and neat hangers. While I stroked my dick, I thought about how it felt when his six inches rammed the roof of my mouth as it fired its juicy load, and how it tasted as I forced his sticky milk down my throat. I could have lived on that damn surfing god's cum forever.

Just before I shot my load, I changed pics to one that showed my thick seven in his face all the way to my oval nads. His nose was pressed against my blonde pubes, and my hands were holding his head. There was a dimple in the side of my ass cheek caused by my pelvic thrust. I would never forget how excellent that moment was, and how he gagged as I emptied my hot lava while his tongue performed its incredible magic. As my mind relived that awesome event, my throbber exploded and sent its jets of boy juice all over the keyboard. When I was done, I licked it clean.

It took a few days before I started to feel better about Kyle being back in Cape Town. Paul helped a lot. It was at times like these that I realized just what a great bud Paul was. He genuinely cared about how I felt and there was never a hint of jealousy. I guessed he really meant it when he had ILU inscribed on the watch he gave me for my birthday.

It was Monday morning when I roller-bladed down to the Mall. Paul had returned home the night before after spending the weekend at my house. July 1 was just a few days away. It was not only Paul's birthday, but also Kyle's. I cruised past a whole bunch of shop windows wondering what the fuck I could buy for Paul as a present. There were games, clothes and all the usual stuff, most of which he had anyway. Besides, they were all too expensive. $20 was my limit. Then I remembered the pawn shop.

"How much is this?"

"$30 but for you, son, I'll make it $25."

"Too bad, I've only got $20." I read the writing stamped on the small object. 'LENSATIC COMPASS. Liquid Filled'.

"It's worth every penny of $25, son. That there's a fine piece of craftsmanship. Do you go hiking or camping much?"

"Only in the back yard," I giggled, "but this thing is really neat! I just like the look of it. It looks really old, kind of like an antique."

"Let me show you how it works. You pull this small handle here and up pops the lid which has a tall, narrow window divided by a fine, vertical line. This little gadget here is the eye-piece. You look through the eye-piece and line it up with the vertical line. As you can see, the disc inside has all the points of the compass marked on it, and it floats in liquid."

"Cool! The eye-piece magnifies the disc. Neat! I can see all the degrees. This is rad!" I closed the compass and handed it back to the pawn broker. "But I've only got $20."

"I'm sorry, son. 25's the lowest I'll go."

I'd reached the door when I turned and rocked back inside. "Maybe I can do some work for you for $5."

The old guy rubbed his chin for a moment. "Well, maybe you can. You see that corner over there? It's a mess. People keep taking things off the shelves without putting them back where they belong. If you tidy it up for me, you can have the compass for $20."

"Woohoo! Thanks. Thanks a whole bunch!"

It took longer than I thought to put the golf clubs back where they belonged, the cameras all together, and stack the musical instruments, radios, watches and a fucking zillion other bits and pieces in neat rows. "Sir, do you have a piece of cardboard and a marker pen?" When I'd done squeaking my note, the old man took the cardboard and read it.


I waited for him to stop laughing. "One more thing, sir. How much will it cost to have something inscribed on the back of the compass?"

"You've done an excellent job, son. My treat. What'll it be?"

"Just three letters. YRP. No! Make it five. YRPBT."

"I had a boy in here about a month ago. He asked for IL something or other."

"That would have been Paul." I showed the man my watch." He bought it here for my birthday."

"I remember, now. ILU it was. They your initials?"

"Sort of, yeah."

That night on the TV news, I saw clips from the Gay Pride Day in San Francisco. I asked mom if dad's gay friends were like the dudes on the tube.

"No, son. They were just like regular folk as far as I know. Why do you ask?"

"I dunno. I guess peeps can act crazy like that if they wanna, but I think they look kinda weird."

"Well, I'm only guessing but I imagine a lot of those people led lives that forced them to conceal their sexuality. They grew up like compressed springs. When they finally decided to come out, they acted like a jack-in-the-box and bounced out with absolute gay abandon." Mom cracked up at her own unintended pun. "What I mean is, I think they've over-reacted. In all my thirty seven years, I've never seen a Straight Pride Parade."

"I guess not."

"Let me put it this way, Daniel. Personal pride is not something you need to flaunt in order to have it recognized or accepted. That kind of behaviour is a sure sign of insecurity, if you ask me. There's a big difference between being open and honest and being in-your-face."

