Part 131

Paul and I decided to blade over to Jo's and Freddie's place. On the way, we called into Jason's, who answered the door dressed only in baggies. "Hi, guys. I've just been working out with the weights. 'Sup?" His arms and chest were still pumped from the workout, and he looked totally fucking edible.

"Just rocking over to a bud's house. A whole stack of guys are gonna be there… they've got a killer pool. You wanna come?"

"Do I know them?"

"Most of them… guys from school."

"I'll check with Gran. Hang."

I felt Paul's elbow in my ribs as our new bud disappeared down the hall. "Hey! You'd better tell him what's gonna be going down."

"I will, I will. Just chill. OK?"

Jason returned with a t thrown over his shoulder, and carrying his blades. "It's cool. Hang while I put these on." He sat on the porch and began to pull on his blades.

"Hey, Jason, there's probably something I should tell you… I mean, about the guys."

"They're gonna skinny dip, right?" he laughed. "No biggie, Daniel … that's what I figured."

"Maybe more than that."

Jason ceased tightening his boot laces for a moment, and looked up at me. "Like?"

"I dunno… maybe a couple of the guys might do stuff... y'know, like get kinda friendly..."

"He means an orgy," Paul volunteered.

Jason studied his boot for a while, then began to remove it. "Hey, I just remembered… I've got stuff to do."

"No biggie. But if you change your mind, Freddie's number's in the book."


I waited until Paul and I had bladed outa Jason's sight before I grabbed my bud's shoulder and glared at him. "What the fuck was that all about?"

"You mean about the orgy? Hey, what would you call it? A teddy bear's picnic?"

"You've got Jason thinking all kinds of weird shit now."

"Oh? And what would he be thinking if he saw us all fucking the crap outa each other? Or you pissing on Dick and me?"

"I was gonna kinda ease him into it."

"Yeah, right. You're not talking about a bunch of celibate nuns, dude. They're probably into it right now."

"Listen up. I'm gonna go back to Jason's. You go on ahead, and tell the guys I'll be there shortly."


"Don't fucking argue. Just do it."

Jason's gran answered the door, and gave me a pretty stern look. "What did you say to upset my grandson?"

"I'm not sure, ma'm. I thought I'd better come back and clear it up."

"He's in his room… but take those ridiculous shoes off, first."

After I'd removed my blades, and left them on the porch, I knocked on Jason's closed door. "Hey, bud?" It must've been the best part of a minute before he answered. "Hey, listen… about what Paul said…"

"Don't try to explain, Daniel. You'll only get yourself into deeper shit."

"Listen, maybe I shouldn't have invited you. OK? It was a mistake, and I'm sorry."

He opened the door a little more, and stood aside. "C'mon in." Then he waited until I sat on the side of his bed before he closed the door. "So why did you come back?"

"'Cause I didn't want you thinking the wrong kinda stuff."

He picked up the small hand-weights, and began doing bicep curls. "Are you telling me that Paul didn't mean what he said about you guys having an orgy?"

"Not exactly. It's just that I don't want you judging us without… well, y'know, without kinda being there."

"I see. So you're telling me that if I actually see a guy with his dick up some other guy's ass, it'll be OK. Is that what you're saying?"

"Listen. You used to think that if you jacked off, it'd be all fucking hell, fire and brimstone, and that your hand would become all fucking hairy. That's what I'm saying."

He lowered the weights, and let them hang by his sides. "OK, so I'm cool about stuff that I thought was uncool before. But like how far do you wanna push me, Daniel?"

"I don't wanna push you, Jason, I just wanna educate you."

"Educate me! Jeez!" he laughed, then stooped to place the weights on the floor before he sat on the bed alongside me. "Can I ask you something? Why are you doing all this? What if I had gone with you and freaked at what I saw? Why do you wanna risk our friendship?"

"Is that what you think I'm doing?"

"You didn't answer my question."

"I was kinda hoping that you'd think it was cool. The other guys aren't freaks, y'know… they're just regular guys."

"Yeah, right. The kinda guys you meet every day. You can't be serious, Daniel."

"You met me. You met Paul. Are you saying that we're not regular guys?"

"You look like regular guys, but regular guys don't… well, you know what I mean."

"That's why I wanted you to come with us, so that you could see how wrong you are."

"And then what? Who should I fuck first? Hey! Why don't you invite the whole damn school around? Then you can educate everybody!"

"It's not everybody who matters to me, Jason. Can't you understand that? It's you who matters to me."

"And you matter to me, Daniel. Look, if we're going to… I mean, if you and I are gonna… like do stuff…"

"What kinda stuff?"

There was a long pause while Jason studied the floor, and avoided my eyes. "Don't laugh, OK? But when I jacked off that time, I kinda fantasized about you and me."

Whoa! It seemed like I was the one who was getting a fucking education. "Doing what?"

