Part 65

"OK, dudes," Danny announced, "Pablo and I went back to Jade's house while you guys were gone and got some fancy dress stuff from Jade's father's collection -- he's a movie producer, y'know. Anyway, I'm gonna wear this one, the toreador, and Jade wants to be a Spanish dancer. So, we also have a Mexican cowboy outfit with a sombrero…"

"I'll take that one," I said, eagerly.

"…and this one with all the ruffles was worn by a dancer at the Rio Festival."

"Cool! I'll have that one," Paul signaled with an excited raised hand.

"I've got my own," Richard yelled as he disappeared into his room. By the time he'd re-emerged, we were all dressed in our costumes, but the sight of Richard completely blew us away. "What's wrong with you guys? I think I look absolutely stunning!"

Richard's grass-skirt and string of red and yellow flowers around his neck prompted Jade to grab the Spanish guitar and strum an Hawaiin tune. It was impossible to sing along, though, because we were all cracking up something serious at Richard's hip-swaying attempt to look sexy.

I was seated at the head of the candle-lit table as the food began to arrive. "Whoa! This salad looks awesome!"

"It's called 'Salada Paulista' beamed a proud Paul. Danny showed me how to make it. Cool, huh?" He disappeared into the kitchen again to help the others bring the various dishes to the table. Meantime, Richard had dusted off a couple of old LPs before the stereo filled the room with soft, latin rhythms.

"This is Costelinha de Porco", Danny explained as he pointed to the rack of spare ribs, "and this is Provolone a Milaneza. The main course is Picanha a Alho -- sirloin steak, to you, gringo."

The food was hot and spicy but fucking delicious! For the next hour, we talked over the top of each other with our mouths still full, and laughed so much it was almost impossible to eat. After the table had been cleared of the dishes, and our glasses were topped-up with more chianti, Danny rose from his chair to make an announcement. He looked so damn hot in his tight-fitting toreador clothes that clung to his athletic body like they wanted to be a permanent fixture -- like some fantasy hero from a wicked dream.

"When Daniel came into my life," he began in his sexy Spanish-American accent, "I was very depressed about a whole bunch of things, but mainly about being gay in a straight world. My brothers are straight and most of my friends at school are straight. Then I discovered Daniel's Diary and read some of the stories. I wrote to this amazing boy and told him about myself. I was so surprised when he answered my email. Anyway, we got to know each other a little bit and he made me feel much better about myself. He was my angel who came to rescue me. So, I wrote a song. It is not so good because my English is… well, you know. But Jade has helped me put my words to music." Danny nodded at Jade who took the Spanish guitar and stood beside him. "So now I will sing my song to my angel. Richard, if you could switch off the stereo, please."

"They don't understand your way to be
The ideas in your mind
But I saw in your eyes
Deep inside of your brown eyes
A shiny star crying, screaming, asking for love.

Who are you Daniel?
A little devil or
A little angel or
You are just to be crazy.

You are stronger like a lion
Soft like a child
Your laugh has the peaceful
Of the heaven

Who are you Daniel?
A little devil
Or a little angel
Or you are just a star that came down
From the sky to bring us life.

I want be crazy like you
Because you are not crazy in your mind
Just in your heart
If they don't understand
Maybe they are insane.

A little devil or
A little angel or
Just a boy"

The moment Richard placed the box of Kleenex tissues on the table I grabbed a handful and buried my face.

"Are you crying, Daniel?" Paul asked.

"It's the chilies."

"Is not."

"Is too." I blew my nose and wiped my eyes dry. "Dammit, Danny, why did you have to go and do that?"

"You don't like my song?"

"It's a fucking awesome song -- that's the problem."

"Oh, so Daniel has a romantic heart? Maybe there's a little Spanish blood in your veins, si?"

I'd used up almost half the fucking tissues when dessert arrived -- pecan pie and ice-cream. "You guys shouldn't have done all this shit."

