Part 63

"How come you don't want me to piss on you?" Paul asked after he'd rinsed his mouth under the shower.

"I dunno, dude. Maybe it's 'cause I'm way macho and all that super hero stuff."

"Bullshit, you big fucking girl," he giggled. "You've had my dick in your ass."

"Don't gimme that crap, you little fag -- anyway, it's no biggie, OK? If you like my piss, that's cool with me. We're not the fucking Brewer twins, we're different."

"What about Kyle's piss?"

"Yeah, well I guess I kind of thought about it. Anyway, shuddup and soap me up before the water runs cold."

"Bossy bastard."

"You love it, dude."

"Dammit, Daniel, you've got the most awesome pecs," he sighed as he ran his soapy hands over my tanned chest. "They're just so damn powerful, like two handfuls of solid strength. And it's so totally cool the way your nipples are bigger than normal -- they look kind of juicy."

"Speaking of juice, dude."

"No, we can't. We've gotta make Richard's eggs."

"He won't notice if our juice is missing."

"Yes he will. He did once before."

"Dammit! I'm really hanging for you to blow me."

The walking hibiscus was already in the kitchen as we entered the room. "Morning, boys. I see that you didn't leave your boners behind in Tampa."

"Sorry, Richard, it's just that…"

"You're teenagers. There was a time when my damn thing refused to go down. These days, well, I guess it's getting kind of lazy," he chuckled. "Anyway, I thought I'd get up early and watch you boys make my scrambled eggs."

"Oh, well, uh, I guess we'd better put on our shorts. Back in a second."

"Shorts, schmorts. Nancy tells me you young whippersnappers spend practically all day starkers, so it's fine by me if you wanna run around the house in the nik. Now, about those eggs."

"Uh, yeah, the eggs." I glanced at Paul who was as nervous as I was. "Well, Richard, y'see it's a kind of secret recipe and, well…"

"OK, OK, no need to call in the damn marines. I'll take a quick shower."

When the coast was clear, Paul and I broke the eggs into a bowl and jacked each other off until our long strands of boy juice splattered the yellow and white mixture.

"How come you've got seven inches and I've only got six?"

"I was first in line, dude. Tough."

Paul used the whisk to scamble the eggs after I'd added chopped chives, a knob of butter, a dash of milk and a little grated cheese. He poured the mixture into a pan, waited a moment for the eggs to seal, then flipped them like a pancake.

"Delicious!" Richard enthused. "Absolutely delicious! And no pubes this time."

"No what?"


The heat from my face was so intense, I thought I'd burst into flames at any second. Paul's face was crimson, too. "Pubes?"

"If my memory serves me correctly, there were two. One blonde, one black."

"Oh, shit!" It took a few moments for this unbelievable turn of events to sink in, as I stared incredulously at our host's smirking face. "You mean … you mean, you knew all the time?"

"A brilliant deduction, Watson."

"Who's Watson?"

"A friend of Sherlock Holmes."

"But that means … I mean … you … jeez!" My mind was a whirlwind of jumbled words that refused to form a sentence. "Oh, Richard! Dammit, I'm really sorry… No! Wait a minute, you ate them! If you knew, and you ate them... Hey! What's going on here?" I looked at Paul, and ran my hands through my hair in a gesture of shocked surprise. "Oh, shit! Man, we've gotta go home. We're outta here. This guy's a fucking pedo."

"What do we tell Nancy?" Paul asked.

"Who the fuck cares? C'mon, let's split."

"But how…?"

"We'll hitch a ride."

The bright red Jaguar coupe pulled off the road just ahead of us. At first, I thought it was the fucking pedo driving, until I recognized Jade. On the way back to the beach house, Jade explained how he'd been riding Jet along the beach when he saw a body floating face down beyond the breakers. He swam out, then dragged the dude back to shore and gave him mouth to mouth. "Richard would have been dead within a few minutes if I hadn't seen him out there. He's OK now, though, resting at his house."

