Part 83

While we were waiting for the pizzas to arrive, I told Greg and Lindy about the time Kyle's Paul went to the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. "And when Paul handed the guy the money, his towel unwound and fell to the floor!" I cracked. "You should've seen the dude's eyes pop at the sight of Paul's boner bouncing around! It was so damn funny! And Paul just stood there like nothing was wrong."

"This I've gotta see!" Lindy laughed, and turned to Greg. "You wanna try it?"

"Me? No way!" He brushed his long, black hair from his eyes. "The guy might think I'm... well, weird or something."

"Lindy," I said, "will you tell lover boy here something for me? I've been trying to get through his thick head that he's damn hot looking but he doesn't believe me."

"I've already told him -- heaps of times -- in private."

A chorus of "Ooooo!" erupted when the other guys overheard what Lindy had said, then everybody cracked up big time.

"You're as red as a beet, Lindy," I laughed. "You probably are, too, Greg, 'cept you're too tanned to show it. Anyway, if Greg's too chicken to do it, then I will."

"I'm not chicken, bro," he shrugged. "I just don't wanna do it."

After everybody gave me their bucks for their share of the pizza, I told them the plan. "OK, so Lindy answers the door and asks the guy to follow her out to the pool 'cause that's where the money is. You guys will be in the water so he doesn't see you naked. I'll be just over there at the barbecue table, with a towel wrapped around my waist. I'll have the bucks stuffed in the towel so that when I take them out, the towel will fall down. OK? Then, after my towel hits the ground, you guys climb out of the pool and parade your boners. Got it?"

"Will you have a boner?" Jo asked.

"He's always got a fucking boner," Greg grinned.

"Oh?" Lindy commented with a wry smile. "And how do you know?"

"There's the door bell! Everybody to their positions. Quick!" I ordered, then grabbed the towel and the money. I walked to the barbecue as Lindy disappeared inside.

Woohoo! This was gonna be so fucking cool, I thought as I remembered what happened the last time, and how the guy totally freaked.

A woman??? Since when did women deliver pizzas??? I could hear the guys laughing hysterically in the pool, while Lindy had her hand clasped over her mouth. She stood to one side as the woman placed the boxes on the barbecue table, then the bottles of Pepsi.

"I have the money here ma'm." I held the knot in the towel with one hand while I grabbed the bucks with the other. No way was I gonna flash my boner in front of this chick. She was probably about twenty five or something and looked pretty sophisticated, like she'd seen more dicks than pizzas. I tried to sound mature. "It's unusual to see a woman delivering pizzas."

"I'm a student. Gotta pay the bills somehow." She took the money, then dropped it on the tiles. In my haste to help her pick it up, I forgot about holding onto the towel.

"My, my!" she smiled as she stooped and ogled my bouncing seven inches. "Did that grow off you or did you grow off that?"

"I'm really sorry, ma'm. It was an accident. I didn't mean..."

"That's the second time you've called me ma'm. I'm in my twenties, not fifties," she laughed. "Anyway, that's quite a prize you've got there. My boyfriend would kill for one like that. And come to think of it... hmmm, would you like to show me to the door?"

"Sure," I said, grabbing the towel.

"Forget the towel," she smiled with a wicked gleam in her dark eyes. "You look fine just the way you are."

I led her to the front door but, before I could open it, she grabbed my hand. "My next customer will have to wait an extra five minutes." She placed her hands on my shoulders, then ran them down my arms. "You have such a magnificent body -- such solid muscles."

"I kinda work out a bit."

"Mmmm," she sighed as she ran her hands over my pecs and squeezed them, "I'm gonna have to deliver pizza here more often. You're too gorgeous for words."

"What about your boyfriend?" I was getting a little nervous.

"What about my boyfriend?" She slowly slid down, kissing my chest and abs until she arrived at my patch of blonde pubes. "Is that girl who answered the door your girlfriend?"



I watched her moist, red lips envelop the sensitive head of my throbber, then slide all the way down my shaft. I reached for her shiny, black hair and ran my fingers through her long, silky locks. A sexy, warm scent drifted into my nostrils as her tongue wrapped around my knob. "Oh, yeah," I groaned. "That feels totally wicked. Jeez! Don't stop."

She reached around to my ass with one hand and squeezed my buns while her other hand fondled my balls. My primeval instincts took over and I began to thrust my pelvis. I looked down and watched my thick seven fucking her beautiful face. Damn, it looked way hot to see each veiny inch of my hard meat slid in and out of her wet mouth! Not only that, it felt fucking awesome! Whoa!

Pretty soon, my fingers dug into her scalp. My whole body stiffened, my back arched and I pulled her face to my crotch. A bucket of boy juice exploded out of my piss hole and shot down her throat as she gagged and swallowed every sticky wad.

"Next time you order pizza, ask for Angela," she smiled. I watched her cute ass as it wiggled down the path toward her car. "Thanks," she waved, before driving off.

