Part 74

Greg's appetite for blow jobs was back to normal. I was hardly awake the next morning when he straddled my chest and beat me around the chops with his piss boner. "Breakfast time, bro," he laughed. "Get it while it's hot, dude."

"How come you ate my cum last night?"

"Shuddup and eat my dick, or I'll change my mind."

"Yeah, sure you will. There's no way..." That's as far as I'd managed to get into the sentence before my mouth was filled to capacity with his pulsating teen meat. He shoved a second pillow under my head and grabbed my blonde hair. He did all the work, thrusting his crotch at my face like some primeval caveman, while I just laid there and used my lips and tongue to massage his thick, veiny monster and swollen knob.

It took just a few minutes before his fingers dug into my scalp and he forced his sweaty groin to my face. "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum, Daniel!" His pubes were pressed against my nose, sending his wicked scent into my lungs, while his feral throbber spat a bucket of tasty boy juice down my throat. Whoa! His balls must've been busting with the damn stuff.

"Oh, shit, man," he moaned as he rolled off me, "that was fucking awesome. This is gonna be so damn cool, dude, just you and me in the house for a whole week. Woohoo!"

I was disappointed that Greg didn't wanna jack me off, but at least I'd talked him into showering with me. As the warm water cascaded down his muscular, bronzed body, I soaped his shiny skin with one hand while I jacked off with the other. It was a way cool session 'cause his pecs and abs felt so damn smooth and horny as my soapy hand slid over every solid bump and curve.

"Don't turn off the water just yet, Daniel, I'm horny again."

"After ten minutes?"

I knelt on the shower floor as he fucked my face again, blowing another stack of thick, creamy wads down my throat. This guy couldn't get enough! Must've been his Philippino blood.

In the kitchen, I filled two bowls with cereal and fruit while Greg sat naked on the bench and watched me. "Hey, bro, this is way cool having you around to look after me."

What did he mean by that? That I was like some kind of 'girlfriend'? That he could fuck my face when ever he wanted and then have me slave over a hot fucking stove or something? "Hey, Greg, don't get the wrong idea, man. I ain't nobody's servant."

"Peace out, Daniel. It's just that you're gay and I'm straight, so I figure..."

"That I'm like some chick, right?"

"I didn't say that."

"But that's what you were thinking."

"Hey, dude," he said after swallowing a mouthful of breakfast, "you must've told me a hundred times how you think I'm some kinda god -- a hero -- right? Dammit, you've almost licked me to death!"

"OK, so I think you're hot, but that doesn't mean you can treat me like some fucking inflatable doll."

"Cool it, Daniel. You'll get used to the idea. Besides, I know you love blowing my lights out."

He was right, of course. He was a god, and I did like sucking his balls dry. But there was something about his attitude I didn't like. As far as I was concerned, we were equals and should treat each other accordingly. "By the way, all the guys are gonna rock around here later today for a swim. I invited them yesterday at the reception."

"Does dad know?"

"Mom does."

"Did she ask dad if it was OK?"

"Why the fuck should she? This is her fucking house!"

"It's our house now, dude, and dad should be consulted about who gets invited here."

"Listen up, Greg. I'm only gonna say this once. My buds know they're always welcome here. A walk up the fucking aisle's not gonna change anything. Got it?"

"Yeah, right. So my dad's gonna live in a house where a bunch of fags hang out. He's gonna love that."

My fist connected with Greg's jaw like a bolt of lightning outa the blue, and knocked him off the bench onto the floor. He struggled to his feet and I decked him again. "I made the breakfast, bro," I said in a surprisingly calm voice as Greg sat up and wiped the blood from his mouth, "so you do the dishes. OK? And make sure they're squeaky fucking clean. I'll be back to check later."

I went to my room, locked the door and cried. What a fucking dumb way to begin our brotherhood! This was gonna be a total fucking disaster. There was no way we could live together after what had just happened. I needed somebody to talk to, so I emailed Kyle. He must've been online 'cause his reply came less than ten minutes after I'd written.
hiya daniel

hehehe you must pack a pretty solid whallop in that fist of yours dude. hey bud i think you did what you hadta do. its like me and steve - weve had more fisties than i can count [except he hits back hehehe]. the last time we had a fight we bloodied each other somethin awesome and then we hugged and laughed. sometimes fists are the only language guys understand but it gets the crap outa their systems and then theyre buds again like you and greg will be. anyway you showed him youre no fuckin wuss so dont regret what you did. lemme know what happens okay? hey youve got spirit daniel. aint nobody gonna push you around hehe. youre one sassy dude

luvya tons

I'd only just done with reading Kyle's note when there was a knock at the door. "Daniel? Can we talk?"

"You've already done enough talking, dude," I said coldly as I opened the door.

Greg hung his head so that his long, black locks almost obscured his face. "I did the dishes like you told me. And I'm sorry about what I said."

"That'll cost you one helluva big hug, bro."

I couldn't tell what we were doing the most, laughing or crying, but we must've hugged each other for ten whole minutes before we separated and dried each other's tears. It was then that I noticed his boner.

