Part 58

The main topic of conversation over the next few days was the fires around Daytona and other places on the east coast of Florida. Whole towns were being evacuated. I was getting a ton of email from dudes who were worried about me but everything was cool on the Gulf, including Nick. It was amazing to see how his homophobic attitude had changed so dramatically over the last week or two to a guy who was gay-friendly and tolerant even though he wasn't gay himself.

Anyway, to my mind, there was a certain irresistible challenge in convincing a straight guy to bend his rules a little. I hadn't blown Nick yet, but it was on my mental list of things to accomplish.

Saturday was American Independence Day. Mom, Andy, Greg and I drove downtown to watch the parades and the bands. Paul and the other guys went with their own parents. We stayed until late so we could also see the fireworks which were always an awesome spectacle to me. I loved to hear those loud, canon-like explosions, one quickly followed by another, that ended in massive bursts of raining colors. One of the really weird things was that, when the fireworks had ended, you could actually hear the silence, whereas you hadn't noticed it beforehand. It was kind of spooky. Anyway, it had been a way cool day and we'd all had a totally rad time. At about 10pm, the various groups of parents and kids split and headed for their own homes. Mom invited Greg and Andy to sleep over at ours.

"Don't you ever stop with that chest expander thingy?" Greg asked as he peeled the covers off his bed. It had been a fucking hot day with the temp up around 90.

"Ten minutes a day, man. I like to stay in shape. A friend in California calls me Tarzan."

"Probably because you like swinging from vines," he cracked. "You gonna swing from mine before we go to bed?"

"Maybe." I teased, although I had every intention of blowing him. "But I'm kind of burnt out right now. You'll have to get me worked up."

"Like how?"

I handed him the chest expander. "I'll sit on the floor and watch you work out. Get your boxers off first, though."

"Fucking pervert," he laughed as he began to stretch the springs.

Within seconds my soft five had grown to its full seven. Fuck, Greg had a hot bod! His dick had become hard too, so I wasn't the only one who was excited. There was no doubt that he enjoyed being admired. Even though his face wore a determined expression as he grunted and pushed his strength to its limit, the twinkle in his black eyes revealed an inner smile. He knew that I was lapping up every bulge, every twitch, every strained muscle that danced beneath his shiny, bronzed skin.

His throbber was just a few feet from my face as he placed one end of the chest expander under his foot and held the other with his fist to work his bicep. Meantime, I couldn't take my eyes off the swollen head of his bouncing dick. The thought of a truckload of boy juice jetting out of that piss hole was making me mighty hot. "See anything you like, dude?" he laughed.

When he'd done working both arms, he turned around to exercise his back. Now I was looking at his incredibly hunky buns. They were just so damn smooth, plump and perfectly round. He was standing with his legs slightly apart so that I could see just enough of his pink rosebud to drive me wild, while his coffee-colored nuts swung freely below. It took all my will power to resist the temptation to place my flat hands on those gorgeous globes and bury my face between them.

"That's it, man," he puffed as he threw the chest expander on the bed. "I'm fucked." He stood over me so that his meat was pointed straight at my face. "Well?"

"Promise to jack me off if I blow you?"

"Scout's honor."

"And can I lick your ass while you're jacking me?"

"You're fucking gross, you know that?" He let out a sigh of surrender. "K, it's a deal."

The long-haired Eurasian god grabbed my blonde hair while I guided his throbber between my lips. Then I placed one hand on his sweaty chest and the other on his balls. Pretty soon he was sliding his monster back and forth, using his narrow hips as propulsion. My nostrils were filled with the strong odor of sex and perspiration while my mouth tasted of salty pre-cum. This was fucking awesome!

The closer Greg got to cumming, the more aggressive he became. This dude was no slouch when it came to enjoying a fuck. His fat six was pounding my face like a jack-hammer until it finally slammed against the roof of my mouth and exploded like the Forth of July. Thick, sticky wads of juice jetted down my throat. I was swallowing overtime while he tried to keep his groans as quiet as he could. When he'd finally emptied those beautiful pair of hangers of every delicious drop, he held my face to his crotch for a while and let his teen meat slowly soften in my mouth. "Damn," he sighed, "I wonder if girls can suck as good as you do."

His remark made me crack because it brought back memories of that day I'd pronounced Paul as "Sir Cock Sucker".

"What are you laughing at?"

"I'll tell you later. Open those awesome buns, man. They rock!"

