Part 116

Paul's BMX shot outa his drive and cruised alongside mine as we rode to school. "How ya doin?" I asked.

"Better," he smiled, "and I didn't jack off last night or this morning."

"You gonna apologize to that dude at school?"

"Yeah. You wanna be there with me?"


"But what if he gets mad?"

"That's his decision. I can't fight your fights for you, Paul -- unless you're outnumbered."

"Guess not. Anyway, how come Greg doesn't ride to school with you?"

"He rides with Lindy."

"They got a thing happening?"

"They're good buddies. I think Greg likes female company."

"She's a way cool chick."

"Yeah -- kinda like a tomboy. She's more like one of the guys than one of the chicks."

"But she's helluva pretty -- a real head-turner."

"Oh? You noticed?"

After swim training, the coach was parading his huge cock in the showers as usual. He enjoyed making the rest of us look like pre-pubescents, and I swore the damn thing had grown another inch during summer vac. He must've spent a lotta time in the sun 'cause his bod was as brown as a berry, and looked totally horny as the water cascaded down his smooth, shaved skin. Quite a few of the team had boners, and I wondered if the sight of the coach had turned them on. They weren't gay as far as I knew, so maybe the spectacle of a six-inch piece of juicy, limp meat bouncing around under the shower was something that got a guy's blood rushing no matter what his sexuality.

During first break, I watched Paul from a distance as he approached the guy he'd fought with the previous day. The situation seemed a little tense at first, then there was a lotta head-nodding before they shook hands. Paul was wearing a wide grin as he sat alongside me. "It's cool."

"What did you say?"

"Just that I was mad about something and that the fight was my fault."

"Who is he?"

"A new student. His name is Jason -- comes from Chicago -- said his folks moved down here for the sunshine. He's kinda cute looking."

"Trust you to notice," I laughed as I gave him a friendly shove.

"Don't you fucking talk, asshole! I saw how you were gawking at the coach's dick this morning."

"Like I was the only fucking one? Gimme a break. Everyone on the fucking team was ogling the damn thing. Anyway, who could blame them? That monster belongs in the Cock Hall of Fame."

"Who's does?" Lindy asked as she and Greg arrived suddenly, then sat beside us.



"Jeez, Daniel," Greg glared, "don't embarrass me. OK?"

"Shuddup! I'm curious," Lindy scolded, then returned her attention to me. "So why does Greg's belong in the Cock Hall of Fame?"

"I was only kidding, Lindy. We were talking about the coach. He's fucking huge."

"How come guys are into this huge thing? Is it some kinda status symbol or something?"

"Don't girls gawk at big dicks?"

"Up to a point, I guess, but there's such a thing as symmetry, y'know. I dunno about all girls, but I think it's more important for a guy's bod to be in proportion -- like Greg's."


"OK, yours, too -- and Paul's. Anyway, I think most girls look for other things."

"Such as?"

"My mom says it's natural for a girl to think about what kinda father the guy would be -- y'know, what kinda kids he's gonna give her. It's an instinct thingy. And I don’t think most girls would worry about whether or not their male kids where gonna have big dicks or not. There are more important things to consider."


"Intelligence, humor, personality, character, courage -- stuff like that. Mom says it comes from the days when the husband used to have to belt a mammoth or whatever over the head and drag it back to the cave so that the family could eat. The dude had to be a reliable provider."

"Sounds logical, but you're missing the point. The coach loves to parade his monster in the showers 'cause all the guys think his dick is way cool."

"He's probably just an attention seeker."

"You mean like I am with the peep hole?" The words slipped outa my mouth before I could stop them.

"Peep hole?" Greg asked.

"It's nothing," Lindy shrugged, but had guilt written all over her crimson face.

"What's going on here?" my bro insisted. "I wanna know. Tell me!" A minute later, after Lindy and I had told him the truth, he was cracking up big time. It was such a fucking relief to know that he wasn't freaking or anything, he had all of us giggling our tits off. "Jeez, Daniel," he said between gulps for breath and slapping his thighs, "you are totally un-fucking-believable! I can't believe you! You are totally off the fucking wall!"

"Hey, man, somebody's gotta do the hard yards. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't freak. We thought you might."

"I would have once, but not now. Actually, I think what you do in front of the peep hole is kinda neat. It's like my dad said last night, you're totally natural. It's infectious."

That afternoon, following swim prac, I was in the mood again for a 'show', so I stayed behind in the showers after the rest of the team had gone home. When I saw the peep hole slide open, I walked toward it. "Mind if I watch? This I gotta see." It was the last person I expected to see -- my bro.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm here aren't I?"

Greg's presence got me off to a bad start. I was very conscious of his being there, and seeing my performance from a straight perspective. My nervousness was preventing me from being totally uninhibited. "This is not gonna work with you watching me, bro."

"Why not?"

"'Cause I do it for the girls. You're a guy -- a straight guy."

"You want me to show you how it's done?"