"Hey, Daniel, it's cool, man. I'll beat it myself."

I desperately wanted to wrap my lips around his delicious monster, but I decided to resist. I figured I had to make a stand and prove a point. "OK, bro. I'll let you know when I wanna blow you again. Cool?"

"Cool." I hugged him once more.

It was about midday when I heard the throaty burble of Dick's gleaming, black VW Rabbit in the drive. Greg didn't wanna hang around 'cause he felt that the guys and I couldn't be ourselves if he was there. He'd earlier called Lindy and they'd decided to take in a movie.

"Pizza delivery!"

I opened the door. Dick was standing there wearing his trademark, irresistible grin and holding a stack of pizzas. "Woohoo! Lunch! I'm starving!" I beamed. Within seconds, Paul, Jo, Freddie and Dick had invaded the kitchen and scattered their baggies and ts all over the place. "Extra mozzarella, anyone?"

The sight of Dick's awesome body got me hot straight away, not to mention the other guys'. But there was something extra special about Dick. He was a towering six foot of solid muscle and a year or two older than the rest of us. He was like our leader in some ways. He reminded me of a dude that Kyle knew -- Darren. Kyle had told me that he and the guys in the swim team had a kind of competition where they gave points out of ten to each other in the 'bod stakes'. According to Kyle, Darren was way off the scale. The next best, Ross, was a ten. Whoa! I wanted to visit Cape Town again. Like now! Anyway, Dick had the kinda physique that I figured Darren would have -- way off the scale. Totally fucking awesome! Every rippling, popping muscle was sculptured to horny perfection -- not like a body builder's -- more like an athlete's -- and covered in smooth, tanned skin that clung to each sensuous bulge like a satin glove.

"You wanna lick my balls while I jack over the pizza, Daniel?"

I looked at my watch, then at his killer hangers. "Yeah," I answered casually. "I guess I've got time."

Jo and Freddie attacked the Adonis's pecs while Paul had his face jammed between Dick's wicked bubble buns. Meantime, my tongue was lashing Dick's smooth nads as his fist slid up and down his seven inches of solid throbber. I saw his balls suddenly hug the base of his shaft before he let out a long, loud moan. The guys and I stopped what we were doing and inspected the pizza. Whoa! What a fucking load!

After the rest of us had been swamped by an assortment of lips, tongues and hands, and had splattered our boy juice all over the remaining pizzas, there was a knock at the door. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. "Sam?"

"Yeah. My folks are staying in town for a few days. I thought I'd call around. You doing anything?"

"Just about to eat, dude. C'mon in." As my young, bug-eyed cousin entered the kitchen, the guys remembered him from the wedding reception and said hi. I took off the towel and threw it over the kid's head. "You like pizza, Sam?"

"Yeah." It was an automatic response 'cause Sam couldn't take his eyes off all the horny, naked bods. His reaction caused us all to crack something serious. "I guess the hot weather... I mean... well, hey, you guys aren't wearing any clothes!"

"Brilliant observation, Sam. Get nude, dude, and have some pizza with us. You wanna Pepsi?"

"Nude? But, I... well..."

"Hey, dude, you'll grow a bush soon enough. Chill. It's cool."

"Actually, I've already grown a few." The kid dropped his baggies and boxers. "See?"

We all gathered around Sam's crotch and inspected the miniscule forest above his cut semi. "Yeah, I counted three already!"

We took the pizzas out by the pool and arranged ourselves on the grass. Canine Kyle gave everybody his usual over-the-top welcome, then settled down to chew on a bone while we feasted on our super supremes with extra mozzarella.

"What do you think of the pizza, Sam?"

"Wicked." Everybody cracked. "Hey? What's so damn funny?"

Half an hour later we were all splashing around in the pool. It was a hot, August day -- and that's not all that was hot. The sight of all my buds' wet, tanned bodies, semis and cute asses was driving me crazy. Even Sam looked good enough to eat. He'd changed quite a bit since that time he'd slept over and played with my dick in the middle of the night when he thought I was asleep. And it was pretty obvious that being surrounded by so many hot teen bods was sending major signals to his boy meat. He was making no secret of the fact that he had a rock-hard woodie. In fact, he seemed quite proud of it as he stood by the edge of the pool, waited for everybody to get an eyeful, then dove in again.

As for the other guys, they were all giving him the secret eye. What was it about gay guys that made them wanna screw everything that walked? I had to admit, though, Sam's long, straight, blonde hair and funky body was something that couldn't be easily ignored. When I last saw him six months ago, he was a skinny runt, but all the soccer he was playing must've filled him out some 'cause his muscle definition was improving outa sight. And his woodie was bigger. I had to think of a plan before Greg got home from the movies.

"Hey, Sam. Got a minute?"

Sam swam over to me. "Sure."

"Listen, dude, I don't wanna sound like an asshole but the guys and me are gonna do some stuff that maybe you don't wanna know about."

"Like what?"

"Sex. So maybe you should go back to your motel now."

"Fuck that, Daniel! I'm staying!"

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