Part 81

Next morning, I woke to find Greg missing from my room. He was nowhere in the house, so I went out back where I saw his smooth, bronzed body crouched on the grass. I took a moment to gawk at his rippling lats and his bulging biceps as he moved. "What are you doing? Apart from looking totally, fucking hot, that is?"

"Measuring my room. I'm gonna have all the plans ready for when dad gets home."

"Sounds weird when you say 'dad'. I'm not sure I wanna call him dad."

"I'm not sure I wanna call Nancy 'mom' either."

"Anyway, you wanna measure my throbber while you're at it?" I grinned as I thrust my seven-inch piss boner into the air.

"Fuck off, Daniel, I'm busy."

"So, where's your bed gonna be?"

"Right there," he pointed.

"Cool, I'll jack off and squirt my boy juice all over your imaginary bed. Then I'll take a piss."

"You're a total whacko, Daniel. Anyway, the dog's watching."

"So? You figure Kyle's gonna worry? Take a look at the lawn, man. He shits where ever he wants to. He doesn't have human hangups. All he cares about is food and affection."

"It just seems weird."

"To you, maybe, but not to him." And with that, I wrapped my fist around my shaft and began to stroke my hard meat. "You wanna know what I'm thinking about while I'm jacking off?"

"I've got a pretty good idea," he said as he tried to ignore me and kept measuring his 'room'.

"Yeah," I laughed. "I'm thinking about swallowing your sticky juice. It's a pity I'm wasting mine, though. I wish Paul or one of the guys was here."

My tight balls hugged the base of my throbber and signalled the approaching rush. "Watch this, dude." I aimed my cock at Greg's imaginary bed and jetted the first wad of my night's creamy load all over the grass. "Aaaahhhhh!!!" Then I released my grip and watched my feral meat explode its juice through the air like rudderless, white missiles. My back was arched and my cock was bouncing out of control. "Aaaahhhhh! Oooo! Shit!"

By the time I'd emptied my balls, Greg was cracking up something serious. "Jeez, Daniel, you're just too damn crazy! Of all the fucking step bros…"

"Shuddup and watch this. I'm gonna piss on your bed. Wanna join me?"


"Chill, dude. It's not your real bed. We're just funnin' around, that's all. Well?"

Greg took his semi in his fingers and pointed it at the 'bed'. "I dunno why I'm doing this," he grumbled.

"'Cause it's fun." My piss stream started just before Greg's. As I watched the thin, ribbon of yellow gush from his knob, I was overcome with an irresistible temptation to flick some of my piss at his dick. The next thing I knew, he was pissing over my leg and blonde pubes. We both cracked up so much, we had to stop pissing, even though we weren't done. Then I took off up the yard, with Greg in hot pursuit. My laughter had drained me almost completely of energy when I crashed to the lawn with a dull thud. I was doubled-up and holding my aching stomach when I felt the warm wetness of his piss splashing over my legs and cock.

"That'll teach you to fuck with me, dude," he giggled as he flicked the last few drops from his semi.

"Oh, yeah?" I grabbed his legs, pushed him to the ground, then scrambled over his chest like a scurrying crab and pinned his arms with my knees.

"Hey! Not on my face, dude! That's fucking gross!"

"K, but you gotta promise not to move."

"I ain't promising anything."

"Then I'll piss on your face."

"OK, OK! Dammit! I won't move."



I stood up and peed all over his shiny, black pubes and coffee-colored cock, which was rock hard and hugging his piss-drenched stomach. After I'd shaken off the last few drops, I turned and dove into the pool, quickly followed by Greg and Kyle.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked my bro as he surfaced and flicked the water from his long, black hair. "It was cool fun, right?"

"You're crazy, Daniel."

"Crazy's cool, man."

We'd only just begun to eat breakfast when Paul arrived. "Hi, guys," he beamed as he entered the kitchen. "Mom said it's OK if I sleep over tonight." He took a hash brown from my plate and shoved it in his mouth. "Mmmm, awesome! Did you cook breakfast?"

"Yeah, I did, and that was supposed to be mine, asshole!"

"I'll make you another one." Paul got nude and draped his clothes over a chair. "It's so fucking rad being at your house, Daniel. My folks don't like my being naked at home. They say I'm too old to go running around in the buff any more. And they hate it when I cuss, too." He went to the stove, heated the frypan and added two hash browns. "Can we sleep in the tent tonight?"

"Yeah," Greg grunted with a mouthful of food, "that means I can have Daniel's room all to myself. Maybe I'll phone Lindy and ask her to sleep over. Woohoo!"

Greg and Lindy in my room? Having sex? A dark cloud of jealousy descended upon me like an instant fog. "Her folks probably won't let her," I mumbled, trying to sound as if I couldn't give a fuck.

"One way to find out," my bro grinned as he headed for the phone.

