Part 61

I don't think I'd ever seen so many people in the one place as there were at San Francisco airport. It was like a huge bee hive except that the bees were human. Paul and I searched the arrivals and departure boards for our puddle-hopper flight to Crescent City where Richard would meet us.

The puddle-hopper was a really neat Saab made in Sweden. It had two turbo-props and a narrow aisle either side of which were single seats for 28 passengers, so everybody had a window. I was seated just behind the wing which was awesome to watch because it flexed a little with the force of the wind, and the blur of the spinning prop was wild! The hostess was totally cool and asked us about where we were from and stuff like that. I figured we were the best looking dudes on the flight so we got most of her attention. She was cute looking, too!

"Boys! How wonderful to see you again!" Richard was dressed as though he'd just stepped off a plane from Hawaii. Hibiscus was obviously his fav flower and I wondered how many times a week he had to water his shirt. Crescent City airport was small and cosy, and had the kind of pace I was used to. No rush and lots of friendly faces.

"Wow! This is awesome, Richard!" The timber house was built on a hillside overlooking the beach just a minute's walk away. The living room was surrounded by huge picture windows that gave panoramic views of the ocean and local countryside. I immediately noticed a wonderful and relaxing spaciousness about the house -- the living, dining and kitchen areas were all in one giant room with no dividing walls. A short hallway led to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.

"You'll have to share the guest room, boys. This house has only two bedrooms."

"That means I'll have to put up with Paul's farts, then."

"My farts? Hey! Gimme a break! You're the one who farts, man."

"At least mine make a noise, dude. Yours are silent, sneaky ones that give no damn warning. One sniff and I'm in intensive care and on life support."

"Now, now, boys. I'm sure you'll get along just fine. I'll leave you to unpack and settle in. I'll phone your mother and let her know that you and your farts have arrived safely."

An hour later, Richard took us on a guided tour of the town in his bright red Jaguar coupe. Jeez, what a rad car! I'd never seen anything so sleek and sexy. Just south of the town were some of the finest redwood forests in California. "This is actually the center for redwood preservation. Y'know, some of those trees were around when Tutankhamun was in short pants."

"Who was Tutankhamun?"

"An Egyptian pharaoh, a boy-king who died about 1340 BC."

"You mean those redwoods are thousands of years old? Whoa!"

"Yep, they conserve energy because they don't have credit cards or a hankering for travel. They just hang around in the one spot and grow."

Later that afternoon, after Paul and I had done with an hour or so of body surfing, we were sunning our backs on the lonely beach when we heard a strange noise. We looked up to see an awesome black stallion with a young dude riding bareback. He was naked except for a pair of cut-off jeans. He trotted up beside us when the horse suddenly reared and whinnied. The rider leaned forward and hung onto the animal's neck. I couldn't help noticing the guy's wicked lats that bulged like golden wings.

"Hi, guys," he said in an accent which I guessed was French. "You must be new around here. Name's Jade. Don't worry about Jet here. He's just a little jittery."

I couldn't believe it. The dude had long, kind of curly black hair and a wicked tan. He was way handsome and had a totally cool bod. "Jade? You mean like the Jade? I'm Daniel and this is Paul. We're visiting."

"Daniel! My cyber bud? Hey! This is cool, man!" He slid off the shiny, immaculately-groomed horse and approached us as we stood and brushed the sand from our bodies. "Hey, it's really you! I recognize you from your pic! Woohoo!" He gave me and Paul a huge hug which felt so damn nice.

"Jade! Wow, man, I knew you lived somewhere in Cali but not around here. This is totally wicked!" I explained why we were here and that we were staying with Richard.

"Listen guys, be here tomorrow at the same time. Fix it with Richard so you can sleep over. I'll bring another horse so you guys can ride with me to the farm. I've got lots to show you. And don't bring anything. Everything you need is at the house."

"But I've never ridden a horse before."

"Hey, it's like riding a bicycle with legs instead of wheels. Piece of cake, man," he laughed.