"You? Yeah, right."

"Why not?" I watched him remove his shoes, then his t and baggies. "If you can do it, so can I," he grinned. "Hey, this is kinda exciting."

As he writhed, flexed and posed in front of the peep hole, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My bro? Greg, the shy one? What the fuck had come over him? Anyway, he was getting plenty of encouragement from the girls. I could hear their muffled shrieks and gasps from the other side of the wall. They'd obviously succeeded in spurring my bro along big time -- the more noise they made, the more daring he became. "Hey, Daniel, this is so fucking cool! Let's do a double act!"

So, there we were, the two of us side by side teasing the fuck outa the girls. At one stage, Greg followed my example and pointed his ass at the wall, spreading his cheeks and bending his throbber down between his legs. "Do girls like assholes?"

"Sure they do -- 'specially cute ones."

We were still in that position when the shower room was suddenly invaded by a mob of screaming chicks. Well, it seemed like a mob -- it was probably about seven or eight -- but they were acting like feral fans from some pop concert who'd broken through the security barrier. We had no choice but to allow the army of tongues and lips to devour our bods. It seemed like every square inch of my skin was being licked, sucked and fondled -- and the same thing was happening to Greg.

"You're late home, boys," mom commented as we headed for the fridge and the carton of milk.

"Well, you know what girls are like, mom. They love to chat."

"And you're teaching Greg bad habits! You're not supposed to drink straight from the carton! What if Andy or I did that?"

"You wouldn't. You're adults."

I was doing my homework when Greg knocked on my door. "Can I come in?" He sat on the side of my bed and grinned at me for a full minute before he spoke again. "Did that really happen today?"


"I still can't believe it! Woohoo! Totally unreal!"

"So were you. You blew me away when you started teasing the chicks. I honestly never thought I'd see the fucking day!"

"Hey, neither did I," he laughed. "But I've been thinking about the stuff my dad said -- y'know, about the way you are, and how people think you're cool 'cause you're so damn natural."

"Were you being natural today?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe it was a side of me that I'd kept hidden or something. But it felt wicked to be like you. Those girls were totally fucking amped!"

"To be like me?" I closed a book and opened another. "The world doesn't need another Daniel, man. It needs a Greg. Did you really do all that stuff in the showers just to be like me?"

"I guess I wanted to see if I could do it."

"Hey, anybody can copy somebody else if they really wanna. That's not so hard. The hard thing is to be yourself, and to be proud of who you are 'cause you're unique."

"I know you keep telling me that I'm special, Daniel, but I don't see it."

"You don't have to. It's for other people to see. But how are they supposed to see it if you're not yourself?"

It was about 8:30 by the time I'd arrived at Paul's house. He was in his room, and just finishing his homework. "You should've seen Greg this afternoon, man," I laughed, then explained what had happened.

"You're kidding! He did all that? Fuck, Daniel, he's only been your bro for a few months and you're leading him astray already!"

"Fuck off. Anyway, you're the one who led me astray."


"Yeah, you!"

"You want me to lead you astray again?"

"That's what I'm here for," I grinned. "Stand up." I lifted Paul's t over his head and threw it on the bed. "Did I ever tell you that you've got a wicked bod?"

"Several times."

"Smells awesome, too. Did you shower?"

"Yeah… it's just soap."

I spent a few moments sucking on his ripe, fleshy, brown nipples, then asked him to raise his arms so that I could lick his pits. He was perspiring a little, and his sweat was salty and fresh. I'd always liked Paul's armpits -- they were almost hairless, and a light, caramel color which contrasted with the rich tan of his firm pecs.

"I'm gonna shoot my load before you fucking get down there, Daniel."

"Patience is a fucking virtue, dude. Chill."

When I did squat and arrive at his shorts, I noticed a big, damp spot at the peak of his bulge. "You're leaking like a sieve, man."

"I've been leaking all fucking afternoon thinking about you blowing me, dammit."

Sure enough, when his boner bounced out of his boxers it flicked pre-cum over my face. "Did I ever tell you…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've got a nice dick. Now are you gonna spend all night gawking at the fucking thing or what?"

"Don't crack me up, Paul," I laughed. "Jeez, I've never seen you so fucking horny!"

"Stop teasing me, Daniel," he ordered as he grabbed the back of my head with one hand and maneuvered his boner with the other. Within a second, my lips were tightly wrapped around his smooth, rock-hard shaft as it slid backwards and forwards with his aggressive pumping action. Whoa! This kid was in a helluva hurry to get his rocks off! Both his hands were now gripping my head as I squeezed his buns -- then my finger found his hole. I felt it contract as his throbber went totally feral in my mouth. There was a soft moan followed by an explosion of delicious boy juice. Then another. And another. It was almost impossible to stop from gagging as he held my face against his small patch of black pubes until his swollen knob had fired the last of its sticky salvos.

"Whoa!" he sighed as his body crumbled. "I was hanging for that big time."

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