Part 60

That bastard Benny lived up to his promise in the tent. I couldn't remember what I was dreaming about, but his boner touching my lips in the middle of the night scared the fucking shit out of me! As soon as I heard the prick giggling his tits off, though, I knew what was going on. "You asshole! I'll get you for this!"

"Chill, Daniel. This is a tent in your own backyard, remember. Not the Jones' place."

"I'll get even with you, anyway. And how come you know about the Jones' place?"

"Everybody knows about it, dude. It's haunted. Anyway, forget about that 'cause I'm busting to get my rocks off."

"I'm still half asleep, man. Sit on me. I'll give you a hand job." I couldn't see him but I felt his weight settle on my ribs and his knees press against my shoulders. I reached around in the dark until I found his boner with my right hand and his solid, meaty pecs with my left. His nipples were jutting out like peas.

"Oh, shit, Daniel, that feels so damn good." His hand piggy-backed on top of mine as I ran it over his muscular chest and abs, while my other hand stroked his hard meat.

"Lemme know when you're gonna shoot."

"K. Oooo, fuck that feels so damn rad!"

I could sense his slimy pre-cum with my thumb as I used it to massage his knob. I took my hand away for a second to spit on it, then resumed jerking his shaft. Within a few minutes, his teen meat stiffened like an iron rod in my fist. "Daniel! Oh, shit!" I lifted my head and pulled his rock-hard cock down to my face just in time to wrap my lips around his swollen knob before it started jetting a truckload of warm, sticky juice. "Fuck! It's killin' me!" I knew that my tongue and lips working his tender head as it fired wad after wad of cum would be driving him totally crazy. "Oh, shit!" If it hadn't been so serious, I would have been cracking up something rad at Benny's agonized moans. "I can't stand it, man! Oh, jeez!"

When he'd emptied his balls, and I'd swallowed every drop, including the bits that dribbled down my chin, he rolled off me and onto his sleeping bag. "Hey, Daniel," he gasped, "that was total murder, man. My damn dick was so fucking sensitive while I was cummin', your tongue felt like a cross between ice and fire."

"Yeah, the ol' fine line trick. It's a fine line between pain and pleasure."

"You can say that again, man. Whoa! That was totally fucking awesome! Jeez!"

"Now go back to sleep or I'll rip your arms off." I turned over on my side. "Night, bud."

"Night, bud. And thanks, man. Thanks a stack."

Next morning, I won the competition between Benny and I to see who could piss the farthest, then we hit the pool. By the tenth lap, we needed a breather so we sat on the timber decking with our feet dangling in the cool blue water. Kyle sat in between us with his long, pink tongue alternating between Benny's face and mine.

"Have you ever been to the Jones' place," I asked as Benny received another putrid dose of canine saliva.

"No way, man. That joint's haunted. Do you know the story?"

"Yeah, old man Jones shot his wife and kids then blew a hole in his head."

"But that was ages ago. How come the house is still empty?"

"Are you kidding? Who'd wanna live in a joint crawling with damn spooks?"

"Hey, how about we get a few of the guys and check it out? We could take Kyle for protection! Dogs know about ghosts and stuff, so it'd be cool."

"You're crazy, Daniel. None of the guys would go anywhere near that place -- including me!"

Benny and I spooned a heap of sliced peaches and seedless, green grapes on our cornflakes, then poured over the milk.

"Do you think the Jones' place is haunted, mom?"

"I'm not superstitious, boys. I don't really believe that a couple of torn lace curtains billowing in a draft constitutes a ghost", she laughed. "It amazes me how folks can get themselves all worked up about a few squeaky floorboards. That house has been sitting their rotting for God knows how long. I was only a little girl when Mr Jones commited that awful crime and shot them as they slept. I knew his young daughters. They were so sweet. Rebecca and Madeline, they were."

"How old were they?"

"About your age."

It was Tuesday before most of the guys were back in town. I phoned them all and told them to pack a lunch and some cold drinks, and meet at Freddie's and Jo's house the next day for a surprise adventure! Yes!

Greg was the last to arrive. Nick and Lindy were the only two who were still out of town. "So, what's this about?" Dick asked as we sat around in a circle on the lawn.

"Well, Benny and me..."

"Hey! This was your idea, dude. Leave me out of it!"

"K, well we were talking about the Jones' place and I figured it'd be worth a look -- y'know, just to see what all the fuss is about. That's why I brought Kyle along. Dog's know about... well, they know about stuff."