"We'll be here."

Jade threw a strong, muscled leg over Jet's rump and hung onto his mane. "By the way, I call him Jet 'cause he's so black, and also 'cause he's so damn fast." And with that, he heeled the horse's ribs and was off down the beach like the wind.

"Wow, did you see that?"

"Nah, I was busy reading a fucking Donald Duck comic."


The delicious smell of sizzling hamburgers on the grill was making my stomach rumble big time. Richard was going ballistic with ingredients. Beef patties with onion and garlic, bacon, eggs, cheese, tomato, pineapple and salad. He was also deep-frying home-made potato chips. "Growing lads need their food! Besides, you guys are cooking breakfast, and I want some of your famous scrambled eggs. I haven't had those in months!"

As we ate, Richard wanted to know about mom's involvement with Andy. "Well, it's just one of those things, Richard," I said as diplomatically as possible. "They met and I guess mom just fell in love. It happens, y'know. I guess there must be a side to Andy that kind of reminds mom of dad."

"Does he remind you of your father?"

"Not exactly because I don't remember much about dad. But Andy's a pretty cool dude."

"And I'm not?"

"I didn't say that, Richard. But I'm not gonna marry you, so don't ask."

Richard cracked up big time before he spoke. "Well, I guess the main thing is that Nancy is happy. That's what really matters."

His thoughtful and unselfish comment instantly changed my opinion of the guy. Beneath that gross floral shirt beat a heart with feeling.

"By the way, Paul and me met a friend on the beach. Jade. He asked us to sleep over at his house tomorrow night. Is that cool?"

"Jade? With the long hair and the horse? I know his father. He's a famous movie producer. Sure, that's no problem, but I'd better check with your mom first."

Our host was in the shower the next morning as Paul and I jacked off over the eggs in the frying pan. "Seems like a fucking waste," Paul complained.

"Hey, man, we've got balls, right? We can make tons more of the damn stuff. Chill."

Well, I didn't know what it was about our boy juice that made a difference to the eggs, but Richard gulped them down like it was gonna be his last meal. "Fantastic! I don't know how you guys do it. Must be some kind of special ingredient. Is it?"

"Sorry, Richard. That's a chef's secret."

Sure enough, at mid-afternoon, Jade arrived with a second horse in tow. Actually, it was a brown mare. "Meet Dolly, guys. She's gentle so you won't have any probs." Our friend locked his hands together to form a human stirrup and helped us up to Dolly's back. Paul sat behind me.

"Whoa! This is like taking an elevator to the 10th floor! It's so damn high up here! Where are the steering thingies?"

"You don't need a bridle, Daniel, and she's only 14 hands. Just hang onto the mane. Paul can hang onto you. Dolly will follow Jet." He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, so I relaxed and put my young life in his hands -- or, more correctly, Dolly's hands. Hands? Oh well, hooves.

Sitting in an open car doing 70 m.p.h. was totally lamo compared to sitting on a horse doing 30 m.p.h. along a beach. It was unbe-fucking-lievable! The tremendous power of the huge galloping animal beneath our legs was just too awesome for words. Meanwhile, Paul was taking advantage of the situation by holding on to my pecs and feeling me up. The fucking sex maniac! Man, that kid could never get enough. Maybe that's why I liked the little cock sucker so much.

Toward the end of the long stretch of beach, Dolly slowed to a trot and followed Jet along a dirt track to a high fence. Jade slid off his horse and punched in a bunch of numbers on a pad attached to a post. Within seconds, two wide gates opened to allow us access.

"Welcome to our humble abode."

"Humble?!?! Jeez! This is a fucking palace, man!" Everywhere I looked there was furniture that reminded me of stuff I'd seen in movies like The Three Musketeers.

"My parents -- who are away in Europe for the next few weeks -- have a thing about Louis XVI stuff. He was beheaded by guillotine."

"Just for making furniture?"

