Part 111

I explained to Jimothy that I'd jacked all over him on his first night here 'cause I didn't wanna wake him. "Besides, I was still kinda nervous about you, and I wasn't sure… well, y'know."

"You licked your boy juice off my toes? Wicked! I gotta write a song about that! I'll call it Comatose -- like you were licking my toes while I was asleep. OK, not so good. I'll think of another title."

"Can I ask you something personal?"

"You will, anyway."

"Are you very experienced?"

"With songs or sex?"


"The truth? Nope. Unless you're talking about masturbation. I get an A for that. Anyway, I'm in your room, right? I'm two feet away from the legendary Daniel, so I figure I'm gonna add a thing or two to my sexual experience tonight."


"I dunno. Y'know, it's one thing to write you and make jokes about my fantasies, but it's another to be standing here and looking into your brown eyes. I'm kinda…" He paused and shrugged. "Kinda nervous, I guess."

"I can fix that." I unbuttoned his shirt, then rolled it over his shoulders. "You've got a wicked sexy bod, Jimothy. Kyle thinks so, too. He went ballistic when he saw your pic." I ran my hands over his chest, shoulders and upper arms. "Your skin is so damn smooth, like silk. You wanna take off my t?" I raised my arms to allow him to pull the shirt over my head, then drop it on the bed. "You wanna feel my chest?"

"Do I wanna feel your chest? Why don't you ask me if I like breathing?"

I watched Jimothy's face as his hands explored my pecs and nipples. It was as though he didn't quite believe what was happening. "Awesome," he whispered. "Every bump and curve is just so bloody awesome. It's like perfect." Then he cupped my pecs in his hands. "It's like I'm holding something powerful here, something really majestic."

"Are you still nervous?"

"A little."

"Kiss me."

"As in… I mean, like a peck? Or…?"

"Whatever comes naturally."

I closed my eyes as Jimothy's lips touched mine. It was a gentle kiss, an affectionate kiss, but it seemed to raise my feet off the floor. Meantime, his hands were still exploring my chest. Gradually, his hands moved around to my back, then pulled me closer. At the same time, his wet, warm tongue forced its way between my lips and began to dance with mine. I felt the jets of hot air being expelled from his flared nostrils as his breathing became more rapid and intense. Our teeth clashed. Our crotches were pressed hard against each other, and our boners rubbed together.

"Holy Creamsicles!" he sighed as our lips finally peeled apart. "Whoa! What happens now?"

"I want you to decide."

"Me? Hey, Daniel, I'm the fucking novice here. How the bloody hell am I supposed to decide?"

"You have fantasies, right? Well now's your chance."

"But what if you…? I mean, what if I do something... like wrong?"

"I'll let you know if you do. But I figure you'll be OK."

"Jeez! My brain's going crazy. There's a bunch of totally wild stuff going on in there."


"Well, the pedestrian crossing, you and Paul in the tent, the movie you made with Dick and the guys at Freddie's house that time, you and Kyle together… I mean, heck! Where the fuck do I begin?"

"Well, I'm no fucking rocket scientist, but I figure it'd help a tad if I took off your pants." I squatted and began to undo his belt. Then I unbuttoned the waist and fly until his pants fell in a crumpled heap over his shoes. "Hey, what you got in there?" I joked before kissing the huge bulge in his boxers. "Can I see?" I tugged on his shorts until his boner bounced out and stared me in the face with its one eye. "Hmmm, that's a pretty cool looking piece of teen meat, Jimothy." I rubbed my face around his balls and felt his heavy shaft bouncing on my head. "Smells fucking awesome, too! Mmmm! Spicey!"

"Jeez, Daniel. I gotta do something! And I mean gotta!"


"Well, would it be OK if… I mean…" He stopped to watch me undress and toss my clothes on the bed.

"Jimothy, I think I know what's going on in your head. Why don't you just go ahead and do what you wanna do? Here, lemme help you with your shoes." I knelt on the floor and untied his laces. "Sit on the side of the bed, and I'll take them off." I removed one shoe at a time as he lifted his feet. Then I peeled his socks off before taking a sniff of their warm, savory odor.

"How come you like the way my feet smell?"

"Did I say I liked it?"

"You're smelling them. That's usually a pretty good indication."

"They're your feet, dude. It's not like I go around smelling every foot that comes within range, like some bloodhound on a mission. Y'know, when you're on a bus, maybe one person on board gets you excited. The rest you can easily live without. Why exactly that one person excites you, and nobody else does, is something you can't explain. At least, I can't."

"So what happens now?" he asked as he sat naked on the bed.

"Scrabble? Monopoly? Seriously, dude, just follow your instinct. If I suggest something, it won't be like you made your own decision. So go for it."

"Well, I hope you don't get mad at me." And with that, he rose from the bed, then placed his hands under my arms and raised me to full height. Our lips met again, and within seconds, his tongue was probing my mouth while his arms were wrapped around me.

