Part 79

I'd already cooked the hash browns, tomato, bacon and eggs when Greg staggered into the kitchen. He was still half asleep, and running his hands through his long, matted hair. I took the opportunity to gawk at his wicked armpits and his golden pecs with their ripe, brown berries perched on the outer edges.

As he yawned and approached me, he scratched his balls, causing his piss boner to bounce. "Did all that happen for real last night? Or was I dreaming?"

"You mean about all the neighbors in our front yard threatening to file a complaint?"

"Neighbors? Shit!" He was suddenly wide awake. "They saw what happened?"

"No, dude. Just kidding. So what do you remember?"

"The pedestrian crossing, the car full of hoons, the tree, you blowing me."

"And the kissing?"

He lowered his voice and avoided my gaze. "Yeah, that too."

"You didn't like it?"

"I dunno, dude. It's all so fucking confusing. Let's not talk about it. Hey, breakfast smells wicked! I gotta go piss first, though. Back in a sec."

I'd never seen Greg piss -- well, apart from last night in the tree. I wondered if straight guys thought about pissing on girls, like I pissed on Paul and Dick. Maybe it was just a gay thing or a straight fetish. The thought of Andy doing it to mom seemed totally gross so I shut the thought out of my mind. Actually, I didn't wanna think about anything that Andy and mom might do together. It was their business and none of mine. Anyway, I had an urge to ask if I could watch Greg piss -- just out of curiosity -- but that would've gotten his shorts in a bunch, not that he was wearing any. At least he felt cool about being naked around the house. I was making slow but steady progress with this dude.

"Hello?", I said as I answered the phone.

"Is the house still in one piece?"

"Hi, mom, yeah. Everything's cool. Greg and I are getting along just fine. We're about to have breakfast. How's it with you and Andy?"

"We're having a lovely time. Andy's been so attentive and loving."


"That's all I'm saying. Is Greg there? Andy would like a word with him."

Greg spoke to his dad while I fixed the breakfast and placed it on the table. As soon as my bro had finished his convo, the phone rang again immediately. "Hello? Yeah, sure, I'll get him. It's for you -- it's Paul."

"Hi, Paul. How ya doin'?"

"Cool. You guys doing anything?"

"Having breakfast. You can come around, though. See you soon."

Greg swallowed a mouthful of hash browns and bacon. "Paul's coming around? I'd better get my shorts on."

"Fuck your shorts, man. As soon as Paul gets here, he'll be out of his, anyways."

"Is he gonna stay long?"



"Don't gimme that shit," I laughed. "You want me to blow you, right?"

"Something like that."

Sure enough, it took maybe thirty seconds after Paul had arrived to ditch his baggies, shoes and t, throw them on a chair, then slide out of his boxers. "When are your folks due back?"

"Not for another four or five days."

"Whoa! Cute buns!," Paul laughed as he nodded in the direction of Greg who was doing the breakfast dishes. "Turn around, Greg. Lemme see what you've got."

"I'm busy."

Paul walked over to Greg, stood to one side of him and peeked over his tanned, muscular shoulder. "Wow, man! That's a way cool boner! Almost as awesome as Daniel's!"

"Hey, Paul!" I growled, grabbing my bud's arm. "Cool it, dude. Let's go for a swim."

"But," he protested as the back door banged shut behind us, "all I said was…"

"Greg's straight, man. He gets pissed at gay stuff. And you shouldn't have said that his boner wasn't as awesome as mine."


I pushed Paul into the water and dove in, quickly followed by a flying ball of black and white fur. Paul broke the surface and flicked the water from his hair and eyes. "Has Greg ever been blown by a guy?"

"You'll have to ask him -- but I wouldn't advise it. He gets aggro if you talk about that stuff."

"Maybe you're not diplomatic enough, Daniel. You can be a fucking bull in a china shop, sometimes."

"I'm warning you, dude, you'll get your cute face re-arranged if you ask him about guys."

"By you?"

"No, by Greg."

"I can handle myself," he shrugged with a confident grin.

Greg had joined us in the pool when the phone rang again. This time it was Steve. I hadn't seen him in a while and we kind of chatted on about stuff that had happened lately. No sooner had I hung up, than Benny called. Five minutes later, I was at the back door. I paused a moment to watch Paul and Greg sitting side by side at the edge of the pool, talking, as their legs dangled in the water. There was something about their body language that seemed strange. They were both waving their hands around while nodding or shaking their heads. I moved away from the door and took up a position at the window to observe what I thought might be the unfolding of a pretty interesting situation.

