Part 90

Freddie answered the portable phone, then handed it to me. "It's Paul."

"Hi, Daniel, I'm at your house. Greg told me where you were. And guess what?"

"He's mad at you?"

"No way, dude! I blew him! He was still dripping wet from swimming in the pool when he answered the door with a towel around his waist. So he invited me in."


"So he unravelled the towel and threw it over his shoulder. Whoa! I took one look at that awesome, tanned bod of his and his groovy dick and asked him straight out."

"And he said yes?"

"He didn't say anything. He just smiled -- you know the way he smiles with those dark eyes like he can see inside your damn soul. He had 'yes' written all over his killer face. I gotta tell ya, Daniel, your bro is one aggressive mutha when he gets excited."

"Yeah, tell me about it," I laughed. "Anyway, are you gonna rock around here? The guys and I are just having some cool fun."

"I can imagine," he giggled. "I'll ride over. Don't do anything 'til I get there. I'm as horny as hell. Oh, and Greg's going to a movie with Lindy and some of the guys. Remember Nick? The guy you had the boxing match with? He's going, too."

After replacing the phone, I told the guys about Paul and Greg, and that we'd better chill out until my bud had arrived. He'd be totally pissed if he missed out on something.

"So, what's he gonna miss out on?" Jo asked, with a hint of disappointment in his voice. "Are you gonna fuck him?"

All three guys were hanging for my answer, and it was pretty obvious what they were thinking. "I can't fuck all of you, dammit! What the hell?" I reasoned, turning my hands palm-side up. "Am I supposed to be the town stud or something?"

They all answered at once. "Yeah!"

That cracked me up big time, and it took a while before I could speak. "You guys are something else. You know that? It's like you're saying that I could spend all day fucking the shit out of a queue a mile long."

"We can arrange that," Dick laughed, "starting with us."

"You guys are nuts," I said, shaking my head. "I've only got one dick, in case you hadn't noticed. Besides, every one of you is totally hot. I just saw the video, man. You guys are fucking awesome! Like big time! Maybe you don't think so 'cause you see each other almost every day."

Freddie answered the door and led Paul to the TV room. Within seconds, my bud was nude and waving his six inch throbber around. "Hi, guys. Did Daniel tell you I blew Greg? Jeez, he's one hot son of a bitch! Anyway, I'm as horny as a rhino! Any takers?"

"You'll be even hornier when you see the guys' new video, man," I smiled. "Sit on the floor. I wanna see it again, too."

We were only a few minutes into the video when Paul crawled over to Dick and grabbed the remote. "Don't do this to me," he pleaded as he hit pause. "My balls are bustin' like you wouldn't believe! I'm gonna shoot my load before I even get a chance to put my cock into something!"

I leaned forward and rested my upper body on my outstretched hands, then waved my butt in Paul's face. "You mean something like this, dude?"

"Whoa!" Paul smoothed his hands over my tanned globes, then ran a finger across my twitching hole. "Hey, I gotta fuck Daniel right now, guys. I can't wait! Damn, you've got one helluva cute ass, Daniel!"

I arranged myself on all fours, side-on to the TV so that everybody could see the screen. I figured one of the guys would want me to blow him while Paul was fucking my ass. I was dead wrong about that. All three of the guys wanted me to swallow their truckloads. "Take it slow, Paul," Dick ordered, "and give us all a chance to offload before you do."

While Paul was lubing my rosebud with his spit, Dick was on his knees, filling my face to capacity with his thick, seven inches as he grabbed hold of my blonde hair. Then I felt the head of my bud's throbber press against my hole. As it slowly penetrated my ass, Dick was getting into a fucking rhythm, sending his monster back and forth between my tight lips. Pretty soon, Paul was humping my ass with equal vigor. I could sense his hangers bouncing off my skin every time he thrust his pelvis forward, while his fingers dug deep into the flesh on my hips.

Every few minutes, though, Paul would pause momentarily. I guessed he was postponing his climax for the sake of the other guys. But Dick wasn't pausing. No way! He was hanging onto my hair and pumping my face like there was no tomorrow. It was just so fucking incredible to be fucked simultaneously at both ends!

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh," Dick yelled as my mouth was suddenly flooded with a gallon of his salty boy juice. His boner had become even stiffer as it pounded the roof of my mouth like some feral jackhammer, exploding wad after wad of his delicious jizz down my busy throat.

"I dunno if I can hold on much longer," I heard Paul say. "Hurry up, guys!"

No sooner had Dick's shiny, wet throbber flopped out of my mouth, than Jo's had taken its place. At least it wasn't as big -- maybe five inches -- but what Jo lacked in size he more than made up for with enthusiasm. He fucked my face with the haste and impatience of a battery-rabbit while Paul continued to stab my ass with his rock-hard boy meat. How much more of this could I take?

Jo must've been hanging big time to blow, 'cause it took only a few minutes for him to offload a stack of sticky cum as he clung to my hair and forced my face to his little patch of black pubes. Even though there were two aggressive cocks attacking me from either end, I still took the time to savor the spicy aroma of Jo's crotch. It had a certain intoxicating quality that clouded my brain with a pleasing sensation.