"So what the fuck was all that about?" Paul demanded as I arrived back at the pool. "Did she tell you her whole fucking life story? We're all fucking starving!"

"Hardly said a word," I laughed. "She was kinda busy."

Paul studied my semi and saw the tell-tale marks. "Lipstick! She blew you!" Everybody gathered around to check the evidence. Greg was most impressed.

"Hey, bro! That was so cool, man," he beamed and flashed his perfect set of pearlies. "You're so full of surprises, bro. I'm proud of you."

"You should be proud of me all the time, bro, like I'm always proud of you."

"Sorry, bro. I didn't mean it that way."

"That's OK, dude. So, let's get stuck into the pizza."

The rest of the afternoon was pretty cool except that we couldn't do a whole lot while Lindy was there. Dick kept pestering me to piss on him for one thing, and some of the other guys complained about not being able to fuck or whatever. As I got the opportunity, I explained to each of them that things would be different around here now that Greg was my step bro, and that it was important to respect other people.

It was about 5:30 when the guys piled into Dick's Rabbit and split for the day. Lindy said that she was gonna cook dinner for us all. I showed her what was in the fridge, etc, before Paul and I got busy erecting the tent in the backyard before dark.


"Finally what?"

"I get to have you all to myself," Paul grinned.

I stretched the floor of the tent and hammered in the first peg. "Were you jealous of Angela?"

"I try not to be jealous, Daniel, but it's not easy. I work on it, though." Once all the pegs were fixed, we raised the roof and put the poles and ropes in place. "Don't you ever get jealous?" he continued.

"Yeah, sometimes, I guess."

"Of me?"


"Well, that's probably because you don't have anything to be jealous about -- yet. But what if I found some dude and thought he was the fucking ant's pants, then told you that he and I were like a special item?"

"You already have, dude."

"Yeah? Like who?"

"Me," I cracked.

"Sometimes you make me so fucking mad, Daniel."

"Yeah, but you love it."

"Asshole!" Paul yelled as he caught me off-guard and brought me crashing to the grass. He scrambled on top of me and pinned me down. "Kyle! Come here, boy. Show Daniel how much you love him. C'mon, boy!"

"Oh, shit!" I laughed as Kyle's long, pink tongue bathed my face in a bucket of stinking, canine saliva.

"That's a good boy, Kyle. Keep telling Daniel how much you love him," Paul cracked. "Lick him good! Atta boy!"

Paul and I showered together before dinner, but decided to save our boy juice for later in the tent. I did manage a long piss, though.

"Smells awesome, Lindy. What is it?"

"Doesn't have a name. I just made it up. It's a whole bunch of stuff I thought was interesting, and I threw it all in a pot."

We seated ourselves at the table and watched Lindy ladle the food onto our plates. "I steamed the vegies separately," she explained. "They're nicer and sweeter that way. Just help yourselves. By the way, does your mom always let you eat nude at the table?"

"Nah, she says we should look respectable at dinner time. You know the way older folks are."

"Feels kinda weird," Greg admitted, "like being nude at the dinner table. This is a first for me."

"First time for everything, bro. Enjoy it 'cause it won't happen when mom and Andy are back home."

"I think it's totally rad," Paul laughed, rubbing his hands. "This is wicked fun!"

The conversation was mainly about what had happened during the day, until Lindy decided to get a little bit serious. "Can I ask you something, Daniel? That pizza girl -- what was her name?"


"Yeah. Did you enjoy it?"

"The pizza?"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, sure I did. What guy wouldn't?"

"That's what I'm wondering. I mean, how gay do you think you really are?"

"We've talked about this before, Lindy. Can we change the subject? The food's delicious, by the way."

"Thanks. Listen, Daniel, the only reason I'm curious about this -- and I know that Greg is, too -- is 'cause you're so damn full of surprises. Besides, we don't get to talk about this kinda stuff with our folks. So who else am I gonna ask?"

"You wanna know something, Lindy?" I paused a moment while I swallowed a mouthful of steak and gravy. "When you were running around topless today, it made me horny."

"So what else is fucking new," Paul giggled.

"No, seriously, it did! And even now, at the dinner table, I can't help gawking at the damn things. They're really hot. But I've gotta tell you that checking out the guys made me horny, too. So put a label on that, guys."

"Are you bi?" Greg asked.

"If I were bi," I answered thoughfully as I used my fork to lift another piece of steak, "that would mean that I liked both sexes." I put the food into my mouth to buy a little time. I needed to think more about what I was gonna say. "But there are plenty of guys I don't like and plenty of girls I don't like. I just like who I like. I don't fucking analyze why, I just rely on my dick. If it gets hard, that's it, I'm attracted. What's so damn complicated about that?"

There was a pregnant silence while everybody digested what I'd said. Then Lindy spoke. "Yeah, I think that's the word -- uncomplicated. Now I'm beginning to understand you better, Daniel. You follow your instincts instead of allowing peer pressure to rule your life. You're your own person -- and that's pretty rare. I admire you for that."

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