Part 91

Paul took a running dive into the pool to join the other guys, but I remained naked on the timber decking for a while to allow Lindy to check out my bod, as well as my soft six hanging in the breeze. I raised my arms and ran my hands through my blonde hair, pretending to be preoccupied with some deep thoughts or whatever.

"Jeez, you're such an obvious fucking show-off, Daniel."

"You love it, Lindy," I smiled, remembering the peep hole in the wall between the showers at school.

"Maybe," she said, coyly, flicking her long, wet hair from her eyes. "Anyway, I brought you and Greg something."

"Like what?"

"Dad's old punching bag. We put it in the garage."

"Woohoo! Back in a sec!" I wrapped a towel around my waist as I ran through the house. Paul was right behind me. Sure enough, at the far end of the garage was a dark-brown, vinyl-covered punching bag. It was a bit worn in places, but it looked way cool! Paul and I carried it back to the pergola and hung it from one of the rafters. "Let's have some fun, guys!"

"Lemme show you how," Nick yelled as he placed his hands on the timber decking and heaved his wicked, tanned bod from the pool. "I do boxing, remember?" As he jogged toward us, I watched his wet muscles popping and stretching with each step. Whoa! He was one fit dude! And that bulge in his togs was making me way horny. Too bad he was straight.

Greg held the bag while Nick showed us his technique, laying his powerful fists into the vinyl like he was threatening to split the bag in two. Then the rest of us took turns, even Lindy! She also did martial art, so there was nothing wussy about that chick. She could flatten any guy in two seconds, easy.

After about half an hour of working out, we were about to hit the pool again when I called out to Nick just before he dove in."Hey, bud! How come you're wearing Speedos?"

"'Cause I'm not some fucking exhibitionist like you are, dude."

"Ooer! Do I detect a defensive attitude here?" Lindy pouted. "What's wrong with exhibitionists?"

"So how come you're wearing a swimsuit?" Nick laughed.

"'Cause I'm a girl. And I'm the only girl here."

"The only girl without a dick," Greg cracked, then copped daggers from Lindy.

"Watch it, asshole," I warned, then checked to see if Nick was laughing. He wasn't. Either that, or he was trying to diplomatically ignore my bro's smartass comment.

"Anyway," Lindy continued, "it's way cool to look at guys, especially guys like you. You're not exactly a nerd y'know, Nick."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Get real, Nick. You're fucking hot! And don't gimme any false modesty bullshit, either. You know you're hot, dammit!"

A kinda, loopy, self-conscious smile spread across Nick's cute, almost-girly face as he studied Lindy for a moment. "OK, I'll ditch my Speedos if Greg ditches his."

My bro just shrugged and grinned as he stepped out of his togs. Lindy had seen him nude before, so it was no biggie. But his dick was. It was almost hard. We all stared at his excellent, cut meat before Nick finally stuck his thumbs down his Speedos and sent them all the way to his ankles. "Woohoo!" we yelled in unison at the sight of his boner bouncing around erotically in mid air. By this time, Paul and I had raging hardons, too.

"Four gorgeous dicks!" Lindy gushed, excitedly, then took each one in her open hand to inspect it more closely. When she wrapped her fingers around Nick's shaft, I watched his eyes squint and his face take on a painful expression. It was obvious that the guy was hanging big time to plunge his hard six into something warm and wet. A sparkling pearl of pre-cum was forming on his piss slit. Damn! I was aching like hell to suck that delicious dick! But I figured I'd better not say anything.

"I gotta cool off, guys," he yelped as he headed for the pool, "like now!" I watched his wicked, muscular buns rise and fall until he lept into the air and splashed head-first into the water. The rest of us weren't far behind him.

As the day wore on, Nick and Greg had begun to enjoy being naked and hard, and took lots of opportunities to parade their killer bods around on the decking before diving in again. And you didn't have to be fucking Einstein to figure that it wasn't just Lindy they were showing off to. So what was the bullshit that Nick had said about my being a fucking exhibitionist! Fucking hell! Given the chance and a little time to get used to the idea, he was as bad as I was, if not worse! Anyway, it was cool with me. The result of Nick's boxing and gym training had honed his athletic body to awesome perfection. He was such a way cool sight! Whoa!

At one stage, Lindy, Greg and Paul were fooling around in the deep end when Nick threw a foot up onto the decking. He was half way out of the water when I'd swum over and grabbed his other ankle. Just a few feet from my eyes were his smooth, spread globes revealing his wrinkled pinky. I'd never seen it up close before. I couldn't help gawking at it, and imagining sending my tongue as deep into that tasty rosebud as I could get it.

"Don't even think about it, Daniel," he grinned as he looked over his shoulder.

I let go his ankle and followed him out of the pool. "You still see much of Frank?"


"Does he still blow you?"

Nick shrugged and smiled, which I took to mean 'yes'. "Anyway, Daniel, I've gotta jet." I walked with him to the pergola where he grabbed a towel. "You remember that time you blew me?" He began to dry his hair to create a diversion, as if he didn't wanna see my face when I answered.

"Yeah. It was right there by the pool, but you and I were the only ones here."

"Yeah, well I wish..." He paused to pull his Speedos up his tanned, muscular legs, then tucked his throbber into the small space. "Damn, I hope this thing goes down before I get home."