After a few minutes, Paul must have said something that made Greg crack. While he was laughing, Paul slipped into the water and arranged himself between Greg's legs. Uh, oh! I couldn't fucking believe it when I saw my bud's lips slide down my bro's boner. Then, Greg pushed Paul away. Paul trod water for a minute while the two of them exchanged words. Suddenly, Greg stood, said something to Paul, then headed for the house. I rushed back to the phone and pretended that I was still talking.

"OK, Benny, cool, dude. Later." I said as I hung up. "Hi, Greg. You look worried, bro."

"You'd better talk to Paul, man. The little fucker's trying to hit on me."

"Must be something to do with your boner," I laughed.

"It's no fucking joke, man. Boner? Oh, yeah," he said looking down at his pride and joy. "Well, what d'ya expect? I've got red blood in my veins."

"And a gallon of boy juice in your balls. What's the biggie? You like being blown. So what if it's Paul who does it?"

"He'll think I'm gay."

"Jeez, Greg! I can't believe you! When are you gonna get it through that thick head of yours that if you're straight, nothing can make you gay? Lots of straight guys like to stick their dicks in other guys' faces. Happens all the time."

"Yeah? Like when? What makes you such a fucking expert?"

"I've got a straight bro."

"Don't gimme that crap. What other straight guys do you know?"


"Have you blown him?"

"Sure. He's fucking paranoid like you, but he liked it."

"Who else?"


"You?" Greg cracked up totally. "You? Straight? Jeez! Now I've heard everything!"

"Hey, listen up, dude," I said as anger crept into my voice. "Why the fuck do you insist on dividing the fucking world up into compartments? Black or white, no shades of gray. Your mind is screwed, dude. You think Paul's lips are gonna suck your brain instead of your dick? It's just a blow job, man, just a fucking blow job, not fucking brain surgery. And you're lucky the dude likes you -- he does a fucking helluva job! I should know!"

"You make it sound like it's as natural as brushing your teeth."

"Why wouldn't it be? A dick likes somewhere warm and wet. What more do you wanna know?"

Greg was beginning to run out of argument. "Yeah, well it just doesn't feel right."

"Feel right? Hey, dude, it feels right, no doubt about that. Your head is screwed, that's all. Now, I'm gonna make a few calls, so why don't you go out there and talk some more to Paul."

I lied, of course. The moment Greg was safely out of the house, I went back to the window to watch what happened. The guys chatted for a few minutes before Greg sat on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water, exactly as he was before our little talk. Paul swam up to Greg and arranged himself between my bro's legs. In no time, Paul was sending his lips up and down Greg's shaft. It was too much for me! I was getting way too hot to be an observer. I wanted to be part of the action! Woohoo!

I dove in and surfaced just a few feet away from the guys. Greg saw me but was too preoccuppied with Paul's lips and tongue to give a damn. There was no way in the world that he was gonna ask Paul to stop sending him to heaven. I knew the feeling well. Paul was an expert at blowing dicks and sucking a pair of juice-filled balls bone dry.

As soon as Greg had done with yelling his lungs out, and had collapsed on his back with exhaustion, I tapped Paul on the shoulder and grinned. "I'm next, man."

But rather than do it secretly, I hauled myself out of the pool and stood close to Greg. I wanted him to see what it looked like when another dude sucked on a boner.

As my bud's tongue wrapped itself around my swollen knob and his lips rode my rock-hard shaft, I took hold of Paul's wet, jet-black hair and helped his face to fuck my seven inches. Occasionally, I'd glance over to Greg who was still flat on his back but watching with interest. He didn't even flinch when Paul's finger entered my ass.

Eventually, my knees bent and my back arched. I pulled Paul's face to my crotch, threw my head back and sent my sticky jets of hot boy juice down his busy throat. I was too focused on the extreme pleasure centered around my groin to notice what Greg was doing, but I got the chance to ask him after Paul had licked the final pearl of cum from my deflating cock.

"So, Greg, you've had it done to you, but what does it look like when you see other guys doing it?"

"Pretty awesome."

"Pretty awesome?"

"OK, fucking awesome."

"What were you thinking?"

"Well," he paused for a moment. "I guess it looked pretty natural."

"Woohoo! There ya go, man. I'll bet guys have been blowing each other since whenever."

"Problem is, I'm starting to think it's no biggie any more."

"Well, dude, it isn't! So, what's the prob?"

"You said it wasn't brain surgery, but you're changing the way I think."

"Nah, dude. I'm changing the way you didn't think! That's what I'm changing! And I'll tell you something else. One day, you're gonna have a family, and one of your kids might be gay. If that happens, you're not gonna freak like most parents do. Is that a good thing or what?"

"Yeah. I guess. Jeez, of all the fucking step-bros I could've had…"

"Yeah, I know," I laughed, "you got me."

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