"I don't even wanna talk to the fucker. If it hadn't been for you, Paul and me would be at the fucking airport by now. And that creep would be in Hell."

"Settle, Daniel. Richard needs to apologize. At least give him that opportunity."

There was no way I was gonna listen to that gross, flower-infested asshole at the house. I figured I'd humor Jade, then get a lift to the airport. The sooner Paul and I were back home, the fucking better.

Richard was sitting on a deck chair overlooking the beach. When he saw us emerge from the sliding glass door and step onto the timber deck, he managed a slight smile, then focused back on the endless blue. "I want to apologize," he said softly without looking at us.

"OK, done. Now we're outta here."

"Wait. What are you gonna tell Nancy?"

"Jeez! What d'ya think? I'm gonna tell her that you're a slime and that it's a fucking good thing she never married you." I turned to Jade. "Get us outta here, man!"

"Slime?" Richard stood up from the chair. "Slime? Correct me if I'm wrong, Daniel, but it was you and Paul who jacked off in my eggs. Is that what you're gonna tell your mother? I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know what a fine boy she's raised."

"Fuck you, asshole! At least I'm not an adult who fools around with boys!"

"Oh? And what boys have I fooled around with? Did I miss something?"

"You're a fucking pedo! For fuck's sake, Jade, get us outta here!"

The walking floral arrangement approached me and back-handed me across the face with such force it not only stung like hell, it also shocked me. "You're accusing me of something I haven't done, nor would I do," he said in a voice shaking with rage. "What do you expect me to do? Have a hormone bypass? Do you think that when you're my age, you're gonna suddenly become impotent or cash in your chips? Do you think the sight of a perfect body isn't gonna excite you any more? Listen up, Daniel, and you, too, Paul, and listen up good. I'm not particularly gay, nor am I a paedophile, but I do have a certain attraction to young dudes like you -- dudes who get a kick out of strutting their stuff and playing crazy games. It's a magic period of life, and I love to share it up to a point because it reminds me of my youth."

"Yeah, right," I said, realizing that the anger in my voice had diminished, and sounded kind of awkward, "so how come you tried to waste yourself in the ocean?"

"I was shellshocked by your reaction this morning. I felt ashamed. But, just now, when you called me slime and caused me to lose my cool, it suddenly occurred to me that you want everything your way. You're all take and no give. You expect me to be a mute punching bag for your selfish amusement. Well, kiddo, thanks for the lesson." He turned to Jade. "And thanks for saving my life, Jade. I've learned something very important today. I'm me and I don't need to apologize to anybody -- especially some egotistical brat who thinks his shit doesn't stink. Goodbye, Daniel. Goodbye, Paul. And you can tell your mother whatever you please."

"OK, guys," Jade said as he jingled the Jaguar keys, "let's go."

"Do you wanna go, Paul?"

"I'll go if you wanna."

"Well, I'll go if you wanna."

"Do you wanna?"

"I guess so, if you wanna."

Richard was a pretty rad body surfer for his age -- then again, he lived at a place where he could get plenty of practice. As for Jet, well he couldn't figure out how to catch the waves, but he had a cool time just swimming around and having fun with us. It was late afternoon when we quit the surf and headed back to the house where Richard invited Jade to stay for dinner. Jet's dinner was Richard's back lawn which needed mowing anyway. And, as it turned out, fertilizing.

"Burgers OK?"


"Richard, I'm really sorry about the way I acted this morning."

"And I'm sorry for slapping you across the face."

"I know this is none of my business," Jade interrupted, "but things have turned out way cool, so I don't think anybody should be apologizing for anything. Fate has its own way of dealing with problems."

"Yeah, well I've got a problem," Paul laughed, "clothes suck. I'm gonna get nude."

Within seconds, Paul, Jade and I were buck naked. It felt so damn fucking cool to be free again.

