Part 108

When I suggested to Jimothy that his rehearsal would be better if he had an enthusiastic audience, he agreed. "But your folks already know me. Maybe they won't be critical enough."

"So, we'll get you a new audience."

I phoned all the guys, and checked with Jo and Freddie to make sure their folks would be out playing golf or whatever. The kinda audience I had in mind wasn't intended for adults. Warning! This concert is for totally rad teenagers only, and is not intended for people over the legal age.

"You mean I'm actually gonna meet all those guys in your Diary?" Jimothy asked as we drove to Paul's house.


"Whoa! I'm getting kinda nervous."

After we'd collected Paul, Jimothy drove the Corolla the next few blocks to Freddie's house. Naturally, our host answered the imposing, leadlight front door without a stitch on, then led us to backyard pool area. "We've kinda put a stage together," he said as we followed his tight, bouncing buns. "It's not a real one -- it's a modular, timber dancefloor that mom and dad erect when we have parties."

All the guys were there -- in the buff, of course -- Dick, Steve, Benny, Frank, Nick, Josh and Jo. Together with Freddie, Paul and I, that made an audience of ten. I hadn't expected Nick to come 'cause he was straight, but he figured it was gonna be too rad to miss. Greg had declined the invitation, though. "I think it's gonna be a bit too wild for me, bro." But he promised that he and Lindy would be at the concert that night at the mall.

Jimothy watched Paul and I strip and ditch our clothes on the lawn. "Are you sure you want me to rehearse nude, Daniel?" he asked. "It won't be like a proper rehearsal if I'm…"

"Don't argue, bud," I interrupted, "I've promised the guys already. They've never seen a nude singer before, and they're looking forward to it."

Jimothy shrugged, placed his Yamaha on the lawn, then sat down to take off his shoes and socks. Then, when he stood to remove his shirt and pants, the guys broke into wolf whistles and applause, which cracked everybody up. Already, there was the excitement of anticipation in the air, just like at a real concert. "Seat yourselves on the lawn," I ordered. "The show's about to begin."

"There's no microphone," Jimothy observed. "I've gotta have a microphone stand. I'd feel naked without one." Then he cracked. "Doh! What am I saying?"

"Hey, Freddie!" I yelled. "You got a broomstick or something?"

Within a minute or two, the stage was ready. The broomstick was secured in an upright position by a couple of bricks strategically placed around its base. Jimothy stepped onto the boards and approached the 'mic' to the sound of more wolf whistles and applause.

"Thank you," he said before strumming a few introductory chords. "I can't tell you how pleased I am to be here… so I won't. This is a first for me… no offence, but I've never performed before a bunch of dickheads before. No, that's not true. They were hidden inside peoples' pants. Outa sight, outa mind, if you get my drift. But, on this auspicious occasion, they're not outa sight, including mine, and I've gotta tell ya, it's kinda disconcerting. Folks usually look at my face when I sing." [Pause for laughter]. "And I usually look at theirs."

Everybody was laughing themselves stupid. Jimothy was one funny guy, and I was so proud of the dude -- in just a few seconds, he had his audience in the palm of his hand.

"But," he continued, "the world is full of weird and challenging situations -- for example…" He strummed his guitar. "We all live in a yellow submarine…"

Almost immediately, we were all singing and clapping along to the old Beatles song. I couldn't believe that we were having so much fun already! Jimothy ruled!

"I like songs about deep and meaningful shit," he smiled as the applause died down. "Can you hear me OK? Microphones can be a dang nuisance -- bloody modern technology." He adjusted the broom for a second. "I bought one of these for a girl I knew. She wasn't too bright -- thought it was meant for sweeping." [More laughter]. "Hey, do you realize what's happening here? I'm standing in somebody's backyard and you're all laughing at me. You have any idea what that can do to a guy's self esteem? I should tell you something, since we're all her naked like this… I'm bi. That basically means that if I date a girl, and at the end of the night I discover that she's got a dick, it's cool. Know what I mean?" [More laughter]. "Are there any straight guys here?" Nick raised his hand. "OK, we've got one straight guy. Cool. You wanna come up on stage with me, Nick?"

"What for?"

"I just want people to know that being straight doesn't mean that you have to look weird." [More laughter and applause]. "Hey, you're a fucking great audience. Oops! Is it OK if I cuss? I kinda like the word 'fuck'. Y'know? I mean, it's the way it starts. Lemme see you all do it. Curl your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. OK? That's good. Now, place your top front teeth over your bottom lip, like this. OK? Cool! Now you're ready to say 'fuck'. Feels pretty rad, huh? It's kinda like putting the ball in the cannon and being all ready to light the wick. Are you ready? OK, when I count to three, I want you all to say 'fuck'. Nine… hang, that's not right… one… two… threeeeeee!


"That's fucking sensational! You Tampa people catch on quick." He strummed the guitar. "OK, time for another song. This is about a topic very near and dear to all our hearts. No… not love or sex -- can you guess? Pizza! I co-wrote this song with my bud Tom -- it's about the all-you-can-eat special on Tuesdays at Papa Gino's. We go there every Tuesday, but I haven't eaten Tom yet. I'm still workin' on that. Anyway, I normally sing this song with Tom, cuz it needs harmony. Can anybody here sing?"

