Part 71

This is not a pleasant story, but it does have a positive outcome. As I've already said, it needs to be told. Sex can be joyful or it can be gross. It all depends on the attitude of the participants. I hope that Matt's true story can be a lesson to us all. When I first read his email, I suppose my mind rejected a lot of it because I didn't want to accept it as real. But, in re-writing it, line by line, word by word, I lived through his trauma. Matt, however, is a fighter. He rises above adversity -- with a little help from his friends. :o) And I'm grateful as well as honored to be one of those fortunate people. MrB

While Matt related his story, Jo, Freddie and I were all totally entranced, hanging on his every word. Apart from the odd 'whoa!' or expletive, we let the kid tell his tale virtually uninterrupted. The thing I had some difficulty dealing with, though, was his innocent face with its wide-spaced, honest eyes, and full, ruby lips. The words I was hearing just didn't seem to match Matt's tender age.

"So, anyway, I can't even remember exactly how I answered Slobodan's question, but Gaz approached me, undressed me and went down on me. What I do remember, though, was that I was as horny as hell -- maybe from the grass -- and pretty soon Gaz and me were doing a 69. Gaz was good -- probably from a lotta experience -- 'cause he stopped me from shooting my load right away. I remember thinking how weird that was 'cause my boner was raging and, normally, I would have shot my load right away. But nothing happened for a long time, and he just kept sucking me like forever.
"He asked me to lift my legs, which I did, then I felt his wet tongue in my crack -- and I mean right in! Then his finger followed his tongue. I remember it feeling way fucking awesome. He kept his finger in my hole while he sucked my balls -- and all this time, he was fucking my face. After a little while, I spat his cock out and began to take his balls in my mouth. I didn't even know if he'd realized that he'd shot his load of boy juice, 'cause there was no reaction. Zilch. His load just exploded everywhere while he kept on riding my shaft with his tight lips. But his boner stayed hard.

"Before I got a chance to shoot my load, though, I heard this almighty roar from Slobodan. He'd arched his back and buried his donkey monster right inside Kim. He must've been cumming big time 'cause his whole body was shaking like crazy, and Kim had wrapped his legs around Slobodan to pull him even closer. It was then, while I watched them, that my throbber exploded a truckload of sticky juice right down Gaz's throat.

"I remember Kim giving me another smoke after that, while he and Slobodan also had one each. Gaz, meantime, was popping some pills. I still don't know what they were.

"I woke up next morning with Slobodan sitting on the edge of my bed. The covers were off and I was laying there with my morning piss boner hugging my stomach. His hand was on it. "Does it make you uncomfortable if I do this?"

"Nope." I was being honest 'cause I think I was still dopey from the shit I'd been smoking the night before." "He continued to stroke me for a while, then Kim walked into the room. He came up behind Slobodan, put his arms around him and they kissed. I heard Kim sigh that last night's fuck was the best he'd ever had.

"Slobodan looked down at me. "Kim tells me that you're a virgin, Matt."

"Guess so." Then he stood up and I realized that everyone was nude. I got outa bed and grabbed my shorts.

"You won't need those," Slobodan smiled, "we're naked for the weekend. There's nobody around for miles."

"Kim explained that we were all going horse riding. I'd never been on a horse before, so Slobodan insisted that I ride with him.

"Everbody looked way awesome -- like Indians in a cowboy movie. There were no saddles on the horses, and I remember how rough the horse's rump felt against my bare ass after Slobodan had taken my hand and heaved me up behind him. Then he grabbed my arms and locked them around his waist. I could feel just how damn strong he was. Then Slobodan forced my hands down to his throbber. I wanted to pull away, but I didn't.

"Matt, you can stroke it, boyo. It won't bite."

"My own boner was raging behind him and he must've felt my pre-cum running down his ass crack. Meantime, I was watching Kim and Gaz on their horses. Kim's long, muscular legs looked so damn wicked draped over that animal's ribs.

"Slobodan's balls were hairy -- not smooth like yours, Daniel, or mine -- and there was hair growing up the bottom part of his cock, as well. It felt weird.

"We stopped at a spot where the river had formed a huge pool. The surface was so calm it looked like a mirror. We dismounted and dove in. The water was totally rad and kind of made me feel a lot better. Kim and Slobodan began to wrestle before tackling me. Then Gaz joined in. It ended up with me and Gaz against the bigger guys, but they were just too damn strong. One time, Kim picked me up, raised me above his head then threw me into the water like I weighed nothing. I weigh about 135 pounds, by the way.

"The bigger guys left the water, sat on the bank and lit two joints while they watched me and Gaz fooling around." "Hey, Matt, you wanna fuck me?" I couldn't say anything. I just stared at him. "It's cool, man. I'll help you. I think you're fucking hot, and I want you to fuck my lights out now." I just laughed at him, trying to make a joke out of the situation, while I headed for shore. He tackled me as I'd reached the bank and climbed on my back. "Don't laugh, Matt, I'm being serious."

"I felt his cockhead in my crack and knew that he was gonna fuck me senseless if I didn't move quickly. I used all the power I could summon, rolled over and dislodged him. I could hear the other two guys laughing at us. Then Kim yelled, "almost fucked you, Matt -- almost." I laughed along with them 'cause I wanted to make out like I was sharing the joke.

"Gaz passed me his joint and I smoked the rest of it. OK, Daniel, so I enjoyed how it made me feel, like the night before. Sorry. OK?