On the night of June 30, I sent one of those electronic birthday cards to Kyle, with the words, "to a dude i'll never forget as long as i live". The card featured a pic of a fish which was the closest thing I could find to surf, and it had this totally lame greeting, "have a swimmingly good birthday". Oh, well... Bleh!

Paul's party was held at my house. It wasn't planned as a surprise because it was only a month after mine, and Paul would have guessed anyway. All the guys were there. We watched him open his presents. A couple of CDs, clothes, a comp game and some other cool stuff. It was obvious that he was leaving mine until last. Mom had given me an old carved wooden jewellery box to put the compass in. I'd placed the jewellery box in a large cardboard carton and filled it with crumpled newspaper. Paul probably thought I'd given him a fridge or something.

Finally, he got around to opening my present. Like a good boy, he read my card before carefully undoing the paper wrapping. He opened the cardboard box and proceeded to empty it of reams and reams of newspaper. I could tell he was getting worried about whether there was anything at all inside the carton other than paper. Eventually, he discovered a small item wrapped in bright red cellophane. He grinned at me as he unwrapped his present.

"I hope you like it, man. It's kinda different."

Paul dropped the cellophane on the table and slowly opened the wooden box. "It's different, alright! What is it?"

"Open it and check it out, dumbo." The other guys crowded around to see what the mystery was all about. "Hey! It's a compass! Way cool!"

I showed Paul how to work the thing, then everybody got excited and wanted to play with it. Lucky for me, it was a big hit. For a while there, I was mighty worried that Paul wouldn't like it. When it was finally passed back to him, he saw the letters inscribed on the reverse side. "YRPBT. What's that mean? Is that from you?"

"Yeah, it's from me. Go figure."

"Figure schmigure. Tell me what it means, asshole." He glanced around to see if any of the adults had heard him cuss. If they had, they were pretending they hadn't.


"Well, tell me one thing. How come a compass?"

"So you can tell where your weenie's pointing," I cracked.

Next morning, I was swimming in the pool with my canine bud when Paul arrived, complete with his compass. "Hi, Daniel. Hey, I really like this thing, man. It's way neato. Is it an antique?"

"Not sure," I said as I climbed out of the pool. "Could be. Glad you like it, though."

"And thanks for the rad party, man. Everybody had a totally cool time." My bud ditched his clothes on the lawn and dove in, quickly followed by me and a mountain of black and white fur. When I'd surfaced, Paul was right alongside me. I felt his hand grab my balls.

"Tell me what YRPBT means or I'll squeeze."

"So squeeze." I felt a stab of pain. "Ouch! Go easy, man."

"Tell me what it means."

"Yowee! OK, OK. Settle. Jeez! That hurt, dude! It means you rock, Paul, big time."

"That's what I figured, but I wanted to hear it from you in case I was wrong. Woohoo!" He disappeared beneath the surface. A moment later, I felt something warm around my cock.

"Daniel?" I recognized mom's voice at the back door. "Your grandma needs some shopping done. I'll be back in time for lunch. And Nick's here."

"K, mom. Say hi to granny for me."

Paul surfaced and shook the water from his jet black hair. His blue eyes were smiling. "You really think I rock big time?"

"You know I do, cock sucker. Now quit with the third degree." I turned to Nick as he approached the pool. "Hi, man. Water's great, come on in."

As Nick shed his t and baggies, Paul and I eyed his bod. Damn, he was fucking awesome! There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere, except maybe in his boxers. Every tanned muscle rippled and popped as he moved. His lats jutted out like mini-wings against his ribs. Finally, he stood there in all his naked glory and laughed. "Don't get any ideas, boys. This kid is like super straight. OK?" And with that he dove in.

After a couple of laps, he paused to chat. "Hey, how come I didn't win the Mr Speedo thingy at the party the other night?"

"Good question, dude. Maybe it was because all the judges were girls." Paul and I cracked up like crazy.

"Don't gimme that shit, assholes. Anyways, it doesn't matter. The thing is, I didn't get a chance to talk to you that night and there's something I wanna talk to you about." He glanced at Paul.

"Paul's cool, man," I reassured him. "So what's the story?"

"Well, it's Frank. He did like you said."

"Blew you?"

"Yeah. But it's more than that. I think he's got a big case of infatuation."

"Forget about that for a second. Did you like it?"

"When he blew me? Yeah, I guess it was pretty cool. But I don't know how to handle this infatuation thing without him getting his fucking shorts in a bunch. Next thing you know, he'll be crying on your shoulder again and telling you that I'm an asshole."

