Part 92

There was no way that Nick was gonna hug or kiss or do anything gay. The dude was just aching to get his rocks off. So I figured the only way I was gonna make this session last was to tease him. Besides, this was the first time we'd been alone for ages, and I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to idolize his killer bod. Woohoo! "Tell ya what, Nick," I grinned, handing him my chest expander, "work out with this for a while."

"What the fuck for?"

"Jeez, you can be fucking thick, sometimes. 'Cause I wanna check you out!"

"Blow me first."

"No way, dude. You'll offload and lose interest. Trust me, I know about these things."

I sat on my bed and watched him stretch and strain his perfectly formed muscles while his cut six inches stabbed the air, and his hangers wobbled below. "I don't believe I'm doing this," he laughed. "Have you fucking hypnotized me or something?"

"Shuddup and turn around. I wanna see your back muscles." It wasn't just his back I was interested in, but his ass. Whoa! He had the cutest set of bubble buns -- firm, round and muscular -- the kind that screamed to be fondled. I could hardly resist the temptation to run my hands over their smooth, silky skin. "Nick," I said finally, "I've gotta feel your body, man. I've just gotta."

"I don't understand you, Daniel." He threw the chest expander on the bed, rested his weight on one leg and faced me as he placed his hands on his hips. "I'm a guy, for fuck's sake. How come you get off looking at other guys."

"Just humor me. OK?" I stood and placed my hands on his meaty shoulders, then ran them over the tanned, erotic curves of his pecs. "You've got a fucking awesome chest, dude," I mumbled as my fingers traced the solid, square edges of his perfectly defined pecs, and my thumbs massaged his ripe, brown nipples.

"It's as though you think like a girl, Daniel. I don't get it. You don't act like a girl."

"I'm not a fucking girl, dickhead! I just think you've got a way cool bod. It turns me on. What's wrong with that?" I knelt before him and licked the shiny pearl of pre-cum off the head of his boner while my hands explored the shallow depression below his ribs where his sixpack formed a sexy central groove that ran down to his navel. "How come you didn't ask Frank to blow you tonight?"

"He's sorta wussy, y'know? You're a lot different to Frank. I mean, Lindy really likes you -- she thinks you're hot. So it's like I'm being blown by a straight guy. It sorta makes me feel... I dunno... like I'm special or something."

I glanced up at his cute face and smiled. "You are, dude. You're fucking awesome."

"Maybe, maybe not," he shrugged with an embarrassed grin. "But it's fucking wicked to hear a guy like you say that."

I ran my hands over the small flap of muscle that was perched above each of his hips, then traced the V-shaped lines that converged either side of his flat abs toward his neat patch of black pubes.

"What are you doing?"

"Smelling your crotch." I inhaled deeply and allowed his intoxicating boy scent to flood every corner of my brain. "Mmmm, it's so damn sexy!"

I felt his abs contract as he laughed. "Hey, Daniel, I don't mean to be pushy, dude, but can you kinda get on with it? I'm really hanging to shoot, man!"

I pulled his boner down to horizontal and sent my tight lips over its bulbous, cut head, then all the way down its thick, veiny shaft until his pubes tickled my nose. Instinctively, he place his hands on my blonde hair and arched his back a little. "Oh, fucking hell, man," I heard him groan, "that feels so damn good!". There was something totally excellent about pleasing a guy you admired, and I was more than happy to be sending Nick to his sensual heaven.

Each time I pulled my head back so that the high ridge surrounding his knob bumped my lips, he would thrust his hips forward and force my face hard against his fragrant crotch, while sending his six inches to the back of my throat. The salty taste of his pre-cum was becoming increasingly intense.

He soon became even more aggressive, repositioning his bare feet and clutching at my head as he fucked my face like some deranged animal -- and all the while moaning and groaning stuff like, "this is so fucking cool!" and "awesome, awesome!"

I took a risk and reached around to his ass. His knees were slightly bent, and his cheeks were spread, so it was easy to slide my finger into his tight, moist hole. He must've been cool with that idea 'cause he didn't stop fucking my face -- in fact, he became even more determined to ram his balls against my chin with every violent shove of his pelvis. Whoa! This guy was on fire, big time!

Nick's ass muscles squeezed my finger. His throbber thumped the roof of my mouth. His fingers dug into my scalp.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" His voice had risen a couple of octaves and was quivering. "I'm cummin'! I'm cummin'! I'm cummin'!" His knees sagged momentarily before he quickly regained his balance, helped by his ferocious grip on my head. Wads of his delicious boy juice exploded onto my tongue, then slid down my throat as I gulped like fucking hell to keep up with the sticky flood that seemed like it was never gonna end.

Finally, Nick fell back and collapsed on the spare bed, his arms raised above his head. I took the opportunity to scramble over to him and lick his slowly deflating dick clean. Lick his dick clean? Hmmm. "Hey, Nick? I've gotta offload, man. My balls are bustin' like you wouldn't believe!"

"Whatever, Daniel," he sighed. "I'm too fucked to give a shit about anything."

"Cool!" I stood between his spread knees, spat on my hand and started to stroke my throbbing seven. It was just so fucking awesome to gaze down at his sweating, tanned bod while I fisted my hard teen meat. I watched his wicked chest rising and falling, and the muscles of his sixpack contracting with each breath. Damn, he looked so fucking hot! And his lazy smile was driving me nuts!