"Just touching and stuff. Pretty lamo, actually, compared to what I figure you normally do."

"So that's what's bothering you?"


I put my arm around my bud's shoulder, and pulled him closer to me as he continued to gaze at the floor. "I dunno what you fantasized about, Jason, but whatever it was, it wasn't lamo. OK? Actually, I'm flattered that you fantasized about us. It means a lot to me, honest."

"It was just you and me jacking, that's all."

"That’s all? Hey, Jason, there's no such thing as 'that's all'. Now I understand where you're coming from. You figure if we jacked each other off, I'd think it was pretty ho-hum. Right?"

"Well, you've gotta admit, it's not exactly a fucking orgy."

"Doesn't need to be, dude. If it feels right, do it. If it doesn't, don't. Hey, let's blade over to Jo's and Freddie's. You can hang with me… and I promise I won't get involved in anything. We'll just check out the scene. Whaddaya say?"

"They'll think I'm a wuss or something."

"No they won't. They're cool guys. You'll see. Anyway, if it freaks you out, you can leave. No prob."

A dripping-wet Freddie with a towel barely clinging to his waist, answered the door. We followed him through the house to the yard, where all the guys were naked and goofing off in the pool. Thankfully, there was no sex happening, even though everybody had a boner. Paul was first outa the water, wanting to know what had changed Jason's mind.

"Cool it, Paul. Jason just wants to chill out for a while. He's hanging with me."

"With you? But we all hang together!"

"Not this time, buddy."

Jason already knew most of the guys from school, so I introduced him to Dick and Steve. At the same time, I explained to Dick that Jason was off limits, and, for that matter, so was I.

"No prob," the blonde Adonis grinned. "I'll pass the word around. Glad to have you here, Jason. Make yourself at home, dude."

"Hey, Jason," Steve said as he shook my nervous bud's hand, "I know what you're going through, man. Daniel kinda freaked me out too when I first met him. You'll be OK."

After ditching our clothes and blades on the lawn, Jason and I dove in the pool, and spent the next few hours wrestling, laughing and generally fooling around with the other guys. It was way cool to see Jason eventually lose his shyness. In fact, like everybody else, he had a boner, and when he'd haul himself outa the water to bomb somebody, his six inches would proudly stab the air, just like all the others.

He was getting more than his fair share of attention, though. I figured the rest of the guys were kinda curious about him, as well as captivated by his perfectly toned and proportioned bod. But, after a while, our newbie seemed to be quite relaxed, and enjoying the adoration big time. Hell, why shouldn't he? He'd worked hard at honing and toning his bod, so he deserved all the attention he attracted. Every now and then, he would glance at me to see if I was one of the gawkers. I was, and we'd both grin every time he busted me.

"Hey, Daniel," he puffed as he collapsed on the grass beside me. His wet, brown hair was clinging to his scalp and forehead, and his smooth, lightly tanned skin was glistening in the sun. "This is so damn cool! Not like I expected at all! The guys are totally neat."

"You've got a boner."

"So?" he laughed. "Who hasn't? And what do you call that giant thing hugging your belly?"

"You wanna jack it?"

"Not here, man. I'm not ready for that, yet."

"I saw you chatting to Dick a couple of times."

"Yeah, he's a really great guy. He asked me if I worked out, and that kinda shit. So I told him about the weights and stuff. He said I looked pretty buff."

"He's not wrong, dude. Did you notice the other guys gawking at you?"

"Yeah. It was kinda weird at first, but then I kinda got to like it. I'm not sure why they were checking me out, though. All the guys look awesome, especially you and Dick. Anyway, what was all that orgy crap Paul was going on about? I didn't see a damn thing."

"You didn't notice Frank and Benny?"

"Wrestling in the pool?"

"They weren't wrestling, dude."


"Either were Dick and Steve."

Jason took a while to study the guys I'd mentioned, then turned to me. "You're right… they are regular guys. It's just that… well, I mean, you wouldn't think that those kinda guys did that kinda stuff."

"Never judge a book by its cover, dude."

Just then, Dick hauled his long, tanned, muscular bod outa the water, then sprinted toward us. The hunky Adonis towered above Jason and me, with his hands on his hips, while his thick, seven inches hung in a lazy arc away from his blonde pubes, and low balls. Sparkling beads of water trickled down the front of his bronzed torso, and dripped off his large, cut knob. If Jason hadn't been there, I would've blown Dick right there and then. Whoa!

"Hey, Daniel, I'm gonna phone the pizza joint. You want anything special?"

"Double everything. You wanna few bucks?"

"Yep. Everybody's chipping in."

After Jason and I had rummaged though our shorts, and given him the money, Dick did the rounds of the other guys.

"Hey, Daniel. Dick was telling me before about what you guys do with the pizza. He was joking, right?"


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 Daniel's Diary Part 132