While Greg chatted to Lindy, Paul placed a steaming hash brown on my plate. "There ya go, fresh from McPablo's, and I won't even charge you." He watched me place a forkful in my mouth. "Jeez, Daniel, I wish that was my throbber sliding between your lips. You've got such wicked lips, man. I've been saving my boy juice. I didn't even jack off this morning."

"Lindy's folks said it's OK," Greg announced excitedly as he resumed his place at the table. "Cool, huh?" His eyebrows were raised and his grin was a mile wide, revealing his perfect rows of gleaming white teeth.

"I'll do the dishes," I volunteered, rising from my chair.

"You cooked, bro, it's my turn to do the dishes."

"It's cool -- I feel like doing them." I needed an excuse to avoid Greg for a while, and to think. Why was I feeling this way? I'd always known Greg was straight, so his being with Lindy was not only the most natural thing in the world, but also to be expected. Yet, for some reason, I was pissed at the idea.

Paul took a washed plate and began to dry it with the towel. "You OK?"


By mid-morning, half the fucking neighborhood had arrived. Dick, Jo, Freddie, Steve and Benny. It was totally wicked to see all the guys again, and it helped to take my mind off Greg and Lindy. What really amazed me, though, was how Greg was fitting in with everyone. We were all nude and fooling around in the pool, behaving as we usually did, but my bro wasn't showing any sign of embarrassment or resentment. Had his experience with me finally rid him of his homophobia? I took the opportunity to follow him into the house while the rest of the guys stayed in the pool. He entered the bathroom but left the door ajar.

"I gotta go first, Daniel. I'm busting for a piss."

"Cool. I just wanted to ask you something." I went on to explain what I had in mind. Well, almost. By the time he'd finished his piss and flushed the toilet, he agreed to my proposal.

"Hey, guys," I announced as I positioned Greg in the center of the lawn. "I'm gonna try something here, so gather round and plant your nekkid asses on the grass. OK?" When my buds had formed a tight, seated group in front of Greg, I continued. "Now, take a good look at the guy standing before you -- not me, my bro. Check him out and tell me what you think. Paul, you can go first."

"You want my honest opinion? Well, you all know that I think Daniel rules, but I've gotta say that Greg is one of the hottest dudes I've ever seen. I mean, just looking at him now -- jeez, all wet and tanned, with awesome pecs and that narrow waist -- well, fucking hell, man, I gotta say he's hot!"


"Ditto, dude. He's a fucking god."


"It's his jet-black hair, man, the way it hangs and drapes over his bronzed shoulders. It looks so damn wicked! Whoa!"


"Ugly as shit." We all cracked totally, knowing that Dick was only kidding. "Nah, he's one sexy mutha. Even a blind dude could see that."

"Sight impaired."

"Shuddup, Daniel."


"Well, so far, everybody's talked about his bod, but it's his face that's so damn awesome. What did you call it, Daniel? Eurasian? Anyway, I gotta say that those chocolate eyes are just something else. I sure wish he was my step bro."


"I agree with everyone, but I'm a bit of a leg man. Greg's legs are the best I've ever seen -- brown, muscled and smooth -- like golden satin. And his feet. Hey, don't gimme any shit here, but I really dig his feet. They're perfect."

"OK, Greg, now that you've heard everybody's opinion, what have you got to say?"

My bro placed his hands on his hips, rested his weight on one leg and stared at the ground. "Fuck! What am I supposed to say? I'm just a regular guy. Hell, you're all talking like I'm some kinda..."


"Yeah. So what is all this bullshit?" Greg raised his eyes from the ground and studied his audience. "Did Daniel tell you guys to say all that crap? This is some lamo trick, right?"

Everybody spoke at once. "No!" "It's not crap, man." "That's what we think, dude." "You're fucking awesome!" "We didn't know Daniel was gonna do this."

"K, settle, guys," I ordered. "Now, how many of you wanna see me blow my bro?"

"Fucking hell, Daniel," Greg yelled. His wild eyes drilled me. "You've gone too fucking far, man. I'm fucking outa here."

I grabbed his wrist as he tried to storm off. "Chill, bro. Just listen to me. I watched you with the guys today in the pool and you were totally cool. A month or two ago, you would've been screaming fire and brimstone. You're not homophobic any more. Understand?"

"I understand one thing, Daniel. What I do in private is my fucking business and I resent you trying to push me too far. Got it? You've blown it, Daniel. Totally blown it. Now let go of my fucking arm. I'm outa here."

We all watched Greg disappear into the house before my buds started to lecture me. "Daniel, you blew it, man." "He wasn't ready for that. You went too far." "What are you trying to prove, Daniel?"

Suddenly, my whole world had caved in. They were right. I was way over the top. As I listened to the guys criticizing me, I realized that my motive was probably driven by the jealousy I'd felt for Greg being with Lindy in my room. Fuck! How the hell was I gonna repair the damage I'd done? He was my step bro, and I had to live with him.

"Daniel?" We all turned to watch Greg emerge from the back door and approach me. "I've changed my mind, bro," he grinned.

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