"Yeah!" Frank shrieked. "You mean they know about ghosts!"

"Curtains blowing in the wind, man. There's no such thing as ghosts."

"Oh, yeah?" Freddie piped. "So how come the dog? What's he for? Jumping through hoops?"

"Hey, you guys, there's eight of us -- nine, including Kyle. And Dick's six foot and all muscle. It'll be cool."

"Cool for you, Daniel," Dick laughed. "You ain't gettin' me anywhere near that spooky joint."

"Jeez, what a bunch of fucking wusses! Well, I'm going. I'll tell you all about it when I get back."

"You can't go alone, Daniel," Frank cried. "I'll come with you."

"See, guys? Frank's the smallest dude here, and he's not afraid. What d'you say?"

We dumped our bikes just outside a tall hedge that towered above a rickety old wooden fence. Nearby was a weatherbeaten sign that had long been dislodged from its mountings and fallen to the ground. It was just possible to make out the faded words TRESPASSERS PROSECUTED under a skull and crossbones. A huge tangle of overgrowth had almost covered the gate and it took a while to force it open. I would have expected Kyle to be first inside, but he sat next to me making a weird whining noise.

"Fuck! Even the dog's scared," Paul wailed. "This is fucking way spooky!"

"C'mon, Kyle, it's OK, boy. Follow me." I walked through the gate and struggled through the tall mass of weeds until I recognized a tumble-down, weather-worn porch. The front door was open a tad and hanging precariously from a single hinge. I looked over my shoulder to make sure all the guys were behind me. Whew! I was glad for that!

"Hey," Steve said in a hushed voice, "you guys hear that?"

"Sounds like thunder." Greg studied the darkening, gray sky and the distant flashes of lightning. "Over there! And it's coming this way."

"Let's get out of here!" Paul turned toward the gate.

"You'll never make it home before the storm, man," I reasoned. "Let's get our bikes and put them inside. We'll wait out the storm here."

I pushed the front door which screeched like an out-of-tune violin as it slowly opened. The noise sent shivers up and down my spine and gave me a major dose of goosebumps. Inside, the place smelt damp and musty, and cobwebs littered the place. "Get a loose paling from the fence, somebody." When it was handed to me, I walked around the front room clearing the sticky webs as I went. "K, guys, you can all come in now. Put your bikes over there in the corner behind the sofa.

The floor and every other surface was covered by a thick layer of dust which billowed into the air as we moved around. "Let's look for a broom." Within a minute, Steve had found two. He and Paul started to sweep the place clean. Meanwhile, I groped around inside the murky darkness looking for the kitchen. There, I found a couple of candles and a box of matches. The first three wouldn't strike. Bingo! The forth, and last match, worked. I returned to the main room holding the lighted candles near my waist so that the light would cast spooky shadows over my face.

"Shit, Daniel! Don't do that!" Freddie squeaked.

"We'll need these, guys. It'll be blacker than a black rat's asshole when that storm arrives." Already, the light through the broken windows was fading fast. And mom was right, the torn, lace curtains were fluttering in the wind.

Suddenly, a weird noise reverberated though the house, like it was coming from an echo chamber. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! HO HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!

Everybody made a frantic dash for the door. "Hold it, guys. Lemme do a count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. OK, one of us is missing. Yeah, it's fucking Dick. Hey, Dick! Come on out here and stop fooling around, asshole."

Dick emerged grinning from an adjoining room and walked into the flickering candle light. "Sorry, guys. I couldn't resist it."

"It's lucky for you that you're six foot of muscle, dude, or I'd whip your ass. So, let's make a rule here. No dumbass ghost jokes, OK?"

Things settled down quite a bit after we'd cleared an area on the floor and unwrapped our lunches. Kyle was still a bundle of nerves, though, but I figured it was because of the storm. I'd noticed that the delay between the lightning and thunder was shortening, so it was getting mighty close.

"Hey, dudes, let's cheer up the party." I stood up and got naked. "Who wants some Daniel mayo on his sandwiches?"

"You'd better get a boner first," Steve laughed. "Nothing's gonna come out of that weenie except piss."

"I will, I will, just as soon as you guys do."

Maybe your dick's just plain scared, Daniel," Benny cracked.