Nick raised his hand. "I used to be in the school choir."

"And you're straight?" [Everybody cracked totally]. "Join me up here on stage, Nick. I'm gonna make you a star." Jimothy sang a few bars until Nick understood where he needed to harmonize, then they launched into the song. OK, so Nick fucked up in a few places, but it was awesome all the same -- and the more they sang, the more confident Nick became. He was having a fucking wicked time, and we were cheering and clapping like crazy.

After the song, Nick was about to leave the stage when Jimothy grabbed his arm. "Hey, you were pretty good! You wanna sing with me at the concert tonight?"

"Jeez, I dunno, man."

"Just for that one song -- and you can wear clothes if you wanna. Hey, can I ask you somehing?"


"You're like a teen version of Claude Van Damm, only better looking. I'm kinda inspired. You wanna stand there and look fucking delicious while I ad lib a song about you?"

"I guess," Nick replied self-consciously.

"OK, here goes…. He's a boy with a body, that causes everybody to go woohoo -- OK everybody, sing woohoo with me! He's a boy with a body, that causes everybody to go woohoo! [Woohoo!] He's got hips that are narrow, and a dick like an arrow, woohoo [Woohoo!]…."

The more Jimothy sang, the less inhibited Nick became. He started to gyrate and flex his wicked, tanned muscles to the rhythm of our clapping hands and, pretty soon, his dick was as hard as a rock. It wasn't alone. All of us had roaring boners, including Jimothy.

"The size of his boner's like the whale that ate Jonah, woohoo! [Woohoo!]"

There was something truly amazing about the way Nick was behaving -- like he was really getting off on the fact that we were loving his performance -- thrusting his hips and causing his throbber to slap his abs. He was under the influence of a drug called adoration. I figured everybody in the audience was desperate to get their lips around that horny, hard meat of his. I sure was.

"And now, a big round of applause for Nick!" Jimothy laughed. "Was I right? Didn't I tell you I'd make him a star?"

"YES!" came the enthusiastic reply.

Suddenly, Nick had returned to reality with a thud. "Did I really just do all that stuff?" was the question he seemed to be asking himself as he stepped off the stage to much backslapping and congratulations from the rest of us.

"Woohoo, Nick!" I said as he sat beside me on the grass, "You were fucking awesome, man! I had no idea you could do all that rad stuff!"

"Either did I," he laughed. "I can't believe that was me up there. Jeez, I dunno what came over me."

Jimothy launched into his next song with only a brief introduction. "This song's called 'Touchless'. I wrote it myself." It changed the mood of the audience immediately, from frivolous to serious. Once again, I was in awe of how he could manipulate us with such ease, as though he had us all hypnotized.

"Hey," he smiled when he was done singing, "this is so cool! I didn't realize that my songs had dick power. I play one song and they're up. I play another and they're down. This is more fun than a yo yo." [More laughter]. "Hey, you want I should get them up again?"


"OK, but first I wanna introduce my special friend -- a guy I've admired for a bloody long time, and the main reason I'm here now." He strummed the Yamaha. "I'm talking about the one and only…. Daniel!" He beckoned me to join him on stage.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked as I stood beside him. "I can't sing a fucking note!"

"You're one of the few guys on this planet who doesn't need to do anything," he grinned, then returned his attention to the audience. "Some time ago, Daniel emailed me and suggested that he'd like to join me on stage dressed in Speedos. I thought it was a cool idea at the time, but this is even cooler! Fuck the Speedos!" [Cheers and laughter]. "Anyway, he also said in the email that he could jack off while I sang, then spray his boy juice all over the audience. Sound like a good idea to you?"

"Woohoo!!!" The guys moved closer to the stage so that they were bunched in a small semicircle just a few feet away from me -- all except Nick, that was. He remained about six feet away.

"Nick," Jimothy observed, "you're gonna miss out on the juice out there, boy."

"That's the idea," he grinned.

"I don't know any jacking songs," Jimothy continued, "so I'm gonna have to improvise. Are you ready?"


"There's a throbber down in Tampa, there's a throbber down in Tampa, there's a throbber down in Tampa we all love… it's incredible, so edible, the memory's indelible, the throbber down in Tampa we all love."

It didn't take long for the guys to learn the lyric and sing along. Meantime, I fisted my seven inches to the beat of the music.

"It's delicious, it's nutritious, the object of our wishes, the throbber down in Tampa we all love."

I'd never seen a sight so horny in all my life -- a group of my fav guys assembled before me as I jacked my hard teen meat in front of them. Watching them clapping and singing as I thrusted my hips and slid my hand along my shaft was such a fucking turn-on, it had to be the bomb of all bombs. Totally de dope!

"He's undressed and we're impressed, we consider it the best, the throbber down in Tampa we all love."

It was at that moment that I felt the surge of cum rising from my tight balls. I stood at the edge of the stage and took my hand away from my rock-hard beef. Jimothy kept singing, and the guys kept clapping, as the first of my wads exploded from my pisshole and flew through the air like a silver ribbon. My feral dick was bucking like a frisky pony as jet after jet of boy juice draped themselves over eager faces.

"When it fires it inspires, and fulfils all our desires, the throbber down in Tampa we all love."

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