"You gonna defoliate, Richard?"

"Me? Fuck, no! My body belongs hidden behind the hibiscus," he laughed. "But you guys can… oh, you already have. Jeez! Now, where was I? Did I do the onions yet? Dammit! Where was I?"

After dinner, Jade took center stage in the living room and gave Paul and I some cool lessons in Kung Fu. Every now and then, I'd spot Richard's eyes soaking up our nude bodies like two insatiable sponges. It would have bothered me big time before, but after our altercation this morning, I no longer felt threatened. Hey, what the fuck! 'If you've got it, flaunt it' suddenly took on a new meaning. 'If you've got it, flaunt it -- while you've still got it'. As I was thinking those thoughts, I caught Richard's eyes. We both smiled.

It was almost midnight by the time Paul and I walked Jade to the yard and watched him mount Jet for the ride home along the beach. The night was almost as black as the horse, but our bud explained that Jet could find his way home blindfolded. "It's been an interesting day, guys."

"Thanks for the Kung Fu lessons, Jade," I yelled as the bronzed god and his noble stallion trotted down the side path leading to the beach. "I bet I can lick you good!"

"What with? Your tongue?" he laughed as he melted into the blackness. "Gimme a call in the morning."

"Hey, Daniel," Paul said as we headed toward the guest room and our beds -- well, bed. "I wanna tongue bath before we go to sleep."

"Not tonight, dude, I'm too fucked."

"In the morning, then?"

"Sure, right after my piss."

The moment we'd hit the sheet, Paul's arms were wrapped around me, and his head was on my chest. I fondled his jet black hair for a few moments, savored its sweet aroma and thought about how lucky I was to have such a way cool bud. "Night, Paul."

"Night, Daniel."

I hung onto Jade's stomach for dear life as the winged stallion carried us through the night sky. A glimmer of light rose above the far horizon. "Where are we going?"

"Southern hemisphere. It's daytime over there. We'll take in Cape Town, then hop over to Sydney."

Jet's wings were totally fucking enormous and, like a pelican's, needed only to flap casually from time to time to keep us airborne. As we neared the horizon, darkness slowly succumbed to daylight and a fantastic patchwork of awesome colors appeared below us. I recognized the shape of South Africa surrounded by the bluest of blue ocean. Pretty soon, we were flying just above a beach that seemed familiar.

"This is where Kyle lives!"

"Look! Down there!"

I followed the direction of Jade's finger and saw a lone surfer riding a wave. "Shit! That's him! Oh, man, how fucking awesome! He looks so damn wicked!" As the winged horse skimmed just above the rolling swell, I shouted Kyle's name. He looked up, lost his balance and ended up in the washing machine. "Shit! He's gonna kill me for this!"

"We've gotta get to Sydney and back to California before it's daybreak over there, or we'll be lost forever in time."

I hated leaving Kyle but, by the time I'd thought about jumping off the horse's rump and into the surf, we were flying over a vast desert which seemed endless. Eventually, the skyline of a big city began to take shape in the distant, eastern haze. "Is that Sydney?"


"That's where B lives!"

A few moments later, Jet zoomed under the deck of the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge, then zig-zagged through the many canyons of the metropolis until he found the main freeway that led us out of town, and eventually to Boner Street.

"D'ya think they named this street after B?"

"Maybe," Jade laughed.

Pretty soon, we were hovering outside a window with leadlight inserts. Inside, there was a weird looking dude with a shock of feral white hair. He was naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist, and he was tapping away on a keyboard in front of a computer. Beside him was a tall glass of what looked like wine.

"Is that B?"

"It ain't the Pope, dude."

"Jeez! He looks kind of… I dunno, different. Not bad for a fossil, though."



"You promised me a tongue bath."

"Shit, Paul, I was having this rad dream and… never mind. I gotta go pee."