"You wish what?"

"Hey, it's nothing. I'll call you tonight after dinner. OK?" he grinned. "It's been a way cool day, man. Great to see you again. And have fun with that punching bag." He put on his baggies and t, and said 'bye to the guys before I saw him to the door.

"Later, Nick!" I waved as he headed off down the street on his bike. "Too bad you're straight," I said under my breath. Whoa! What a fucking horny hunk!

Shortly after, Paul had to go home, too. Lindy invited Greg and I to her place for dinner, but I declined, and made an excuse that I had a lotta computer stuff to catch up on. "Thanks a bunch, Lindy. You guys go ahead, though." I didn't mention that Nick was gonna call later, and I was still curious about what he'd meant when he said that he'd wished for whatever before having second thoughts and changing the subject.

Dinner was leftovers heated in the micro. Not exactly gourmet, but it did the job. I fed Kyle, then checked for email. Jimothy wrote cool note and told me about a couple of concerts he'd performed at. He said that the audience was totally wicked, clapping and singing along, and laughing at his jokes. I could understand that, 'cause he was such a funny guy. How I wished I could see him perform. That would be so fucking awesome! So, I wrote and told him so. Kyle, Danny, Rich, Matt, Kostik and all the other guys had also written, so it took me fucking ages to answer them all.

It was about 8pm when I answered the phone. "Police."

"Oh! Sorry, I..."

"It's me, dickhead." I giggled. "How ya doin'?"

"Cool! Are the other guys still there?"

"Paul's gone home and Greg's at Lindy's house."

"I was thinking about the punching bag. I didn't show you much this afternoon. Wanna learn some more stuff?"


I peeked around the slightly-ajar door to make sure it was Nick before I opened it fully and invited him in.

"Jeez, Daniel! Are you always nude? And I see that you've still got a fucking boner. Or doesn't that thing ever go down?"

"Don't you talk, asshole," I cracked as I noticed the huge tent in his shorts. I led him out to the pergola where the punching bag was still hanging from the rafter, then turned on the floodlight. "So what are you gonna show me?"

"Just a few tricks," he said as he ditched his clothes. "I'm getting kinda used to this nude business, Daniel. And it's all your fucking fault!"

"Suits me, man." Did it ever! Jeez! I figured I could never tire of allowing my eyes to soak up the awesome muscle definition of his lean, mean, sexy bod which seemed at odds with his pretty face.

So there he was, demonstrating various punching styles with his throbber bouncing around like some palm tree in a hurricane, and working up a bit of a sweat which caused his tanned skin to glisten like bronze-colored satin. "Nick, what did you mean this afternoon when you said that you wished for whatever -- y'know, after you asked me about the time I blew you?"

It was as if he'd suddenly gone deaf. He just kept punching the bag until he let fly with a powerful right that sent the bag almost horizontal. "Dammit, Daniel..." He'd taken his eye off the bag which came down with a dull thud and sent him sprawling unceremoniously on his ass.

I was doubled up in hysterics for maybe a couple of minutes, and so was he. Finally, he summoned the strength to stand up. "Fuck! I didn't see that coming." He paused to draw breath. "If I'd been in a fight, I would've been down for the count."

"Listen up, Nick. I think I know what's going on in that crazy head of yours. So lemme show you something." He followed me to my room where I fired up the comp and clicked on Kyle's home page.

"Who's that dude?"

"Tell me what you think of him."

"I dunno. He looks kinda cool, I guess."

"He's the coolest!. He's in the swim team, he surfs, he works out with a punching bag and he spars with Mark, a guy who's built like a brick shithouse."

"OK, so he's a way cool guy."

"You better believe it! And you know something? I've sucked his dick."

Nick leaned closer to the screen and studied Kyle's pic. "He doesn't look gay."

"So what's a gay guy supposed to look like? Your head's full of this fucking stereotype bullshit, man. Gay guys don't come in six different shades of pink, for Christ's sake! Lemme tell you something. You really enjoyed parading your bod around today. You were lapping up the attention you not only got from Lindy, but also from Paul and me. And I noticed Greg ogling you, too! It was fun, right?"

"Yeah." He managed a slight smile and shrugged. "I guess it kinda made me feel good."

"Good? Good? Your fucking face was beaming, man! And I'll tell you what else you were thinking. Correct me if I'm wrong, Nick, but you were wishing that you could've shoved your throbber down my throat, half way to my asshole. Correct? But you didn't 'cause the other guys were there. Correct? And you didn't come around here tonight just to show me how to punch a fucking bag. Correct?"

"I'd better go."

"Like fucking hell you're going! I turned down an invite to dinner at Lindy's so I could be here when you called, so you're gonna fucking stay whether you like it or not! Do I sound mad? I am mad!"

"You did?"

"Did what?"

"Stay home for me?"

"Did you jack off when you got home?"

"No." Nick's cute face dissolved into a broad, boyish grin. There was a wicked twinkle in his eyes. "I guess I was kinda saving it."

"Cool! Woohoo!" I placed my hands on the boy-god's wide, meaty shoulders and looked him directly in the eye. "Nick, ol' bud, I'm gonna give you a head job like you've never even dreamed about in your wildest fantasies."

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