Pretty soon, I sensed the electric rush on its way. My whole body tensed, and my knees buckled. I used my free hand to put pressure on the G-spot between my asshole and balls, then aimed my knob at his chest. Through squinting eyes I saw my missiles of boy juice splatter all over his velvet skin -- some on his pecs, some on his belly -- until all that remained was a blob of cum hanging by a long, silvery thread from my swollen piss hole. I watched it descend slowly until it attached itself to the underside of Nick's semi which was laying across his abs.

"Don't move, dude. I'm gonna lick you clean."

For the next few minutes, my wet tongue travelled over his smooth, golden skin, gathering up my wads of slimy jizz and sending them down my throat.

Nick surfaced a second after I had, and flicked the water from his hair and face. He hadn't said a word since we'd left my room and hit the pool. "What are you thinking about, Nick?"

"I dunno. My brain's kinda in a spin. It's like some weird dream."

"Unscramble your brain, dude. Sex is fun. That's all there is to it. It's no big fucking mystery. If it feels good, do it. If it doesn't don't."

"You make it sound so simple."

I scooped the surface of the pool and sent water spraying over his face. "Why shouldn't it be?" I laughed.

It was about 10:30 when I offered to see Nick home. "You can walk your bike, dude. Besides, Kyle likes to go for a walk, too," I explained as I buckled the leash to his collar. Well, I tried to. The moment my canine bud saw the leash, he'd always go totally fucking ballistic, and getting him to 'stay' so that I could attach it was next to impossible. He'd fidget and tremble like he was wired to the city grid. I didn't know why I bothered to tether him, anyway, 'cause I'd always let go of the leash once we were out in the street. If I didn't, he'd pull like crazy, choking on his collar and making weird coughing noises. There were a million exciting smells waiting to be investigated and he was way impatient to get to them all.

"Do you figure anybody's out there?" Nick said, gazing at the twinkling stars as we walked. Kyle was about twenty or thirty yards ahead of us, sniffing every fence post and tree.

"I think about it sometimes." Then I told him about the pedestrian crossing, and how I'd think about the aliens looking at me while I jacked off.

"You're kidding, right?" He paused to search my eyes. "You've gotta be pulling my leg." He made it sound like a statement, but I knew that it was really a question.

"Nope. I've done it heaps of times -- and with my buds, too."

Nick's jaw was practically scraping the pavement, and it took several moments before he could utter a sound. "You mean... like... in the middle of the... like... out there?"

We were just a few paces from the pedestrian crossing and the overhanging orange light. "Yep. Want me to blow you there? Like now?"

"No fucking way, man! Jeez! You really are crazy! Hey, you're kidding me. You must be!" He cracked totally, then regained his composure. "Fuck you, Daniel. You almost had me believing you! Damn, you are one funny guy, you know that?" He slapped his knee and staggered forward. "You really crack me up, dude."

"Anyway, about aliens..." I began before noticing that Kyle had wandered a little to far away, so I whistled him to wait for us. Damn impatient dog! "There's this German guy Matt who emails me and he says that there's like a 0.00001% possibility of us being the only dudes in the universe."

"Wow! It's spooky to think that there might be other intelligent creatures out there somewhere. I wonder what they look like?"

"Not half as good as you do, Nick."

My bud bowed his head and gazed at the sidewalk as we continued walking, obviously thinking deeply about something. "What would have happened if I hadn't met you?"

"You'd have missed out on a damn fine blow job."

"Jeez, you're an idiot," he cracked. "No, I mean my attitude. You've kinda made me think about stuff. Y'know, like gays being cool and that kinda stuff."

"Gays aren't cool, man. I'm cool. And just because I'm cool doesn't mean that every fucking gay dude on the fucking planet is cool. You're cool, too. But just because you're straight doesn't mean that every fucking straight dude on the planet is cool. Cool is not about sexuality, man, it's about personality. Get my drift?"

Nick grabbed my arm and stopped me from walking any further, then looked at me as if he'd suddenly discovered that the world was round. "Yeah!"

"Hey! Whaddaya know! The penny's finally dropped! Congratulations, Nick!" I laughed.

"How come you think about complicated stuff like this?" he asked as we continued on our way.

"Wouldn't you if you thought it was cool to suck guys' cocks?" Yeah, right. He didn't need to answer that one.

I was some yards down the street on the way back home, after we'd already said our goodbyes, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see Nick running up to me.

"Hey, dude. I've gotta say something, but I don't want it to sound mushy or anything dumb like that. Know what I mean?"


He looked me in the eye for a moment while his mind tried to formulate words that were obviously difficult to verbalize. "You're OK, Daniel." That was all he said before he smiled, turned and retreated to his house.

"You, too, Nick," I shouted.

They were just a few words that, under normal circumstances, wouldn't have meant much. But Nick had spoken much more than words alone. He was trying to tell me that he not only liked me but respected me. The message was in his eyes. And in his heart.

By the time I'd arrived home, Greg was already there. "Lindy's an awesome cook, man. You should've come with us!"

"I don't wanna know. I had leftovers. Bleh! But dessert was cool."

"What did you have?"

"Don't ask," I grinned. "Anyways, we've gotta get this place shipshape first thing in the morning. Mom and Andy are due home tomorrow."

"Yeah! And my own room is getting closer! Woohoo!"

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