Greg about-faced and bent over as I got to my knees. He placed his left hand just above his knee to steady himself while he stroked my cock with his right. His legs were slightly bent, his wicked globes were parted and his moist, wrinkled pinky was staring me right in the face. It was just so fucking cute! I'd always thought that sex had as much to do with smells as anything else, and this was no exception. Greg had a special kind of scent -- strong and spicy and totally erotic. As his spit-lubed hand glided up and down my shaft and around my knob, I sent my tongue on its sensual mission. Three totally excellent sensations mingled to create an amazing mix of pleasure -- his hand on my dick, my hands on his buns and my tongue fucking his tasty hole. I was hoping it would last a long time but I was so damn hot from blowing him that I shot my electric load within a few minutes.

I took my place on the wooden bench under the pergola and rested my elbows on the table. Mom sat opposite while Greg and Andy were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. "What's this about, mom?"

"Well, son, I just wanted a few quiet words with you. Do you like Andy?"

"Yeah! Big time! He's way cool!"

Mom totally cracked. "I can just imagine you writing his Curriculum Vitae."

"His what?"

"His resume. Anyway, I'm glad you like him because I do too."

There was something odd about the look in mom's eyes. I'd never seen it before. "You mean you wanted to chat with me privately just because you needed to know if I liked Andy?"

Mom's eyes avoided mine for a minute or so while she stared into space. "No, that's not why." Her eyes met mine again. "I've always been straight with you, Daniel, so I'll come to the point. Andy has asked me to marry him."

"Whoa!" I glanced around the yard in order to give my thoughts time to untangle. "And you said yes?"

"I said I'd talk to you first."

"But what about dad?"

"Your father's dead, Daniel," she said softly. "He's been dead for many years."

"He's not fucking dead! Sorry, mom. But he's not dead! He's alive in me and he's alive in you! He's not dead for Christ sake! Andy's cool but he's not my dad!"

"No one will ever replace your father, Daniel. No one, ever. Not for me, not for you. And Andy doesn't want to marry me to replace your father, or to replace his wife either, for that matter. We're just two unattached people who enjoy each other's company and we'd like to be together as a family."

"Family? But you and me are family! It's been just you and me ever since I can remember. I love you, mom. You know I love you. I was gonna get a job and take care of you. I don't wanna lose you!" That was it. It was too much. I dissolved into tears.

Mom waited until I'd regained my composure before she spoke again. "Daniel, you are the most important person in my life. Never forget that. I know this has come as a shock to you, even though you may have suspected something like this might happen. Anyway, let's not talk about it again until you've had a chance to think more about it. This is not something either of us should rush into or take lightly."

Greg stood to one side of the back doorway to let mom pass, then came to the barbecue table with two plates of ham, fried eggs and hash browns.

"Thanks, man, but I'm not hungry."

"Hey, dude, I did your eggs just the way you like them -- sunny side up and not too runny. I guess you heard the news then. Kind of serious stuff, huh? So, what do you think?"

"I dunno exactly. Don't get me wrong but it's sort of weird thinking about Andy as my dad."

"Sort of weird thinking about Nancy as my mom, too." He put the plates on the table and sat down. "But having you as a bro would be cool."

I studied his smile for a moment and allowed what he'd just said to sink in before I replied. "Yeah, that would be cool."

"Listen, dude, dad's been talking to me about this for a while now, so it's no surprise to me. Also, I've had a chance to think about it. I figure it's a bit like you and Paul. He's your bud but he's not exclusive, right? You hang with other dudes, right? But Paul doesn't get jealous. You wanna know why? Because he loves you and he wants you to be happy."

"I don't get it."

"It's like your mom. You can't expect her to focus her whole world around you, man. She needs adult company, someone special."

"She's got dad."

"That's a memory, man. Memories are fine but you can't go to the movies or a restaurant with a memory. Think about it. If your dad knew what was going down here, what do you think he'd say? Do you think he'd want your mom to end up a lonely old widow when you've grown up and gone? Someone for you to visit every Christmas and Thanksgiving?"

I put my finger into the soft egg-yolk and tasted it. "Are you gonna cook eggs like this if we're bros?"

"Eat up, dude, or I'll spank your cute ass."

"You really think it's cute?"

"Shuddup and eat."