"On the ride back to the house, I asked if I could ride with Kim. That was so damn cool 'cause I locked my arms around him and played with him all the way back. "Hey, Matt," he laughed, "you're gonna be sorry you got me so fucking horny, bro."

"Later, at the house, we had a barbecue. I was getting so used to us all being naked, I really didn't pay much attention -- not like I'm paying to you now, Daniel. Jeez, you've got such a rad bod, man. Anyway, we had a few beers, then went into the sitting room to watch some movies. Slobodan had this movie called 'Frisky Summer' which is the hottest fucking movie I've ever seen. It had all my fav net guys in it, and it got us all as horny as anything.

"After the movie, I went for a swim in the river to try and get my head sorted out. Gaz followed me in his zonked state, but just sat on the bank watching me while he smoked another joint. "Hey, Matt, come here and jack me off, bro."

"Suck me first," I laughed. I didn't wanna jack him. I wanted his dick in my mouth. I remembered how cool it was the night before. The two of us were at it when Kim and Slobodan arrived on the scene. "Horny little bastards," Slobodan laughed. Gaz and I stopped sucking just before Kim grabbed Gaz and wrestled with him. The blonde Adonis's superior strength forced the kid down. I remember Gaz screaming as Kim rammed his monster throbber up the kid's crack. Kim had no mercy. He just giggled as he screwed the shit out of that kid.

"Hey, Matt, wanna wrestle?" Slobodan asked.

"Not right now, thanks." I got up and walked to the house where I could still hear them laughing down by the river.

"I must've fallen asleep in the sitting room 'cause it was dark when Kim shook me awake. I opened my eyes as a joint was shoved between my lips. "There's a drink on the table, buddy. It'll help you to relax a bit." I remember saying something about being relaxed. The drink was brandy with a lotta Coke in it. "Hey, Matt, I want you to fuck me -- as a friend -- I think you're fucking hot." He lifted me up then laid me down on the floor.

"He sucked my boner for a while, then took some KY jelly and rubbed it all over his boner before rubbing more into his ass. I remember feeling weird, like I didn't give a fuck what happened right then.

"He straddled me, held my boner and slowly sat on it. I could feel his ass muscles tighten around it. It didn't seem to be hurting him at all -- he seemed to be enjoying it. He began to ride me and I remember it feeling totally rad. It was then that I became aware of Gaz and Slobodan watching us. They'd been there all the time, and they were stroking each other. Kim then lifted me up and rolled over on his back. He raised his legs and, before I knew it, there I was on top of him, fucking him like some hyper weasel. It seemed like ages before I shot my load. Then he pulled my face to his and started to kiss me.

"I felt two hands on my hips, then Slobodan's face came down next to mine. "Hey, Matt, I'll be gentle, buddy. Just relax, OK?" Kim's arms were around my shoulders. He was still kissing me and holding my head, so I couldn't even answer.

"I felt Slobodan putting the KY into me -- then I felt IT. It seemed as though my ass was being split open as his donkey cockhead went into me. Then his long, thick shaft began to slide into my hole. I was screaming while Kim was still kissing me, and I started to cry. The worst part, though, was each time Slobodan pulled his throbber outa me -- it felt like he was pulling my insides along with it.

"He started to fuck me faster and faster, and I could hear his heavy breathing at my ear. His hands were tight around my waist, and his fingers were digging into my skin.

"I felt my whole insides being filled with this massive cock -- then it was like a mass of warm jelly filling my insides when he shot his truckload. He kept his cock jammed in my hole as I sensed it getting lazy. I wanted to move but I couldn't 'cause of the way Kim was still holding me. Slobodan's hands found my cock which seemed to be permanently hard. Then I felt it again. His cock was beginning to harden once more. Slobodan was fucking me a second time.

"My mind switched off at some stage, 'cause the next thing I remembered was him pulling his cock outa me, turning me over and straddling me. He shoved his enormous cock in my mouth and immediately shot a huge load that almost choked me. I remember Kim pulling him off 'cause I was gagging for air.

"Slobodan was like a fucking wild animal. I'd never seen anyone like him before. I laid there for ages covered in cum, and there was blood on me as well. I knew it was from my ass 'cause I was bleeding down there.

"Kim grabbed me and took me to the bathroom where he cleaned me up. I remember him saying "fuck, fuck, fuck", over and over and over again. He passed me a joint and said, "Matt, smoke that, please."

"It was like a movie on fast-forward 'cause I remember him putting stuff in my ass -- like antiseptic stuff that burnt like all fucking hell. I had this feeling like I desperately needed to crap, but I didn't dare 'cause I was in so much damn pain.

"Afterwards, I remember Kim screaming at Slobodan in the sitting room, with Gaz giggling, and more screaming. Kim helped me to the bedroom where I passed out.

"Kim woke me the next morning. He'd obviously been sleeping with me. "Are you OK?" I seemed to be fine. Actually, I seemed to be great. And I told him so. I felt his hand grab my boner and he said, "yeah, you seem to be pretty good." It was only when I stood up that I noticed the pain in my ass. There was blood on the sheet as well. I needed to take a dump, so I did. It wasn't too bad but there was still some sign of blood, and that worried the fuck outa me. Kim said that it was OK, and that it was common for guys to bleed after their first fuck 'cause the skin tears. Later, when we showered, Kim had another look and put some stuff on it for me.

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