When our lips had peeled apart, he took a moment to gaze longingly into my eyes while the fingers of one of his hands ran through my blonde hair. "So they always change their minds, I am always waiting -- for the change -- in mine."

"That's from the song you wrote."

"Yeah." He placed his hands on my shoulders and slowly turned me around. Then, as his boner pressed against my ass crack, he ran his fingers over my chest and put his lips to my ear. "You've changed my mind about a lotta things, Daniel," he whispered. "I wanna fuck you."

"I'll call the police." I felt his body shake as he laughed.

One hand had disappeared from my chest as I heard him spit. He spat again, and I felt his fingers around my hole, and the wetness of his saliva.

"You wanna do it standing up?" I asked.

"Hey, I just wanna do it! Jeez! Anyway, I wanna be able to feel your pecs and bite your neck. Are you ready?"

"I ain't going nowhere."

I placed my hands on top of his as he squeezed my pecs and nibbled my ear. Slowly, his six inches slid into me. "Am I hurting you?"

"My ear's fine."

He increased his fucking rhythm gradually, then began to breathe heavily. It was the absolute dope to hear the sounds of his snorting and moaning right next to my ear, as if he were trying to tell me what a killer fuck he was enjoying. Each time his crotch rammed my buns, he would grip my pecs like his life depended on them. Then I felt his teeth sinking into my neck as jets of air from his nostrils warmed my tingling skin.

When he began to make little whimpering noises, I knew that he was about to shoot big time. "Oh, Daniel," he groaned with a quiver in his voice, "I'm gonna cum."

The pressure of his hold around my chest increased as his balls aggressively pounded my ass. I could feel his throbber getting harder inside me, then the sensation of his warm boy juice filling me with each mighty explosion. And all the time his hot, moist breath was in my ear as he made weird animal noises.

Finally, I felt his weight increase as his body slumped. He was still inside me as he rested his head on my shoulder. "Hey," he whispered, then paused for a moment. "I'm not a virgin any more."

"I'll alert the media," I laughed, and had the satisfaction of getting even for his comment on the phone about my not wearing shoes.

"You can alert whoever you wanna. I feel so damn good, I wouldn't care if a bunch of reporters burst into your room this very second."

"What do you wanna do now?"

There was a brief pause while he licked my ear. "Blow you."

"You wanna sneak out to the pedestrian crossing?"

"It's kinda tempting, but what if we get busted?"

"It's no worse than a room full of reporters."

Within minutes we were walking naked down the street toward the traffic lights. "Jeez! This is so damn scary, Daniel."

"How come you've got a boner, then?"

"I dunno. Maybe it's the excitement. Hey, I've read about it, but I never, and I mean never, thought I'd be doing it for real!"

"If you think this is exciting, wait 'til you're in the middle of the road under the fucking light, man."

"You know something? You're totally loopy, Daniel. It's no wonder everybody loves you."

Before we stepped off the kerb, we checked each of the four intersecting streets. It seemed quiet enough. The only sound was coming from some dog in the distance. "You ready?"


"You wanna go back?"


As Jimothy knelt before me in the middle of the crossing under the overhanging orange light, I ran my fingers through his short, curly, brown hair, then watched as my rock-hard seven inches disappeared between his lips. The fact that I was constantly glancing over my shoulder to check for traffic didn't distract my focus -- it actually heightened the thrill of Jimothy's lips and tongue as I pumped his handsome face. Whoa! Totally rad!

Just as I felt my rush of boy juice building, and my balls tightening, I caught a glimpse of something in the distance to my right. Headlights! Fuck! But it was too late. My cock had begun to explode. Jimothy was gagging and swallowing, and far too fucking busy to notice the approaching car. There was no way I could've moved even if I'd wanted to. My whole body was shuddering. Every explosion of jizz depleted my muscles of a little more strength. I was outa control, and hanging onto his head to keep my balance.

We'd only just made it back to the safety of the shadows when the car stopped at the lights. "Shit!" Jimothy exclaimed. "That was way too fucking close for comfort!"

"Maybe," I laughed as the car disappeared into the night, "but I gotta tell ya something, dude. I'd just started to offload when I saw that car in the distance but I couldn't stop. I'm not sure how to explain this, but knowing that the car was getting closer all the time as I was shooting my juice down your throat was the most awesome thrill I think I've ever had. It fucking ruled!"

"You saw it coming? You SAW it coming? While my face was full of your exploding cock?"

"Chill, Jimothy. All's well that ends well my mom says. Your face won't be on the front page of tomorrow's Tampa Times."

"Too bad," he shrugged, then grinned. "Anyway, I'm so bloody nervous, I gotta go pee."

"Me, too." We stood side by side on the kerb, and watched our piss splash over the asphalt. Then I shifted my stream so that it combined with his. "I hereby officially declare Daniel and Jimothy as pee bros," I laughed.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 112