I could tell that Greg was totally unimpressed as the rest of the guys got undressed. "Chill, Greg. We're only funnin' around. Get nude man. Loosen up. You'll feel better, honest."

He shrugged, stood up and followed our example. "K, but no fucking mayo for me, dudes. No fucking way."

Paul was first to place his sandwich under my cock. I didn't notice who was jizzing on who's food because I was too busy jacking my fat seven. But I could hear two of them giggling their tits off. It must have been Freddie and Jo because they had the most immature voices. I watched my long ribbons of boy juice drape over Paul's ham and tomato. Man, that was one big helping of mayo! When it came his turn, he dumped a pretty awesome load on my pastrami, too. Soon, we were all sitting around eating our lunches and washing it down with flavored milk. Conversation was difficult because of the damn thunder. It was getting closer and louder by the minute.

"So, who was giggling? Was that you Jo? Freddie?"

"Huh? Like who giggles when you're whacking off? Wasn't me."

"Me neither."

"So who was it?"

"Sounded like a girl. Two girls."

A sudden and powerful gust of wind blew the front door open with a loud bang that freaked us all. The trembling candle flame was almost horizontal and threatening to vanish when I cupped my hands around it just in time to save it. Dick shouldered the door closed while I re-lit the second candle with the first. Seconds later, a massive bolt of lightning struck just yards away and sent a blinding white light through the windows. It was followed almost immediately by a tremendous, ear-shattering clap of thunder that sounded like the earth had split in two. I think my heart had stopped for a moment. We sat there, speechless and pale, staring at each other's eyes hoping for some kind of explanation. Even our dicks had shrivelled. Poor Kyle had crawled under my legs.

"Damn! That was fucking freaky!" someone said.

It took us a little while to compose ourselves after the fright of our lives. Benny looked over at Jo and Freddie. "What do you mean it sounded like two girls?"

"Rebecca and Madeline!" I blurted without thinking.


"Uh, nobody. I was just thinking aloud."

Benny's blood had drained from his face. "Do you really think it was them giggling?"

"Nah, impossible." My attention was caught by the fluttering lace curtains, as though they were silently laughing at us for being foolish enough to be here. "I don't believe in that stuff," I gulped.

"Yeah, well you don't look too fucking brave to me right now, Daniel. You're as white as a fucking ... whatever. As soon as this storm stops, I'm outa here."

Paul tapped me on the shoulder. "Who's Rebecca and Madeline?"

"Old man Jones' daughters. They were about our age when he shot them in their beds."

"In their beds! You mean like in the next room or something?" Everybody stared at the dingy hall leading off the main room where were sitting, and on to the rest of the house. "Like just down there? Shit! This house still has all the old furniture in it. Their beds must still be there! Oh, my God!"

All the guys started talking at once. "We shouldn't have come here." "This place is totally freaky." "It's true what folks say about this place." "Hey! Hear that? It's those girls giggling again!"

"Anybody hear anything?"

"Not sure."

"Listen guys, chill, OK? You're letting your imaginations take over. Even if the girls' spirits are here, they're not going to hurt us. We're just friendly dudes. Now, settle, dammit."

I don't know why I was telling the guys to settle because I was just as shit scared as the rest of them. What made it worse was that I kept imagining voices in my head. "Help us. Pray for us. Set us free." I tried as hard as I could to force myself to think about something else, but my fucking brain was locked into those words. "Help us. Pray for us. Set us free."

"Hey, look!" Frank yelled. "The curtains!"

They'd stopped fluttering. The air had become still. Dick stood up and opened the front door. A brilliant shaft of light that hurt our eyes filled the room. It was sunlight! Woohoo! I'd never in all my life been so damn glad to see sunlight! We scrambled to our feet and ran out onto the porch! "Oh, man! This is totally wicked! Let's get our bikes."

I was last to wheel my BMX to the door. I paused momentarily to look back inside. "Help us. Pray for us. Set us free."

"Hey, Daniel, c'mon, man, let's get outa here! This place sucks big time!"

"Listen up. Did any of you guys hear anything strange in there? I mean like apart from the giggles?" They all shook their heads. "Well, I know this is gonna sound weird, guys, but there's something I want you to do for me on the way home. And don't fucking argue, OK. Just do it."

We entered the small-town, stone church on the road back home and went inside. We lit a candle each in a special area to one side of the altar and stayed there for half an hour in silence, each thinking his own private thoughts.

"Set us free."

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