What was it with this damn kid? How come my pee was so damn exciting? Oh, well, I was too sleepy to figure it out so I just let it loose in his cute face, and watched it dribble out of his mouth and down his chin, then splash all over his chest. Yeah, I guessed it was kind of awesome.

Trying to tongue bath my bud under a running shower proved to be a bit difficult, so we postphoned it for the time being, choosing instead to soap each other up and blow each other's lights out. No matter how many times I blew Paul, it was always so fucking awesome to feel his warm wads of boy juice filling my mouth as his throbber grew harder and kicked like a mule. The way he'd pull my head to his crotch and almost suffocate me was kind of scary sometimes but, hey, who was I to complain? I did the same thing to him, and loved every fucking minute of it.

"Morning boys! Breakfast is served!"

Paul and I looked at the three plates of scrambled eggs on the table, then glanced nervously at each other.

"C'mon boys, don't be shy. Be seated and eat them while they're still hot."

After we'd seated ourselves at the table, both Paul and I reached for the orange juice, hoping like hell that, somehow, it would take forever to drink so that we wouldn't have to touch the eggs. Ew!

"Something wrong, boys? I thought you'd be starving after all that Kung Fu last night."

"Yeah, well, uh, I guess I'm not feeling too good right now," I lied.

"Me either, Richard. I guess whatever's ailing Daniel must be kind of catching. I'm feeling a bit poorly, too."

"Poorly? You two? No way! You young rascals are as fit as any two dudes I've ever seen. Now, eat up and feed those healthy young bodies the vitamins and minerals they need." He poked a forkful of eggs into his mouth. "Mmmm, delicious! Almost as good as yours."

Paul and I glanced at each other. "Almost?" we said nervously in unison.

Fortunately for Richard, he'd managed to swallow his food before he burst into loud, hysterical laughter that could've been heard for miles. It was a full five minutes before he'd finally managed to compose himself. "Oh, shit!" he said in a high-pitched voice that was still slightly out of control. "You should've seen the horrified looks on your faces, boys. That would have to be the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life!" He used his napkin to dry his eyes. "Dig in, guys. The eggs are safe."

After breakfast, we helped Richard do the dishes.

"I've been thinking about yesterday, Richard, and how you tried to off yourself. Jeez, if you had, well, shit, that would have been like totally uncool."

"Yeah, well I guess suicide can be an impulsive decision brought on by a feeling of hopelessness. But, the three of us, or four if you include Jade, have all helped each other to learn that hope can be just around the corner. If my attempt had been successful yesterday, I would never have known the joy I know now."

"Are you gay?"

"Not really. I was in love with your mother. Well, I guess I still am, but I've dallied with a few dudes in my time. Y'know, sexuality is not like a city boundary. It doesn't begin or end at a particular red line drawn by an architect. Anything is possible."

"I hope you don't get mad at me for asking this, but, well, I mean, like, y'know…"

"You and Paul being naked? Does it turn me on? If I said no, you'd be disappointed. And if I said yes, you'd be worried that a ton of screaming hibiscus was gonna leap on you from a great height," he chuckled as he put the last of the dishes in the cupboard. "Listen, Daniel, there's no simple answer to your question. Let me just say that it's impossible to ignore yours and Paul's beauty. You young fellas are a credit to Nature, and I can't help but admire you both or, for that matter, Jade. And why shouldn't I? I'm not blind."

"Maybe we should put our shorts and ts on."

"What? And deny me the pleasure of gawking at you?" he laughed. "What's really important here, Daniel, is that you young scallywags don't feel threatened by me. I'm old enough and, hopefully, wise enough to know that youth belongs to itself. It's important that we respect each other because, without respect, there can be no friendship -- and I really appreciate your friendship."

"Y'know, Richard, you're an OK kind of dude, even though you look like a fucking post card from Hawaii."

"I could wear a plain shirt if you want."

"No! Stay the way you are, man. I'm kind of getting to like hibiscus."

"Me, too!" Paul laughed.

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