Jade sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "Daniel, don't apologize for being sensitive. OK, so you're a macho dude and you like everybody to think that you're invincible. But, like the rest of us, you're multi-faceted."

"What's faceted?"

"Like a cut diamond -- many different sides. Anyway, you have nothing to feel embarrassed about. Danny has touched your heart with his tenderness, and that's OK. There's nothing wrong with that. It proves that you have depth of feeling beneath that boyish, roughhouse exterior of yours. We don't want you to change. We don't want you to become a wuss. We love you just the way you are -- a strutting peacock who loves attention. You're an angel to us all. Yeah, a bit rough around the edges and your halo is a bit lop-sided," he laughed, "but what's really important is that you teach us all to be confident about ourselves and to take pride in who we are, whether that means being romantic or being a peacock. It doesn't matter. What matters is that we accept ourselves for who and what we are. It may seem absurd that our teacher is a teen, but why not?"

"Gimme another tissue."

The four of us grabbed an arm and a leg each and carried the snoring Richard into his bedroom, then threw the grass-skirted blimp onto the mattress. He was totally zonked. Then, back in the main room, Danny played the toreador, waving a red towel while we crouched and used our fingers as horns as we stampeded toward him. Half the time I was way off course because my fucking sombrero made it impossible to see any damn thing except the floor.

"Let's get nude!"

I recognized Paul's voice. "Jeez, man, don't you think about anything except sex?"

"Not really," he giggled.

Danny and I couldn't help gawking at each other's bodies. It was as though this was the first time we'd seen another dude naked. "Are you disappointed?" he asked.

"No. Are you?"

"I have read so many of your stories about you with the chest expander and how Pablo feels your body. You are very beautiful."

"Beautiful? Beautiful is for chicks, man. Jeez! How about hunky or horny or whatever?"

"OK, beautiful hunky," he smiled as he approached me and laid his hands on my pecs. His touch felt hot and sexy. "I have thought many times about how this would feel. Wow! Your muscles are so hard."

"That's not all that's hard, dude." I suddenly thought of Paul and glanced over my shoulder to see him with a face full of Jade's boner. I looked back to Danny's soulful, brown eyes. "I guess Pablo is kind of busy right now."

"What do you wanna do?"

"I dunno. You've got me all confused with this romantic shit. I'm not sure what I should do."

"Well, while you're figuring it out, I'll go down and say hi to Daniel dickie."

As Danny's hot lips glided along my shaft, I thought about what he'd said. I began to realize that he liked me 'cause of the stuff I did in my Diary. Hell! I was Daniel! I was full of macho shit and strutted my stuff like I was King fucking Kong. "Hey, Danny, lay on the carpet, man." As soon as he was flat on his back, I knelt over his chest and rubbed the head of my fat seven over his full, Latin lips. "Daniel dickie wants to say thanks for a great dinner." My pre-cum sparkled on his lips in the flickering candle-light before he ran his tongue around them. "Oh, and my balls wanna say thanks, too." I moved forward slightly so that my hangers brushed his face.

"Oh, Daniel! You are getting me so damn hot!"

"Oh, really? Must be your Spanish blood. And, by the way, my ass wants to thank you as well." I squatted over his face and felt his tongue lashing my balls and hole. "Fuck, that feels so damn cool!" By this time, my tool was dripping like a faucet and leaking pre-cum onto his hair and over his forehead.

Suddenly, I was tossed sideways and landed flat on my chest. Before I could move, Danny was on top of me, straddling my ass. I could feel his hot breath in my ear.

"You make me so damn hot I wanna fuck you!"

"This is romance?"

"Romance is for before and after. Right now, I wanna fuck you crazy like a bull!"

"But you're supposed to be the toreador."

"Right now, I prefer to be the bull."

I felt his wet fingers lubing my ass. There was no way I could escape -- even if I'd wanted to -- and I wasn't sure I wanted to. Danny was as strong as an ox -- or, maybe, a bull -- as he used his knees to force my legs apart. Whoa! I felt his monster slowly enter me as I raised my head slightly to see Paul humping Jade on the other side of the room. So much for jealousy. Paul was far too preoccupied to have any possessive thoughts about me just now.