By the time Freddie had rammed his boner half way down my throat, Paul was pausing more frequently. He must've been aching to shoot his load. Then it happened. Freddie's fat five thumped the roof of my mouth as he let out a long, loud groan. Boy juice was exploding from both ends and filling me with warm, creamy sensations while fingers were digging into my scalp and hips at the same time. The room was filled with the sounds of young voices howling in ecstasy, as well as raucous laughter and cheering from the onlookers.

"So, what did you think of the video," Dick asked as Paul collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.

"Fucking awesome," he sighed, gazing at the ceiling. "I mean like totally extreme! It ruled! Too bad we didn't shoot what just happened here."

"Lemme go get the camera."

"Fuck off!" I laughed. "Once is enough, man! I'm not gonna go through that again in a damn hurry. I'm so full of fucking boy juice, I reckon I'd sink like a stone in the pool."

"Then offload some of it," Jo giggled, then gave me his trademark 'come on' look with his twinkling, dark eyes. "I mean like the juice you've still got in your balls."

"Yeah!" Dick grinned. "And then your piss. Woohoo!"

I glanced at my bud. "What d'you say, Paul?"

"Huh? Hell, I dunno, Daniel. You're surrounded by fans, man. Do whatever you figure."

There was an obvious hint of jealousy in my bud's voice. What was I to do? How could I please all of them with just two balls worth of juice and one dick? "Tell ya what, guys, I'm gonna go for a quick swim in the pool while you dudes sort out the prob. OK? Lemme know when you've made a decision."

It was a hot, humid day, and the cool water felt totally wicked as I dove in, then practiced my freestyle for a while. Freddie's and Jo's pool was much bigger than mine, making it possible to do short laps of ten or so meters. My times were probably a low slower than normal 'cause I hadn't done any swim training since school had broken for summer vacation.

I'd just touched the wall at the end of my tenth lap, when I heard Dick's voice. I shook the water from my face and hair, then looked up to see the blonde Adonis towering above me. Damn! He had to be one of the coolest dudes I'd ever laid eyes on. He had his hands on his narrow hips and his legs spread a little. His toes were hanging over the edge of the timber decking, and his six inch semi was dangling tantalizingly in mid air.

"Me and the guys have agreed that you can fuck me. I'm gonna go get the camera and Paul's gonna shoot the video. Then Jo, Freddie and me can jack ourselves crazy watching it when you're not around. OK?"

"What did Paul say?"

"He's cool. I told him that he sees you tons more than we do, so he's cool with that."


I swam a few more laps while Dick fetched the camera. Was I that hot that they all wanted my bod? Maybe I was, but what I couldn't understand was how they could all think that I was hotter than they were. Dick was a fucking awesome looking dude, and Jo, Freddie and Paul were not far behind him in their own cute ways. I gave up trying to work it out. There was no satisfactory answer -- and I didn't want all this attention to swell my head out of proportion. I'd seen smartass guys at school who thought they were so damn superior to other guys, and I sure didn't wanna be anything like them. They made me puke big time.

Dick got down on all fours on the lawn as I positioned myself behind him. Just the sight of his perfect, round buns and wrinkled, pink hole sent my blood rushing big time to my dick. I was hard in no time at all. Meantime, Paul was checking out different angles. "Jeez! Paul! Just press the red button and start filming for fuck's sake! This is gonna be a five minute fuck, not some fucking Hollywood epic!"

"Shuddup, asshole. You do what you do best and let me worry about the fucking shoot. OK?"

I loved it when Paul got mad. He really cracked me up. "OK, OK. Chill out and do your thing, man," I laughed.

Well, I had to admit, it wasn't the most erotic fuck I'd ever had. Paul was yelling at me to stop every so often while he changed camera angles. One time, he slid underneath me and shot from below for a while. Then he wanted close-ups of this, or close-ups of that. "Don't gimme any shit," he protested. "This is how they make porno movies. I've read about it. So just do as you're fucking told." Paul was so damn cute when he was being bossy, and I didn't really mind having to perform on cue. What did get to me during the whole event, though, was the way Dick's ass muscles gripped my shaft like a fist every time my balls thumped his globes. It was as though his wicked ass wanted to hang on to my throbber for like fucking ever. Whoa!

"I'm gonna cum, Paul!"

"Pull your dick out and spray your juice all over his back."

I obeyed the director's order and watched the head of my cock explode my boy juice all over Dick's smooth, tanned skin, just above his ass crack. Paul aimed the camera at the blobs of jizz before yelling another order. "Jo? Freddie? Get your asses over here and lick it off. Daniel? Leave your cock resting on Dick's ass."

We all did as we were told while Paul behaved like a grasshopper, jumping from one side of Dick to the other, shooting close-ups of Jo's and Freddie's pink tongues lapping up my sticky nectar until every last drop had been consumed. Then Paul took some shots of the guys licking their lips and smiling at the camera like a couple of grinning chimps.

Greg, Lindy and Nick had already returned from the movie by the time Paul and I had arrived home. They were out back in the pool. Lindy was wearing one of mom's swimsuits, while the guys were in Speedos.

"Hi, Daniel! Hi, Paul," Lindy breamed as she swam toward us. "The movie was wicked. Did you guys have a cool time?"

"You don't wanna know, Lindy," I smiled. "Mind if Paul and I ditch out clothes?"

"It's your house, Daniel. Besides, I don't mind checking you guys out," she winked.

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