I spent the rest of Sunday alone. I needed to think. The guys wanted me to come around to Jo and Freddie's place but I declined. One of the things I had to deal with was the fact that I might be gay. If I were, I'd never be able to give mom a grandchild. But if mom married Andy, Greg would be her step-son and I was pretty sure he'd eventually become the father of a tribe of kids for mom to dote over. In any case, I realized I'd been selfish about wanting mom and dad's memory all to myself. That night, I told her so. She hugged me so tight I thought I was gonna expire. We both cried a lot, but they were happy tears.

Hey, as if a teen didn't have enough fucking problems, Monday was the day I was expecting the school exam report to arrive in the mail. Sure enough, it did. I was desperate to open it but I'd promised mom that she could have first look. She slid a knife through the top of the envelope and pulled out the contents. I was sure this was gonna be a bad day. I needed support so I grabbed Kyle and sat next to him on the kitchen floor, hugging him while mom read the report. Dogs were totally kewl that way. You didn't need to be a fucking rocket scientist to earn a dog's love and respect.

"Well," mom finally said with a smile. "You did pretty well."

"I did?"

"Read it for yourself."

PE: A+







"Woohoo! Hmmm, I ain't no genius but it's pretty cool! Does that mean I get my surprise?"

"We'll see."

Once mom had gotten off the phone to Richard, she explained to me that he'd invited us to visit him in California, and that he was disappointed that mom couldn't come. She didn't think it was right now that Andy was seriously in the romantic picture. "I didn't want Richard to think that there was still a chance of ... well, you know. But he was nice about it and, since I wasn't able to come, he thought Paul might like to keep you company."

"The eggs! It must've been the eggs! I'll phone Paul now! Yowee!" I punched in Paul's number. "Hey, bud, guess what? No, I'm not pregnant, you dork. You and me are gonna rock over to California! Is that cool or is that cooool?" I told him the story and asked him to check with his folks if it was OK. He said he'd call back.

"What was the eggs?"


"You said something about eggs."

"Oh! The eggs Paul and me made for Richard when he was here. Remember?"

"Paul and I."

"No, it was Paul and ... oh, right ... Paul and I. Sorry, mom," I laughed. "I promise I'll do better in English next semester."

It was an hour before Paul phoned back. He said his mom wanted to talk to my mom about Richard and whether we'd be likely to run amok and get into any trouble. Mom explained that the only time we'd be alone was on the plane. Otherwise, Richard would supervise us and keep us out of trouble. Yeah, right. That satisfied Paul's mom and she agreed to let him come with me. Woohoo! When Paul returned to the phone, I told him to get his ass around here for a swim.

I was already in the pool with Kyle when Paul arrived. He stood on the timber deck just above me, ripped off his t and baggies and climbed out of his boxers. "I'm so excited, man, I'm gonna piss all over you." I submerged immediately but saw no evidence of piss. Instead, he dove into the pool, surfaced and cracked up big time. "Fooled ya!" I figured I'd get even later on but, the problem was, he actually enjoyed it. Damn crazy little fucker! But he rocked.

As we messed around in the water and played ball with Kyle, we talked about California and how rad it would be to go there. "So, where does Richard live?"

"He's got some beach house at a place called Crescent City. That's all I know, except that we'll be leaving on Saturday 18th for two whole weeks! Yes!"

He swam over to me, about faced, grabbed my wrists and put my arms around his chest. "That calls for a celebration, dude."

"Like what?"

"Well, I can feel something hard against my ass. Does that give you a clue?"

My brain was instantly on auto. There was no way I could resist slipping my boner into that cute dude's tight ass. I towed him to shallower water where I could stand, then supported him while he lifted his feet off the bottom and spread his legs. He reached down and guided my hard meat into his eager hole. I let it stay there for a moment to let his muscles relax and get used to the intrusion, then slowly began to fuck his funky butt. My flat hands were exploring his pecs and erect nipples as I sent my throbber in and out of his pinky which was gripping my shaft like a tight fist. Damn, it felt so fucking cool! The opposite sides of our faces were joined at the cheek, and my chest was pressed hard against his back. His hands were running up and down my thighs.

"Whoa! Jeez!" I rammed my dick as far up his ass as possible and gave him a crushing bear-hug as the first of my creamy wads exploded inside him. Then another, and another. With each jet of juice, I thrust my hips forward and slammed my blonde pubes against his firm buns as I softly called his name. There was something incredibly erotic about fucking in water -- it totally ruled.

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