It took several minutes for Jade to recover from his laughter. "No, he was the last King of France. It was a political thing."

"And what about this?" I asked, pointing to the Sanyo microwave.

"That's more like Francois Mitterand I. Come! Let me show you around."

Jade's house absolutely rocked! It was huge, and every room looked like it came from a five-star hotel. Finally, we arrived at his room. The walls were covered in posters of Kung Fu dudes, most of whom were Orientals. A computer stood in one corner, and a double bed in the other. A wardrobe and chest of drawers completed the picture. "Now, let me show you my mountain."

Damn! I thought he was gonna whip something awesome out of his cut-off jeans, but instead he pulled the curtain to one side to reveal a real mountain with its base maybe five hundred yards from the house. "That's where I practice Shaolin alone at night. It's not common to practice that way, but I enjoy the solitude. It helps me to focus totally on what I'm doing."

Jade was pretty much a vegetarian so dinner was baked fish and steamed vegetables. He took three fresh fillets and placed them on a large piece of foil. Then he squeezed over some lemon juice, added a sprinkling of herbs, a knob of butter and lots of ground pepper. He closed the foil around the fish to form a kind of envelope and placed it in the oven. "This is a great way to cook fish," he boasted, "It steams in its own juices and retains all the flavor."

After our meal, washed down with Sparkletts water, Jade showed us some stuff from his scrapbook. There were lots of pics of him doing gymnastics as well as Kung Fu. Jeez, he had a magnificent physique, even back when he was only fourteen or fifteen. Every muscle in his lean, tanned bod was defined to perfection. I didn't know about Paul, but I was getting mighty fucking hot!

Later, we asked Jade to show us some Kung Fu stuff. "Hit me."


"Hit me. Both of you." He stood facing us, totally relaxed, like a dumb punching bag waiting to be mercilessly hammered.

Within a few minutes, I was as mad as hell. Neither of us could get anywhere near the fucker! It was like he had ten arms and ten legs, and he was so damn fast! Eventually, our frustration gave way to laughter. We collapsed on the floor from exhaustion, and cracked up totally. Jade, on the other hand, was as fresh as a fucking daisy, as if he hadn't used a single calorie of energy. Whoa! What an awesome dude!

Jade had been gone for about an hour when Paul and I could no longer resist the temptation to sneak out and watch him doing his thing on the mountain. It was way past midnight but the moon was almost full and there was plenty of light.


"Damn you, Paul! Keep your mouth shut. He'll kill us if he knows we're here!"

"It was a fucking branch and it got me right in the fucking asshole."

"Just shuddup."

We followed a narrow, steep trail through the rocks and brush until we arrived at a small clearing. Directly above it was a large overhanging rock upon which a lone, naked figure stood, bathed in the eerie glow of the soft, yellow moonlight. We ducked behind a bush and kept our voices to a whisper.

"Jeez! He looks so damn awesome! Hey! He's not cut!"

"That's 'cause he's French, dickhead."

"Wow! Imagine sucking on that foreskin and feeling it with your tongue! That would rock something rad, man."

We watched Jade practice his Shaolin with the most incredibly fluid yet precise movements. One minute he was a snake, darting and striking with lightning speed; then a bird soaring effortlessly in a thermal current; then a lion silently stalking its prey.

"Jeez, man, he's making me so damn hot! Blow me while I watch him, then I'll blow you."

It took less than a minute from the time Paul's lips wrapped around my rock-hard shaft to offload a truckload of boy juice down his throat. He was gagging and swallowing so loudly we might as well have brought a brass band and fireworks with us.

"Daniel? Paul? Is that you? Don't answer that. I know it's you. I'll give you five minutes to finish what you're doing -- and I know what you're doing -- and go back to the house. OK?" he laughed.

I sat down in front of Paul and let him fuck my face with his silky smooth six inches while he watched Jade. Five minutes was plenty because my bud had emptied his balls of their thick, sticky juice in seconds.

"See you at breakfast, guys."

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