I turned to Paul. "Hey man, do me a fav, OK? Phone Frank and tell him to get his ass around here, like now." As Paul heaved himself out of the pool and ran toward the house, I focused my attention back on Nick. "Listen, dude, there's only one way to handle stuff like this. You play it straight. You tell it like it is. Sounds to me like you're afraid to tell Frank the truth because you don't wanna hurt his feelings. If you lead him on, you'll be hurting his feelings a lot more down the road. Do you read me?"

"Yeah, but if I tell him I'm straight and that I don't ... well, you know ... he might stop wanting to blow me."

"Hey!" I laughed aloud. "You like it that much, huh? Woohoo! Anyways, you're a hypocrite, man. You go on with all that fucking straight shit but you don't mind fucking his face. Listen up, dude. If we weren't meant to suck cocks, we'd have smaller mouths or bigger dicks. It's as natural as sucking in air."

"He'll be here in ten minutes," Paul announced just before he dove back in the pool.

When Frank made his entrance, I got him to undress before we all sat around in a circle on the grass. It took maybe five or ten minutes to settle the dispute -- if you could call it that -- and to make Frank understand that Nick was more interested in getting his rocks off than being the kid's bestest bud. "What you've gotta learn, Franky boy, is to share those sexy lips around. Now, as I see it, there are three juicy dicks here and you can have 'em all before my mom gets home." I leaned back on my elbows. "Do me first."

The dude scrambled to his knees and crawled over to me. He lifted my boner off my stomach and put it in his eager mouth. As his head bobbed up and down my hard meat, I glanced at Nick once in a while to gauge how he was reacting. It was way cool to see that he was slowly stroking his dick while watching Frank's lips sliding up and down my shaft. I figured Nick must have been getting pretty hot, as well as anxious for his turn. He seemed relaxed, though, and totally at ease with what was going on. Cool!

Within a few minutes, I unloaded my bucket of boy juice into Frank's face. It felt so damn awesome to be resting back on my elbows with the sun warming my chest as jet after jet of my cum shot down his throat. I could hear him swallowing like hell to keep up with my thick, sticky flood. Damn, that felt wicked!

"Fuck that was good! You'd better blow Nick next, though" I laughed, "or he's gonna lose it."

Frank was still trying to force the last of my cum down his throat as he crawled over to Nick's skin-splitting six inches. While the dude's fleshy, red lips rode Nick's solid, veiny shaft, Nick threw his head back and started to groan. Suddenly, he drew his knees up and spread his legs, then rolled over forcing Frank to lay on his back. Nick knelt over his bud's face, fell forward onto his outstretched hands, and fucked Frank's mouth like some horny bull. It totally rocked to see Nick's cute ass rising and falling as he sent his boner in and out of the kid's face. I decided to take a chance and gently eased my finger into Nick's tight, pink hole. It was rad the way it gripped me, like it had a mind of its own.

Less than a minute had passed when I felt his ass muscles squeeze my finger. He let out a long, loud moan. "Oh, jeeeeeeeeez! Ahhhhh!" I looked between his legs at Frank's cock-filled face. He was gulping and gagging like hell as he tried to cope with the deluge of hot boy juice. When Nick was done, he rolled over on his back, exhausted. He wore an unmistakable look of contentment. Frank sat up and licked Nick's slowly softening cock clean.

Paul was next, and had obviously decided to put on a bit of a performance. He asked Frank to sit on the lawn while Paul knelt between his legs and grabbed the back of the dude's head. We watched Paul's hard six slide between two pursed, cum-soaked lips before he began to get into a pelvic rhythm. It was so damn cool to watch Paul's firm, round buns opening to reveal his cute, wrinkled rosebud with each thrust and retreat, and his balls slapping Frank's chin as he drove his throbber down the dude's throat. As he sensed he was getting close to blowing his load, Paul stood up and asked Frank to kneel in front of him. Paul bent his knees slightly, guided his boner into the dude's mouth and continued to fuck like a rabbit as he held on tight to the Frank's head. Pretty soon, he made more noise than a bunch of whooping Indians as he jetted his sticky prize into Frank's face. Woohoo! Go Pauly!

"Well, Frank," I laughed as we sat around on the lawn drinking Cokes, "and you woke up this morning thinking that today was just gonna be another regular day, man." I turned my attention to Nick. "So, dude, what d'ya say?"

"Yeah, it's cool. I guess I don't have to be 100% straight 100% of the time," he grinned. "Thanks for being such a cool guy."

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