"I love you, Daniel." Danny's hot breath was so steamy it actually wet my ear. "Am I hurting you?"

"A little."

"Just relax, my sweet angel. You are mine, now. I will love you with my Spanish heart"

"Oh, yeah? What's up my ass right now doesn't feel too much like a fucking heart, man."

I gritted my teeth as Danny slid his boner all the way in. Gradually, he increased the rhythm of his pelvic thrusts until I felt like a rag doll on the end of his monster dick. I didn't mind, though, because he was loving me, not fucking me. I turned my head to one side so that his lips could find mine. Our tongues chased each other as he continued to pump like a wild -- yeah -- bull.

What was different about Danny, though, was that he swivelled his hips as he fucked, and caused his throbber to gyrate within me. Fuck, that felt totally awesome! Finally, he bit my neck with a vengeance. His primitive snorting through flaring nostrils became louder and more rapid as his strong fingers dug deep into my shoulders.


I didn't know what time it was as Danny spread the blanket on the sand. Maybe time had stood still. Maybe it would be like this forever -- the ocean waves tumbling to shore with a thump followed by a gentle, caressing "whoosh", while the millions of bright stars twinkled in an endless black sky. If ever there was a perfect moment in time, this had to be it.

"This is kind of cool," I said as I laid on the blanket.

"You mean romantic," Danny smiled, and poured two glasses of champagne.

"I'd prefer milk."

"I'll run back to the house and get some."

"No, no. Doesn't matter. Champagne's cool."

"So, finally, I made love to my angel who came to resue me." He poured a little champange into the groove between my pecs, then licked it off. "Did I surprise you?"

"Yeah, you did. I figured maybe I'd get a perfumed letter in the mail with a romantic poem asking permission to enter my butt."

"So, you didn't know about Latin passion? Oh, yes, when our blood is on fire, nothing can stop the flames. But we are also romantic. If I could play the guitar like Jade does, I would be serenading you here on this beach, singing songs about how beauti… uh, hunky you are," he laughed.

I rolled onto my side, facing Danny, and supported my head with my hand so that I could study his face in the soft light of the stars.

"What are you thinking?"

I used a finger of my free hand to trace the curves of his eyebrows, nose and mouth. "I dunno exactly. I guess you're pretty handsome." Before I knew it, our lips had met and our tongues were chasing each other. My hand instinctively gravitated to his crotch and found his iron-hard thobber. His hand had done likewise to mine.

Without a word, he rolled onto his back and raised his knees. I knelt between them and grabbed one of his ankles while I used my other hand to rub my spit around his hole and over my boner. "Have you been fucked before?"

"Never on such a perfect night. And never by an angel."

I watched his face grimace as I pushed my skin-splitting seven between his ass cheeks, but I knew that his expression of pain was actually pleasure. "Well, dude," I smiled, "this angel ain't no saint. And you'd better fucking believe it."

Once my dick was all the way in, I leaned forward, rested my chest on his and took his hair in my hands. We kissed passionately as I rammed my solid teen meat deep inside him, then retreated for the next assault. Our frenzied bodies were desperate for air, but our mouths were sealed. Our nostrils sucked in oxygen like it was going out of style as I continued to pump his ass for all I was worth. I could feel the sweat from our bodies forming a slippery film between our smooth, tanned skins. Eventually, my muffled groans had nowhere to go except through my nose as our faces pressed harder against each other, and my explosions of boy juice jetted into his ass.

The sound of a neighing horse seemed totally out of place on such a night. I looked up to see Jade and Paul in the darkness, leading Jet and Dolly toward us. "Time to hit the road, Danny." Jade took a moment to study our naked bodies and the messed-up blanket. "Seems you guys haven't exactly been playing monopoly."

"Don't you talk, asshole!" I laughed. "You guys weren't exactly playing hide and go seek either!"

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